Discover VPS in Germany With Our Versatile, Affordable & Reliable VPS Server

Our vps data center in Germany is in one of the leading financial hubs, Frankfurt. Home to Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bundesbank, and European Central Bank, Frankfurt is the best place for managing and controlling your website.

Strategically, Frankfurt is the best for server location, as businesses can easily target many potential customers from Europe. With our versatile web hosting service, you can provide users with an unhindered experience and reach your goals.

Our high-speed internet connectivity, innovative backup system, and reliable performance make us the best in the industry. We offer 24/7 technical support along with a high bandwidth range.

Experience fast and secure connections all across the German market with us.

Germany for fast connection | Close to the biggest internet exchange | 24/7/365 support

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Benefits of Getting VPS Hosting in Germany

  • Enjoy Excellent Performance

    Our specialized tech team has built excellent servers that can easily enhance the performance of your website. We have built dedicated servers that will speed up the load time of your website, thus, helping to increase the engagement rate.

  • Scaling Resources

    The biggest challenge when starting with a brand-new website is scaling your business and resources without technical issues. Our virtual server and hosting platform solution will help you grow your online business and your resources to the next level.

  • Affordable

    Usually, businesses are under the impression that vps hosting plans are way out of their budget. But thanks to rapid advancement in virtualization technologies, getting a vps hosting service is much cheaper than going for a dedicated server. With our customized Germany vps hosting plan, you can save quite a lot.

  • Security

    Vps hosting service protects your website from malware and other types of cyberattacks. With our robust security features, such as DDoS protection, SSL certificates, and firewalls, you don't have to worry about the safety of your website.

  • Independence

    One of the key critical advantages of using vps hosting service is that it gives users the independence to run their website freely without any hindrance from any other user. With our dedicated server, you won't face any lag or issues.

Germany Datacenter

Fast SSD VPS in Germany Europe

IP Adresses

We provide the following IP addresses for testing our infrastructure in the Germany.

IPv4 Germany

IPv6 Germany


Download test files

We have provided them below for those who wish to test our performance using test files.




Why Choose Us As Your VPS Hosting Provider In Germany?


Full Root Access

Control each aspect of your vps server web hosting with a full root access feature. Our vps hosting plan can be customized accordingly to serve your needs. Choose any plan according to your preference and easily manage your vps server with our intricate control panel. From installing software to handling configurations, our vps plan is embedded with all tools to provide an all-around experience.

Active Communication

Our proactive customer care support is always here to help you in your time of need. For any queries or issues regarding our network connectivity, we will help you out at all times. No matter how complex the matter is, we will always help you.

3-Way Storage Replication

We use the 3-Way data storage replication technique to keep all the information safe from getting leaked or hacked. In case one of the copy is lost, you can use the other two to get the work done. It is one of the most fruitful methods for protecting data.

The 3-way storage replication is also much more affordable, as creating three virtual machine copies with the same data costs much less than backing up a single host.

Use of KVM Virtualization Technology

With our cloud infrastructure and advanced resources, we will provide you with a secured virtual private server hosting environment. We use KVM technology, a full virtualization solution that helps improve the website's overall performance. Along with that, we also support various operating systems for your Windows and linux vps hosting.

Cheap vps hosting Plans

Our cheap linux and windows vps hosting ensures you pay for only those services that you use. We do not charge hidden fees and provide exclusive discounts if you pay with Bitcoin cash.

Various Payment Options

We are open to receiving payments in plenty of forms. We have three payment plan types: Premium, CPU Optimised, and Memory Optimised. You can choose any one of the methods and pay using either PayPal, bitcoin, credit card, debit card, etc.

Germany Location Benefits


We have created our data center in the heart of Germany, Frankfurt. Our main goal is customer satisfaction, so we ensure that our data centers are located at prime locations. Give our vps plan a go with our seven days trials and experience high-quality service in Germany.


Frankfurt is one of the biggest global hubs for education and commerce. It is Europe's leading business center. Our virtual server hosting plan in Frankfurt allows you to fulfill your business goals without technical errors.

With low latency connection and high bandwidth, Frankfurt is the best location for businesses looking to set a strong foot in the European markets. We offer complete privacy and ensure that our users' data remain safe. We offer SSL certificates, live backups, and active data monitoring.

Dedicated Resources

Our Frankfurt VPS hosting packages ensure your business needs are well managed. With features like KVM technology, 3-way storage replication, and SSD storage, your web hosting experience enhances by manifolds.

Hosting Website Near The Users


Fast Website Loading Speed

Every business needs a website that has a faster loading speed to retain customers. This is possible only when the data centers are closer to the user. It reduces the latency rate and ensures that web pages are loaded quickly. With our innovative virtual server hosting plans, businesses can provide users with fast-loading websites.

Better SEO Ranking

Businesses can enjoy a better SEO ranking by hosting web pages of a website on virtual servers near the users. Search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing consider loading time as one of the major factors for ranking a website. With a vps hosting server nearby, the website loading speed will increase to manifolds which will directly increase the visibility of your website over search engines.

Better Competitive Edge

It also gives small businesses a competitive edge. To stay ahead of their competitors, hosting companies must target specific regions and create content and services accordingly. Hosting a website closer to users can create a personalized experience to increase customer loyalty and retention.

Data Compliance with Local Users

Some countries have strict rules when it comes to hosting a website, keeping in mind the protection and privacy of civilians. They require businesses to host their website within their borders. Therefore, choosing to keep the data centers near the users' businesses can comply with local regulations and avoid legal implications.

Better Uptime

When a website takes hours and hours to load, visitors tend to leave and hop onto another, which impacts the website's credibility. Hosting it on virtual servers near the users will improve the network connectivity, thereby improving the website's Uptime.

We Provide Services in 20+ Locations Around The Globe

Besides providing services in Germany, we are also available in 20+ globally. Enjoy exceptional network performance with us all at affordable rates. Our low-latency network ensures that high-volume messages are sent without any delay. If unsatisfied with our service, you will get your money back.

20 worldwide data centers

Germany location worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide managed vps hosting services?

We provide managed hosting to save time and ease our clients' stress. We are a hosting provider responsible for handling your server operation and keeping it safe from internal or external attacks.

It is essential to have the thorough technical knowledge to manage a vps independently. If you lack professional knowledge, opting for our managed vps service is the best option. It is also less expensive than a third-party manager or operator.

What is included in your managed vps hosting plan?

We provide managed services that offer the following characteristics:

  • Agile and powerful dedicated server administration

  • Installation, configuration, and patching of the core operating system

  • Proactive service monitoring

  • Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

  • Strong malware security

  • Hardware performance’s active monitoring

  • 24/7 server and network assistance

  • Active security protection

  • Ample backup solutions

Can I upgrade my vps?

Yes, you can upgrade your vps plan anytime. We understand your hosting requires changes with time. So, we offer flexible upgrade or downgrade services whenever needed. Our user-friendly control panel lets you easily adjust your server resources (CPU, storage, and RAM) without data loss or downtime. We also have a support team available 24/7 to help you choose the most suitable plan per your needs and guide you through the entire process for a smooth upgradation.

How secure and reliable is your vps hosting service?

All our servers are incredibly secure and reliable, offering high-performance capabilities from Frankfurt. The latest hardware and technologies power them for optimum performance, availability, and reliability. Moreover, we offer DDoS protection to safeguard your data from malware attacks. With our 3-way storage replication, your data gets triple-layer protection for utmost security. If any file gets corrupted or lost, you will have the other two as a backup.

Do you charge any hidden costs while hosting in Germany?

No, we do not charge any hidden costs from our customers using vps servers in Germany. We offer transparent plans and inform you of all charges upfront so that you can get a trustworthy hosting solution.

How many websites can I host on my Germany vps hosting?

The number of websites you can host on a virtual private server is limitless. Compared to other server and hosting types, a vps has the resources to handle multiple websites efficiently. However, VPS’s resource restraints, such as the RAM, SSD, or CPU limit, must be followed. Upgrade your virtual server if you want to work around these restraints. Remember, hosting multiple sites on a single server can affect overall performance.

Which plans do you offer in Germany?

Our plans are tailored to suit personal and business needs of all sizes. You can choose from dedicated or shared hosting solutions, managed and unmanaged solutions. We offer a range of plans with different server performances, storage space, and processing power so that you can choose the right solution for your needs.

Why should a business host website near the users?

If you want the users to have an exceptional experience on your website, hosting a website closer to the users is essential for the business. As virtualized technological advancements have progressed, websites are now being hosted in different regions for target audiences in specific locations. With content delivery networks (CDNs), businesses can now distribute their website's content across different areas globally without any hassle.

Why use our vps server in Germany?

  • Storage server: Virtual server German hosting is easily accessible as a storage space. Compared to storing data on external hard drives, vps ensures that your data is safe and tightly secured.

  • Cloud hosting: Owing to the dire need for server storage, users can own private cloud resources on our Germany vps hosting. We provide cloud infrastructure for data storage, collaborations, galleries, contacts, calendars, documents, etc. In addition, having a privately owned cloud vps ensures secure and mobile access to your storage from anywhere.

  • Web server: Virtual server hosting enables users to host either single or multiple servers. With vps hosting, you can ensure the user experience remains unhindered and seamless.

  • Dedicated Service: With our web hosting services in Germany, you can experience dedicated hosting. You can host your website independently from anywhere and get optimum results.

  • Works as a Backup Server: Storing files on external hard drives isn't the best strategy, considering the risk of hardware failure. With our vps in Germany, you can save your files by backing them up with our three ways storage replication features.

What Are The Key Features Of Your VPS Hosting In Germany?

Multi-server management

Key features of vps hostingWe offer multi-server management with which you can handle data from Windows server clusters without hassle.

File management

Our innovative technology will also keep all your hardware and software files aligned, thus using disk space and helping you operate the system smoothly without any issues.

Advanced capabilities

We have plenty of features that make it easy for users to host the website seamlessly in a few clicks. Using features such as KVM technology ensures you can reach your business goals quickly.

3-Way Storage Replication Technique

Businesses are most concerned about the safety of their data. They usually back up data on external drives to protect it from damage or loss. But we use slightly different technology to back up the files. We use 3-way storage replication, which makes three copies of the same content.

24/7 support

Our technical team is available 24/7 to help the users with any queries or issues regarding connectivity or any other feature; our team is here to help you. You can reach out to us any time of the day, and we will handle all your queries.

Full Root access

With full root access control, users can handle every aspect of their vps. From managing libraries to custom installing software, we provide our users full access control and enough resources to handle their websites seamlessly.

Extreme performance

Businesses opt for vps hosting to enjoy the free experience. With our vps hosting plans, we focus extra resources on this aspect and ensure that our clients do not face any issues while hosting their websites.

Domain privacy and security

While hosting a website, the owner is most concerned about keeping their website safe from any malware. Our virtual private servers ensure that the hosting companies do not face such issues. We provide DDoS protection, SSD storage, and 3-way storage replication to ensure your data stays safe.

Managed services

With us as your hosting platform, you don't have to worry about cost-effective managing web hosting. We provide our clients with top-performance, comprehensive managed services to help them seamlessly host their websites.

Cost Effective solutions

Our vps hosting plans are quite affordable compared to your paying for dedicated hosting. We have three payment options CPU Optimised, Memory Optimised, and Premium.