Hong Kong VPS Hosting: Fast, Reliable, & Affordable

Looking for a high-performance VPS server in East Asia that offers customizable options with minimal downtime at an affordable price? Look no further than our Hong Kong VPS Server.

With its strategic location bordering Macau and the province of Guangdong, Hong Kong is an ideal location for businesses and individuals in Asia who require fast and reliable VPS hosting services.

Our Hong Kong VPS hosting solution is powered by high-performance servers in the city's top data centers, ensuring lightning-fast speeds and low latency for visitors across the region.

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Experience the Power of Our Hong Kong VPS Hosting

Hong Kong is home to one of the world's largest Internet exchanges, making it a hub for Internet connectivity and cloud service hosting.

Our Hong Kong VPS Server is powered by high-performance VPS servers in the city's top data centers, ensuring lightning-fast speeds and low latency for visitors across the region. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures your website or application runs smoothly, with minimal downtime and maximum uptime reliability.

  • High Availability

    Our VPS hosting offerings are ideal for businesses seeking to host their applications in either a pre-production or production environment. With our cutting-edge infrastructure, you can rest assured that your services will experience minimal latency. Our hardware availability is backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensuring you receive uninterrupted and consistent service.

  • A Dedicated Hosting Environment

    When it comes to hosting several websites or business applications, our VPS hosting solutions provide full access to your hardware resources, allowing you to use them as needed. Our VPS in Hong Kong also has admin access to your virtual server, providing complete control over your web projects. We understand that different businesses have varying hosting needs, so our dedicated server and shared hosting environments are flexible and scalable to accommodate your usage requirements.

  • Full Root Access

    Enjoy crucial root access with our managed VPS hosting solutions. With full control over your server environment, you can easily edit and organize your files, giving you deeper authoritative access. Let our team of experts manage your server for reliable performance while you focus on growing your business.

  • Stable Performance

    Experience superior VPS hosting that delivers optimal performance, speed, and reliability. Our VPS servers utilize Intel's latest architecture and NVMe SSD storage to provide unparalleled processing speed and data reliability.

  • Larger Bandwidth

    Experience lightning-fast upload and download speeds with our VPS hosting solutions. We offer various bandwidth options to accommodate your needs so that you can easily manage your web projects. Choose the VPS package that suits your usage requirements, and enjoy faster speeds for your high-traffic website or multiple web projects.

  • Unlimited Traffic

    Don't let bandwidth limitations hold you back! Our VPS hosting solution offers unlimited traffic, so you can attract as many visitors as you want to your website without additional charges. Enjoy the flexibility and scalability to grow your online presence with ease.

Hong Kong VPS Servers Performance & Unbeatable Connectivity

Since Hong Kong serves as the network Hub of the Asia continent, it provides optimal network performance with the lowest latency. You can test the network performance of our Hong Kong VPS servers with the network tool available for Hong Kong.

IP Adresses

Test our virtual private servers in Hong Kong.

IPv4 Hong Kong

IPv6 Hong Kong

IPv6 2401:df40:1:2:1:1:9d7a:0

Download test files

Download the test files we have prepared to test the network performance of our Hong Kong virtual server.

Choose Your Ideal Hong Kong VPS Plan: Windows, Linux, or Ubuntu

We offer different VPS packages to meet your requirements. Please choose from our Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu VPS solutions.

Windows VPS

Linux VPS

Ubuntu VPS

Windows VPS

Windows VPS

Experience the power and flexibility of a dedicated server at an affordable cost with our Windows VPS plans. Whether you need standard, CPU-optimized, or memory-optimized options, we have you covered. Our Windows VPS and service provider offers 24/7 online access with unparalleled reliability and performance, giving you peace of mind knowing your website is always running smoothly.

  • WIN 2GB starting from 25.99/mo

  • Low worldwide latency

  • Remote desktop access

  • Full administrator access

Linux VPS

Linux VPS

Boost the speed of your site while staying on budget with our Linux VPS hosting. Get dedicated resources and low-latency networks for high-performing and cost-effective hosting. Our expert tech team is always available 24/7 to assist you with configuring, installing, deploying, and backing up your cloud Linux VPS server and resolving any other issues.

  • KVM 2GB starting from 3.99/mo

  • High reliability

  • Optimal performance

  • Robust security measures

Ubuntu VPS

Ubuntu VPS

Experience lightning-fast performance for your Ubuntu workloads with our KVM virtualization, storage replication, and pre-built Linux templates. Our top-of-the-line dedicated servers guarantee a reliable and affordable VPS solution. Enjoy seamless user experiences with our fast-loading Ubuntu VPS, backed by a 10-year track record in the industry. And with 24/7 support, our expert team is always here to assist you

  • Ubuntu 2GB starting from 7.99/mo

  • High speed

  • Fast deployment and flexible pricing

  • Reduced downtime and improved performance

16 worldwide data centers

Hong Kong location worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the quality of your Hong Kong VPS?

Our servers are housed at a Tier4-ready data center in Hong Kong, featuring high-performance Dell servers and exclusive cabinet resources. This ensures that we can provide stable and reliable hosting services that meet the needs of new customers and clients with high requirements.

What are the costs of your VPS in Hong Kong?

Our Hong Kong VPS costs vary depending on your requirements to host websites, including memory, processor, transfer, and disk space. However, our premium plan starts from $4.99 per month. You can learn more about our VPS plans on our pricing page.

How do I connect to my virtual machine?

Follow the steps to connect to virtual machines for the Windows operating systems and systems.

  • Console Access: Connect to the virtual machine's console using our custom control panel.

  • Remote Desktop: Once you log in to our custom control panel, you can easily download the RDP file for your VPS.

For Linux machines,

Connect to your virtual machine easily using the SSH key after creation. You can modify the SSH configuration files on your machine to fit your needs. Our custom control panel also offers console access to your virtual machine. Install additional remote access mechanisms on your virtual machine after creation for even more control and flexibility.

Do you provide IPv6 for your VPS Hong Kong?

To keep up with the growth of the internet and the depletion of IPv4 addresses, we now provide IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with all our Linux and Windows VPS servers. This ensures that you have access to both types of addresses and can future-proof your hosting needs.

What support do you provide in Hong Kong?

Our team of experienced technicians is always available to provide 24/7 technical support for your VPS Server in Hong Kong. Whether you need help with technical issues, software upgrades, or modifications, we're here to assist you. Additionally, we offer a variety of educational resources to help you maximize the potential of your VPS Server.

What is the benefit of a virtual private server in Hong Kong?

Using a Hong Kong VPS has several benefits. Firstly, Hong Kong is known for being a highly secure location, which means that your data will be safe from unauthorized access. Secondly, the bandwidth in Hong Kong is among the best in the world, which ensures that your website will load quickly, even during high-traffic periods.

Lastly, the server is located in a local data center, so you can be sure it will always be up and running.

What are the advantages of VPS Hong Kong compared to a dedicated server?

A VPS server lets you enjoy and host all the benefits of a dedicated server without worrying about managing the hardware. Our VPS servers are optimized to support the most moderately sized web projects, and our team monitors the status of RAM, hard disks, and CPU.

Why Choose Hong Kong VPS Server?

Why Hong Kong Server?Located at the heart of Asia, Hong Kong is the continent's network hub, providing lightning-fast connectivity to businesses and individuals across the region. By deploying your VPS server in Hong Kong, you can enjoy the lowest possible latency to key markets like China, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and other Asian countries.

  • Full control over the VPS

    Take full control of your VPS with our custom control panel. We've developed this panel specifically for our VPS users, providing you with much more access than before. Our user-friendly interface allows you to manage your VPS easily, giving you the flexibility, extra resources, and control you need to run your web projects efficiently.

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Technical Support

    Our Hong Kong teams are committed to providing efficient 24/7 monitoring and technical support services to all our users. With years of industry experience, our teams are well-equipped to help you solve any technical problems you or other users may encounter.

  • Robust Physical Security

    We prioritize the security of our virtual machines. We implement physical security measures to protect against unauthorized system access and use advanced cybersecurity technology to block online threats. Also, we provide users with an SSL certificate and regular backups to ensure their web projects stay secure.

  • Flexible & Customizable Solution

    We offer flexible and customizable solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our scalable VPS range allows you to adjust our dedicated resources based on usage and traffic patterns. Plus, with our custom control panel, you can easily customize and configure your VPS to suit your needs.