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American VPS

Launch your Virtual Private Server (VPS) across the United States with unparalleled ease. Instantaneously set up both Windows and Linux VPS platforms. Kick off your operations in prime locations, including New York, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Seattle. These strategic positions nationwide empower you with comprehensive management and oversight of your U.S.-based servers, ensuring swift and unrestricted speed thanks to our American locales. Elevate your resource capabilities and unlock many additional advantages that bolster performance. Opting for a VPS server with us mirrors the high performance and availability you'd expect from premium services and does so at an accessible price point within the U.S. market.

Why Choose VPSServer for your American VPS?

Why Choose VPSServer for your American VPS?

In today's digital landscape, the essence of opportunity and freedom in the U.S. is magnified through the power of virtualization, brought to you by VPSServer's premium American VPS. This service enables individuals and businesses alike to tap into the vast potential of the U.S. market, fostering digital aspirations from coast to coast without physical presence.

Our servers, meticulously engineered and strategically placed in key U.S. locations such as California and New York, boast the latest in hardware technology. This ensures a reliable and stable digital presence and a top-tier performance at competitive rates, making your digital ventures seamless and efficient.

  • Latency-Free Connectivity

  • Full Admin (Root) Access

  • DDoS Protection

  • Pre-Installed OS of Your Choice

  • Flexible Payment Options

Leading Web Hosting Services

Our hosting service utilizes high-quality cloud-based hardware, perfect for hosting your website or application.

Every Virtual Private Server (VPS) option features rapid-access memory and robust CPUs. These CPUs are 2.7 GHz Intel Xeon Skylake models equipped with NvME Solid State Drives, providing a reliable and high-efficiency online environment on physical servers that offer limitless IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second).

Windows and Linux Operating systems

Selecting the appropriate operating system for your server is crucial for optimal performance, a detail that may often be overlooked. Our findings emphasize the significance of this choice in efficiently administering cloud servers.

To accommodate our clients' diverse requirements, we provide tailored software solutions for both Linux and Windows. This variety allows for the selection of the most suitable operating system to improve your VPS hosting capabilities.

Experience high performance with NvME SSD storage

Enjoy enhanced speed with NvME SSD storage. It's crucial to configure your managed VPS server correctly to ensure your websites or apps operate efficiently. Our use of NvME SSDs boosts speed significantly.

Opt for a package that offers 16TB of storage on your virtual private server to benefit your website. Our VPS Hosting packages offer a variety of features for a secure and smooth operation. You'll receive a dependable, swift, and tailored hosting service that meets your requirements.

Affordable and Trustworthy Hosting Solutions

It's important for personal bloggers and small enterprises to carefully explore their choices in hosting services, considering both the features and the prices.

We are dedicated to providing hosting services that are not only high in quality but also offer great value. Our goal is to ensure excellent performance while keeping costs manageable for you. Count on our dedication to delivering superior web hosting options tailored to your needs.

Committed Support for Customers and Technical Issues

Our platform offers dependable web hosting, understanding that unexpected challenges can arise. For any issues you might face with your virtual server, our support team is ready to help.

Our specialists are constantly ready to guide you through any difficulties, offering assistance for any issue you might encounter.

Unmatched America Location Benefits

Unmatched America Location Benefits

At VPSServer, customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we strategically place our data centers across the USA to maximize accessibility and performance for our VPS web hosting services. Our high-quality VPS servers, including dedicated server and virtual private server hosting options, are designed with memory and CPU optimization in mind, catering to various needs and workloads.

With multiple data center locations peppered throughout the United States, we ensure you're always just a heartbeat away from a low latency connection, whether targeting the East Coast, West Coast, or Central America. Every location supports both Linux and Windows operating systems and allows for the development of environments over a private network.

Choose VPSServer for a tailored hosting experience where geographical diversity meets technical excellence, ensuring your project's success from any corner of North America.

Customizable VPS for Every Growth Stage

Customizable VPS for Every Growth Stage

Driven by a commitment to flexible and scalable solutions, VPSServer has meticulously positioned its USA VPS server locations to ensure maximum performance and accessibility. Whether you're expanding RAM, storage, or CPU capabilities, our USA VPS hosting providers offer a range of scalable solutions to support your growth, ensuring you can upgrade your resources seamlessly.

Whether your focus is on the East Coast, West Coast, or Central America, our multiple data center locations across the United States guarantee you're always close to a low-latency connection. This widespread geographical coverage supports both Linux and Windows operating systems and facilitates the development of secure environments over a private network.

By choosing VPSServer, you're opting for a tailored hosting experience where geographical diversity meets the pinnacle of technical excellence, paving the way for the success of your projects from any corner of North America. This unique blend of strategic server placement, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive support ensures your digital footprint spans the breadth of the U.S. with unmatched reliability and speed.

Full Control with Advanced Features

Full Control with Advanced Features

VPSServer empowers you with a user-friendly control panel designed for efficiency and comprehensive management of your hosting environment. Adjusting your package or checking service status becomes effortless, thanks to our panel's intuitive layout, allowing for quick navigation and execution of virtually any task with just a few clicks.

Yet, the simplicity of design conceals a robust suite of options for total control and customization. From console access and firewall setups to VPN management, every function is streamlined and accessible. Upon hosting with us, we grant you complete domain access, placing the security and safety of your site squarely in your hands.

Our control panel supports Windows and Linux servers, offering a robust platform for hosting your domain's website. Choose VPSServer for unmatched control and advanced features, ensuring your hosting experience is as secure as it is empowering.

High-Quality Hosting That's Also Affordable

High-Quality Hosting That's Also Affordable

At VPSServer, we believe in providing high-quality hosting solutions that defy the norm by combining premium service with affordability. Picture a hosting service that elevates you above the limitations of a shared server, starting at the unbeatable price of just 3.99.

This exceptional pricing, unique to VPSServer, showcases our commitment to delivering superior VPS solutions without the hefty price tag. Our competitively priced plans are designed to offer VPS hosting advantages—enhanced performance, reliability, and security—at costs that align with your budgetary considerations. Opt for VPSServer and enjoy the best of both worlds: top-tier, incredibly affordable hosting.

Test and Innovate with Our Cutting-Edge Environment

Test and Innovate with Our Cutting-Edge Environment

Embrace the future of business application testing and deployment with VPSServer's state-of-the-art virtual machines. Our cloud environment is meticulously designed to allow you to swiftly test and run your business applications seamlessly, free from the worries of server downtime or external interferences.

This ensures the smooth operation of your applications and a reliable platform for innovation and development. With VPSServer, you can experiment and refine your applications in a cutting-edge hosting environment, empowering your business to stay ahead in the digital landscape.

The VPSServer Promise

Revolutionizing Speed: NVMe SSD Power

Revolutionizing Speed: NVMe SSD Power

In the crowded marketplace of virtual server hosting across the USA, it's easy to encounter numerous low-cost options that compromise quality, often resorting to outdated RAID storage solutions notorious for their slower speeds and higher failure rates.

In the realm of US VPS and dedicated servers, VPSServer distinguishes itself by leveraging cutting-edge NVMe SSD technology within its data centers. This approach guarantees exceptional speed and dependability for both physical server and virtual server users, significantly outperforming traditional storage solutions.

NVMe SSD technology stands out for its remarkable reliability and speed, redefining expectations for server performance. Far surpassing conventional storage options, NVMe SSD offers unparalleled speed and reliability.

Furthermore, our innovative approach to data protection, featuring 3-way storage replication, ensures that in the unlikely event of a drive failure, your operations remain uninterrupted with two additional backups at the ready. This commitment to superior technology and redundancy is the VPSServer promise, guaranteeing you a hosting experience that's fast, dependable, and resilient.

With VPSServer, you have the power to customize your digital space. You can select the perfect operating system that aligns with your technical requirements and preferences.

24/7 Support: We're Always Here for You

24/7 Support: We're Always Here for You

Understanding the intrinsic complexities and potential challenges within even the most advanced hosting environments, VPSServer commits to unparalleled assistance through our 24/7 live chat support system. Our promise is clear: no matter the time or day, our specialized support team remains ever-ready to offer the immediate aid you require.

Armed with extensive expertise in our systems, our professionals are adept at quickly identifying and addressing any concern, guaranteeing solutions crafted efficiently and precisely. This steadfast Support ensures that your experience is seamless, allowing you to focus on what truly matters, with the reassurance that we are always here, ready to assist.

This round-the-clock availability underlines the VPSServer promise: to be there for you at every step, ensuring your hosting experience is seamless and supported at all times.

A Pledge to Unmatched Reliability

A Pledge to Unmatched Reliability

VPSServer is a beacon of steadfast reliability in virtual private servers, especially critical for those handling vital projects or utilizing KVM VPS for services. Our unwavering commitment to unmatched reliability is anchored by deploying a robust 40 Gbit Mellanox network, complemented by the high-caliber performance of Intel E5 processors.

This powerful combination guarantees that your operations will run smoothly, free from the frustrations of unexpected crashes, lockouts, or sluggish speeds during peak usage times. With VPSServer, you're assured rapid access to your data whenever necessary, ensuring your project's progress without a hitch. This pledge to unparalleled reliability is more than a promise—it's the foundation upon which all our services stand, ensuring your VPS experience in the USA is second to none.

Enhance Your Digital Footprint with Superior Speed

Elevate your online presence with unparalleled speed that sets your digital projects apart. At VPSServer, we understand the critical importance of performance in today's fast-paced digital world. Our virtual servers are engineered to provide an isolated and secure environment, ensuring that the bustling activities of neighboring websites and domains never compromise your site's performance.

This dedicated approach guarantees a swift, uninterrupted experience for your users, making your website not just a destination but a standout experience in its digital ecosystem. With VPSServer, enhancing your digital footprint means accessing superior speed and reliability, promising an optimized online presence that keeps pace with your ambitions.

Enhance Your Digital Footprint with Superior Speed

Connect Anywhere, Effortlessly

At the heart of the VPSServer promise is the assurance of effortless, borderless connectivity. Our virtual server environments, particularly optimized for remote desktop virtual machines (Windows Server) or terminal servers, are designed to simplify your seamless connection to other remote desktop computers. This ease of connectivity transcends geographical limitations, ensuring that whether you're collaborating with a team across the city or partners around the globe, your digital workspace is as accessible as if it were in the next room. VPSServer is committed to providing a platform where connections are made effortlessly, enabling you to focus on what truly matters—your work.

Quick Start with VPSServer

Quick Start with VPSServer

Choose Your Perfect Plan

Embarking on your journey with VPSServer, a leading VPS hosting provider, is straightforward and personalized to fit your unique needs. With our diverse VPS hosting plans, including dedicated hosting and VPS web hosting services, finding the perfect solution for your project is as simple as selecting your preferred OS, whether for a dedicated server or a virtual private server.

Our carefully curated selection ensures that you can effortlessly identify the plan that aligns perfectly with your requirements, whether you're scaling a startup or managing a well-established enterprise. This initial step is designed to be as intuitive as selecting your favorite coffee blend, ensuring you kickstart your hosting experience with confidence and clarity.

Welcome to a quick, personalized start with VPSServer, where choosing your perfect plan is just the beginning of a successful digital adventure.

Select Your Preferred OS

Kickstart your journey with VPSServer, where flexibility meets functionality immediately. Our extensive support for all major Linux distributions and Windows O.S. makes choosing the ideal operating system for your website a breeze. This variety ensures you can tailor your hosting environment to fit your project's needs, laying a solid foundation for your website's performance and security.

With VPSServer, you have the power to customize your digital space. You can select the perfect operating system that aligns with your technical requirements and preferences.

Easy Server Configuration

Dive into the world of customization with ease through VPSServer's straightforward server configuration process. Tailoring your VPS to meet the exact demands of your project has always been more complex. Whether you need additional resources, more storage, or specific add-ons, our platform enables you to modify your server to align with your unique requirements perfectly.

This flexibility ensures that your American VPS is not just a hosting environment but a bespoke solution crafted to support your success from the get-go. With VPSServer, initiating your custom-configured server is just a few clicks away, setting the stage for a hosting experience that truly fits your needs.

Go Live with Your VPS in Minutes

Embark on your VPS journey without delay with VPSServer's streamlined setup process. After customizing your server to meet your specific requirements, simply clicking the "Deploy" button is all it takes to bring your virtual environment to life.

Within minutes, your VPS USA server will be up and running, ready to host your applications, websites, or services. This rapid deployment capability ensures you can move from planning to execution quickly, making VPSServer the ideal platform for those who value efficiency and speed in their digital endeavors.

Try Us Out: Free Trial for American VPS

Try Us Out: Free Trial for American VPS

Begin your VPSServer experience risk-free with our 7-day free trial for American VPS servers. This trial invites you to thoroughly test our services, offering a week of complete access to evaluate the ease and security of our solutions. After the trial, choose the plan that fits you best, whether it's your initial plan, an upgrade for more features, or a downgrade to save costs. With most plans eligible for the trial, you can find your perfect hosting fit without obligation. Start with VPSServer today and see the difference firsthand without any commitment.

Tailored Benefits with VPSServer

VPS Server | Tailored Benefits with VPSServer

American Customer Base

Optimize your digital presence with VPSServer's American VPS, designed for businesses targeting U.S. customers. Our strategically located servers reduce latency and virtually eliminate downtime, ensuring seamless access for your audience. With VPSServer, enhance your website's performance and reliability, making every visitor's experience fast and flawless.

Optimize for Forex with US-based servers

VPSServer's US-based VPS solutions are a game-changer for Forex traders with U.S. brokers. They ensure minimal latency for timely order execution. Optimize your trading with our strategically located servers to maximize profitability by reducing slippage and capturing opportunities as they arise.

Empower Your Remote Workforce

Opt for VPSServer's American VPS to streamline your remote work with U.S. companies. Our strategically placed servers minimize latency, closely mirroring an in-office experience from any location in the States.

This choice enhances efficiency and ensures smooth, uninterrupted access to your work environment, making VPSServer the ideal solution for remote professionals seeking a seamless connection to their business resources.

Host Epic Multiplayer Games

Elevate your gaming with VPSServer's American VPS, designed for those hosting multiplayer games for American gamers. Our VPS USA ensures your game server performs excellently and boasts unwavering stability, a blazing 10 Gbps network, and strategic locations across the States.

This setup significantly reduces latency, providing a lag-free experience for you and your friends. Choose VPSServer for a seamless gaming journey where every session is as flawless as it is engaging.

Leverage Our 20 World-Class Data Centers

Leverage Our 20 World-Class Data Centers

Leveraging's 20 world-class data centers across crucial locations globally, including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Australia, offers unparalleled benefits for American VPS users. This expansive network ensures low latency and enhanced user experience by hosting websites and applications close to the target audience. It also guarantees superior reliability and uptime through its diversified locations.

Each data center features advanced infrastructure with NVMe SSD storage for optimal performance and robust security measures for data protection. It is designed with eco-friendly operations in mind. Complying with global standards, these data centers support scalable growth, allowing businesses to expand resources or venture into new markets quickly.

The strategic distribution and customer-centric optimization of's data centers underscore their commitment to providing high-performance, secure, and scalable hosting solutions, ensuring customers can deliver a seamless digital experience worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the locations of VPSServer's data centers across the United States for VPS hosting?

VPSServer hosts its VPS services in several strategic data center locations across the United States, including key areas like New York, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Seattle. This strategic placement of data centers ensures users benefit from reduced latency and enhanced overall performance, supporting optimal hosting experiences.

Does VPSServer support both Windows and Linux VPS platforms?

VPSServer supports instant setup for Windows and Linux VPS platforms, catering to various user preferences and technical requirements.

What are the main benefits of choosing an American VPS with VPSServer?

Key benefits include low latency, full admin (root) access, DDoS protection, pre-installed OS options, and flexible payment options, enhancing performance and offering greater freedom and opportunity.

Can I try VPSServer's American VPS services before committing?

Certainly, VPSServer provides an opportunity to explore its offerings through a 7-day evaluation period, requiring credit card validation. This period is designed to help you determine if the provided services align well with your specific requirements before committing.

What makes VPSServer stand out for American VPS hosting?

VPSServer's unmatched location benefits, customizable options for VPS servers at every growth stage, complete control with advanced features, and high-quality yet affordable hosting solutions make it a superior choice for users seeking robust and scalable American VPS services.

How does VPSServer ensure high-quality hosting at affordable prices?

VPSServer combines premium service with affordability, offering high-performance VPS solutions starting at just 3.99. This makes top-tier hosting accessible without a hefty price tag.

What advanced storage solution is deployed by VPSServer in its data centers to deliver peak performance?

VPSServer leverages the latest NVMe SSD technology alongside a pioneering triple-replication storage strategy within its American VPS hosting offerings to ensure top-tier performance in its data centers. This approach delivers exceptional speed, unwavering reliability, and robust data security.

Is 24/7 support available for VPSServer users?

VPSServer provides round-the-clock live chat support, ensuring that specialized assistance is always available to resolve issues and maintain seamless hosting operations quickly.

How do USA VPS servers enhance your website's performance and security?

Selecting a VPS server in the USA (VPS USA) offers significant advantages, such as exceptional connectivity speeds, dependable infrastructure, and proximity to a vast online marketplace. VPS Server USA is engineered for superior performance and security, guaranteeing a solid and efficient online presence tailored to your audience's needs.

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