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Discover the true potential of the website and applications with our reliable and efficient VPS hosting solutions. We provide budget-free hosting solutions that deliver secure and reliable performance.

We care for website hosting needs and provide endless possibilities with scalable VPS plans and dedicated servers.

No matter where customers work, our technical support team provides exceptional customer service 24*7 to handle every situation with relative ease.

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GoDaddy VPS Hosting

Our Hosting Solutions Skyrocket Online Presence

A strong presence is paramount for businesses in today's digital landscape. Websites act as a storefront that connects to potential customers globally to expand the customer base exponentially.

Our web hosting solutions ensure the website delivers a seamless experience, builds credibility, instills trust in potential customers, and drives conversions.

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Endless Possibilities Awaits with Our Hosting Solutions

Endless Possibilities Hosting Solutions

As the business evolves, the hosting needs also change. The hosting plan that fits the small startup may not serve a thriving enterprise.

Comprehending this, our hosting plans easily accommodate the changing needs of the businesses and enable the customers to upgrade or downgrade the resources easily to accommodate increased traffic on the server.

With endless possibilities, we strive to provide customers with a responsive website that performs optimally during peak times.

Our Hosting Services Enhances Ecommerce Capabilities

Our VPS hosting services allow entrepreneurs to handle inventory, online transactions, and payment processing with utmost security.

It enhances any website's ecommerce capabilities, improves website performance, uptime, and loading times. In the long run, impacting search engine rankings and SEO positively.

Our Cost-Efficient Shared Hosting Solutions

We very well understand how important is the VPS cost for every business. Considering this, we have designed our VPS plans to cater to every business's needs, whether it is a small or a large enterprise.

Our budget-friendly hosting solutions deliver an exceptional balance between cost-effectiveness and server performance. We do not charge any additional upfront service fee for our VPS hosting services.

16 locations worldwide

VPS Server Features

VPS Server hosts websites and software applications by providing dedicated resources to each virtual server guaranteeing that the website operates at peak performance levels even during traffic spikes.

Our services ensure that customers have unparalleled control to install and configure software over the hosting environment.

  • Dedicated Environment: We provide a server environment where customers can use and manage hardware resources for hosting websites or applications efficiently.

  • Increased Performance: Our VPS servers featureNVMe SSD storage, KVM virtualization, and highly resilient infrastructure to deliver optimal performance to meet the website's needs.

  • Scalable Solutions: With our VPS hosting, customers can easily migrate resources to the changing demands with seamless and scalable solutions.

  • Multi-site Management: Our VPS hosting multi-site approach allows customers to handle the website's domains and subdomains to boost organic SEO and expands the business geographically.

  • Unlimited Traffic: Our VPS Hosting services offer highbandwidth for an optimal browsing experience. It can handle unlimited traffic on websites.

  • Cutting Edge Technology: Our VPS server features KVM virtualization, NVMe SSD storage, and lightning-fast storage technology to deliver the most efficient VPS hosting solutions.

  • Full Root Access: We give customers full control to scale CPU, RAM, or storage up or down as needed to scale the websites.

  • Worldwide Server Network Infrastructure: We have data centers spanning 16 distinct locations. If customers ever require additional site migrations, we strive to provide hassle-free migrations to the new server location. We migrate our fully managed customers data from the current account to the new server instantly.

  • NvME SSD Storage: We incorporate NvME SSDs into our configurations to provide quicker data access times for web projects.

  • Instant Deployment: We allow the customers to instantly deploy software applications depending on their requirements which may take only hours to days to set up.

  • Managing Databases: We allow customers to organize, edit and handle the database on the advanced platform. It helps them to control the whole system smoothly and consistently.

  • Powerful Cloud Platform: Our virtual machines host websites in a cloud platform that provides an exceptional browsing experience to customers.

  • Server Management Control Panel: Customers can easily overlook VPS server management witha full web hosting control panel to update the firewall, change the operating system, and more.

  • Monitoring and Alerts: We provide constant domain monitoring using Cpanel or Plesk to enhance the management and security of the websites.

  • Wide Range of Windows & Linux Operating Systems: We cater to our client's needs and offer a wide range of Windows options to achieve desired cloud server performance.

  • Flexible Billing System: We provide our esteemed customers with daily, monthly, and hourly billing unmanaged or managed plans. Customers can choose any method tailored to fit their needs.

  • 24*7 Customer Support: Our technical customer support team answers customers' queries regarding server management, installation, and configuration anytime.

  • DDoS Protection: Our servers are highly secure with DDoS protection to mitigate potential attacks. It enables the servers to handle the malicious traffic generated by DDoS attacks.

Still unsure if VPS Server best suits the business requirements?

With so many hosting providers available in the market, let's assess the features of the GoDaddy VPS hosting provider, claiming to be one stop shop for hosting needs, if it lives up to its promises or not!

Let's delve a little deeper to know more!

GoDaddy VPS Review Vs. VPS Server Review: Comparison Of Web Hosting Benefits

GoDaddy VPS and VPS Server are among the two most preeminent VPS hosting providers in the marketplace.

Both providers offer VPS hosting solutions with their own set of benefits. Compare the advantages and then make informed decisions for the hosting needs.






GoDaddy hosting provides reliable hosting solutions with consistent website performance.

But, our servers with dedicated resources provide high performance and optimal website speed even during peak traffic.

Customization and Control

GoDaddy hosting provides customization options to control the server environment.

However, we give complete control over installing, configuring, and customizing software in the server environment.

Operating System Choices

GoDaddy is limited to offering support for only three operating systems - CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows. Apart from this, without relying on the DNS, it provides a dedicated IP address for the VPS.

However, we provide diverse operating system options for Linux and Windows. This flexibility allows the customers to choose the suitable operating system that offers optimal performance.

VPS Plans

VPS Plans

GoDaddy offers Standard Ram and High Ram VPS plans for unmanaged hosting solutions. These plans are similar to the basic plans.

On the other hand, we offer Premium, CPU-optimized, and Memory-optimized pricing plans with additional resources to provide optimal performance.


GoDaddy provides 7 days of on-demand snapshot backup, allowing one backup at a time. The on-demand manual backups overwrite the manual backup.

However, we offer triple data replication for high data protection. It reduces the risk of data loss during drive failure or data corruption. We also provide backup and recovery for periodic snapshots.



GoDaddy, by default, provides unmanaged plans where customers have to handle all server maintenance, fixes, and updates on their own.

On the other hand, when it comes to us, we give a choice to the customers of getting managed and unmanaged VPS services tailored to their needs.

Technical Support

The customers of the GoDaddy VPS provider have experienced limitations in receiving timely support.

But the VPS Server provides 24/7 technical customer support to handle the customer's queries promptly and efficiently.

GoDaddy VPS Hosting

GoDaddy is among the leading web hosting providers that deliver exceptional VPS services globally. The hosting provider provides flexibility and the power businesses need to empower online success.

GoDaddy Servers VPS Hosting Features

  • Performance: GoDaddy offersNVMe SSDs to enhance the overall performance for a smoother user experience.

  • Root access: GoDaddy cpanel whm or Plesk obsidian provides root access to retain complete control over the server environment.

  • Scalability: GoDaddy lets customers quickly scale RAM, CPU, and server storage as per business requirements.

  • Security: The SSL certificate, advanced DDoS protection with a dedicated IP protect the network from potential threats or data breaches.

  • Backups & Recovery: The hosting provider enables creating 7 days snapshot backups, ensuring that the data remains safe and recoverable during system failures or any unforeseen issues.

  • Ecommerce: GoDaddy allows customers to launch websites with a single click on Magento, PrestaShop, and other platforms.

  • PCI Compliance: GoDaddy servers are PCI compliant. Customers don't have to worry about the risks associated with payment processing transactions. The cardholder data is safe against data breaches and fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VPS hosting, and what are its benefits?

VPS hosting is a dedicated hosting platform that provides a virtualized server environment within a physical server. The server virtualization technology is then divided into multiple virtual spaces.

The virtual server operates independently with its dedicated resources, including CPU, RAM, disk space, and operating system.

It provides a level of isolation, higher performance, security, and more flexibility, similar to dedicated hosting, at a more affordable cost. The benefits of hosting are:

  • Increased reliability and stability

  • Dedicated resources can handle more traffic while running multiple apps.

  • Improved capacity and processing power which boosts SEO rankings.

  • Scale resources instantly without any technical issues.

  • Affordable options.

What is self managed VPS hosting and fully managed VPS hosting?

Self-Managed VPS Hosting

The hosting requiresan advanced technical understanding of Linux and the command line. From installing and configuring to managing software, and server settings, self-managed hosting provides customers with full root access to the virtual server so that server tasks can be managed independently.

Fully Managed VPS Hosting

In fully managed hosting, customers do notneed extensive technical knowledge as experienced developers perform all the server management tasks. The hosting professionals, on their own, handle theserver management tasks of setup, installation, troubleshooting, and more.

Is upgrading the hosting plan possible with VPS server?

Yes, upgrading the hosting plan is possible with VPS Server. The providers upgrade the hosting plan and provide access to additional resources such as more CPU, RAM, and storage to handle increased traffic or resource demands.

Is VPS hosting secure on VPS server?

Yes, the VPS Hosting service is secure on the VPS Server. It has a free SSL certificate installed on the servers, securing communication between the server and customers' browsers.

It also implements firewalls on the VPS, which control incoming and outgoing traffic and prevents unauthorized access to specific services.

Moreover, VPS Server provides isolation which enables each virtual server to operate independently on the same physical server without directly affecting others.

Do users get a dedicated IP address with the VPS hosting account?

Yes, users get an IP address with a VPS hosting account for web, email, and FTP servers.

Why must customers opt for dedicated server hosting?

Customers must opt for dedicated hosting because it offers more flexibility, control, and security. It enables customers to customize hardware resources and NVMe SSD storage. The other reasons are:

  • IP Address: The server hosting provides a dedicated ID address to keep the website safe.

  • SSL Certificate: The SSL certificate on the servers ensures secure data transfers between the website and the customers.

  • Customizable Configurations: Customers can customize the server's software and hardware configurations by adding processing power, hard disk space, memory, and more.

  • Full Access: The cPanel helps customers to maintain files, databases, email accounts, and other functionalities.

  • Full Control: The hosting plans for servers provide complete solutions, such as the ability to choose the data centers and more.

How can customers manage a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers require a lot of functionality to overlook the tasks.

  • cPanel: The cPanel enables customers to configure domains and subdomains and manage databases and files on the server.

  • Web Host Manager: Web Host Manager allows customers operating multiple sites tocreate user accounts with custom resource allocation for every independent website.

  • File Transfer Protocol: Customers can upload, create, and delete files remotely through a secure connection with FTP.

  • SSH Access: With SSH, customers can install server-side applications over an open network that can't be done via FTP.

  • Backup Manager: With Backup Manager, customers can automatically back up website filesonto a separate backup drive on a server.

What is the IP allocation in GoDaddy VPS Hosting?

GoDaddy Hosting provides separate IP addresses for custom applications, staging sites, email, and other administration tasks.

  • A dedicated IP is needed to run custom software on the server.

  • Customers should separate the site and control panel into two different IP addresses to isolate services.

What factors must users consider when opting for a VPS hosting service?

The users must consider the following factors:

  • Resources: Lookout for the resource configuration such as processor, CPU cores, memory, storage, and bandwidth that match the website requirements.

  • Operating System Options: Check if the hosting provider provides an operating system such as Linux or Windows compatible with the application or website.

  • Scalable Hosting Plans: Consider if the VPS hosting plan allows users to upgrade hardware and software without significant downtime. Opt for a VPS hosting plan that is scalable.

  • Uptime: Go for a host with a high uptime track record, as it will ensure that the website remains accessible to visitors.

  • Server Location: Before choosing a VPS hosting provider, check the server's location, as data centers close to the user's location ensure enhanced performance.

  • Bandwidth: Verify if the bandwidth offered by the hosting providers meets the website traffic requirements before opting for the hosting services.

  • Security Features: Ensure VPS hosting featuresrobust security measures such as DDoS protection, firewalls, and more for additional security.

Are there any inherent risks linked to opting for free VPS hosting services?

Yes, there are various risks associated with using free VPS hosting services. The limited resources with free VPS hosting services impact the website's performance.

Moreover, the free VPS providers do not have a guarantee of high uptime, as it may adversely affect the website ranking on Google SERP.

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