Our Scientific Linux Offers Market Leading SSD & VPS OS

Our templates offer multiple versions of the RHEL-based open-source distribution, Scientific Linux. Experience the best performance of Scientific Linux with our optimized user base for those in scientific computing development and overall OS diversity. Choose from our Standard, CPU-optimized, or Memory-optimized plans to make the best of your server operating system. Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributions are extremely popular and reliable, making Scientific Linux an excellent option for those looking for a great VPS through OS.

Experience our Scientific Linux performance

Next-Generation Scientific Linux: Speed, Reliability, and Affordability

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Scientific Linux VPS

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Powerful Scientific Linux OS Services & Features

Powerful Scientific Linux OSPlease take advantage of our various server configurations, including multiple reliable OS distributions, Fedora Scientific, Ubuntu, and many more Linux systems.

Flexible Billing

We give our users a choice to how they prefer their billing arrangement. However you prefer to be billed, pick any method for your scientific Linux server management system, daily, monthly, or hourly.

DDoS Protection

High-end security measures secure all of our SSD hosting servers. A DDoS-protected VPS with DDoS mitigation makes our servers the best for VPS hosting. No longer will you need to worry about harmful attacks with our data-protecting technology.

Quick Firewall Configuration

Easily configure and manage your firewall with our secure Scientific Linux web hosting platform.

Instant Deployment

Experience the fastest and most reliable Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributions through our platforms. Whereas most GNOME version web hosting platforms take days or hours, our servers are always online to solve your needs in seconds.

Full Root Access

Our Scientific Linux VPS servers give our users full root access to give full control over their servers within a great and affordable price tag.

Managing Database

From organizing your server and editing, to managing your database directly on your advanced platform, we make management easy and effortless. Our custom-designed database system helps you in managing the whole system smoothly.

20 locations worldwide

Low Latency Experience Worldwide

Our major version of Scientific Linux operations functions in over 20 locations worldwide. This gives anyone with statistical computing needs excellent access to our server options no matter where they are located. Compatible with the Apache web server, our services guarantee 24/7 uptime and high-performing SSD speeds that keep your website running all year long with a consistent online backup database.

With KVM virtualization technology, you will experience 3-way simultaneous storage space on our Scientific Linux servers for seamless VPS hosting, whether creating documents or computing statistics. Not only this, but we offer the best performance in RDP (Remote Desktop Access) anywhere in the world for fast and quick access to your server when and where you need it the most. Taking advantage of our services never got better than through our Fedora Scientific servers.

Fedora Scientific Linux: Enjoy the Benefit of Scientific Linux VPS

Unlock the power of our statistical computing Linux distribution for seamless web hosting. Our Enterprise Linux benefits are unmatched.

  • Secure and Reliable Data Storage: Cloud technology ensures the highest quality of performance in security and reliability for data storage replication. With firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, live backups, and regular backups, rest assured your data is safe and secure with our qualifying technology.

  • High SSD Performance: We are always providing high-performing SSD storage to skyrocket your website to newer possibilities. Along with this, our high-performing scalability allows you to quickly scale up or down as your needs change.

  • Easily Scalable: Whether you are using Fedora Scientific Linux 7 or want to swap space with another CentOS stream, our templates are all extremely easy to scale to meet your changing needs.

  • Cost-Effective Templates for Every Case: To help your business get started quickly, we make all of our plans affordable for any level of success. Our reduced costs allow you to pay only for the needed resources. Choose wisely between Premium, Memory-optimized, or CPU-optimized VPS plans.

  • Customizable Resources: Our flexible resources allow you to allocate and control your Fedora Scientific Linux VPS. You can adjust the size, number of cores, and RAM to ensure optimal web server performance.

Operating System

Scalable VPS

High Performance

An Operating System with a Variety of Versions

Operating SystemOur Linux offers multiple different versions from Fedora Scientific to Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, and more. Along with this, we operate through the latest versions of Scientific Linux, including Scientific Linux 7 and previously released versions available.

Although most versions are rather dated, they are still used among various labs and universities around the world, reducing duplicated effort. Along with this, Red Hat is constantly updating about every 2 months, giving you all of the latest updates needed within this line of Linux distributions.

Choosing Linux or Windows OS

A majority of businesses prefer Linux for many reasons, despite OS being a largely popular option within the development market. Although Scientific is not as largely used as CentOS, it is great for that learning development or wanting to understand some of the basics in statistical computing.

Scalable VPS within Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Scalable VPSAll of our templates are completely scalable through all of our Linux-related or Windows servers. This makes it easy for your business to grow or descale depending on your needs. We are here to assist you no matter what you need to create, we want to be here to watch you succeed.

Upgrade or Downgrade Your Plan

We understand that your hosting needs may change at any time, which is why we offer the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your Linux plan when required. Easily adjust your server resources while still experiencing high performance in our platform's services. The following commands are available to be scaled:

  • RAM

  • CPU

  • SSD Storage

There are many options to choose from, so we ensure you will find the right plan that matches your needs and budget for what matters most to you.

Scientific Linux Hosting Plans

All of our Linux-related hosting plans provide our customers with various hosting solutions to meet any kind of needs related to their business.

All of our Scientific Linux plans offer the same features as any of our other distribution options including:

  • High levels of security

  • Remote Desktop (RDP)

  • Full Administrator access

  • Full Root Access

  • Dedicated Resources

Our reliable Linux solutions keep your business running smoothly. The servers are connected to a highly secure data center with a reliable connection with the latest software available.

High Performance & Security: Anytime, Anywhere

High PerformanceWe offer worldwide secured databases located in the heart of many technologically advanced cities including New York, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Singapore. These are in huge demand as the world of VPS grows for each individual company. With scientific Linux, your company is fully compatible with experiencing any of these locations with our cloud hosting operations.

Personalized GUI & RDP Access

We provide the highest in its class when it comes to connecting your servers to the most advanced remote desktop protocol solutions. Not only do we know that worldwide connection is important, but it must be done safely and with high-quality technology. Our RDP solution offers fantastic data protection, with our high-end technology and intelligent network programs.

Along with highly secured RDP, we also give our customers full access to a personalized GUI which includes:

  • Server Applications

  • Files & Data

  • Network Resources

  • Add or Remove Users

  • Much More

Our Linux distributions are fully equipped to create a perfect server no matter where you are; safely & securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scientific Linux?

Scientific Linux is a distribution from the Red Hat Linux operation system created for technical businesses and other unique sites for ease of use for stats and computing needs. Although there are no more releases of this particular line of Linux, it is still available to the public for those who prefer it over other Apache web server distributions.

Is Scientific Linux the Same as CentOS?

Scientific Linux is not as widely used as the CentOS stream in Linux. However, it does offer some basic and old-school UI that some users may prefer over the CentOS option. Scientific Linux is fantastic for creating documents within the science and university type of site, while CentOS offers a bit broader scale of operation features including software similarities to the Fedora Scientific Linux.

What other distributions for Linux are popular?

From new releases to older services running, we offer many Red Hat Enterprise Linux options outside of statistical computing needs:

Fedora: The Fedora Project is a stable and reliable OS with several graphical tools. This flexible and powerful OS is compatible with desktops, servers, laptops, and other IoT ecosystems. Fedora offers mainly a platform handy for new developer students

Ubuntu: A Debian-based Linux distribution developed by Canonical and other developers. Ubuntu includes three editions: Server, Core, and Desktop. Ubuntu is extremely popular and by default uses a Gnome desktop environment. This platform is typically updated with new versions every six months

Debian: A mother Linux distribution like Ubuntu, Deepin, etc. These OS have offered stable and solid performance offering unparalleled user experience. Debian offers three primary development branches as Stable, Testing, and Unstable.

Gentoo: A fast and free Linux distribution that is typically used by developers and professionals. This platform is typically described as the meta-distribution of Linux owing to its advanced adaptability feature, along with its core features with speed upgrades, working on Portage, a Python-based true ports collection system.

Why Choose Linux VPS?

The benefits of Linux VPS are unmatched, including the following features:

  • Dedicated IP Address: You will get a dedicated IP address for managing your business. No need to share CPU, space, RAM, or bandwidth with another user.

  • Affordable Services: Linux VPS costs more than shared hosting although is more affordable than dedicated hosting. Our high-performing and cost-effective VPS plans don't let you look anywhere else.

  • Flexible: Our cheap Linux plans make scaling your business easy with our flexible business plans to fit any of your needs within your desired budget.

  • Speed: A domain on a full Linux VPS hosting cost and server performs at an extreme and unstoppable speed. By allowing us to handle the server part, you will experience a hosting speed 20x faster than any other platform.

  • Easy Upgrade and Testing: We offer easy upgradation of dedicated resources for example 2GB to 4Gb, advancing OS, and much more. You can also test applications and web tools with the Linux server through our platform.

What other Linux Operating Systems do you offer?

Besides Debian and some other distributions, a few operating systems that are a MUST for any Linux-based platform (that we also offer) are:

Alpine Linux: One of the most popular Linus OS solutions, Alpine Linux is designed for firewalls, routers, VPNs, VoIP boxes, servers, and containers. The main objective for this OS is securing the website with features like PaX and SSP.

Rocky Linux: Another popular Linux OS, Rocky Linux is designed after CentOS was discontinued. Rocky Linux offers great features such as binary compatibility, downstream, scalability, and software upgrades.

Oracle Linux: A high-performing and secure OS that provides automation, virtualization, and native computing tools for web hosting. The managed support system is easy to use and also completely free.

Cloud Linux: Cloud Linux is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for web hosting. Cloud uses kernel-level technology to prevent DDoS attacks and keep the website overall secure.

Open Suse: Open Suse increases the reliability of a system and maintains great security. Suse allows users to deploy IT services across plenty of environments.

Alma Linux: The Alma community is built and developed to provide similar platform security compared to all of the other OS solutions that are available through Linux. This OS is great for securing a platform for web hosting users.

What Additional Services do you offer?

Secure Web Hosting: Our cheap Linux hosting plans come with high security and protection to ensure no issues arise during management.

Full Control: We ensure that you have full control over all resources to make optimal changes and adjustments to fit the needs of your business

Low Latency: Our versatile plans allow users to enjoy unstoppable and faster network across 20 different locations worldwide. You can also use a 3-way simultaneous storage space, allowing you to store information on the cloud server or the VPS hosting platform.

Is Linux good for Wordpress users?

For WordPress hosting, Linux is always the best option over the Windows OS systems. However, as WordPress runs on PHP, this takes up plenty of time for configuration compared to Windows. In addition, Microsoft Access data base could potentially slow down your website as it does not show as strong as MySQL.

Along with this, Windows OS is known to be much more expensive on the hosting side due to how much it does in the background for the client. On the other hand, Linux is much more versatile for those who know a bit about development and is deemed much more flexible for custom code.

Why choose Scientific over other Distributions?

Every Linux distribution have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, the Scientific platform has been shown to be extremely tough despite being an older model. As some may be looking for a better learning development, Scientific has been shown as the best option among competing OS options.

What is the minimum contract period?

Most other VPS hosting providers offer one year contracts or multiple months in advance paid in order to obtain a decent price for a server. We know how frustrating this can be, especially for startups. This is why we have put together a "no contract" payment flexibility which allows you to pay for what you want, and when you want, without the worry of wasting resources. All of our plans can be cancelled at anytime, along with the ability to be upgraded anywhere you need.

Whether you need a server optimized in CPU, storage or RAM, we have that technology that allows you to scale one by one, giving you the opportunity to customize everything exactly how you like it.

Can I add management support for my hosted service?

We offer cheap VPS hosting plans that are fully managed. You don't need to worry about server maintenance, security, or software updates. Our team of experts are always available to take care of everything for you so you can focus on what matters most; your business.

Do I need a VPS or Dedicated Server?

Depending on your specific hosting needs and budget will determine which option is best for you and your company.

If you are requiring higher performance, security, and control over dedicated servers and have a pretty large budget, a Dedicated Server might be your best option.

Although, a VPS is most likely better if you are on a smaller budget and do not require that many resources. With VPS, you have a dedicated server and resources within a shared environment. This balances performance and cost-effectiveness.

Do you offer 24/7 tech support?

Our support is available 24/7/365 for you no matter what questions you may be facing about your server. No matter if you are questioning which Linux distribution to choose or if your server is facing a technical issue, we are here to help every step of the way.