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Our Data Center in Tokyo is one of the most critical locations for deploying your VPS server. More than 90% of the population uses the internet, and it is a central hub for most incoming organic traffic connected to the US. Therefore, hosting your VPS server with our Tokyo VPS option is paramount to your server and business growth. In addition, we provide high bandwidth technology that improves your latency and security for fast upload and overall increased traffic for business success.

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Tokyo Datacenter Benefits

A data center houses computers and other related equipment, such as servers, storage systems, and even networking components, to help keep your server up and running smoothly. Our Datacenter located in Tokyo enables your company to outsource the management of your computing infrastructure to a third party. The benefits you will encounter when having a data center space in Tokyo include the following:

  • Reliable High-speed network connections in Japan VPS hosting.

  • Physical security measures to protect your server from unauthorized access.

  • Scalable operating system opportunities for higher quality server administration and to multiply business needs.

  • Dedicated Server resources are suitable for your virtual private server needs.

  • Customer Support is available 24/7 to help you with any issues regarding your virtual server with our hosting services.

  • Root access to various services, such as managed hosting and cloud computing.

  • Reliable power and cooling systems to keep servers uptime to 99.9% with perfect performance.

  • Reduced cost due to shared infrastructure.

Tokyo VPS Hosting with Superior Network Performance

Tokyo is one of the primary data centers to provide for major internet providers. With perfect network transition, we ensure you have superior network performance for your Japan VPS hosting environment. Test our network performance at our Tokyo VPS Hosting data center.

IP Adresses

These are our available IP Addresses available to you for testing our infrastructure in Tokyo.

IPv4 Tokyo

IPv6 Tokyo


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Internet Hub

Data Centers

Technical Support

VPS Options

Large Internet Hub

Internet Hub

Japan, especially Tokyo, is one of the largest internet hubs in the world. All traffic that connects Asia Pacific Region to the USA goes through this internet hub. Along with New York City, London, and Singapore, Tokyo is also a companion as one of the largest financial hubs worldwide. This makes it extremely important for us to provide reliable uptime and fast upload performance for your site.

Benefits of Having a Tokyo VPS Near an Internet Hub

Having your Virtual Private Servers near one of the largest internet hubs in the world gives you the benefit of bringing in the most traffic and success for your business. Rather than the extra cost of using shared hosting, our dedicated servers will give your business optimal performance within the Tokyo data centers.

Japan VPS Hosting in Tokyo Data Centers for VPS Servers

Data Centers

Tokyo hosts some of the most considerable web servers regarding financial, technical, and overall internet traffic across the Asian Pacific Region. With our Data Center located in Tokyo, we can get the lowest latency with the best and most affordable cloud servers for a reasonable price. We ensure more resources, full root access, full control, and 24/7 technical support for your VPS needs.

Advantages of Tokyo Data Center VPS Hosting

Online growth is essential to avoid a decline in business performance. This is why finding the best data center location for your VPS is extremely important to expand your business within the parameters you require. With our Tokyo VPS data center option, you can expand your business in the direction it is meant to go. Not only do we provide high-end technology for security, but also for our qualifying high-performance NvME SSD storage optimization. Are you not convinced? Unlike other VPS companies, we provide a 1-7 day risk-free trial to give you a feel of what high-quality performance feels like.

24/7 Technical Support

Technical Support

As a web hosting service, we provide all of our users with 24/7/365 technical support to ensure your hosting experience is done efficiently and quickly professionally and efficiently. Our technicians are highly trained in operating system systems (Windows OS and Linux solutions), so we are confident that our personnel will manage your needs professionally.

Highly Secured Uptime for 99.9% of the Year (Every Year)

No matter where you choose your data center, our virtual servers are provided with the dedicated resources to keep your websites online 99.9% of the year at all times. We know that websites can go down for a few moments from time to time, but our guaranteed uptime percentage is hands-down one of the best options out there for web hosting. Rather than a shared hosting option with low uptimes, downed websites, and an overall lack of security, we take pride in our highly secured and available servers with Japan VPS.

Affordable Tokyo VPS Options

VPS Options

We do not encourage free VPS hosting due to the risk of security and performance issues many providers have experienced when given this opportunity. Furthermore, falling for free VPS could result in scams and huge data loss and money. With us, we offer our lowest affordable price yet for high-end technology to serve you with a high-quality Tokyo VPS server. You receive a secure environment and a fantastic performing server with the lowest latency according to your location needs.

Why High-Quality in Tokyo Matters

As Tokyo is rising in the digital economy as a hub for many businesses and financial transfers, it is essential to connect your virtual machine to data centers that are qualified and reliable within Tokyo. If you find a free VPS, it is extremely important to understand that quality services are not meant to be handed to everyone freely, and there could be some severe risk of possible fraud. Therefore, be cautious when searching for a reliable VPS host.

20 worldwide data centers

Tokyo location worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Data Centers Exist in Tokyo?

As Tokyo is known to be the 8th most significant data center location in the world (and predominantly growing), they hold up to 37 colocation facilities, 32 cloud nodes, and 13 internet exchanges. With the roots of Tokyo within the digital economy being so advanced, these data centers are only the beginning of the stability and performance Tokyo will provide.

How Do I Determine the Best Server Location for Me?

Depending on the audience you are trying to reach, which location(s) are best for your business? Finding the locations with the highest volume of search and internet use for a new website greatly benefits your business significantly.

When choosing your VPS location, it is vital to consider your site's target audience and your customers' physical location. For example, choosing New York for your data center location would benefit targeted Eastern United States or Canadian customers.

When considering a data center, look into their features, as some provide better hardware, and others have better storage device network connectivity options. Then, compare each feature from each data center to cover your specific needs.

Remember the security of a data center and its available measures against malicious malware attacks on your website. Your website and its data need to be protected to avoid any loss of private data or other important information that can jeopardize your business.

Although complex, choosing the right data center for your VPS location is essential for the best performance and smooth website experience. In addition, having full control over a highly secured website with low latency is a big step to a successful and organic website.

Do Tokyo VPS Servers Offer Dedicated IP Addresses?

Our Tokyo VPS servers offer dedicated IP addresses unique to your VPS server configuration. In addition, you can order additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for a small fee.

What are the Costs for VPS in Tokyo?

Our Tokyo VPS plans start at 3.99 a month, although we also provide seven days of risk-free trial before you dedicate any length of the contract to us. We also offer flexible and scalable payment plans to fit your budget.

Do You Offer a Free Trial in Tokyo?

We offer a 1-7 day risk-free trial for cloud hosting services. We will not hold you to any contract if you are unsatisfied with email services. If you enjoy our services, you can commit to us for as long as you like. Our plans are scalable depending on your company's needs, and we are always here to help support you and your business.

What Other Locations do you Host VPS?

We offer many different locations to host VPS. It is essential to choose to correct VPS location when considering latency. Our North American data centers are located in the following:

  • Chicago

  • Dallas

  • Miami

  • New York City

  • Silicon Valley

  • Toronto

  • Atlanta

  • Los Angeles

  • Seattle

Our European servers are based in:

  • Amsterdam

  • London

  • Frankfurt

Along with our Asian Pacific servers which are located in the following cities:

  • Hong Kong

  • Singapore

  • Tokyo

And last but not least, we also provide a data server from Northern Australia in Sydney. With these data centers, you have ensured fast connection speeds and low latency anywhere you need.

Technology Advanced Data Centers in Japan

Advanced Data Centers JapanTokyo, Japan, and its inhabitants are 90% reliant on technology and the internet alone. This makes Tokyo one of the biggest possible business growth and escalation locations. This is a fantastic area to venture into, with its high traffic and overall potential. As the central hub for technology, Japan offers high-end data centers that will ensure proper performance for its local exchange markets.

Great Connection Starts in Tokyo

As one of the largest internet hubs, your traffic connections from the US to Asia will grow exponentially and potentially grow into other vast locations within our 30+ data center options worldwide. As Tokyo offers high-end technology, we ensure that with multiple internet exchanges, financial exchanges, and high availability of cloud services, Tokyo is ideal for a data center location.

Tokyo Digital Economy

Tokyo is one of the largest growing cities in the digital world, evolving into a giant digital space for business growth and creativity. The data centers are striving in Tokyo as some of the best technologically advanced options in the world.

Japan's Largest Population

As one of the largest populated cities in the world, Tokyo has quickly become a significant internet hub for millions of people, bringing in a GDP of 1.6 trillion with its large contribution to the digital economy. With over 90% of the population relying on the internet, Tokyo is primed for success.

Tokyo VPS Hosting

In addition to high-performing data centers, Tokyo offers fantastic Japan VPS hosting. This service allows web developers and their accompanying businesses to create and access their VPS servers directly within the city.