VPS Server: Cost-Effective Cloud Computing

VPS Hosting for Australian Customers

VPS Hosting for Australian Customers with 16 locations worldwide offers unparalleled global reach and performance optimization, ensuring your online presence is accessible and responsive to users not only in Australia but also across the globe.

VPS hosting for Australian customers is an ideal choice for businesses and websites with an international audience. With VPS servers strategically located in 16 different global locations, this hosting solution provides low-latency access to users from various regions, enhancing the overall user experience. Whether you're running an e-commerce site, a content-rich blog, or a web application, the geographic diversity of VPS servers ensures that your online services are available to a wider audience, making it a valuable asset for businesses looking to expand their reach beyond Australia's borders.

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What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS), is a major player in the web hosting market. VPS hosting is a type of hosting service that shares resources on a single physical server or virtual server, using a virtual machine, and functions as a virtual computer in the cloud.

Compared with shared hosting, a VPS virtual server provides greater flexibility and improved performance without the cost of using physical servers. It's ideal for hosting websites for your business, running apps, storing data, and much more!

14 /mo
2 GB memory
2 cores processor
50 GB NVMe SSD disk space
5 TB transfer
30 /mo
4 GB memory
4 cores processor
80 GB NVMe SSD disk space
5 TB transfer

VPS Server: Best VPS Hosting Services in Australia

Best VPS Hosting Services in Australia

Our hosted VPS Australia services, which include VPS servers, start at a low cost compared to other web host providers. However, be aware of their incredibly scalable features which allow you to customize your subscriptions according to the needs of your company. We have a network of VPS servers that provide unparalleled protection for critical data. We know we are trying and you are interested and will give a 7-day free trial to you immediately.

Utilizing state-of-the-art hardware and advanced virtualization technology, our virtual private servers (VPS) create a cutting-edge hosting environment that ensures both rapid performance and the highest level of security for your online presence.

Unlike shared hosting plans, a VPS hosting option offers dedicated resources for the best possible performance. Here at VPS Server, we provide cloud computing services in addition to providing inexpensive, VPS hosting services.

If you want industry-leading speed, usability, and reliability, then VPS Server is for you!

Selecting the Ideal Virtual Private Server (VPS) Package

Delve into our extensive array of virtual server solutions, meticulously designed to cater to your unique requirements. Our VPS hosting services present a diverse spectrum of choices, each equipped with formidable processing capabilities, meticulously crafted to align seamlessly with the demands of your website or application.

16 Different Cloud Locations to Choose From

Not only do we offer our data centre in Sydney for your Australian VPS hosting needs, you can also use any of our fast data centres in Asia, North America and Europe to seamlessly connect with your audience. By choosing our data centres in a location close to your users, you can ensure quick and easy access to your website or app. These virtual servers and data centres are available in 16 locations worldwide and use cutting-edge technology to provide fast and secure hosting.

If you're looking for cost-effective VPS solutions, VPS Server offers dedicated resources for optimal performance so that you can get the advantages of a (virtual) dedicated server with our affordable prices.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Package
Australian Servers

Australian Servers

Dedicated servers can be securely housed at our state-of-the-art facility in Sydney, Australia, and are meticulously managed and closely monitored for optimal performance and reliability.

VPS Server: A Powerful Web Hosting Provider

Having a shared hosting server management virtual machine for your website or app is a must. Here at VPS Server, we exclusively use top-tier hardware for our cloud infrastructure.

Every machine features quick RAM, CPUs, and NvME SSDs, which creates a reliable and structured online environment.

Worldwide and Reliable Network Infrastructure

Our network spans across 16 locations around the globe, providing fast connections and maintaining speedy response times for your website or application visitors.

If there is any reason that you ever need to move server location or change your VPS hosting provider, our dedicated Support team are always available to help you out. We are committed to meeting your relocation needs and guarantee a smooth transition while doing so.

Cloud Management Control Panel

With a control panel that you will be able to personally customise to suit your needs, managing VPS hosting is made super simple. Your dedicated web hosting environment will always be completely under your control.

You'll be able to reboot your environment, switch your operating system, update your firewall and more, with just a few easy clicks.

Plenty of Windows & Linux Operating Systems to choose from

You might not be aware of how crucial it is to meticulously select the right operating system for your server setup requirements, whether you opt for Linux VPS hosting or the Windows Server operating system. Our in-depth research has consistently highlighted that making the correct OS choice is paramount to achieving the expected cloud server performance.

By offering both Linux and Windows OS, we can accommodate to your unique preferences. With this flexibility, you are able to pick the most suitable OS for optimal performance.

16 Locations around the world

16 locations worldwide for your application
Managed vs Unmanaged Servers

Managed vs. Unmanaged Servers

VPS Hosting: Simplifying Management with Managed Hosting

You have the option of deciding between fully managed and unmanaged VPS host alternatives when looking for a Virtual Machine (VM). When using a fully managed a server, the hosting provider handles the cloud environment, this also includes server operating system updates. When placing your order, you will be given the option of selecting this service plan.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a calm server environment so that you can focus on growing and marketing your website.

Creating Your Own Personalised Workspace

Once you have selected the VPS hosting plans that best suit your needs, you can start the process right away. Our dedicated tech Support teams are always available, and happy to help at every step along the way.

NvME SSD Storage

Lightning-fast Response Times with NvME SSD Storage

For hosting websites or app services, we understand that every component of your fully managed VPS hosting solution is important. NvME SSDs are used to improve response times. Select a package with up to 2TB of server storage to give your website an edge over your competitors.

Our packages include various features and services to ensure a seamless and secure operation. We offer a solid, fast, and personalised hosting experience based on your requirements.

Rapid Deployment of New Environments

Rapid Deployment of New Environments

When choosing virtual private servers, you require a quick website setup. Our customers benefit from high-traffic VPS hosting and a quick setup of their environments. You will have immediate access to your new VPS hosting features after placing your order.

Our Support services will take care of all the setup for you. They are a friendly team of experts who will also make sure that you have all you need to get started quickly with a fully managed service contract.

Affordable & Secure Hosting Solution

Affordable & Secure Hosting Solution

Cost is definitely something essential to consider when searching for dedicated hosting services for start-ups and personal blogs.

We strive to provide excellent quality and value. Our goal is to find a balance between performance and reliability while keeping your hosting experience at an affordable price. You can rely on us to provide fantastic web hosting solutions that are suited to your specific needs.

Responsive Customer

24/7/365 Responsive Customer & Technical Support Service

Our platform provides secure web hosting. Just like with anything else, we do understand that problems sometimes pop up unexpectedly, and we are always more than happy to help you with any problems you may be experiencing with your virtual server hosting here.

Our friendly experts are always available to assist you with any concerns you may be experiencing, they are a team of highly trained professionals and are here to assist you with any difficulties or questions that you might run into. Our goal is to ensure that you return to normal operations as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose VPS Server?

Through full root access, our solutions provide customers with complete and total control over their virtual environment. This root access enables you to choose your preferred operating systems, system, database version, custom software, and other options.

Select your own VPS hosting plan to customise hosting features for your website or app. Explore our wide features to find the best match for your project.

Is a VPS Superior to Shared Web Hosting Services?

For those who prefer cloud solutions, shared web hosting is not a suitable option. This is due to the possibility of it affecting the functionality and security measures of other websites on the physical server.

Using a virtual server helps to ensure that you utilise your resources purely for your own needs.

Your websites will run well, regardless of other sites. Shared and dedicated hosting used to be cheaper than VPS hosting, but these days, servers are now a better and more reliable option.

What Makes Cloud Hosting Different from VPS?

Although cloud hosting and managed VPS hosting plans are similar, virtual private servers are slightly different from cloud services. Cloud hosting involves dividing accounts among various VPS hosting plans.

This approach is commonly used by numerous hosting choices that utilise a single virtual private server hosting plan.

Do I Have Full Authority (root) Over My Server?

You sure do! We provide unrestricted root access to all of our clients, giving them complete control over their own virtual machines and private servers. In saying that, it's important to take care because making changes with this full root access may run the risk of compromising the functionality of your website.

How much does a VPS Cost? What Payment Options are Available?

Basic VPS packages offer excellent balance in performance and are great value for money. Memory and CPU-optimized packages provide more resources and better performance for memory and CPU-intensive applications. If you would like to know more about VPS payment options, feel free to contact our Sales team, who will happily talk you through our multiple payment options and find the right VPS plan for you.

Why is Dedicated Server Hosting Better than Standard Hosting?

In comparison to shared hosting, our research shows that using a dedicated server offers more freedom for hosting, managing, and securing data. Customers can choose their hardware and storage because they have their own private space and physical server. Dedicated servers outshine virtual servers in terms of efficiency and reliability. We have the ability to expand our servers much more than our dedicated servers.