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Welcome to our VPS hosting services! Upgrade the performance of your website and unlock its true potential with our unparalleled VPS hosting solutions.

We provide a dedicated environment to your businesses with powerful processing, great storage options, and unmetered bandwidth.

Our services ensure that your website experiences faster web page load time and top-tier performance so that it always stays ahead of the competition.

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The dedicated support team, proficient with technical knowledge, assists users 24*7 at every step of the hosting journey regarding the configuration, installation, and deployment of VPS.

Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, VPS Server has the right VPS for you!

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Features Of VPS Servers

Features Of VPS Servers
  • Powerful Cloud Platform

    Our VPS servers have a dedicated cloud platformwith high-performance RAM, ultra-fast CPUs, and cutting-edge NvME solid-state drives. Unlike shared hosting, it offers users scalability, flexibility, and enhanced security.

  • Worldwide Server Network Infrastructure

    We have a worldwide server network infrastructure with data centers in 16 locations to support your migration needs. Our network provides low latency and the best response times for site visitors. The technical teams always assist you if you require VPS migrations to a new server location.

  • KVM Virtualization

    We use KVM virtualization to build multiple virtual machines on the server to ensure each virtual machine operates individually with its dedicated resources. The KVM virtualization has advanced resource management capabilities, which enhance the server's overall performance, security, and scalability.

  • Storage Replication

    We provide triple data replication for enhanced durability, longevity, and high data protection. If one drive experiences data corruption for some reason, our servers offer reliable data backup and protection against data loss, keeping the data intact in the other two drives. The increased redundancy guarantees reliable data backup and minimizes data loss risks.

  • Pre-Configured Templates

    Our pre-configured server templates simplify server setup and provide a wide range of operating systems to choose from, including Debian, Windows Server 2019, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, Alpine Linux, ClearOS, Windows Server 2022, OpenSuse OS, Scientific Linux, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, Arch Linux, CloudLinux, Gentoo OS, and more.

  • Server Management

    Our custom virtual environment management full web hosting control panel provides full root access to empower users to make changes quickly. Users can switch to different operating systems, update firewall settings and reboot the server in just a few clicks. The web hosting control panels allow users to control the hosting environment completely without navigating complex configurations.

16 locations worldwide

VPS Server Or OVH VPS: Comparison of Benefits


VPS Server and OVH are the hosting providers that provide robust hosting solutions to accommodate different user needs.

VPS Server and OVHcloud virtual private servers harness cutting-edge technology, including KVM virtualization and NVMe solid-state drives, to ensure unparalleled speed and responsiveness for websites and applications.

While a virtual private server offers hosting that makes server software or hardware management and configuration a hassle-free experience, OVHcloud VPS delivers reliable performance with a quick and easy virtual server setup. Let's compare the benefits of both.

Performance and Technology

VPS Server and OVHcloud VPS harness cutting-edge technology, including KVM virtualization and NVMe solid-state drives, to ensure unparalleled speed and responsiveness for websites and applications. VPS Server, known for its robust infrastructure, offers minimal latency.

The widespread network provides a dedicated environment to host one or more web projects. On the other hand, OVHcloud boasts a multi-server infrastructure to provide remarkable server availability and extensive software or hardware resources to meet VPS hosting needs.

  • Flexible Virtual Sandbox Environment

    VPS server and OVHcloud offer a customizable virtual sandbox environment to scale dedicated physical servers based on specific needs. Whether users choose VPS Server or OVHcloud VPS, both provide a flexible and dynamic platform to meet your development and experimentation needs.

  • Operating System Options

    VPS Server provides a wide range of operating systems to choose from, including Debian, Windows Server 2019, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, Alpine Linux, ClearOS, Windows Server 2022, OpenSuse OS, Scientific Linux, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, Arch Linux, CloudLinux, Gentoo OS, and more. While OVHcloud offers Linux/Unix, AlmaLinux, CentOS 6, Debian, Fedora, Rocky Linux, Ubuntu, Windows Server, and more.

  • Virtual Private Server Web Hosting Plans

    The Virtual private servers offer flexible web hosting plans that provide users with a hosting environment to match specific needs. At the same time, the OVH web hosting plan allows users to choose a private network service that suits performance and budget requirements.

  • Scalability and Customization

    VPS Server ensures users with cost-effective VPS solutions that enable them to upgrade or downgrade the hardware resources matching their specific requirements. Contrary to it, OVHcloud VPS uses a different approach to resource flexibility.

  • Secure & Safe

    The VPS Server offers a secure hosting solution to determine DDoS for high-end security and protection. On the other hand, OVHcloud provides a secure server environment in compliance with corporate governance rules.

  • VPS Backup Options

    The virtual private servers VPS backup the data storage in real-time securely and safely. While OVH secures the data in external storage space. Users can back up the data using OVHcloud Control Panel.

  • Control Panel

    The VPS Server provides a robust control panel with a graphical interface that empowers users to manage virtual private servers easily. However, the OVHcloud control panel allows users to take a snapshot of the virtual server via the Snapshot option, enabling users to capture their virtual server's current state.

When deciding between VPS Server and OVHcloud VPS, carefully review pricing models, upgrade options, and terms of service related to resource modifications to determine which provider better aligns with your budget and hosting needs.

Overall, VPS Server stands out for its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and easy scalability.

Hosting Business Applications Via VPS Impact SEO

Hosting Business Via VPS Impact SEO

Hosting business applications via VPS is a valuable step that contributes to SEO optimization. It impacts websites:

  • Speed: VPS hosting improves the website speed and performance because the physical servers virtualize and provide independent space for each user.

  • Security: When you host the website with VPS, the server has an SSL certificate that shares the resources with a safe security configuration. The website minimizes vulnerabilities and potential entry points for hackers.

  • Root Access: VPS hosting provides root access to perform administrative tasks and control the server activities, such as installing custom applications, changing settings, and more tailored to fit specific requirements.

  • Resource Scalability: VPS hosting allows users to scale up and down the resources. It keeps the site running even if there is high traffic on the website.

Reach Out to Us for Top-Notch VPS Solution

Reach Out Top-Notch VPS Solution

We are one of the leading hosting providers with over 16 data centers globally. We are committed to providing low-latency connections that perfectly cater to users' website and business requirements.

Before users opt for the VPS hosting services, check for hardware availability, the server's physical hardware, current VPS range, older VPS range, and maximum bandwidth for a fast and secure hosting experience. Contact us for VPS solutions!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a VPS and a shared hosting plan?

Configuring VPS requires basic knowledge to customize applications and software. VPS hosting with root access to the server provides users with a set of services and customizable disk space to customize software configurations.

However, with a shared hosting plan, users have limited admin access to customize software configurations. Unlike dedicated hosting plans, VPS hosting plans are a popular and budget-friendly alternative.

Is VPS more or less expensive than dedicated servers?

Yes, VPS is cheaper than dedicated servers because VPS provides users with a virtual space for resource utilization in a virtual machine. However, a dedicated server suit customers' modest web hosting needs and offers full and unrestricted access to all resources.

What are the differences between VPS and Public Cloud solutions?

A VPS hosting relies on a physical server which is divided into multiple virtual servers to operate independently with dedicated resources allocated to it. It provides scalability that allows users to upgrade or downgrade resources as per their needs.

However, Public Cloud solutions utilize a vast network of interconnected servers to allocate resources dynamically to virtual machines. It offers horizontal scalability to meet varying workload demands.

What are the benefits of a VPS Server?

Here are some of the benefits a virtual private server offers:

  • Total Scalability: VPS servers are designed to suit all user's needs. The VPS solution
    scales up as the business grows.

  • Increased Performance: VPS servers are powered by the Intel next-generation architecture that delivers optimal performance.

  • Dedicated Environment:The VPS with server administration provides all the hardware resources for hosting websites or business applications to suit the usage.

How can users get a dedicated server?

  • To get a dedicated server, choose a web hosting service like ours.

  • Select and subscribe to a hosting plan that meets your requirements.

  • Provide details and complete the registration process.

  • Enter login credentials, set up the account, and manage the server's settings using the control panel.

  • Install software or applications and enjoy the complete privacy of critical data.

Is VPS Safer than VPN?

A VPS provides users with more control over the hosting environment. It enables users to implement security measures, such as firewalls, SSL certificates, and software updates, to protect the server's data. However, a VPN protects user data while browsing.

It ensures that data transmitted over the internet is encrypted and secure from hackers or third parties. It states that VPS is much safer than VPN.

Is hosting multiple websites possible on a VPS?

Yes, hosting multiple websites on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is possible. VPS hosting allows users to create and manage multiple virtual environments to provision resources.

It provides a separate hosting space for individual websites where each virtual machine operates independently and enables users to allocate specific resources to each website.

Do VPS Servers offer responsive customer and technical support?

Yes, VPS Servers offer 24/7/365 responsive customer and technical support. The hosting professionals answer queries regarding issues that come up unexpectedly during the installation and configuration of VPS instances.