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Game Server Hosting: What it is

Game Server HostingGame servers are specialized VPS or dedicated servers that enable gamers to host dedicated game servers for that particulate game on the hosting provider. A dedicated or virtual private server is a great pickforocreatinge a dedicated server.

But what does the game server have to do when the game publisher themselves host public servers for their players? Well, having your game server allows you to bend the game rules to your liking! With VPS and dedicated servers giving root access to your game server, you can install different game versions and mods, set up interaction rules, and much more!

Any dedicated server hosting provider plans can fit your gaming needs. However, it is crucial always to look fora Gaming VPS that gives you complete control and is compatible and optimized for hosting game servers.

In short, you can pick a virtual private server to host gaming sessions for your team or a community. You can also opt for a dedicated server, which is more costlier than a VPS. Also, it would be best to ignore shared hosting as they are not ideal for dedicated hosting for game servers.

Tips To Choose The Right Game VPS

You must know how to choose a Game VPS. First, you must know the requirements for the game you want to host. To learn about it, visit the publisher's website and check the game server requirements.

If you're not technical, then you need to look out for these terms: CPUs (processor), CPU's Speed (in Hz), RAM volume (in GBs), and the required networked bandwidth to run the game smoothly. If you're unsure what all these means, you can ask for help in the game community or contact our support,t which help to get your requirements right.

Apart from that, you also need to take care of two aspects: the number of players that'll populate your server and the amount of customization you'll do to your game server. For example, if you're playing with only ten friends, you can do with a basic VPS server, but if you want to bring your community of 100+ players, you'll need a high-spec VPS game server. Similarly, if you add mods to your game, you'll also need to consider their impact on the server resources.

Choose Any OS for Game Hosting

We provide options so you can completely control how you want to set up and customize your game server. Right out of the box, all our VPS offer root access. Also, to help kick-start your game server, we offer Linux and Windows pre-configured templates that let you do the instant setup. These operating systems include Ubuntu, Debian, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022, Arch Linux, OpenSuse OS, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, Alpine Linux, and many more.

So, you're free to choose Linux or Windows operating systems. However, using the Linux operating system is advisable asityoffersr more customizability and control over your server. For example, you get benefits such as open-source software optimized for server hosting and a large community to help you troubleshoot your game server.

Once you have chosen the operating system for your perfect Game VPS, you must keep track of server performance. That's because game servers grow in resource consumption as players play or you install extensions that can impact the server's performance.

Game Server Support List

Our game support list is huge! As you're in control of your game server, you can install any game you choose and set it up as a dedicated server for gaming. It beats dedicated hosting as our gaming VPS solutions are cheap while offering similar performance, latency, and uptime.

Below are some popular games you can install and start playing on our VPS hosting for games.

  • Minecraft: is a popular sandbox game that lets players explore their creativity. You can create Minecraft VPS for complete control over your server.

  • CS: GO: Counter-Strike is one of the most popular tactical shooters in the market. With CS: GO VPS, you get the best low-latency multiplayer experience, as the servers are fast enough to handle fast updates.

  • ARK: ARK: Survival Evolveddemandsd a powerful server to run. Our ARK VPS solution lets you enjoy the game without lag, shutter, or disconnect.

  • Valheim: Want to explore the myst lands with your friends without worrying about server management? Then, Valheim VPS is for you. It gives you the best possible experience to fight the biome bosses and experience and explore the lands with curiosity.

  • Conan Exiles: A multiple online survival evolved game where you set to survive in a vast area. Create a Conan Exiles VPS for your gaming community to farm, build,d and explore the world without interruptions.

  • Arma 3: A military sandbox that gives you the thrill of a real battlefield. Use Arma 3 VPS to set up a low-latency, highly competitive server for everyone to enjoy.

  • Rust: A fascinating survival game that offers players to explore without limits. Start your Rust VPS now, which can bring a community of players together.

  • DayZ: DayZ gives players a wasteland to explore with the infected zombie population across the maps. Create your DayZ VPS to show the zombies who are the boss!

Apart from these games, you can also create Terraria VPS, Left 4 Dead 2 VPS, 7 Days to Die VPS, and many more!

20 locations worldwide

Game Server VPS Packages and Features

Get our game servers powered by the state-of-the-art infrastructure powered by KVM Virtualization, fast NVMe SSD storage, and a powerful network. Our servers are secure, giving you complete peace of mind when hosting your gaming server while offering high uptime for the best possible playing experience.

  • KVM technology: We use the best virtualization technology that offers an extensive set of features and benefits, including easy instant setup, security, scalability, and customizability.

  • Excellent storage: Our storage systems use fast NVMe storage for optimal response time.

  • 99.99% uptime: Never suffer from downtime and lose game time with better than industry-standard uptime.

  • Operating system choice: We support both Linux and Windows operating systems. So, make your choice as per your needs!

  • Efficient network infrastructure: We use top-tier servers and switches to power the network, offering a lag and shutter-free gaming experience.

  • Backups: We use 3-way storage replication to protect your game worlds from corruption.

  • Easy-to-use control panel: Feel at home with our custom control panel that lets you control your VPS server fully.

  • Security: Our systems offer complete safety out of the box with KVM's enhanced security and firewall.

Gaming Server VPS Benefits

Get the most out of the Game VPS server compared to a self-hosted game server.

  • Customizable: VPS gives full root access to you. Get the most out of the server by configuring every aspect, improving its performance and customizability.

  • Easy to set up: Game VPS is easy to set up, thanks to available templates and server setup files.

  • Accessible: Game VPS servers are accessible from any part of the world, allowing you to connect players across the globe.

  • Cost-effective: Gaming Server VPS is cost-effective compared to dedicated server hosting while offering similar scalability, customizability, and performance.

  • Scalable: Easily scale or downscale the server.

  • Versatile: You can use VPS to not only host game servers but also use it as a web server or to set up forex trading.

More Than 15 Locations, All Over The World

More Than 15 LocationsIt doesn't matter if you're from Europe or Asia Pacific; we have servers across the globe. You can select from our 20 server locations across four major locations: North America, Asia Pacific, North Australia, and Europe.

Choosing the right gaming server location means a super smooth gaming experience. It also lowers server connectivity time and provides a lag-free experience. The server infrastructure is also redundant. This means thatthe network barely goes down even if some components, such as routers, separate switches, or independent network transits, fail. In any failure scenario, the redundant components kick in, ensuring the network performs optimally.

Before choosing any available servers, you must check out what type of SSD storage it uses and the associated pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gaming server VPS?

A gaming server VPS is a dedicated game server to host games. These VPS servers offer complete root control and can be connected through a remote desktop (need an active internet connection). You can also use your rules to set up and create games for your game partners or community members. These VPS services are scalable and offer an easy way to increase server resources when needed.

Do you guys offer customer support?

Yes! We offer 24/7/365 customer support. You can connect to them through live chat and email. They can help you solve any issues or do an instant setup.

What storage type do we use?

We use top-of-the-class NVMe storage for the lowest possible latency. We also use full SSD and hybrid SSD. So, check the plans carefully before picking them up.

How many players can the server support?

The server player support depends on the server hosting resources. The more resources it has, the more players it can support. However, you'll need to know the game requirements and how many resources it takes to get a good idea. Also, the bandwidth is crucial in determining how many players can play on the server at any given time. If you're unsure about the required bandwidth, using VPS plans offering unlimited bandwidth is best.

Do you guys offer a trial for gaming VPS?

Yes! We offer a 7-day free trial for new users. You'll need credit card verification (0.01 verification fee) to avail of the Game VPS trial. Also, it is only available to use once.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the gaming server VPS?

Yes, you can! VPS servers offer scalability out of the box as virtual servers use virtualization to allocate resources. This makes it ideal for upgrading or downgrading a gaming VPS server at anytime. Whether using Windows servers or a Linux operating system, you can trim or upgrade your VPS plan to meet online games demand.

Can you run Minecraft on a VPS?

Yes, you can run Minecraft on a VPS server. Minecraft is one of the top video games that offers a sandbox. Hosting a Minecraft server on a VPS lets you invite your teammates or community members to build incredible things or explore already-created worlds. Using a VPS for Minecraft hosting will save you as you can divide the cost among friends or the people using the server.

How much does Game Server Hosting cost?

A game server can cost anywhere between 3 to 150 per month. The cost of the game server depends on the game, server type (VPS game server or dedicated game server), and the server hosting capacity (i.e., the number of players allocated for the server). For example, your cost will differ if you want to run a Battlefield game server with a capacity of around 150 players to host a Minecraft server with ten player slots. The different aspects of game servers that affect the cost include CPU, RAM, Storage, Network, and operating system.

What is a dedicated and virtual private server, and which is better for gaming?

A dedicated server is a "dedicated" physical server by a hosting provider to offer full access to the server. As you have complete control over the server's computing power, you can use it to host gaming servers that address large communities. Also, you don't have to worry about shared resources as you own the hosting.

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtualized server hosted on a dedicated server. It uses virtualization technology such as KVM to separate different instances diligently. These VPS are different from shared hosting as VPS servers are similar to dedicated servers in function and features. They perform similarly to a dedicated server while offering scalability. Also, VPS servers cost less than dedicated servers.

For gaming, you can choose both a dedicated or virtual private server for your game server. However, you must know that dedicated game servers are costlier than VPS game servers. In short, you should pick a dedicated server if you have the budget and want better control and performance over the dedicated resources (hardware and software). A virtual private server is a good pick if you're looking for a cost-effective solution and the ability to scale when needed quickly.

Should you get Managed or Unmanaged VPS for gaming?

For gaming, it is best to go for unmanaged VPS. It enables you to have full control over your server. This means you can install the choice of your software on the server, including the game and operating system choice. However, to use unmanaged VPS for gaming, you need technical expertise to set up and manage the server.

The managed VPS plans are more inclined toward non-technical users. The hosting manages the server, including maintenance, security, and backups. However, you'll still need to know how to work with managed hosting.

So, which one should you pick? You can pick unmanaged VPS if you're technically proficient and know what you're doing. For a less technical audience, managed VPS is a good pick. Also, managed VPS are more stable and offer a pleasant gaming experience.


Testimonials"Finding an optimal server for our Minecraft squad was not easy. Until we found out about their gaming VPS servers. We instantly got the servers up and running and had a great fun weekend without worrying about performance, connectivity, or downtime." - Alexia, GGC

"As an indie game developer, my newest work, a multiplayer shooter, required VPS servers to test different game network features. I'm glad I tried their VPS server for gaming. It gave me enough flexibility in terms of hardware and price to test out most aspects of my game's multiplayer without burning a hole in my pocket." - Mulio, Indie Game Developer

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