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Our VPS hosting options with 5TB traffic or 50Mbit/sec unmetered on all plans, tailored for various needs.

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Pricing plan types

VPS plans We have different server plans for all kinds of computer jobs. We make each server type do its job the best. All machines have fast memory, modern CPUs like the powerful 2.7 GHz Intel Xeon Skylake processors, and NvME SSDs.

Type A - Availability (Always On): Ready for tasks that need to be online constantly 24/7. It stays on even if high-speed performance is not necessary.

Type B - General Purpose (All-Around):
This server type can do some of everything. It has a special power to make sure it can handle many jobs well. Great if you need something good at many things.

Type D - Dedicated Resources (Super Strong): This server type is for demanding tasks. It exudes immense power for jobs requiring a lot of CPU power. You've got dedicated resources.

Type T - Burstable (Flexible): This server type is good when you sometimes need more power, but not always. If you go over a certain amount, it costs a bit more. Having a boost button is like having a way to speed up when you need to.

We want to make it easy for you to pick the right server. Are you still in doubt? Our telephone number is at the bottom of our website so that you can make the best choice by telephone with our sales team.


All plans have extra features that add value.

Storage servers

Enhanced Performance for Your VPS

We improve the speed of your VPS by providing unlimited IOPs and powerful CPUs. Our CPUs feature the Intel Xeon 2.7GHz Skylake processors, which have a reputation for fast data processing capabilities.

Network and servers

Industry-leading performance worldwide

Our new servers have fast processors and reliable network connections for optimal performance.


Efficient network infrastructure

Good servers and networking. Your VPS is safe. Admin apps and storage integration make VPS control easy with a few clicks.

OS systems

Wide Range of Windows & Linux Operating Systems

All our plans include a choice of Linux OS and Windows templates from our template library. Use your template of choice to create a VPS in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems do you support?

We support many Windows and Linux systems, like Debian, Ubuntu, Windows Server, CentOS, and more. You can find further details on our technology page.

Are there any restrictions on RAM configurations for different server types?

The option to configure up to 512 GB of RAM is available only for Type B, Type T, and Type D servers. Different server types have varying performance capabilities. High RAM capacity matches processing power and usage scenarios for optimal performance.

What are my options for configuring the number of vCPUs on a server, and what are their specifications?

For servers classified as Type B (General Purpose) and Type T (Burstable), you can configure them with up to 104 vCPUs per server.

Can I get management services for my server's OS from your team?

Yes, our team can manage your server's Operating System for you. They will handle updates and security to keep your server running smoothly. You don't need to stress about it. Tell us if you need more advanced management services, and we can assist you.

Can I connect my server to a private local network?

Yes, you can. You can connect your server to a private network within your local area (a LAN). This means your server can communicate securely with other servers in your local network.

What options exist for configuring SSD storage size on the server, and what features does it include?

When setting up your server, you can customize the SSD (Solid State Drive) (NVME) storage to your needs. You can add up to 15 SSD disks, providing a high degree of flexibility in storage capacity. Additionally, all SSD storage options benefit from Unlimited IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) and Unlimited Storage Bandwidth at no extra charge. This means you can enjoy high-speed data access and transfer rates, enhancing the overall performance of your server without worrying about additional costs.

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