Which OS is best for web hosting performance wis

I want to know which Operating System is best for web hosting so that I can get maximum performance from minimum resources or All Operating Systems works same.


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  • tignif

    - 5 years ago

    A properly configured Linux machine is a better choice in for Web Hosting since it is basically Unix but is better server experience for visitors who visit your website because it's probably going to be faster and it's just a better overall experience for your website visitors. Windows is good but you'd have to keep update with its anti-virus and software so most likely Windows will fail on you. But with Linux, it's not as easy as you'd have to know the command line and configure the server. But Linux is easier to learn because you can just use search up what you need to help with and they're probably most likely be an answer for your problem.

    I hope this helped you.

  • YayEet

    - 5 years ago

    I think that an ubuntu server probably works best for most things as it is easy to connect to and fill with whatever information needed. You can easily run scripts through it and put files onto it using proper programs such as PuTTY and Firezilla.

  • Aswad

    - 4 years ago

    Debian Stretch with a Control panel (Cpanel or Plesk) would be great for starting a web server but both these control panels are paid tools, if you are looking for a free one, Virtual Min is the best I have ever seen. You can keep track of the performance and security with the help of Control Panel furthermore it totally depends on how many websites you host on the server and how much bandwidth they use. Hope that helps

  • Michele

    - 3 years ago

    I think ubuntu server is the best choiche. Is simply to use, and you make all.