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160 GB SSD disk
4 TB transfer
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4 cores processor
80 GB SSD disk
2 TB transfer

Droplet VPS from just $4.99 per month

digitalocean droplet

VPS hosting via the Cloud offers businesses powerful features and tremendous security but with significant cost savings. Droplet servers were developed by tech giants DigitalOcean and first released in January 2018. Since then Droplet hosting has quickly become popular with many developers. Particularly useful for entrepreneurs or larger enterprises, these servers use KVM virtualization along with GNU/Linux distribution. Droplet hosting can also be created in 2 different size classes - Standard or Optimised. Although digitalocean Droplet VPS services do need a little technical knowledge to use, they give superb Cloud-based virtual performance.

Droplet VPS hosting features

When you choose to use Droplet hosting with us then you will not be disappointed. Once you sign up to one of our many great value monthly plans, your VPS will be deployed almost instantly. This means you get super-fast access to your new server to begin configuring it. With over 100 pre-defined templates available to deploy, you will have lots of flexibility. Robust cyber-security is also essential and our Droplet VPS services deliver this in spades. The advanced Firewall is easy to set-up and will head off any unwanted attention effectively. Managing it is simple via the intuitive control panel and makes rule additions straightforward.

Droplet VPS delivers amazing performance

We only use the best technology around to power our virtual servers. Rather than outdated RAID hardware, the Droplet server configuration that we favour is 3-way storage replication. This sees your data backed up in 3 separate locations for complete safety in the unlikely event of any one failing. Our VPS servers only contain the best Intel E5 processors for super fast performance and load speeds. Our 40 Gbit Mellanox network also helps to eliminate data bottle-necks and keep you working at all times.

24/7 online help when you need it

Even with all the superb features and reliability that Droplet hosting gives, you may still sometimes need help. Maybe it is a query over your account or how to configure something on the server control panel. Our online chat feature is available 24/7 and means you can always get hold of one of our expert team to help. Droplet can be a more advanced hosting option but you will never be stuck for an answer with our support.

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Our flexible monthly plans involve no contracts and no extended periods that lock you in. Starting from just $4.99 per month depending on your requirements, it gives a great way to get started with Cloud-based VPS. Scaling up as your business grows is simple too and can be done at any time. If you fancy trying this out before signing up, why not take advantage of our 7-day trial period to see what you think? With 99.99% uptime guaranteed and impressive performance benchmarking against other VPS services, we are confident that you will love our Droplet VPS hosting.

Worldwide Droplet hosting for superb results

With 10 diverse locations from London to Australia, our Droplet Hosting has the global reach you need. Wherever you or your customers are based, our strategic data centre locations will deliver low latency speeds. This allows you the freedom to trade on a truly worldwide scale with a VPS that delivers powerful results. With native IPv6 functionality and complete DDoS protection, it will give you the Cloud solution required to grow. You can even earn money by choosing us for your Droplet hosting. Our customers get rewards for completing tasks on our platform like posting Droplet tutorials or answering common Droplet questions.

Droplet is a fabulous VPS solution for many businesses and great for web developers. Why not try our free trial today and find out what it offers.

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