Traversing the World of Custom VPS Hosting

Those of you who are comparatively new to the world of VPS hosting might be wondering why these virtual servers are talked about so much.

VPS hosting uses virtualization technology to create a separate environment for each of its users. It is quite similar to cloud hosting, with some minor differences. With this technology, each VPS is allowed to run its own operating system, have its own allocated storage, and operate independently of other VPS on the same server.

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Custom VPS Hosting

VPS Web hosting is a great step into the new era of modern technologies. To truly grasp the concept of VPS hosting, you should first understand the basis of a VPS to make a better-informed decision.

A custom VPS provider gives organizations as well as people the ability to precisely personalize their digital landscapes to their needs using their virtual server as their personal canvas. These servers bring in an entirely different form of hosting where innovation knows no limitations.

We here at VPS Server provide you with the option of a VPS that runs on the custom software of your making!

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Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers

VPS or Virtual Private Servers are platforms to store data. These virtual servers are generally self-managed depending on the plan chosen by the user. Through the use of these virtual private servers, different companies provide and administer virtualized instances of servers to host websites or other online businesses.

Significance of a VPS Host

A VPS host platform reflects your aspirations and ambitions as part of the narrative you want your visitors to know about. Your server setup is heavily reliant on how you make use of the resources that have been provided to you. It is necessary for you to understand which resources can enhance the experience of your hosting plan and which tactics you need to implement to make proper use of those resources.

The VPS servers provided by companies supply a vast range of resources compared to physical servers. Thus virtual private server hosting is a much safer and cheaper option, with a number of resources and facilities you've only seen in high-end servers now coming to you at the lowest price possible.

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VPS Hosting Provider Vs. General Hosting Providers

For those users who have a general understanding of the hosting environment, they might make a hasty decision and opt for hosting services other than VPS hosting plans.

A cloud VPS is superior to any other hosting plan with its unlimited bandwidth, NVMe SSD storage, ample disk space, integrated web hosting control panel, and root access. Any VPS hosting plan provides the capabilities of a dedicated host server at the price of a shared hosting server.

Some people may choose shared hosting plans due to the significantly cheaper packages or dedicated server hosting plans due to their abundant resources, and later on, realize that none of these options was quite as feasible as they initially seemed.

Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

Whenever cheap hosting options are mentioned, shared hosting is the first to be brought up. This is because of the fact that out of every hosting environment, this type of hosting is the least expensive. But the low price is not without its drawbacks.

The major disadvantage of shared hosting is the lack of resources and customizability. This kind of hosting restrains the user in terms of server management since the platform is being used by many other users at the compromise of security.

It is better to buy an unmanaged VPS over a sharing plan due to their lack of root access and control over operating systems. Unlike shared hosting, managed VPS hosting plans provide full authority and customization features, which allows clients to design their VPS servers as they see fit.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting provides more customization features than VPS hosting providers but at a hefty price. Moreover, to enable this type of hosting, a dedicated physical server is used, which can be a big blow to any bank account.

The operating systems of dedicated servers have the same working as a managed VPS operating system. The real difference lies in their environments. Custom VPS grants you flexibility, customization, and scalability within a virtual server, while dedicated servers provide unparalleled performance and exclusivity in a physical space.

VPS services are significantly cheaper than dedicated server plans, with almost the same range of customization and resources at a much lower price.

Custom VPS Server

Custom VPS Server

Now that you know the basics of what virtual private servers are, you might be wondering about what they have to offer for you to choose this over other options.

In an era of virtualization, having a physical server is not only very expensive but also inconvenient and unsafe. That is why a majority of folks prefer virtual platforms over physical ones.

Custom VPS is an excellent option for people and organizations who need a customized hosting environment that perfectly matches their needs and objectives since they offer flexibility, management, performance, and security.

Server Resources

Our custom virtual server allows more growth and flexible solutions than any physical server, working with its users to customize the operating system and manage the control panel.

Our VPS servers functioning on NVMe SSD storage allow users the authority to change the settings of their VPS servers however they see fit. We believe in the power of the customer, and our server administration does its best to provide you with all the resources and features you need to tailor a server to suit your preferences.

Pros of Custom Virtual Private Server

Pros of Custom VPS

Custom VPS displays an assortment of benefits, including optimized security, compliance features, fully calibrated speed, and complete control over their performance. Let us delve deeper into the array of benefits this virtual server provides:

Sophisticated Databases

The virtual private server gains an edge over other hosting services due to excellent management tactics employed by our system administrators. Most hosting websites offer unmanaged VPS hosting plans, which create unnecessary problems for the users.

Similar to dedicated server hosting, virtual private server VPS hosting provides a secure and sorted server environment. This self-managed VPS creates a sustainable platform for the user where they can easily work to expand their business or websites without having to worry about the state of their server all the time.


A virtual private server has a plethora of resources to provide. These server resources can be used by the user however they see fit. They are given as:

  • Fully Dedicated Server

  • Abundant Disk Space

  • Dedicated IP Address

  • Unlimited Domains

  • NVMe SSD Storage

  • Unlimited SFTP Users

  • Full Access to Control Panel

  • Free SSL Certificate

  • Advanced DDoS protection

Additional features:

Besides these, additional features are also provided in the VPS solution which can be customized and used as per the desires of the client. These facilities include remote access to the server, unmetered bandwidth, own dedicated resources, a user-friendly control panel, full root access, a dedicated server, and unlimited bandwidth.


The VPS web hosting provider is a very cost-efficient option for those users looking to save their credit while taking advantage of the VPS services, which is a significantly better deal than any cheap shared web hosting provider.

Some users may not need unlimited domains or NVMe SSD storage, while others do. When you are paying for the resources you need, the experience is all the more satisfying.

Developer-Friendly Platform

Developers and designers adore these virtual servers mainly due to the creative freedom they give to their users. To establish the ideal conditions for innovation and evaluation, developers are allowed to experiment with various tools, designs, and settings.


Many server resources use the mechanisms of virtual machines to give remote access to their clients. These VPS resources are given as follows:

  1. Access to the control panel

  2. Full root access

  3. Contact with data centres

  4. Control over the operating system

  5. Unlimited Bandwidth

These are only some of the benefits that are given to the developers who use our VPS solutions. Our managed VPS plans are offered specifically to those who want to explore all the capabilities of their virtual server.

Enhanced Performance

VPS hosting supplies dedicated resources as part of its server management system. The dedicated IP for this server enables complete isolation of the client from other users. Since no unauthorized access is allowed in this server setup, the performance of the server is enhanced by a magnitude.

These VPS solutions, like InMotion hosting, allow users to browse their server environment without unwanted interruptions. The virtual machine in the server works alongside the dedicated resources to provide a disturbance-free platform to all users.

Advanced Scalability

From full root access, and large disk space to unlimited domains, a managed VPS hosting plan permits clients to advance their server as they want. This option is only available in the best VPS hosting plan that we are currently offering to our customers.

Scalability is the most sought-after feature of any hosting service, as the development of your website or business depends upon whether the operating system of your VPS allows that.

The lack of scalability is one of the main problems in any physical server.

Nature of Scaling:

Since these systems do not work on the mechanism of a virtual machine, the process of scaling them vertically or horizontally is not only immensely expensive but also very time taking. In comparison, any web hosting plan like the ones offered by InMotion hosting is considerably better.


VPS hosting allows you to decide how you want to scale the growth of your business or website. If you prefer to lower the scale to handle incoming traffic or increase the scale to reach out to other users, then any custom VPS solution is your ticket to success.

Optimized Security

Virtual private server hosting, as the name suggests, is based on the security it provides to all its users. Depending on the scale of your project, you can design custom security measures and implement them to protect your work from malicious access.

Customer support teams are readily available to guide you through the process of not only securing your work but also helping you deal with any unprecedented situations that may result from unauthorized attacks.

To maintain the security of virtual servers, unique IP addresses are assigned to each server. Besides the designated IP addresses, through protective software, firewalls, and encryption codes, our virtual server also gives you full root access to make alterations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I end my custom VPS trial before the completion?

Yes - You can absolutely end your custom VPS trial before its completion period since we provide a specific number of days as the trial period for all our packages.

Money-back Guarantee:

If any of our users decide to end their trial period before its designated completion period, then they are provided a money-back guarantee in accordance with our terms and services.

The free trial period for any VPS hosting package exists solely for new users to get used to the cloud VPS environment. By taking their time getting used to the resources and how the system works, the users are able to make well-informed decisions.

Which resources can I customize with Custom VPS?

The main selling point of the custom VPS is the flexibility and jurisdiction it provides its users to customize the server. Following are some of the resources clients can modify and make use of to design the server to their liking:

  • Full root access

  • Abundant disk space

  • Managing the control panel

  • Dedicated IP addresses

  • NVMe SSD storage

The cloud VPS allows users to utilize these resources to excel in the growth of their businesses and websites. Users who are new to the platform can also seek help from customer support in any matter, albeit how small it may seem.

Can I access technical support with this type of VPS hosting?

Of course! Since web hosting is managed over a virtual space, we understand that much of our user base might find themselves in a situation where they seek professional help.


For this purpose, we have assembled a team of experts to help you deal with all your problems. Our customer support teams are comprised of trained professionals and experts who pride themselves in their technical knowledge and are available for you 24/7.

In the confined space of a virtual server, it is only natural for users to turn to experts for their opinion to opt for the optimal solution while preserving the important work.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Custom VPS plan?

Yes, the whole concept of a custom VPS plan is centred around scalability. The main customizable factor of a VPS hosting service is allowing it to grow. The more time you spend on our server, the more your work will reach new audiences, and eventually, you will have to expand your platform to accommodate incoming traffic.

For such scenarios, we recommend our users upgrade to a plan with suitable space and resources to adapt to your growing popularity.

What are some downsides to customizing my VPS hosting plan?

Customizing your own virtual private server without professional supervision or directions can be a daunting task, especially if a user is new to this stuff.

When a user does not properly understand the working of a virtual server or the allocation of resources, they can be a great detriment to their own work.

Though, with proper directions from our technical support team, you should find it very easy to navigate through all the mechanisms and find the perfect to implement the resources in such a way that they complement your work.

How can I maintain the security of Custom VPS?

Many people have the misconception that because the VPS can be customized, it might have security features though this statement could not be further from the truth.

Custom VPS does not host multiple users on one server; rather, it provides a solitary environment for the user to shield them from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

There are various built-in mechanisms and programs in the virtual server that protect it.

Besides these pre-defined validations, the user can also take some precautionary measures and install antivirus software, encryption codes, and a firewall to secure their server completely. The first step towards customizability for VPS hosting is maintaining security.

How does a managed VPS differ from an unmanaged VPS?

An unmanaged VPS is one where the user is solely responsible for every manageable aspect of the server. From security, maintenance, and scalability to resource management and software installation, every single part of a managed VPS is controlled by you only.

The complete opposite is the case for a managed VPS. The VPS hosting we provide is managed in nature, though many of the aspects of the VPS hosting server can be altered and customized to suit the tastes of the consumer better.

An unmanaged VPS can be very hard to navigate for new users as the responsibility of the whole service is given to them with no prior training or help. This is why new users should always opt for a managed VPS so they can have someone guide them through the process of managing a VPS.

How do I decide which hosting service to choose?

Going through the specifications of every hosting service, it is safe to say that every service has its pros and cons. That is why we have given the details of each service for you to judge for yourself.

Shared Hosting:

As mentioned before, Shared hosting is the least expensive option out of the bunch. Since multiple users have to share the same platform, it allows people to build a community based on mutual interest and relationships which helps in the growth of websites and businesses.

Nevertheless, many users sharing the same platform cause some inevitable complications. Not only are there numerous security issues, but the user is also restricted in their control.

Dedicated Service:

The dedicated services provide an abundance of resources and facilities in every package. Be it full access to the control panel, a dedicated IP address, or unlimited domains, the dedicated servers have it all.

These services come at a heavy price, though, as this type of hosting is mostly only taken up by big conglomerates or companies dealing with large-scale projects. An average user wouldn't be able to make use of the sheer range of resources these servers have to offer.

VPS Hosting:

VPS solutions for hosting fall into the middle of both of the aforementioned hosting services. On one hand, the VPS control panel has more flexibility and customization options than the Shared servers, but at a slightly higher price range.

On the other hand, VPS hosting includes far fewer features and design capabilities than any dedicated server but is also at a much lower price range.

To conclude, each hosting service has something good to offer but at a price. After analyzing the scale of their business and the need for resources, the user can determine for themself which option is the best for their professional work.

Can I host different websites on my Custom VPS?

Certainly! A VPS hosting service does not allow multiple users to exist on the same server, but it definitely allows multiple websites run by the same user to exist on the same server.

You can host as many websites as you want if you appropriately follow our guidelines. These guidelines are set in place to maintain the integrity of each user's server. You may contact technical support if you have any issue with the guidelines though we doubt anyone would since every rule is made keeping the well-being of our users in mind.

Every user is given more than enough disk space and SSD storage to make use of for simple tasks such as managing server tasks, creating websites and databases, and updating the server when needed. This ensures that the server is optimized in terms of security, reliability, and performance.

Can an inexperienced customer use a VPS?

Of course - If you think that only those users with great technical knowledge and know-how can work in a virtual server, then you have greatly misconstrued our message.

Anyone, regardless of how tech-savvy they are, can become an expert at using the VPS hosting service since the virtual private server is all about adapting it to fit your narrative. The server interface is comparatively easier for experienced users, but even users who are completely new can work efficiently as long as they are willing to learn.

For inexperienced users, we recommend sticking to basic plans with easy-to-handle resources and contacting the customer support team if you encounter a problem. With some technical help from our reliable customer support team, you will be able to build the website just as you like.

VPS hosting allows room for new users to test out the waters and become comfortable with using resources and features so they don't feel overwhelmed.

If you think VPS hosting isn't for you since you've never used it before, then we implore you to give it a chance since we're positive that with just a little bit of help, you'll be able to adapt well!