Announcing new and enhanced features

We are excited to share with you the new features which we have recently launched and now include with our VPS hosting services. We outline the new features in detail below…

Control panel

We have made significant improvements to both our control panel and service page. All improvements we make aim to improve the efficiency and functionality of our VPS services.

• Server scripts

Whereas previously server scripts would only appear after a server reboot, server scripts can now be accessed manually. You can alter and design a website more easily and efficiently by having direct access to its originating server.

• Local network

It is now possible to add a local network when ordering a VPS server, which is particularly useful for large businesses, organisations and schools, as it streamlines day to day operations.

• IPv6 address

When ordering a server, you can now include an IPv6 address, which reduces the size of routing tables and enables routing to be more efficient.

• Invoicing

We listened to the feedback of our customers and have made invoicing easier and more straightforward. The invoicing period will now be included in an invoice email, so you have complete transparency.

• API pages

New API pages have been added to enable better monitoring of your own API activity and streamline communications between applications. On the new pages, you can view and review all API requests you have made.

• Order process

Ordering through VPS Server is now easier than ever. Our location selection has been improved and now allows customers to make orders based on their current location. Ordering templates have also been simplified through a more streamlined selection process.

• Bandwidth billing

Instead of billing the overuse of bandwidth by default, a cap will be enforced. You can activate over-usage allowance on your service page, and deactivate it again when no longer needed. This will help you to better plan for your finances and bandwidth usage for the month ahead if you are expecting a surge in bandwidth use.

• Notifications

Never miss a notification again with our upgraded notifications. Notifications originally found on our status page will now also be shown on the service page if the notification relates to your server. This will ensure you never miss important server-related news.

• Scheduled destruction

In order to keep your private data as secure as possible, you can now schedule your server to be destroyed. This will ensure that sensitive information can be disposed of safely when no longer required.

• Public API

The API has moved from being a private beta to a public beta. This is to allow the API to be accessed by everyone. Public APIs are considered much more innovative than public APIs and will allow VPS Server to partner with more brands and companies. Our public APIs are listed in catalogues and ensure we have complete transparency with our clients at all times.

• User experience

Feedback from our valued clients informed us that greater attention to our user experience was needed. This inspired us to improve the functionality of our servers and ensure our control panels were high-performing and easily navigated. Users should now find that our control panel is optimised for user experience and is incredibly easy and enjoyable to use.

• Hostname

We are improving the customisation of our services and now welcome our clients to change the hostname of their servers. This will enable businesses to organise their digital platforms with greater ease. If you manage multiple servers with our VPS Hosting, having a unique hostname will ensure you will be able to identify the server much more easily.


We have been working to improve the security and functionality of our network security systems. Here are the new features we are introducing to achieve this:

• Pre-defined firewalls

Users can now make pre-defined firewalls, which will allow them to access the network in the way they need. We have found previously that general or blanket firewalls do not address the unique and specific needs of our customers so we have rectified this.

The pre-defined firewalls will be able to be duplicated and applied to multiple servers. This prevents a client from having to repeat pre-defined firewall installation processes.

• Firewall access

The new pre-defined firewall feature can be applied when managing your server either on our service page, or it can be selected manually when ordering a new server. The firewall will be applied as soon as the server has been created so that your network security system will be up and running right away.

Pre-defined firewalls can also be managed and accessed through our API, to ensure you can have complete control over your firewall.

New payment methods

The news of our VPS features follows hot on the heels of our introduction of new payment methods. At VPS Server, we are not happy simply sitting back and offering our services, we are actively trying to deliver the best services for our clients and are looking wherever possible to provide more efficient and functional hosting solutions.

This month we have introduced 6 new payment methods: MyBank, eps, Sofort, Giropay, Przelewy24, and Bancontact. We encourage our customers to use whichever payment method best suits their needs. Aside from these new payment types, we also accept bank transfers and more traditional forms of payment, to ensure all of our customers are catered for.

Contact VPS Server

If you would like to check out our new features for yourself, simply get in touch with one of the VPS Server team. Whether you are interested in getting the best from your VPS host or would like to learn more about VPSs in general, do not hesitate to contact us today. A member of our expert team would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

As previously stated, we are always looking for ways to improve our hosting services so ensure you continue to check out our blog to learn about other exciting updates we are introducing to the company.