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No more data loss with our Openfiler VPS server which has made deploying and managing networked storage easier than ever.

Whether you need file sharing, block-level storage, or data backup, our Openfiler VPS has got you covered. With a web-based interface and easy scalability, it is the perfect choice for businesses that need flexible, efficient, and cost-effective backup solutions.

Choose among our suitable plans starting at just 3,99 a month and enjoy seamless file sharing with zero downtime. Get instant activation by signing up with a free account.

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Robust Features for Your Storage Needs

Robust FeaturesOur Openfiler VPS is an ideal solution for businesses and individuals who require a reliable and scalable storage solution. With the Openfiler distribution, users can easily set up network-attached storage that supports CIFS, allowing easy file sharing across various platforms.

One of the key features of our solution is its support for volume group links, which allows users to combine multiple physical volumes into a single logical volume. This provides greater flexibility and scalability, making it easy to expand backup capacity as needed.

Explore the amazing features.

Storage Management Capabilities

Our VPS targets several file-based networking protocols. NFS and FTP. NIS, LDAP (supports CIFS encrypted passwords), and Active Directory (in native and hybrid modes), are among the networks that our service supports.

Assembling shares for different network file-system protocols is a breeze thanks to our OS, which gives volume-based partition, iscsi targets link, scheduled snapshots, resource quota, and a unified interface for share management.

Backup & Replication Features

We provide several backup and replication features such as snapshot-based backups, local and remote replication, data protection with RAID, disk encryption, and access control.

We offer backup to tape devices that connect cloud storage providers like Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Storage. These features protect users' information and help create and ensure business continuity.

Virtualization & Cloud Integration

We offer virtualization and cloud integration features that enable users to manage virtual machines and integrate with popular cloud platforms like Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Our solution also supports VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platforms. With these features, our customers can manage and migrate virtual machines and easily integrate with cloud environments for efficient data management.

Reliable Share Management

We offer a powerful network operating system that provides reliable share management features within a single framework. You can easily create and manage shared resources for block-based san and file-based NAS that multiple users or servers can access.

Our VPS share management feature allows you to control access to shared resources, set quotas, and monitor usage, ensuring secure and efficient storage management.

Accounts Management

With this feature, you can create, modify and delete user accounts, set up group policies, and manage access to shared resources. This ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive files and also allows you to keep track of user activity, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Our accounts management feature is highly customizable and scalable, making it an essential tool for managing large-scale storage environments.

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Manage Your Storage Environment with Greater Insight Using Openfiler iscsi

Openfiler VPS offers several benefits to businesses that require reliable and high-performance backup solutions for their burgeoning storage needs.

Let's explore the benefits of our Openfiler VPS.

  • Reliable storage: Openfiler VPS ensures data reliability through software and hardware RAID support and provides monitoring and alert facilities. Also, it allows for creating volume group and snapshot and recovery capabilities, ensuring that your data is secure and easily recoverable in case of system failures.

  • Performance improvement: With support for Linux 2.6 kernel, our Openfiler ensures high performance and low latency for your network-attached storage needs by taking advantage of the latest networking, CPU, and hardware.

  • Scalable solution: Openfiler allows for easy expansion of storage capacity as your needs grow, with support for online file systems and volume growth and scalability to file systems of 60TB+.

  • Protocol rich: Our solution provides a range of file-based and block-based storage export protocols, including iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, CIFS, HTTP/DAV, and FTP, making it easy to share your data across a variety of network clients.

  • Multiple deployment options: Openfiler is an excellent choice for several deployment scenarios, such as storage area networking, network-attached storage, IP Storage Gateway, disk-to-disk backup, virtual machine migration, heterogeneous file sharing, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Openfiler VPS?

Openfiler is a Linux-powered network-attached storage system offering file-based NAS and block-based SAN capabilities in a single framework. It is accessed through a web-based interface, making it easy to manage and configure network-attached storage from any device with a browser.

Openfiler's open Source distribution offers a basic iSCSI target functionality ideal for smaller deployments where performance is not a critical requirement. However, in a larger and more demanding production environment where iSCSI is used as a backend for virtualization, the basic iSCSI target may not provide the necessary output performance.

What is Openfiler used for?

Openfiler helps any company's storage administrators and IT teams to deploy, utilize and manage storage cost-effectively on various platforms. It is used for a range of storage services, including file sharing, block-level storage, and data backup, and supports a full suite of industry-standard storage networking protocols.

What type of OS is Openfiler?

Openfiler is a Linux-powered operating system that is free, open-source software. This powerful tool transforms a standard x86_64 architecture system into a complete NAS/SAN appliance or IP storage gateway, offering storage administrators a robust solution to handle their expanding backup requirements.

Can I upgrade my Openfiler VPS to meet the specific needs of my business?

Yes, you can upgrade your Openfiler VPS to meet the specific requirements of your business when your data grows. You can choose from our wide range of customized plans that scale according to your resources, including CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth, through our user-friendly account dashboard or by contacting our customer support team.