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Standard packages are perfect for the average VPS. They have plenty of power and are well balanced. When you are looking for more CPU power or more Memory you can look at our CPU Optimized and Memory Optimized plans.

Memory Processor Disk Transfer Price
2 GB 2 Core 50 GB 1 TB $ 25,99
4 GB 4 Cores 80 GB 2 TB $ 45,99
Popular 8 GB 8 Cores 160 GB 4 TB $ 85,99
16 GB 8 Cores 320 GB 5 TB $ 118,99
32 GB 12 Cores 640 GB 10 TB $ 222,99
64 GB 20 Cores 1300 GB 12.5 TB $ 380,99
96 GB 24 Cores 1500 GB 15 TB $ 549,99
192 GB 32 Cores 2000 GB 25 TB $ 917,99

Popular plan
8 GB Memory
8 Cores Processor
160 GB Disk
4 TB Transfer
Starting at
$ 85,99

CPU Optimized packages are perfect for servers that need that little extra CPU power. These plans provide more CPU capacity and more stability when using more CPU power.

Memory Processor Disk Transfer Price
2 GB 4 Cores 50 GB 1 TB $ 41,99
Popular 4 GB 6 Cores 80 GB 2 TB $ 65,99
8 GB 12 Cores 160 GB 4 TB $ 125,99
16 GB 16 Cores 320 GB 5 TB $ 196,99
32 GB 24 Cores 640 GB 10 TB $ 349,99
64 GB 32 Cores 1300 GB 12.5 TB $ 577,99
96 GB 40 Cores 1500 GB 15 TB $ 835,99
192 GB 48 Cores 2000 GB 25 TB $ 1393,99

Popular plan
4 GB Memory
6 Cores Processor
80 GB Disk
2 TB Transfer
Starting at
$ 65,99

Memory Optimized are perfect for applications that use more memory. These packages provide a healthy dose of memory, which you can utilize without paying for resoures you don't need.

Memory Processor Disk Transfer Price
4 GB 2 Cores 50 GB 1 TB $ 29,99
Popular 8 GB 4 Cores 80 GB 2 TB $ 53,99
16 GB 8 Cores 160 GB 4 TB $ 101,99
32 GB 8 Cores 320 GB 5 TB $ 148,99
64 GB 12 Cores 640 GB 10 TB $ 277,99
128 GB 20 Cores 1300 GB 12.5 TB $ 505,99
192 GB 24 Cores 1500 GB 15 TB $ 739,99
384 GB 32 Cores 2000 GB 25 TB $ 1297,99

Popular plan
8 GB Memory
4 Cores Processor
80 GB Disk
2 TB Transfer
Starting at
$ 53,99

Buy your Windows Remote Desktop VPS now.

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a tool developed by Microsoft, which uses a graphical interface connection between a remote Windows server on the internet or a local network. This server uses the Windows operating system.

This connection gives the user admin access to the tools and software installed on the server. Whether you are using Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows server 2016, or any other Windows server.

Buy RDP with VPS from just $25.99 per month

If you’re looking to buy RDP hosting, consider our Virtual Private Server for just $25.99 per month. No matter the scale of your trade, we can help set you up with Windows RDP tailored to your needs.

Whether it’s a permanent IT solution for your company or you need support on a larger project. With a variety of Windows builds available and several packages to suit your data volume needs, you can create the ideal solution. And we have no contracts, so once you no longer need our RDP service, you can cancel, and we’ll destroy any stored data for your peace of mind.

7-day free RDP Server VPS Trial

Before you buy RDP from us, you can sign up for our free 7-day trial. Available on most of our packages, you can try it for a week and experience how reliable our RDP solutions are, and also find out which level of package suits you best. Admin access, RAM size, and all the other features are available to you during the 7 days.

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Practical Features of a Windows RDP Server

Tons of VPS Windows Server templates

Windows RDP

Whether you are using the Windows Server 2016 or any other server, our Virtual Private Server makes it simple when you buy RDP from us. We help you choose the ideal Windows build and ensure it offers the software solutions you need to complete your projects.

No matter where in the world you want to work, or how many people on your team need access to a remote desktop build, you’ll have no issues getting set up with our flexible RDP options.

Ultra-reliable connection

Nothing is more frustrating than a remote working solution that is hampered by connectivity issues or slowdown. That’s why we offer a 40Gbit Mellanox network powered by high-end Intel E5 processors to boost the functionality of your RDP. Combining RDP with our VPS, you will be getting speed as smooth and effective as when you use dedicated servers.

Buy RDP with VPS

RDP can be effectively combined with our scalable and managed VPS hosting to provide your company with a safe and secure remote desktop hosting that can be utilized without a physical server.

You can also enjoy our admin RDP for just $25.99 a month, giving you up to 64 GB SSD, under the operating system developed by Microsoft. Buy RDP from us at VPSserver (rights reserved) and enjoy the best services you have ever gotten from any RDP buy.


Get full admin access, port speed, enough memory up to 64 GB, all under the best RDP plans you will ever find. Buy cheap RDP from us starting from as low as $25.99. We also promise you a money-back guarantee if you don't enjoy the service.

Instant RDP

Our team will go the extra mile to ensure that your RDP VPS is set up and ready to start working immediately. We understand the importance of limited downtime for businesses, and we aim to make your transition as simple and quick as possible.

Comprehensive support

Our RDP services don't end at just providing every user with the best RDP plans, we also ensure that we follow you up with competent support to help you through some of the issues you might have with our private RDP.

Secure RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Server

When you use a Windows VPS, you get full admin access to a private server. your data isn’t shared or stored with others. With a combination of VPS, RDP, and our top-quality, comprehensive encryption, we will offer you privacy, safety, and security at all times.

Global Windows Hosting

100% SSD storage

Buy cheap RDP plans from us and experience internet speed, port speed, 99% uptime, admin access, strong RAM, and other interesting benefits. to go with that we offer you unlimited bandwidth/SSD storage; more than you may ever need.

Remote Desktop Servers (RDP) interface

(RDP) Remote desktop servers ensure that your IT personnel have an efficient and comfortable way to connect to a computer interface, configure and install any appropriate software, and troubleshoot any issues with service uptime.

One beauty of our RDP servers and our admin RDP services is that your team is allowed easy access to a computer or network from remote distances while also continuing to support home networks. Quite simply, with our RDP servers, you no longer need a physical presence to be able to log into your work systems.

How it helps

Many people are now using their own devices to work instead of using company devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Admin RDP allows you to resolve and monitor any issues that arise on employee devices.

Buy RDP online at a very cheap rate and work on our dedicated servers to attain the level of port speed, RAM size, amazing user interface, smooth network connection, and 24/7 customers service.

Benefits of an RDP virtual private server

Below are some of the benefits you'll get when you buy a cheap RDP plan from us:

  1. Your RDP can work on any Windows server: whether you are using Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, or any of the other very recent ones, RDP has got you covered.
  2. You can access all the files on servers, connected devices, or networks.
  3. Server uptime/service uptime as your VPS will be backed up while your server is running.
  4. Easy configuration and rule addition.
  5. Over hundreds of pre-installed templates to choose from.
  6. IPV6 support
  7. Easy control over the connected devices.

You will get a server that functions as a dedicated server, offering you admin access, unmatched port speed, the best RAM size, plus easy upgrade, and many more. Buy RDP online from us at VPSserver (rights reserved) and gain total admin control.

Our top 10 frequently asked questions about RDP servers

Buy RDP online from us and get a taste of the goodness we offer to our clients. Below are some questions we have answered about RDP that should guide you.

How will I access an RDP server?

To access your remote desktop server (RDP) from a Windows device, you’ll use ‘Remote Desktop Connection.’ On a Mac, you’ll need to install an application that will allow you to connect to this.

What payment methods do you use?

We have several payment methods, including debit card, credit card, PayPal, and even BitCoin. choose the one payment method that works for you, and we will send you confirmation.

Which application do I install?

If you search and search ‘mac remote desktop connection client,’ you should be directed to the appropriate application, which will need to be installed.

Can I transfer data to my server?

Yes! If you only have small amounts of data – around less than 1GB – you’ll be able to transfer this by simply using remote desktop shared drives. If you have more data, you may wish to use a USB drive.

How do I know which RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) package is right for me?

If you run a small business, start with the smallest private RDP plan. Our RDP server is fully scalable, so as your business grows, your cheap RDP server can grow with it. We will give you a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

What if my connection stops working?

We offer a 40Gbit Mellanox network meaning we can guarantee high-speed connections at all times, so this shouldn’t be an issue. If it is, we offer 24/7 chat support to help solve any problems.

Do you require a contract minimum?

No, our servers are operated on a non-contract basis, meaning they can be destroyed on demand if you decide that our services are no longer needed. Your payment will then be terminated before the next month begins.

Where will my server be located?

We have over 15 different locations worldwide so that every user can choose the optimum location for you based on latency. The closer you are to the data center, the faster the connection will be. Some of these include Sydney, Singapore, New York City, Amsterdam, London, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. See the map above for further details.

Will my server be DDOS protected?

Yes! We understand the importance of this, and our tools are designed to detect any attacks. They will also take the necessary measures to ensure the network does not continue to fail.

How is my data stored?

When you buy RDP from us, you are getting RDP servers that use unlimited bandwidth/SSD storage, so your projects will be extremely secure. We also duplicate everything, so even if you’re ever using the backup, you’ll never notice.


Our RDP services give you admin access to the computers of every user of your servers. You also get to enjoy the benefits of our control panel, as well as our service agents who will always be there to give you help and advice.

Our customers from New York and other parts of the world can enjoy our services at a very affordable price. And get that near-perfect user interface.

Start now for as low as $3,99 a month!

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