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Our RDP server enables users to remotely diagnose issues they may encounter anywhere in the world through physical work desktop computers. Whether you are at home or traveling, we provide the technology to have remote desktop access to your work computer anywhere at any time. We use the latest encryption technology to ensure your data is secure and safe, with various backup and recovery options. So no matter where you are in the world, our RDP technology will provide high-quality remote secure solutions

Our plans are tailored to your needs; whether you are an individual or an entire team, you will be provided only the best Buy RDP Windows Server templates. Our RDP servers are designed to be easy to use to give you the fastest setup for your business needs.

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Experience the best Windows Server solution

Secure Communication & Data

Experience high-quality internet speed and security between communications remotely. All the server details and data are safely secured with our up-to-date technology.

Flexible billing

Live Backup

You can back up your server details in real-time. No more downtime when using your web hosting with us.

Realtime server activation

Flexible Billing

No reason to second guess our no-contract solutions. Enjoy affordable servers and choose how long to keep your server, from one hour to 12 months (or even more).

Live backups

Secure & Safe Solution

Cheap RDP does not have to mean less safe. Our high-end security and protection provide you with access to data and only the best RDP server solutions on the market. Our security is the best in the market to prevent malware and identify DDoS attacks.

Secure setup

Easy & Fast Setup

Configure your firewall and rule additions. These are easy and fast setups to manage the control panel immediately.

Firewall setup

Firewall Setup & Protection

With data-intensive workloads, we take pride in our high reliability when securing your website with our data replication technology. Our firewalls can and will be set up immediately.

Server locations

Experience High-Quality RDP Service Anywhere

Remote Desktop Connection with Admin Access

With a graphical user interface for remote access, we provide only the best GUI access to your desktop, applications terminal services client, files, and network resources from anywhere in the world. Our GUI gives users full access to all their business needs, whether traveling or moving to another country; we give you all control.

We Know Geo-Location is Important

Geo-location is important to us as it is an essential factor when selecting a remote server location. For example: if you created a website, it is essential to choose the location of your most extensive customer base and cover it with multi-locations or a good CDN solution, helping overall SEO rankings. In addition, accessing your website remotely anywhere allows you to embrace your customer demand easier with the lowest latency.

Why You Should Have RDP Access With Us

A Remote Desktop Session Featuring High-Performance

Our up-to-date qualifying KVM Virtualization technology provides only the best performance with top-notch security and support.

Secure Connection with Full Access

Server locations We provide the highest in its class for connecting to your servers with the most advanced RDP Servers designed to blow your mind with the best performance and value for your money. Remote Desktop Protocol RDP should not put a hole in your pocket to receive full access to your server. Whether using Windows Server 2016 or 2022, we guarantee our cheap RDP plans will leave you feeling secure and relieved.

Scalable Plans, Including RDP

Our servers are designed to fit your needs and are pre-packaged to make your choices easier. Whether you are planning to upgrade or downgrade your plans, RDP will always be available at your fingertips. A network connection is the beginning of building a fully remote windows VPS experience.

Personalized Remote Desktop GUI Access

Our Graphical User Interface (GUI) gives you access to all of your windows server apps, including:

  • Server Applications

  • Files & Data

  • Network Resources

  • Add or Remove Users

  • Much More

Our admin access is fully remote and can be safely accessed from one location to another. Whether using USA RDP or UK, we have you covered with only the safest technology and resources.

Get Your Work Done Faster: Remotely

We know vacation may not always be only for vacation, so attending to your server quickly with full remote access is essential for achieving business and personal goals. Our NVmE SSD storage options ensure you will experience optimal performance with five times faster load times compared to the average storage technology. We also guarantee to scale your website's bandwidth as your business grows, so you do not need to worry about high latency issues.

16 Locations Worldwide

If you buy RDP, you are covered in over 16 different locations worldwide to ensure your web hosting experience is at optimal performance. Users get 3-way simultaneous storage space on our VPS server or cloud hosting services for any size of industry website. We dedicate our dedicated server space and management in the cloud to perform high-end remote desktop protocol RDP services.

Secure Servers Worldwide

We know how to protect your data against DDoS attacks. These are severe problems that are risky, especially when working remotely. We have taken these issues as our top priority to protect our users from any future incoming or outgoing attacks. Our high-end technology and intelligent network are programmed to detect all incoming and outgoing DDoS attempted attacks. With our Buy RDP, you will be aware of any potential threats, and our networks ensure protection from them.

24/7 Technical Support

If, for any reason, you are facing issues with streaming RDP or locating your remote computer or desktop features, we are always available to help give you access as soon as possible. No matter the time zone, we are here to help with any technical issues you may be facing. Cheap RDP never means you are on your own. We make sure you are provided with high-quality services and given the highest priority for you and your business needs. Our official RDP client software is not only for those who pay more but for those who know work goes beyond just an office.

We Ensure Full Admin Access At All Times

Our Buy VPS services ensure that all our cloud servers are available 24/7, so you have full RDP management no matter what time of day. Your control panel must be at your fingertips to give you full power and access without worry. With your data secured and controlled by you, your success is prime.

Cost-Effective Remote Desktop Protocol Solutions

We provide affordable plans to help you bring your business to the highest success rate that you deserve. Keeping your server a virtual private server is important to avoid shared server latency issues. This is why we ensure that your server has the best VPS and RDP features, but you can also pay a low fee with no strings attached. Our plans are built to scale your business; with live backups and completely stored data, it's time to take your business to the next level.

Choosing the Right Hosting Plan

Along with Buying an RDP, we offer many hosting plans depending on your company's needs. Each of our plan options is focused on three areas of optimization: Storage, CPU, and RAM. Depending on your needs, each of our high-quality templates will make your decision easier when choosing what matters for your business.

Along with scalability, you can change where your server is optimized at any time, with unlimited bandwidth, live data storage, and backup options. Whether you need to escalate our downgrade plans, we offer what is best to ensure your website runs at its best performance, 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RDP and how to use it with a VPS server?

RDP, or Remote Desktop Protocol, is a technology created by Microsoft that enables users to access their computers remotely via a network connection. We offer RDP services for online use. To utilize RDP with a VPS server, follow these steps:

  • Purchase a VPS server with Windows OS, and RDP enabled.
  • Obtain the server's IP address, username, and password from your provider.
  • Open the Remote Desktop Connection application on your local computer.
  • Enter the server's IP address and click "Connect."
  • Input the provided username and password when prompted.
  • Once connected, you can remotely control your VPS server and manage its resources.

What is the use of Remote Desktop Protocol?

RDP is designed to give a graphical interface (GUI) for remote access to users' desktop applications, files, and resources. This is an excellent solution for businesses and individuals who need to access their desktop information remotely. In addition, Buy RDP ensures you can access your computer remotely or while traveling.

Can I use my existing software and programs with a provided RDP server?

Yes, you can use your existing programs and software with our provided RDP server if the software is compatible with the RDP service.

Can I Upgrade to a Higher Plan with Remote Desktop Connection?

Yes, all of our buy vps plans, including RDP, are scalable to fit the needs of your business and its success. We are here to grow with you.

Can I Set Automated Tasks With an RDP server?

Depending on the applications, yes, you can set automated tasks with RDP services. This is one of the many features of RDP, including the access to adding or removing users to the server and accessing specific files, applications, or resources.

Do I Need Technical Knowledge to Use an RDP?

No, you do not need technical knowledge to use an RDP. It is easy to use and set up, as we also provide users with instructions and 24/7 support to help them get started quickly.

Do I Pay Extra for an RDP with Full Admin Access?

After purchasing a Buy RDP plan with us, no extra fees are attached. Our plans are set with no hidden fees, as we want you to scale your growth and not worry about how much is in your pocket.