Become an VPS Server affiliate and earn regular income. Simply spending a few hours to setup, using your contacts, and marketing skills, you can generate leads for us. A lead pays us and you get your share.

How does it work?

As an affiliate, you will provided with a unique web link. Leads that come through that link are tracked and once they make a purchase and stay with us for 3 months, you get your commission.

vps affiliate program

One Time Fee

The money you earn through successful lead conversions can add to your income with a one time fee per customer.

Monthly Commission

Monthly Commission

You can also choose to earn monthly server commission. Successful leads pay us and you get your money every month.

Hybrid Commission

Hybrid Model

This model will earn you money on the first purchase and every month depending on the amount spent by the lead.

Who can become an Affiliate?

Anyone who has the audience to order a Windows or Linux VPS

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers can sell our products and earn points. Talk to us to know more. Sign up now.

Online bloggers


Tech bloggers have a great chance to be an affiliate and generate leads through their blog posts.

Software developers


With deep domain knowledge can easily recognize our features and can vouch and bring leads.

What they think

about the vps affiliate program

This has been great. I started a few months ago as an affiliate and this Cloud Server program is already a succes for me as a blogger.


Start now for as low as $3,99 a month!