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Choose a Cloud Server plan that fits your budget and offers various server configurations with the most reliable and secure hosting environments. Not convinced? Please take the opportunity to try our VPS with a 7-day risk-free trial.

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Cloud Servers

Choose between any of our Windows or Linux Cloud Servers with high-performance cloud deployment models.

Flexible billing

Flexible billing

You have no contract with us. Whether you prefer us to deliver computing resources daily, monthly, or hourly.

Realtime server activation

Realtime server activation

We provide 24/7/365 physical server operation to deliver high-quality cloud computing services. No need to stress about your site going down. We have your back covered.

Live backups

Live Backup Power

Please back up your server's data storage while it is in real time. No more worries about downtimes when using our web hosting servers. We will keep all of storing data and your information stored securely and safely.

Secure setup

Secure & Safe

The cheap price tag does not define our high-end security and protection to provide you with access to data, only the best VPS cloud servers on the market. Our security is the best in the market for preventing attacks or identifying DDoS.

Firewall setup

Fast firewall setup

With data-intensive workloads, we take pride in our high security and reliability infrastructure as a service and for data storage replication technology. Our firewalls can and will be set up immediately.

Server locations

Take Advantage of the Best Location for Your Lowest Latency

Cloud Providers from 16 Locations Worldwide

You will receive 3-way simultaneous storage space through our cloud services as a user. Rather than physical servers or dedicated servers (like the RAID system), our VPS hosting platform provides storage for multiple users of any size or industry website, providing much safer operating systems.

With NvME SSD, the server will operate five times faster than regular storage resources. Additionally, your virtual dedicated server scales your bandwidth higher as your site grows. Never again will you lose users from a slow website.

16 locations worldwide for your cloud servers

What We Have Implemented in Our Cloud Servers

Our physical cloud servers offer an unmatched performance for your cloud servers.

  • Reliable Cloud Server Protection: We understand that Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are to be taken seriously against small businesses, so we have put everything into our protected cloud servers. You can work efficiently knowing that with our high-end technology and intelligent network, our systems detect incoming and outgoing DDoS attacks immediately. Our networks will then provide security to traditional servers to prevent these attacks, thus allowing your website to continue running smoothly.
  • Flexible Billing & Services: Whether you need a Memory-optimized plan and then need to switch to a CPU-optimized, we got your back. Our billings are set to where you can change your service option anytime. There is no contract to the service chosen, even if you need the hosting for an hour.
  • Live Backups with Protected Data: Losing all data can be frustrating and is one of the worst events to happen to any company. Within other cloud servers, sometimes they never even provide a backup plan. Our cloud servers offer the industry's best storage and backup facilities. Our support is available 24/7 to request a complete data backup plan, even while your site runs.
  • Rewarded Activity:We reward our users through many different actions. We are not your average cloud provider; we provide credits to redeem multiple services for your business. Whether you create a tutorial on public and private clouds or want to teach other members about the cloud environment meaning, we greatly reward you when you mention our Cloud VPS services to other business owners.

Cloud Environment

24/7 Support

Choose Your Cloud Computing Environment

Computing Environment Our pre-configured server templates are all cloud-based servers, on KVM Technology, with only the latest distros and releases. Our templates ensure your company is up and running quickly and efficiently, giving you a sense of ease and letting you focus on what is important: your business.

Providing Only the Best Linux Operating Systems

Since Linux is one of the most used Operating Systems on VPS, we have put care into what matters regarding having the best Linux VPS hosting services. We are pleased to offer the most advanced technology solutions as a cloud provider, whether you prefer CloudLinux, ClearOS or a Debian Server. Get started on the best cloud hosting service template option, and feel the security in using only the best operating systems to date.

Rapid Deployment of New Environments

Regarding private cloud servers working now, our top priority is getting your website up and running. This is why we provide all of our clients with the rapid deployment of their environment. Placing your order is only the beginning, and you will be given instant VPS access to your new solution to get you started immediately.

Managed Cloud Servers with 24/7 Support

Amazing support worldwideWhether you need cloud servers privately or shared, we ensure you experience only the best 24/7 support to get your website up and running on your desired management option. We give all the software and hardware tools that match your needs, allowing you to set up your infrastructure environment easily and securely.

Only the Best Customer Support

Whether you are facing a new cloud service provider's plan or need any fix to your private cloud service, we will help you get back on track. Our cloud services are industry-leading, but that didn't make us thieves in your pockets. We offer affordable plans for any business starting at 3.99 a month. You can also change your plan at any time, depending on the growth of your business; we want to grow with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a cloud server do?

Cloud servers provide precisely what traditional virtual private servers provide, as they deliver computing resources delivering processing power, storage, and application development. Public cloud servers allow users to manage anywhere with high-speed storage space.

What Kind of Cloud Servers Exist?

There are many different types of cloud servers available, which include: bare metal servers, virtual private servers (VPS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), dedicated servers, and a hybrid cloud environment.

Can I Upgrade My Cloud Server to Increased Performance?

Yes, we provide scalability options to increase your site's cloud server performance with our specialized pre-set templates, which include load balancing, RAM, SSD space, and CPU power. Look at our VPS hosting plans, depending on which you intend to optimize.

Is the Cloud Server Accessed Remotely?

Yes, we provide our servers to be managed in any location with an internet connection and access.

Are cloud servers better?

Cloud, unlike on-site servers, enables you to increase your flexibility and protect your data with no additional maintenance or licensing costs. Many major corporations, including us, are moving online businesses to cloud-based services because of their exceptional functionality.

Where are cloud servers based?

Cloud servers generally exist in data centers, and many networks in data centers across the world can be accessed through the internet. We provide over 16 data center locations where users remotely connect strongly with our private cloud server network.

Do I Need Specific Knowledge to Manage a VPS?

We are here to make your business needs easy to access and simple. Most users can easily manage their servers without complex skills regarding VPS. Although, it does benefit you to have a basic understanding and extensive knowledge to help you achieve some complex back-end management.