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Hello , im just new here and i want to know if i can change an OS once i created the server . For example im gonna Change the Centos OS into Ubuntu , Is it allowed?

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  • VPSServer.com - Jeroen

    reply 0 1 year ago

    Hello, You can simply rebuild the OS in the control panel under "destroy". It is not possible to build it with another template.

  • Shambles

    reply 0 1 year ago

    I'm afraid that using "destroy" method will erase your instance for good and then the credit or balance you've used to bought for that instance will be gone , am I right or wrong ?

    • Royalking

      reply 0 1 year ago

      I am afraid yeah

    • reply 0 1 year ago

      You will only be billed for the amount of time the server is used. The remaining balance can be used for another server.

      Also if you rebuild your data will be lost, but you keep the server, it is just a reinstall. So that won't effect your balance at all and you won't need to order a new server.

  • lol

    reply 0 1 year ago

    yes you can

  • fritznembu

    reply 0 9 months ago

    there is no way to do so. the only thing you can do is destroy the server and start all over again with your desired OS.

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