VPS Server: Budget-friendly Cloud Computing

A virtual server is more than just another platform or business venture. Exceed your original VPS hosting plans and integrate fully managed VPS hosting into your projects easily. After all, in a rapidly growing region like Canada, you can't just settle for any old web host.

We're a VPS hosting provider focused on providing Virtual Private Server (VPS) services worldwide. Partner with a web host capable of giving you VPS hosting services in 17 locations -- including within the Great North! Benefit from cutting-edge technology for fast and secure virtual server hosting. Unlike shared hosting, our VPS solution ensures dedicated resources for your expected performance.

We've perfected the VPS hosting experience first-hand. Enjoy the advantages of a dedicated server without the high costs -- our VPS hosting is an economically sound choice for your virtual private server needs.

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Experience Exceptional VPS

We customize your environment after conducting experiments with it, starting with the operating system. Select from popular Linux-based Virtual Private Servers or opt for a Windows environment – we provide the right plan for you.

7.99 /mo
2 GB memory
2 cores processor
50 GB SSD disk space
1 TB transfer
15.99 /mo
4 GB memory
4 cores processor
80 GB SSD disk space
2 TB transfer
Ultimate performance

Powerful Cloud Platform for the Ultimate Server Environment

In a virtual server, the virtual machine hosting your website or application plays a critical role. We only use exceptional physical servers to build our cloud platform and provide the most reliable virtual server possible.

Each machine boasts high-performance RAM, ultra-fast CPUs, and cutting-edge NvME solid-state drives, ensuring your online presence's most reliable and efficient environment.

Redundancy cloud network

Worldwide Server Network Infrastructure

Our network spans 17 distinct locations across the globe, providing low latency and ensuring the best response times for your site visitors. There's no better alternative for VPS hosting!

If you ever require migrating your VPS to a new server location, our technical support teams are always available to assist you promptly. We're committed to supporting your migration needs and ensuring a seamless experience.

Unique full control panel

Server Management Control Panel

Managing virtual private server hosting (VPS) doesn't have to be difficult. Thanks to our custom virtual environment management full web hosting control panel (it's a mouthful, eh?), you'll be given full root access to your VPS web hosting environment.

With just a few quick clicks, you can reboot your VPS web hosting environment, change your operating system, update your firewall, and much more.

Wide range of pre-configured templates usable

Wide Range of Windows & Linux Operating Systems

Choosing the right operating system for your web servers in an important task. You'll also need to choose VPS hosting accordingly, as not every service is compatible with every OS. The right operating system is crucial to the success of your virtual servers.

We cater to our customer's diverse options by offering Linux and Windows operating systems. Flexibility allows you to pick the suitable OS for optimal performance.

Selecting Your Server Plan

Check out our diverse virtual private server (VPS) server options. We provide various server choices with powerful processing capabilities to meet your website or app's requirements.

Pick from 16 Cloud Locations

Host your site or app near your audience for faster access. Use one of our speedy data centers in 16 locations to deploy: Chicago (IL), Dallas (TX), Miami (FL), New York City (NY), Silicon Valley (CA), Atlanta (GA), Los Angeles (CA), Seattle (WA), Toronto (Canada), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), London (England), Sydney (Australia), Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto (Canada), and Tokyo (Japan).

Choose the right plan

16 Locations around the world

16 locations worldwide for your application
Managed solutions

Managed vs. Unmanaged servers

Simplifying Management with Managed Hosting

When searching for a Virtual Machine (VM), you'll notice options for managed and unmanaged VPS solutions. Choosing a managed server means the hosting provider handles cloud environment management, such as server operating system upgrades. If you'd like, you can select this managed service plan during the ordering process.

Our goal is to create a worry-free environment for your VPS servers, allowing you to concentrate on developing and promoting your website.

Setting Up Your Custom Environment

After selecting the best VPS hosting plan for your needs, it's time to begin. Need some help? Don't worry -- our technical support teams are ready to assist you every step of the way.

SSD storage for features

Lightning Fast Response Times with NvME SSD Storage

Each element of your VPS solution plays a crucial role in hosting websites or application services. Get more out of your VPS hosting -- every single one of our configurations incorporates NvME SSDs to enhance response times.

Choose a plan and benefit from up to 2TB of server storage, giving your website a competitive advantage. Our plans grant you access to many features, such as server monitoring, unlimited bandwidth, and a dedicated IP address. All of these are included to guarantee a smooth and secure process for every virtual server we provide to you. Exceptional reliability, speed, and hosting experience are also thrown into the mix to meet every one of your needs.

Fast processing power deployment for our plans

Rapid Deployment of New Environments

The new generation of Canadians doesn't want to wait around. You want to be able to get your website up and running fast, without any time wasted. Thankfully, we provide all of our clients with the rapid deployment of their VPS environment. Once you place your order, you will immediately get instant VPS access to your new solution.

Our team of experts will set everything up for you and ensure you have everything required to get started. It's quick, pain-free, and easy to accomplish with a fully managed service contract.

Affordable plans

Affordable & Secure Hosting Solution

Numerous factors come into play when searching for the perfect hosting solutions provider. Just like the Toronto Raptors' salary cap, price matters! Whether you're managing a personal blog or a company seeking to launch a business, money is always important.

We strive to offer exceptional quality and pricing for all of our VPS hosting services. Our mission is to balance performance and reliability; ensuring your hosting experience is budget-friendly. Give us a shot with our X-day money-back guarantee, and see just how well the best web hosting solutions around are tailored to your needs.

Quick customer support

Responsive Customer & Technical Support

Your web hosting plan on our platform comes with reliable customer and technical support. We recognize that there can always be issues that come up unexpectedly. No matter what issues you are having with your virtual server or dedicated hosting services, we're here to help.

Our team of experts is available round-the-clock to answer your questions and work with you on any difficulties you face. We want to ensure you get the best out of your VPS solutions and get back up and running quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPS, and what is its purpose?

A VPS Server is a web hosting service that provides the benefits of a dedicated server but with a cost-effective shared environment for a Virtual Private Server. It's used for cloud computing, websites, running applications, and managing databases -- among many other tasks, of course. By dividing a physical server into multiple virtual, each with its own allocated resources (like CPU, RAM, and storage), a VPS ensures improved performance, reliability, and security compared to traditional shared hosting. After years of first-hand testing, we've found that this is an excellent choice for growing businesses and individuals in Canada; especially those who require more control and flexibility for their online presence in 2023.

Why choose VPS solutions?

Our solutions offer customers complete control over their virtual environment through full root access. This allows you to select your preferred operating system, database version, software, and more.

By choosing a server with us, you can tailor your hosting features to your website's or application's needs. Explore our wide range of features to find the perfect fit for your project. Managing physical servers yourself can be a pain -- let us lighten the load for you.

Is a VPS superior to shared web hosting services?

Though shared web hosting can fit certain scenarios, it may not be the best choice for many who opt for cloud solutions. This is because, in shared hosting, the performance and security of one website can affect others on the same server.

On the other hand, using a virtual server ensures that your purchasing system resources are dedicated solely to your needs.

As a result, your websites will function optimally, regardless of the performance of other sites or the operating system used. Previously, shared hosting environments were typically more affordable than Virtual Private Servers (VPS); however, servers offer a more robust and reliable solution.

What sets cloud hosting apart from VPS?

Though the terms are frequently used interchangeably, there is a subtle difference. Technically, cloud hosting involves distributing accounts across several VPS hosting plans.

This approach is commonly employed when shared hosting solutions operate on a single physical server.

Do I get full root access to my server?

Absolutely. We grant every customer full root access to their VPS, enabling complete control over the virtual servers -- we'll never limit your ability to conduct server management. Root access is crucial for managing various server aspects.

However, it's important to note that with full root access, you can make changes that could negatively affect your website's performance. Don't jump the gun there, buddy!

Are CPU and memory plans optimized?

After testing it, we offer optimized CPU and memory plans for applications demanding more power. Our memory and CPU-enhanced packages supply the additional VPS resources necessary for peak performance. All of our server plans are hosted on top-quality hardware to guarantee the finest performance achievable.

What payment options are available?

We accept major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, as well as PayPal or bank wire transfers.

Additionally, we also accept popular cryptocurrencies. For more VPS payment methods, please get in touch with our sales team to learn more about our wide range of payment options.

Why choose dedicated server hosting over regular hosting?

Our findings show that dedicated server hosting offers greater flexibility, control, and security than shared hosting. Users have their own physical server and private space, enabling them to customize hardware resources and NVMe SSD storage. In most cases, a virtual dedicated server boasts improved reliability and performance compared to virtual servers. However, our virtual server services provide superior scalability compared to dedicated servers.

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