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Ubuntu Server is a famous open-source operating system offering a protected, stable, and user-friendly app interface. Ubuntu Server allows you to choose your preferred operating system, server configuration, and billing circle and upgrade and downgrade your services per your requirements.

Finding a reliable Ubuntu server provider in the sea of VPS providers is difficult. To complete your search, we provide unbeatable Cloud server solutions to help you grow your business.

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Ubuntu Cloud Server

It is the most popular operating system in the world across public clouds. Its robust features, including versatility, security, a regular update policy, and a free virtual operating system, make it a leading guest operating system. An external provider can provide storage, infrastructure resources, and computing solutions in a public cloud environment.

Ubuntu is a registered trademark owned by Canonical Ltd. Canonical supports public clouds and provides solutions for private cloud management, implementation, and workload orchestration in hybrid and multi-cloud production environments. Cloud infrastructure services maintain Ubuntu release. However, cloud Infrastructure Services can accurately estimate GCP IaaS consumption every month.

Let's have a little understanding of public and private clouds; public and private clouds are two types of cloud computing services that differ in access and ownership. A public cloud is a cloud service offered to multiple customers by a cloud provider over the Internet. A private cloud is a cloud service dedicated to a single organization and is either hosted by the organization itself or a third-party provider.

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Minimal Server OS - Minimal Ubuntu Images Tend

Minimal Server OS

Are you ready to supercharge your cloud infrastructure services? Look no further than Minimal Ubuntu Images – the secret weapon that lets you harness the full potential of your servers while optimizing resources, all without compromising performance or security.

Minimal Ubuntu Images are streamlined, lightweight versions of the Ubuntu Server designed to give you maximum control and efficiency. With fewer pre-installed packages, these images offer a clean slate to build and customize your server environment precisely how you need it.

With minimal images, automated deployment becomes a breeze. Their optimised boot process and optimised kernels ensure lightning-fast startup times, giving your applications the edge they need to scale seamlessly. Whether managing a handful of instances or a sprawling cloud ecosystem, minimal images empower you to deploy, manage, and scale confidently.

These Ubuntu Images aren't just for automated setups – they're perfect for interactive usage too. These images, designed for command-line specialists, provide a solid base for crafting your standard server environment. With its trusty "apt-get" and "snap-install," the command line becomes your gateway to building a tailored instance that perfectly suits your needs.

By maintaining the enhancement of Security and with the power of reduced Maintenance, minimal Ubuntu Instances are optimized to require fewer security updates. You get the same excellent security maintenance you've come to expect from regular server images but with the added benefit of reduced maintenance overhead.

For debugging purposes or development scenarios, minimal instance shine. Their uncluttered nature provides a clear canvas for troubleshooting issues and building from the ground up. Ubuntu Images come with full snap support, offering the best of both worlds. You'll have access to the extensive Ubuntu archive, so you can leverage the convenience of snaps without compromising the integrity of your minimal environment.

These images have a greatly reduced default package set without many convenience tools for interactive use. They tend to have some robust features as they boot faster, are smaller, and require fewer security updates as they have fewer packages installed.

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Standard Ubuntu Server Packages and Its Benefits

Standard Ubuntu Server Packages

Standard Ubuntu Server Packages is a meta-package containing a set of packages essential for the system. A meta-package contains no software but only depends on other packages. Installing a meta-package will automatically install all the packages that it depends on. This makes installing a group of related packages easier without specifying each one individually.

Incorporating Ubuntu Cloud Server into your digital infrastructure is an investment in tailored efficiency, holistic security, adaptability, a rich software arsenal, and intuitive management. Ubuntu brings you a cloud experience that stands out by design and delivers results with finesse. Here are some of the benefits of using an Ubuntu server:

Tailored Efficiency: Cloud Server by Ubuntu presents a tailored approach to efficiency. With its standard image design and optimised kernels, it minimizes resource overhead while delivering swift performance. Your applications thrive in production environments that are finely tuned.

Holistic Security: Trust is paramount in the digital landscape. With proactive fewer updates and fewer installed packages, your cloud operations get reduced attack surface and becomes safe from the risk of security vulnerabilities continuously refined for your peace of mind. However, bandwidth consumption eventually reducing the significance of storage.

Adaptability at Its Core: The adaptability of the standard Ubuntu Server image transcends expectations. Its compatibility with diverse cloud operations empowers you to seamlessly manoeuvre across providers or embrace private cloud infrastructures. This agility transforms the way you respond to dynamic business landscapes.

Resourceful Software Arsenal: Ubuntu Cloud Server opens doors to a vast software ecosystem. From repositories brimming with diverse applications to the innovation-fueled world of snaps, you can access a treasure trove of tools that streamline your cloud experience like never before.

Intuitive Management: Navigating the Ubuntu Cloud Server is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly management interfaces. Whether you're a seasoned administrator or new to cloud orchestration, the intuitive controls ensure you're in command, steering your cloud resources effortlessly.

Google Cloud Platform and Ubuntu Server

Google Cloud Platform and Ubuntu Server

Google Cloud and Ubuntu servers are two popular and influential options for creating and managing virtual machines (VMs) on the cloud. A VM is a software-based emulation of a computer that can run applications and operating systems. Cloud computing delivers services over the internet, such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence.

Google Cloud is a platform that offers various cloud services, such as computing, storage, networking, and analytics. Google Cloud has a global infrastructure that spans regions, zones, and points of presence. Google Cloud also provides tools and features for security, reliability, scalability, and innovation.

Top 5 Ubuntu Server Options

Are you looking for some fantastic Server options with excellent features of reliability paired with innovation? Here are the top-picked servers from our experts:

VPS Server





VPS Server

VPS Server

At VPS Server, we offer amazingly featured, Ubuntu-optimized, and equally updated servers to make your experience beyond the limit.

We provide expert services, software, and support if you plan to launch your application in a public cloud using Ubuntu OpenStack or the managed OpenStack private cloud option.

Our Cloud Infrastructure Services can give a valid estimate of GCP IaaS consumption. However, Ubuntu is operated in the cloud, where all other operating systems are merged. These scalable keys incorporate a Linux operating system with fully managed OS patches and updates, plus root and SSH access through the command line.

Our exceptional characteristics include the following:

  • Full SSD VPS servers with Intel E5 processors.

  • A wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Ubuntu, and Linux-based.

  • A high-speed network paired with 1GB port speed and a 40Gbit network connection is one of the fastest in the VPS market.

  • Software-defined storage means your server is stored thrice for redundancy and data protection.

  • A 7-day trial period to test the service before committing to a plan.

  • A 24/7 customer support team is ready to help you with any issues or questions.

SSH protocols determine standards for SSH transmission protection, which are essential for operating network systems securely. You can use SSH to encrypt consumer and server communication on vulnerable networks.

Here are the critical points of our critique:

Key Attributes — Our features include full SSD VPS Servers, Intel E5 Processors, software-defined storage, 16 Server Locations, a custom control panel, and Flexible Pricing Plans.

Available Ubuntu version — The latest version available is Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (codenamed Jammy Jellyfish). Jammy Jellyfish offers several new features, such as improved performance, security, and compatibility.

Uptime — We have a 99.99% uptime guarantee

Hosting Offered — We offer two types of hosting, VPS hosting and managed VPS hosting



This website prides itself on providing multichannel, 24-hour customer support compared to other providers.

This website service is ideal for hosting and scaling the Ubuntu Linux application. Look at our summary:

Key Attributes — Root access, free migration tool, top-notch spam protection, remote backup service, and virtualization.

Available Ubuntu versions — This website offers 14.04, 16.04, 18.04, and 20.04

Uptime — 99.9%

Hosting offered — cloud, VPS, and dedicated server hosting



This website delivers cloud hosting services that can be customised to suit the necessities of all users. It operates 13 data centres on four continents, guaranteeing your site will not be burdened no matter where your visitors are found.

You can create a web hosting plan that fulfils your specifications. Individually configuration arrives with numerous operating system preferences.

Pricing plans offered by this site start at just 1 per month (or an hourly rate), indicating that you can create what you require and not spend extra for services and abilities you don't want to use.

Key Attributes — root access, highly customizable service plans, unlimited scalability balanced with a simple management portal, Intel Xeon Platinum processors paired with SSDs

Ubuntu Versions Available — 32- and 64-bit versions of 12.04, 14.04, and 16.04

Uptime — 99.95%

Hosting Offered — Cloud only



This website is a web hosting firm well known for the characteristics and affordability of its shared hosting plans. However, to operate Ubuntu, you must concentrate on dedicated servers and semi-managed VPS hosting.

It can’t suggest that a network guarantee covers its standard premium support with custom Ubuntu machines, VPS, and dedicated servers. Once the investment is made, you can ask them to add Ubuntu. But beware, the customizations mean you may not accept the full support a managed VPS plan suggests. Use Ubuntu at your own risk.

Key Attributes — Intel and AMD hardware, free content transfers, and full root access

Available Ubuntu version — They offer 16.04 version

Uptime — This website claims a 100% network guarantee

Hosting Offered — dedicated servers and VPS



This website was launched in 2001, offering speed through Turbo Server. Their page-loading speed claim is 278 microseconds over the last six months.

Here are the critical feature analysis of this website by our experts:

Key Attributes — Free website migration, root access, RAID-10 SSD storage, plus on-demand boot, reboot, and shutdown controls

Available Ubuntu versions — 14.04 and 16.04

Uptime — They claim a 99.9% uptime

Hosting Offered — Dedicated servers and Unmanaged VPS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ubuntu server?

Ubuntu Cloud Server is a version of Ubuntu Server optimised for cloud computing. It is designed to run on various cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. It offers a fast, secure, and scalable environment for hosting applications and services in the cloud.

How do I install Ubuntu on a cloud server?

You can install Ubuntu on a cloud server by following the instructions on the official Ubuntu website. You can choose different installation methods, such as a pre-built image, a custom image, or a manual installation. You can also use tools like Juju or Multipass to simplify installation.

Can I update my Ubuntu server?

You can update the Ubuntu server using Ubuntu commands, such as sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade. You can also use tools like Landscape or Kernel Livepatch to automate updates and security patches for your Ubuntu systems.

What is the security of the Ubuntu server?

You can secure the Ubuntu server by following the best practices for cloud security, such as using strong passwords, enabling encryption, configuring firewalls, limiting access, and monitoring activity. You can also use tools like AppArmor or SELinux to enforce security policies for your applications and services.

How do I back up an Ubuntu server?

You can backup Ubuntu cloud servers using various methods, such as creating snapshots, copying files, or using third-party tools. You can also use tools like Duplicity or BorgBackup to create encrypted and incremental backups of your Ubuntu systems.

What is the best way to restore the Ubuntu server?

You can restore by using the reverse methods of backing up, such as restoring snapshots, copying files, or using third-party tools. You can also use tools like Duplicity or BorgBackup to restore encrypted and incremental backups of your Ubuntu systems.

How do I migrate an Ubuntu server?

You can migrate Ubuntu cloud servers using different methods, such as exporting and importing images, cloning discs, or using third-party tools. You can also use tools like Juju or Multipass to migrate your applications and services across different clouds and environments.

How can I scale an Ubuntu cloud?

You can scale an Ubuntu server using various methods, such as adding or removing resources, load balancing, autoscaling, or third-party tools. You can also use tools like Juju or Kubernetes to scale your applications and services horizontally or vertically.

How do I monitor an Ubuntu server?

You can monitor cloud servers using various methods, such as logging, auditing, alerting, or third-party tools. You can also use tools like Landscape or Prometheus to monitor your Ubuntu systems' performance, health, and availability.

How do I troubleshoot if I face any problems?

You can troubleshoot using various methods, such as checking logs, running diagnostics, testing connectivity, or using third-party tools. You can also use tools like Landscape or Grafana to visualise and analyse the data from your Ubuntu systems.