Exploring Digitalocean VPS Windows: Is it the Ultimate Hosting Solution?

DigitalOcean has gained immense popularity online for its Virtual Private Servers (VPS), commonly known as Droplets, which provide an excellent platform for hosting various applications and websites.

While DigitalOcean made a name for its Linux-based offerings, it also supports Windows-based VPS instances, making it a versatile and reliable choice for developers and businesses.

In this article, we'll delve into the strengths of DigitalOcean VPS Windows and explore whether it truly outperforms traditional VPS hosting. We'll also introduce you to a strong contender in the field, VPS Server, to help you make an informed decision.

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Digitalocean VPS Windows

DigitalOcean Overview

DigitalOcean stands out as a platform designed by developers for developers. Its core offering is a network of virtual machines, known as "Droplets," that can be easily scaled as high traffic for your website or application grows. With a global presence, DigitalOcean serves a vast community of developers across different data centers worldwide.

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Specialization in Cloud Computing

Unlike traditional hosting companies, DigitalOcean specializes exclusively in cloud computing. Its stripped-down website, focused on attracting web developers, may deter non-tech-savvy visitors.

For a seasoned developer, this specialization can be a significant advantage, but it's essential to understand that DigitalOcean Virtual Servers may not be the perfect host for everyone, especially beginners who require native support. You may be able to achieve this, however, by creating your own custom Windows ISO image and then using that when creating your Droplet on Linux OS.

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Setting Up a Windows Droplet on DigitalOcean

Setting Up a Windows Droplet on DigitalOcean

Creating an Account

Install Windows and sign up for a DigitalOcean account if you haven't already. You might need to provide payment details, but DigitalOcean often provides free credit to new users.

Creating a Droplet

Log in and navigate to the Droplets section and click "Create Droplet." Choose the Windows image, select the plan based on your own storage requirements, and configure additional settings.

SSH vs. Password

Unlike Linux Droplets, Windows Droplets use a username and password for remote access to connect to a Windows VPS server rather than SSH keys. Make sure to set a strong password during the setup process.


Ease of Use

Customer Support


Performance and Reliability

Performance and Reliability

VPS Server: Our hosting platform boasts the latest technology, guaranteeing unmatched performance and reliability. Backed by cutting-edge hardware and optimized infrastructure, VPS Server ensures lightning-fast loading times and near-zero downtime for an exceptional user experience.

Digital Ocean: Known for its solid performance, DigitalOcean provides a reliable VPS Windows solution. However, VPS Server's advanced hardware and infrastructure propel it ahead, promising superior speed and uptime for your applications.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

VPS Server: Our user-friendly interface caters to users of all technical levels. Whether you're an experienced developer or new to hosting, our services make managing your VPS hosting effortless and intuitive.

DigitalOcean: Designed with developers in mind, DigitalOcean's platform may have a learning curve for those without technical expertise. Evaluating its usability is vital, especially if you seek a straightforward hosting experience.

Customer Support

Customer Support

VPS Server: At VPS Server, we take pride in our round-the-clock customer support, available to address any technical queries or concerns. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless hosting experience, providing expert assistance whenever needed.

Digital Ocean: DigitalOcean's support has received mixed reviews, with some users expressing dissatisfaction with the responsiveness of the support team. The absence of a refund policy and reported difficulties in canceling accounts raises concerns in this area.

Pricing and Flexibility

Pricing and Flexibility

VPS Server: Our competitive pricing plans come without hidden fees, providing cost-effective solutions that maintain quality.

We provide a wide range of Premium, CPU-Optimized, and Memory-Optimized Plans are shown below:

Digital Ocean: Windows operating systems of Digital Ocean typically require licensing fees. Make sure to consider these costs when budgeting for your Windows-based Droplet cloud service.

The free and premium plans of Digital Ocean are shown in the images below:

Thus, while DigitalOcean's pricing is adaptable, VPS Server offers superior value for your investment, delivering potent hosting solutions at an even more attractive rate.


While Digital Ocean's VPS Windows offering is notable, VPS Server emerges as a strong competitor, excelling in multiple facets: performance, pricing, customer support, user-friendliness, and scalability. By following the setup process and considering important factors like licensing, security, and performance, you can leverage VPS Server for your Windows server hosting to its fullest potential. We can easily say that if you opt for VPS Server, you're choosing a hosting solution that offers remarkable value and empowers your online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does VPS Server offer free trials?

Yes, VPS Server provides a 7-day free trial period, allowing you to explore our hosting features before making a commitment.

Do You Need a Dedicated Server for Digital Ocean?

DigitalOcean offers General Purpose Droplets that allow you to scale up as your website grows. These Droplets, combined with your technical expertise, can provide an excellent solution without needing a dedicated server.

How does VPS Server's scalability compare with DigitalOcean's?

VPS Server offers scalable plans designed to upgrade and adapt to your business's growth. Compared to DigitalOcean, our hosting solutions provide seamless scalability, accommodating both traffic surges and increasing demands.