VPS Benchmark results

Benchmark results

Amazing VPS Benchmarks

Recently we did a few benchmark tests and had some amazing results. We are using an independent benchmark tool to test the server performance called Serverscope.io. With the tool you can check your server performance yourself.

With high-end processors an fully equipped SSD storage our VPS’s are state of the art. The benchmark tests will give you a good impression on how our servers perform comparing to other VPS providers. In the displayed results the cheapest packages of all providers are tested.

Server performance is everything

When buying a new VPS everything depends on performance and pricing. With these results we can say that you’ll get the best bang for the buck! Our packages start at $5 a month and don’t have a contract so you can cancel anytime.

See our results

You can see the results of all benchmark tests at the Benchmark page. Experience SSD performance yourself and sign up!