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  • Migrate your website from any host
  • Installation, finetuning and more
  • Performance and Security audits
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    We keep it running

  • Monitoring and server finetuning
  • Kernel compilation, patching and upgrades
  • Server software installations/upgrades
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    Our Benefits

    24/7 Technical team of certified Windows and Linux experts hotline available. Our technicians have a minimum 5 years’ of experience.

    Technical coverage


    Service Level Agreement include

    24/7 Technical Support

    24/7 Technical Support

    Technical support for our provided templates (Linux OS and Windows server).

    Control panel support

    Control Panel Support

    Support for control panels like cPanel, Odin (Plesk), Helm, DirectAdmin, Webmin, Website Panel and Enkompass.

    Troubleshooting VPS

    Troubleshooting & finetuning

    Helping with migrating, database issues. Application and control panel installation, configuration & finetuning.

    VPS Server management

    Server Management

    Managing your VPS with anti-spam, quota management, log analysis, monitoring and more.

    Investigating problems

    Investigating & Solving problems

    Investigating attacks on the server with port scanning, bots, DDoS and more. Solving the attacks and finetuning them.

    Secure VPS


    Periodic security audits and applying patches. Server boot failure investigation and diagnoses.

    Detailed Service Level Agreement

    You can add an SLA when ordering a new VPS

    Supported tasks Standard Managed
    Issues related to database, privileges, password
    Management of file permissions, creating user and group accounts
    Domain name server, parking, snapping and forwarding management
    Installation and basic configuration of applications like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress
    Troubleshooting issues via control panel.
    Installation and upgrade of control panel and third party applications/software
    Maintaining backups and checking their consistency
    Tweaking daemon configuration through control panel
    Troubleshooting issues related to LAMP stack and DNS
    Troubleshooting e-mails and SSL related issues
    Managing, updating anti-spam firewall and firewall rules
    Database related activities like restoring, backing up and migrating databases
    Crontab management and Quota management
    Networking and TCP/IP networking in general, including network setup, troubleshooting, and classless routing
    Assign additional IPs and private IPs (only available with a SLA)
    Load balancer and cluster setup
    Complex 3rd party software installations with dependencies
    Kernel compilation, patching and software upgrades
    Troubleshooting attacks on the server (Port scanning, Bots, DDOS, etc ...)
    Periodic security audits and applying security patches
    Cloning of servers and restoration
    Installation and configuration of spam controllers and Linux daemons
    Server boot failure investigation using KVM and diagnose VPS boot issues
    Installing Windows services, mail enable and IIS management
    Implementing security through IPsec
    Installation of Windows components (SMTP, FTP, etc)
    ASP & .NET installations
    Script engine installation e.g. PHP/PERL
    Periodic Windows security updates, service pack installations and audits
    Exchange Server and Domain controller installation and administration

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