Powerful Managed VPS Plans

Choose from the Premium, CPU-Optimized and Memory-Optimized packages to cater to your needs. It doesn't matter which one you pick; all plans use top infrastructure coupled with a high-performance network and NVMe SSDs. Moreover, you can easily upgrade the packages anytime!

Our plans start at just 3.99 monthly with access to 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB disk space, and 500 GB bandwidth. If you're starting, the basic plan is a great starting point.

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Managed Server VPS Benefits

Managed Server VPS Benefits

Managed VPS thrives on the benefits of a Virtual Private Server. Here, you can access virtual machines using modern and powerful software such as KVM-virtualization. To get a complete picture, check out the benefits of Managed Server VPS:

High Uptime

VPS servers are highly optimized to offer high uptime. As managed, VPS is maintained by updating the core, cleaning up old files, and even security, it benefits the uptime drastically.

Full Control

Managed VPS hosting also offers full root access. As a business, you can benefit from it by modifying it according to your own business needs and requirements. It is similar to a dedicated server with dedicated resources and control.

Faster Performance

You can think of Managed VPS hosting as a fast Ferrari, packaged to perform excellently out of the box. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting provides dedicated server-like performance. Your website/app/service doesn't suffer from a lack of resources as you don't have to fight with other hosted users on the server. Virtualization ensures that physical server resources are divided among users correctly while ensuring no overcrowded users on the server.


Businesses require flexible solutions, and Managed VPS provides that. If your website is growing rapidly, it is important to add resources to aid its growth. By design, virtual private servers offer scalability, unlike shared hosting, where you must upgrade to a different package to increase resources such as RAM, CPU, or Disk space. Once you request an upgrade, the hosting provider can upgrade your Managed VPS in a few clicks without moving your site to a new server or solution. The scalability also comes in handy if you want to downscale your resources.

Dedicated Resources

All the resources you get are dedicated resources. The virtual private server uses virtualization technology such as KVM to provide users with dedicated resources. All these resources are scalable.


In Managed VPS hosting, the hosting provider backups your server regularly (daily, monthly, or bi-weekly). Depending on the technology, multiple backups are created as soon as the data is created. For example, we offer 3-way storage replication, ensuring high reliability and proper recovery mechanisms.


If your business wants access to highly secure servers, then Managed VPS is for you. Apart from managing resources, the expert team creates a schedule of security checks. They also update the server with new security patches that protect against zero-day exploits. The servers are also set up with custom security solutions, such as firewalls, to provide security out of the box.

SSL Certificate

As the hosting provider manages security, you can also use a free SSL certificate. Using one, you secure your website connection with users as all data transferred between the server and the user are encrypted to the highest standards.

Customer Support

You can also access professional support besides the hosting provider managing the VPS server. Customer support, irrespective of your managed VPS hosting plan, can help you solve almost any problem. Also, knowledgeable customer support is accessible 24/7 through the control panel or directly from the hosting provider's site.


Managed VPS hosting is a cost-effective approach for most businesses. If your requirements are complicated and don't require IT staff, you must go for Managed services. This means you don't have to do server management or hire a tech staff to do it for you, saving you tons of money.

20 locations worldwide

Managed VPS - A Worry-Free Way To Run Your Business Online

Managed VPS hosting is a streamlined and managed service provided by hosting providers to ensure that businesses don't have to deal with server management. Hosting providers like us give businesses a worry-free environment with Managed VPS by handling every server-level task, including security, software installation, core upgrades, backups, and much more.

So, if you're a business that doesn't know how servers work and don't have the experience to manage one, then Managed VPS is for you! It is also ideal for those who want to take benefit of VPS without wanting to hire any technical staff or administrator. Even with highly-focused service in Managed VPS, you get root access, allowing you to make changes per your needs. You also have access to world-class customer support, guiding you throughout your journey by answering your questions, solving your queries, and helping you set up your server.

Managed Server Features

Our Managed Servers come with the best features that you can trust. Enjoy a stress-free full root access server with priority customer support.

  • KVM Powered Virtualization: At the heart of our VPS hosting is KVM virtualization which ensures improved performance, enchanted security, scalability, flexibility, and simplicity.

  • High-performance Servers: Choose from 20 high-performance servers spread across the globe, including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and North Australia servers.

  • Next-generation NVMe SSD: All disk space is powered by high-speed NVMe SSDs that offer fast loading times.

  • Modern control panel: Our easy-to-use control panel lets you intuitively work with your VPS.

  • Fully Managed Website Transfers: We help you set up your website when you shift to us.

  • Dedicated 24/7 team: We offer our users the best-in-class VPS support, which lets you benefit from dedicated server hosting.

  • Built-in Redundancy with Storage Replication: Get full data protection with three-way storage replication, improving reliability and accessibility.

  • Full root access: Take full control of your server with root access, and customize it per your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Exceptional VPS Services

Service Level Agreement

Why Choose Us For Managed VPS Hosting?

Why Choose Us?

Our ultra-reliable, high-performance VPS Hosting solutions are suited for growing businesses and developers. We are committed to providing you with the best Managed VPS hosting. But why choose us? First, we offer a 7-day free trial with our VPS plans. So, you can try any of our paid plans and know what we offer. You're free to choose and have complete confidence and flexibility with our services.

You should choose us because we provide top-class VPS hosting with 20 worldwide locations. All servers are powered by super-fast NVMe SSDs that load your site in seconds. On top of that, we use 3-way data storage replication to ensure your data is always safe, even in worst-case scenarios such as earthquakes.

By becoming a customer, you benefit from multiple benefits, including high uptime, fast performance, daily backups, high security, and a professional customer support team that can help you keep your website running without interruptions.

Our VPS hosting utilizes KVM virtualization. Virtualization excels at creating fully virtualized instances that offer performance and security out of the box. On top of that, we further optimize the servers for the best possible performance. KVM's flexibility also means you can use your Windows and Linux operating systems. To help you, we offer Linux and Windows pre-configured templates based on KVM technology. You can pick any of the templates and kick-start your server. The operating systems list includes Ubuntu, Windows Server 2019, Debian, CentOS, Arch Linux, Fedora, OpenSuse OS, Scientific Linux, Oracle Linux, ClearOS, Windows Server 2022, and many more.

Our virtual private server takes care of additional security and update servers and operating systems to ensure you get the best VPS without managing the server yourself.

Exceptional Managed VPS Services

Exceptional VPS Services

Want to know where we shine? Check out the core features that set us apart from the competition.

Security Features

Our security parameters ensure that your VPS hosting stays safe under every circumstance. Our managed hosting plans have many security features, including proper firewall protection, malware scanning, DDoS protection, and SSL certificates. On top of that, we make regular backups with 3-way storage replication. You also get the option to set up two-way authentication for your account.

To ensure no malicious actor can send rouge traffic to the servers, we implement customized firewall rules to identify and block any unauthorized attempt. We also have proper DDoS protection that ensures your website runs at all times, ensuring no lost revenue and reputation.

On top of that, our secure KVM virtualization takes care of malware by ensuring that each virtualized zone is separate and un-accessible from each other. We also use advanced malware scanning to scan for malware infections continuously. Our updated policies also patch the system with new security updates, protecting you from the latest threats.

Finally, we do backups. We use storage replication to keep your data secure under any circumstances. The approach includes three-way data replication. This migrates single drive failure and increases redundancy. This approach is also affordable. Apart from that, the other storage replication benefits include the following:

  • Reliability and high availability

  • End-to-end data integrity

  • Recovery mechanism and backups

  • Network redundancy

  • Maximum throughput and low latency

Migration Assitance

We provide proper migration assistance just like other VPS hosting providers. We aim to give you the best onboarding experience so you don't have to spend hours in the control panel trying to make your website live.

Depending on your plan, you get free migration assistance. All you need to do is contact our support and give them the credentials and instructions to complete the migration. Once you submit the request, we will start working on it immediately! Our dedicated and knowledgeable team members set up the migration and keep you updated throughout the process, which includes transferring files and data and configuring the new server to the highest performance and security. Also, our data migration process has proper steps, including pre-migration consultation, data backup, website migration, testing, and post-migration support.

In short, you're in the best hands!

Customer Support

Our customer service is available 24/7/365 so that you can sleep with peace of mind. Our approach is proactive as we constantly monitor the servers, and if we detect any potential issues, we fix them immediately. That's why our servers can maintain high uptime, increasing profit for your business!

With migration support, our customer supports setup your servers so that you can showcase your business to the world without wasting any time. However, there are scenarios where you need help, and that's where our highly-trained and knowledgeable customer team comes in! You can ask them any questions, and they'll gladly assist you with your problems.

As you're using Managed hosting, you get top-tier customer support which extends help in almost everything, including setup, configuration, troubleshooting, backups, restoration, and so on!

Global Server Locations

Our servers are located across the globe. You can choose from 20 server locations, allowing you to optimize your application or website delivery for the best possible latency. It'll help you boost your SEO rankings! So, choosing a server closer to New York or London is best if you want Forex trading.

Right now, you can choose from four major locations, including North America (9 servers), Europe(3 servers), Asia Pacific(3 servers), and North Australia(1 server).

Moreover, our servers have an enterprise-grade redundant design that includes independent network transits, separate switches, infrastructure, routers, and more! The redundant design ensures that the network keeps working even when devices fail.

The hardware for the network is high-performance and ensures optimal performance and uptime. Also, all servers are protected with excellent security, both physically and digitally.

And the best part is that you can try our services for 7 days before paying anything. This way, you can learn which server location fits you best. If unsatisfied, try changing the server location to find the optimal performance. However, before you opt to choose the VPS server location, make sure that you check out the SSD capacity, network type, storage type, and other networks before choosing one.

Lastly, you get full root access to the server, allowing you to install your operating system, service, website, or app. The choice is yours!

Managed VPS Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

We are confident in our services but want you to have similar confidence in us. That's why we offer a Service Level Agreement(SLA), where we list the services and what level of services you can expect from us. Right now, our SLA agreement includes the following:

  • 24/7 Technical Support: Get access to highly-trained and knowledgeable support.

  • Control Panel Support: Make the most out of the control panel by supporting different control panels, including Webmin, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc.

  • Server Management: We take care of the server by periodically running tasks, including anti-spam monitoring, log analysis, quota management, security management, and updates.

  • Security: We provide regular security updates and patches to take security to the next level. If a failure occurs, we do a complete investigation so that it doesn't happen again.

  • Troubleshooting and Finetuning: If you get stuck, we help you troubleshoot database or migration issues. We also fine-tune the system to ensure optimal use.

  • Penalty system: If we don't meet the SLA metrics, we have a penalty system to compensate for any loss of business.

Our detailed Managed Service Level Agreement includes the following:

  • User management tasks, including the creation of user and group accounts.

  • Management of file permissions

  • Database-related issues, including password and privileges

  • Troubleshooting via the control panel.

  • Installing and configuring applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

  • Ensure that backups are created periodically with proper means to use those backups when the need arises.

  • Installing and updating third-party software and apps, including control panel.

  • LAMP stack and DNS troubleshooting

  • E-mails and SSL-related issues

  • Configuring daemon through the control panel

  • Ensuring optimal firewall security by updating and managing it

  • Contab and quota management

  • Assigning Private IPS and Additional IPS

  • Database-related activities include database migration, backup, and restoration.

  • Cluster and load balancer setup and troubleshooting

  • Dependency-based software installation

  • Period security updates, followed by security patches

  • Kernel updates, patching, and compilation

  • Any server boot failures investigation using VPS boot issues and KVM

  • Cloning and restoring servers

  • Protecting and troubleshooting server attacks, including DDOS, Bots, Port scanning, etc.

  • .NET and ASP installation

  • IPSEC security implementation

  • Installing and maintaining Windows services, including ISS management, Mail enable, etc.

  • Script engine installation, for example, PHP/PERL

  • Exchange server and domain controller installations and administration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

Managed VPS hosting is a step from the standard virtual private server (VPS) hosting. The hosting provider handles VPS hosting technical aspects, including setup, updates, monitoring, and patches. Managed VPS hosting is an ideal pick for businesses or individuals who don't have the technical knowledge to manage their servers and want to focus on their business growth.

For what purposes can you use VPS hosting?

VPS hosting gives you complete freedom to install almost anything. This is because you get root access and also own dedicated resources. For example, web hosting experts can use VPS hosting to host a client's sites, or you can use VPS hosting to do server monitoring. Also, you can use your operating system to carry out the operations. Most Managed VPS hosting plans don't have unlimited bandwidth, but you can always upgrade your fully Managed VPS when needed. Following are the ways you can use VPS solutions:

  • Host one or more websites that require specific requirements. VPS excels at handling high-traffic websites, and the managed virtual servers can also be scaled without issues.

  • Test your product or application by creating a testing environment.

  • Use Resellers VPS to manage your client by providing them with hosting accounts.

  • Use VPS to host a VPN for your home or office network.

  • Use the VPS to sync your servers or software to private or cloud storage.

  • Set up business analytics applications and run it

  • Email server with any Managed VPS plans.

Is Managed VPS better than Shared Web Hosting?

Managed VPS is better than shared web hosting in every criterion. The most basic difference is the dedicated resources you get with VPS hosting. Next comes the managed part. Here, you don't have to deal with the server's technical aspects, as the VPS hosting provider manages it for you. Shared web servers also fail to provide scalable options to the user. So, if you want to upgrade your shared hosting plan, you must upgrade the package, which also changes your server. In the case of VPS hosting, which is managed, server resources can be upgraded or downgraded with ease.

Are all VPS hosting plans managed?

No, not all VPS hosting plans are managed. Most hosting providers offer VPS hosting that requires the buyer to manage it themselves, and VPS hosting plans that the provider manages. Both managed, and unmanaged VPS hosting plans offer root access. However, Managed VPS hosting services are costly as they handle the virtual server technical aspects themselves.

How Does Managed VPS Hosting Work?

Managed hosting providers help you set up your business with minimal input from you. They help you onboard, set up, and configure your website. Once set up, they strengthen the security, patch the systems and create backup schedules. In addition, fully Managed VPS hosting customers can contact customer support 24/7 to solve any problems or ask them to troubleshoot the issues.

How to choose the right Managed hosting for your needs?

You must consider many factors before picking the VPS host for your requirement. It starts with trying to understand your resource requirement. It can include CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, and Disk space. Also, you need to figure out which control panel you want or not. Many best VPS hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth, so you may also want to look for that. In addition, you also need to ensure that you don't pick up unmanaged VPS hosting if you don't have the technical knowledge to manage the VPS hosting services yourself.

Choosing a VPS also means going through the available managed VPS hosting plans. This way, you can learn what options you have. Also, it is okay to go with cheap managed VPS hosting as they are easily upgradable, and you can add resources later on. However, you must ensure the hosting solution offers other features such as backups, security, free account migration, etc.

How many websites can I host on a VPS?

You can host as many websites on a virtual private server. The VPS hosting doesn't put any limitations, and you're free to use the root access to host unlimited websites. However, you may get limited by managed hosting plan. In that case, you can upscale your managed hosting account by adding CPU, SSD, and RAM. If you're not sure about your requirements, then it is best to start with a cheap managed hosting plan and then upgrade it once you find it limiting.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my VPS Hosting plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your Managed VPS hosting plan almost instantly. As virtual private servers use virtualization technology such as KVM, upgrading or downgrading is easier than shared hosting. A fully managed hosting offers an easy upgrade/downgrade from the control panel or customer portal. If you're not sure what to do, you can always contact customer support to do it for you.

How many IPs are included in the Managed hosting plan?

With our Managed hosting, you get dedicated IPs with your plan. These IPs let web developers, business owners, or system administrator host websites, applications, email, staging sites, and automated administrative tasks. You can manage the dedicated IP address from the control panel available in all the hosting environments. Here, you can also put a free SSL certificate.

You need a dedicated IP address for businesses that want to host custom software and applications. Managed hosting, like dedicated hosting, works with dedicated IPs and the operating system you're using.

Do you guys offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. To try it, you need to use your credit card. If you're not happy, you can cancel your subscription. However, you need to do it within the 7-day money-back guarantee period.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials
  • As a businessman, I don't have the technical knowledge to run a VPS server. That's why I went for their Managed hosting, which makes sure that I don't have to worry about updates, security, backups, and any other configuration or installation issues with my website. They helped me set up my site, configure critical aspects, and get it live in minutes. And now, we've been with them for more than a year! Highly recommended! - Alister, Mimico Business

  • Finding a VPS hosting provider that can stick to their claims and work according to their SLAs is hard. But not VPSServer. They take their SLA seriously and provide service that shows commitment and the urge to help the customer, especially if they are not technically adept, just like me. - Marino, Obster Transport

  • Our specialized business requires high-security hosting services that offer stability while providing access to all features. After trying VPPSserver.com's 7-day trial, we are sure we made the right decision. Their infrastructure is top-notch, and their security team understood our requirement, providing the right setup for our mission-critical SaaS app. - Crutira, Tralio