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Are you based in Australia? Great! So, consider hosting a VPS server to serve your customers better. A virtual private server protects your customers and your company's critical data from unauthorized access. Plus it's perfect for trading cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoins, and hosting mobile applications on the Cloud. Moreover, hosting VPS servers in Australia ensures access to a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure connected to the world's major networks and data centers.

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Why You Should Us for Your Hosting Needs

The answer is simple: We are one of the world's leading hosting providers focusing on delivering reliable, fast, and cost-effective VPS hosting servers. Here are some reasons why choosing us for your hosting needs will be the best decision you'll ever take:

  • Affordable web hosting: With competitive prices, we know we offer some of the most affordable hosting solutions that help businesses and individuals meet their goals and grow. On top of this, we never compromise on quality.

  • Low latency: We have 16 servers in different locations worldwide, including Sydney, Australia. This ensures zero latency, a fast Internet connection, and great performance for all our customers. 

  • A dedicated and passionate team: Our experts are available 24/7 to help you with any queries or issues. So, if you need some assistance or advice, feel free to contact our dedicated customer support.

  • Advanced technology: We offer the latest and most advanced technology to ensure our clients can access the most reliable hosting. From KVM virtualization to NVMe SSD storage and pre-built Linux and Windows templates, we offer our customers everything they need to host and customize their VPS server successfully. 

  • Reliable provider: We are a trustworthy and reliable VPS provider with worldwide servers and solid infrastructure. Our proven track record and our ethos in prioritizing the needs of our clients over our own, as well as striving to exceed their expectations, means that we're the perfect choice for you.

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable provider with a passion for privacy and security, look no further than us. 

Sydney Australia VPS performance

Australia and Sydney are connected to all major Internet and network providers. This means that by hosting your virtual server in Australia, you can expect fast download and upload speeds, zero downtime and latency, and a reliable telecommunication system that will not fail you. Use this networking tool to test the performance of our network in Australia today.

IP Adresses

Use the IP addresses below to see how reliable our infrastructure in Australia is.

IPv4 Sydney

IPv6 Sydney


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Cool Features of Australia VPS


There are many practical and highly useful security features our Australia VPS server offers:

Easy-to-use control panel: Manage your Australia server with an easy-to-use-and-understand control panel. With our control panel, you can simplify administrative duties, reduce the time it takes to manage your VPS server, or even manage your SSD. You can even perform actions like starting and shutting down your VPS, rebooting it, or managing invoices, billing, payments, and referrals directly through its interface. 

Moreover, when you need to resize and migrate to a larger server, our control panel is your best friend. In other words, scaling the cloud servers up has never been easier. It's just a few clicks away!

Guaranteed security: By subscribing to one of our Australia hosting plans — even the most affordable plan — you'll be able to easily and quickly set up the firewall that guarantees an extra layer of security. Similarly, if you're worried about billing and prices and don't feel like committing to a fixed contract (that's OK!), there's no need to panic. It's completely up to you how long you keep your server, and we won't ask you to sign a contract. Again, you are the sole master of your server. You can keep subscribing for as long as you like or end your server just as easily. 

Choose our Australia data center: No matter where your business operates in Australia, our data center ensures you benefit from a fast Internet connection. We understand that latency monitoring can be crucial and lead to a smooth browsing experience for your customers. For this reason, we make sure you choose the data center closest to your business address. 

Now, as well as offering VPS hosting services in Sydney, we also have data centers in other strategic locations around the globe, like Hong Kong, Miami, Amsterdam, and London. Regardless of the location, we offer premium DDOS protection, meaning our intelligent network will automatically detect incoming or outgoing DDOS attacks. Once our system has recognized a potential attack, the network will respond in seconds to prevent it. 

24/7 technical support: Our team of experts is at your server 24/7 for 365 days. Our people will help you set up, install, troubleshoot, and manage your Australia VPS server, ensuring complete peace of mind. We will also help you migrate your website from a different hosting service to ours and perform security, performance, and latency audits at your command.

Apart from assisting with VPS installation, we offer an in-depth template library, including attractive and easy-to-navigate templates for operating systems like Windows or Linux. This means you can select the template that suits your website and your needs and requirements. Once you've chosen a template, you can set it up on your VPS in seconds. Pretty cool, right?

Data center Sydney

Best VPS Hosting Services in Australia

Our VPS Australia hosting packages start at $3.99 a month. However, remember that they are completely scalable, meaning you can customize your subscription plan based on your company's needs. Our Australia VPS servers and data centers offer exceptional security for critical data and a vast range of control and customization options (over 100 OS templates). 

Because we know we've enticed you and you'd want to try our virtual private service and Windows server packages immediately, feel free to sign up for your 7-day risk-free trial. 

Reliable Network Infrastructure

To ensure our server access and top performance at all times, we use only premium infrastructure at our Australian data center.

Let's get a bit technical: Thanks to our reliable 40Gbit Mellanox network and high-end Intel processors (E5-296X), there's zero downtime or bottlenecks. Instead, we provide accurate and efficient access to cloud servers that guarantee high performance and focus on redundancy.

Remember: We only use top-class switches and the best VPS hosting servers, so your virtual private server will never suffer physical damage, which means your information is always safe and secure. Also, integrating storage and admin applications means you can easily control your VPS and Windows server, even if you're not a techie. 

How Deploying Virtual Servers in Australia Is a Smart Choice

For many reasons, it would be best to consider deploying your VPS server in Australia. For once, Australia has a stable and reliable economy, meaning it's ideal for businesses looking to expand their operations into the vast Australian market. 

Further, virtual servers in Australia will provide low-to-zero latency, no uptimes, and fast website speeds to customers in Asia and the Pacific region. This leads to an improved user experience and increased customer satisfaction — two things every business is after. Also, Australia, like a western economy, has strict data protection laws and regulations, offering customers greater security for their sensitive data. 

Lastly, choosing a VPS provider based in Australia, like ourselves, will help you enjoy local (and highly responsive) support from experts who understand 100% the challenges and requirements of the country, as well as have a deep understanding of the Australian culture and mentality. 

Powerful NVMe SSD Virtual Private Server Technology

As a leading Linux and VPS solution provider, we offer NVMe SSD virtual server technology with our virtual private servers — a game-changer for website performance. Here's why using NVMe SSD for hosting can make a difference in the reliability of your site:

  • Fast data transfer rates and smooth website navigation contributes to a greater user experience

  • Lightning-fast load times and improved site performance

  • High search engine rankings and better SEO for increased website traffic and more potential customers 

  • KVM virtualization, pre-built templates for operating systems like Linux, and storage replication for easy server setup

  • Scalable hosting plans that grow together with your business needs

Our NVMe SSD VPS hosting plans give you the next level of VPS technology. Don't miss out and sign up for your 7-day free trial NOW (with credit card verification).

16 worldwide data centers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is VPS Short For?

VPS is short for virtual private servers. A VPS is a website or online app hosting service that uses virtualization technology to create a dedicated virtual environment on a physical server. This gives users more control and better customization options over their server while keeping the cost of hosting low due to sharing physical resources with other users. 

How Many Data Centers Are There in Sydney?

As Australia's capital, Sydney has a lot of data centers. There are over 60 data centers in Australia.

Some major data center providers with a dynamic presence in Syndey are NextDC, Global Switch, Equinix, Digital Reality, and us. The availability of multiple data centers in Sydney and Australia makes the country a popular location for companies, organizations, and individuals to host their IT infrastructure, online applications, and business operations.

What Are the Two Types of Hosting?

There are two main types of the hosting companies. These are shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Let's take a closer look at them:

Shared Hosting

A type of hosting where multiple websites share the same physical resources of a server. In other words, the server's processing power, RAM, storage, and bandwidth are shared among all the hosted sites. This enables businesses to cut costs and relies on an external provider for their network infrastructure. 

Shared hosting is ideal for businesses or professionals with limited resources who want the best performance for their buck. However, suppose your provider is not an experienced or honorable one. In that case, you might have an issue with the allocated resources because other websites hosted on the same server affect your site's performance. 

Dedicated Server (or) Dedicated Hosting

On the other hand, dedicated hosting is when a single site or application is hosted on a dedicated physical server without sharing "horsepower" with other websites. This means that all the server's resources are focused on and dedicated to that site or app, offering great performance and security. As expected, dedicated hosting or a dedicated server is way more expensive than shared hosting, meaning it's a hosting option only enterprises or high-traffic websites can afford. 

Now, there are also variations of these types of hosting, like:

  • VPS (virtual private server): A VPS hosting is a type of hosting where multiple virtual environments are created on a single physical server, offering greater control and flexibility than shared hosting but a fraction of the price of dedicated hosting. 

  • Cloud hosting: Cloud hosting is when websites and online apps are hosted on a cluster of servers that work simultaneously – together – to provide users with better reliability, performance, and scalability, among others.

  • Managed hosting: A hosting provider takes care of all the technical aspects of hosting, including server maintenance and updates. This enables users to focus on getting their work done and expanding their business instead of going through unnecessary technicalities. 

Are Virtual Private Servers as Good as a VPN?

For starters, a VPS and a VPN are two different things. A VPS is a virtual private server, while a VPN is a private network. And they cannot be compared as being "good" or "bad."

A VPS server offers users a dedicated virtual environment on a shared physical server. Users can host their website and online applications in this environment, like a project management or photo editing app. It also gives them greater control and flexibility over their server, making VPS hosting a fantastic solution for businesses that need a high degree of customization and control over the hosting environment. 

A VPN is a secure network that provides a private connection between a user's device, like a laptop or mobile phone, and the Internet. So, when a user activates a VPN, his IP address will not be his actual one but the one he selects. For example, suppose the user is based in Sydney, Australia, and wants to hide or change their IP address to watch Netflix movies that are only available to people from Singapore. A VPN will give them a Singapore IP address and hide their Sydney IP from Netflix's server, granting users access to their favorite Singapore Netflix productions. This anonymity and complete privacy online makes a VPN desirable for many people.

Bear in mind that even though both VPS and VPN enable users to control the level of their online privacy, they serve different purposes. Again, a VPS is used for hosting corporate websites and online apps, while a VPN provides a private connection to the Internet. So, whether they are "good" or "bad" depends exclusively on your needs and requirements. 

How Do I Choose a VPS Hosting Provider?

Choosing a VPS service provider is daunting. We know. That said, you should consider some key factors before making your decision. For example:

  • Reliability: Find a provider with a solid uptime guarantee (we offer up to 99.9% uptime guarantee) and a reputation for being reliable.

  • Scalability: Ensure your managed VPS provider offers additional plans if you need to scale. You don't want to slow down the growth of your business, so looking for a provider can easily help you scale your resources up (or down). 

  • Performance: Consider a provider that offers fast server and Internet speeds and plenty of resources for your needs. 

  • Security and privacy: Look for VPS server providers that offer robust security measures and features, like DDoS protection, firewalls, and regular cloud backups. 

  • Customer support: Some people omit this factor. Always consider that your provider has a reliable, helpful, and highly responsive team of experts ready to answer any of your queries. 

  • Location: This is an important factor, too. Before choosing a VPS provider, consider the geographic location of the provider's server to ensure low latency and total compliance with relevant laws and data regulations. 

Last but not least, you should also factor in the price. You wouldn't want to sign up for a more expensive provider or a VPS hosting service offering fewer features than you need. 

Please take advantage of our limited 7-day risk-free trial to see that we're the best Linux VPS provider in Australia and beyond. 

Claim your free trial and enjoy premium Australian VPS hosting on the operating system of your choice today.

Is There Any Free VPS Provider?

Yes, a few free VPS providers, including us, are available with our 7-day trial. However, remember that free VPS plans have limitations, like lower server resources, limited features, and shorter usage times.

Here are some free VPS providers:

  • Google's Cloud's free tier

  • Amazon AWS's free tier

  • Oracle Cloud's free tier

Of course, it's crucial to review the terms and conditions of each service – carefully!

In other words, avoid signing up for free VPS providers without reading the terms and conditions because you may permit them to use your data for their purposes. 

What Is the Cheapest VPS Hosting in the World?

The price of a VPS provider depends on many factors, including the server’s location, features and resources, and the provider's experience in the field. In every case, it’d be best to do thorough research and compare the prices and features of the plans of different providers before deciding on the one that meets your needs and budget. 

On that note, we're one of the cheapest VPS hosting providers in the world. Our prices start from just 3.99 per month.

What Is The Largest Data Center in Australia?

Australia has some of the world's largest data centers. The largest one is the NextDC S2 facility, located in Melbourne. It's a huge data center spanning over 25,000 square meters with a capacity of 225 megawatts. 

The NextDC S2 data center is considered secure, reliable, and energy-efficient. It utilizes high-end cooling systems, as well as renewable energy sources. It has a current load of 40 megawatts. 

Where Is Microsoft Data Center Sydney?

Microsoft's data center in Sydney lies in North Ryde, which is northwest of the city center. 

This data center belongs to Microsoft's global network of data centers. It serves customers in the Asia-Pacific region and offers some of Microsoft’s most available cloud services like Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure. It meets all energy efficiency, environmental, security, and reliability standards and uses stainable technologies to decrease its environmental footprint.


This is something that seems to confuse a lot of people. OVH is a web hosting provider that offers hosting services, including VPS hosting. OVH provides VPS hosting plans designed to grant users great control and flexibility over their private server environment while being affordable simultaneously (due to shared hosting). 

OVH's VPS hosting plans typically include access to a customization operating system, a virtual environment, and dedicated software. Users desiring to scale their own VPS host resources (increase or decrease) as needed can do it, making OVH a scalable option for businesses of all sizes, including freelancers.

Except for VPS hosting, OVH also offers the following:

  • Shared Hosting

  • Dedicated, independent hosting

  • Cloud hosting

  • Domain Registration

  • Website building tools