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The biggest continent in the world, Asia borders Europe, Africa and the Pacific Ocean. With around 4.4 billion people it is also the most populated region in the world. Significant economic and financial centers are located here like Tokyo, Seoul, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur. Network HUBS on the continent make the different county of Asia well connected to the rest of the world. Ideal for your VPS.


Network information

With its growing financial and economic potency, many countries in Asia increasingly depend on prime internet connections. The Republic of South Korea is often quoted to have “the best Internet in the world.” Network HUBS like Tokyo have direct links to the East Coast of the USA ensuring the lowest latency. Deploy your VPS in one of our Asia VPS Hosting datacenters for excellent service.

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Extra information

With the rise of the Chinese and Indian economy, many western companies are shifting their focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Many developers are also learning the advantages of deploying their VPS in Asia instead of Europe or USA. Good latency can be assured to a host of countries, and this is likely to increase even more so.



As many countries in Asia are investing heavily in the cloud computing industry, the demand for VPS is growing rapidly here. Many developers are learning the advantages a virtual private server can bring to their business.

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