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What are the nameservers I should use to resolve DNS?

For DNS resolving, use, and You can also use our nameservers by simply adding your domain name to our DNS on the service page.

Can Putty be used to connect to the server?

Yes, this is a standard feature. You will be provided with root access and all necessary privileges. You can learn more about it in the control panel.

Does provide IP? What type of support do I get? provides one IPv4 and unlimited IPv6 and support for both IPv4 and IPv6 is provided.

Is it possible to change the IP address?

At present, it is not possible. However, you can contact us if you have any issues with your IP Address. When destroying and re-deploying a VPS, it is possible to lose your current IP.

Can FTP be used on my virtual server?

Yes, you can set up your server with FTP.

What is the virtualization technology used by

We use Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVM) – a full virtualization methodology for Linux on x86 hardware. The x86 hardware contains virtualization extensions such as Intel VT and AMD-V. The KVM has kvm.ko, a loadable kernel module that provides the underlying virtualization infrastructure, and kvm-intel.ko or kvm-amd.ko, which is a processor-specific module. KVM allows us to have multiple virtual machines running unmodified Windows or Linux images. Each virtual machine comes with private virtualized hardware such as network cards and graphics adapters. KVM is open source architecture. The kernel component of the KVM is merged in the mainline of Linux (2.6.20.), KVM's userspace component is part of the mainline QEMU (1.3).

Is it possible to upgrade my kernel? How do I do it?

Yes, it’s possible and it’s easy. Simply install the new kernel and reboot the VPS. Be sure to back up your VPS data in order to prevent potential failures from causing any damage. Note that you can change the startup type on the console when the server is booting up.

How many VPSs are allowed per server?

We have a limit of 5 servers per customer. If you need more servers you can request them via the webpage see when the limit is reached.

What types of control panel software are supported?

All types of control panel platforms such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk are supported.

What is the type of hardware used by

We use Intel E5-series CPU's and all our servers are fully equipped with SSD Storage.

Do I need to manage my VPS on my own? Are any managed services provided?

Our support team is here 24/7 to help you with all network and hardware related issues. If you add an SLA to your VPS our support team can Manage and Configure the VPS for you.

What is the access level of my root credentials?

You get full root access.

Does offer any monitoring service?

No, we don’t offer a monitoring service. You have to use an external service provider of your own choosing.

Is it possible to setup private networking between servers?

Yes, it is. VPSs within the same data centre can be connected into the service page. Contact us for further information.

Is it possible to setup private networking between servers?

Yes. VPSs within the same datacenter can be connected into the service page. Contact us to learn more.

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