Our new control panel is live!

New Control panel

We are pleased to announce that we launched our new control panel. With this control panel it is now even easier to deploy and manage your new server. The easy to use interface can be used on all devices and platforms.

The new control panel lets you control your server with just a few clicks. Want to upgrade, downgrade, manage your DNS settings, view your invoices and many more? Everything is available in your own control panel. You can acces the new panel here https://service.vpsserver.com, if you don’t have an account, you can sign up for free.

Extra applications

We also added applications like Lamp, MariaDB and even control panels like Plesk and cPanel to manage your server. You can start your server instantly without having to install these software yourself.

Have a look around and experience the new service page yourself. We will also have some more exciting datacenter news available very soon! Keep in touch!

Datacenter London Coming soon!

New datacenter in London

We are proud to announce we are launching our new datacenter in London very soon. We noticed there is lots of interest for VPS servers in this location. We will have all our operations ready at the end of Q4. There will be a special promotion available!

The VPS server market is growing fast. Allot of developers are located in the United Kingdom and have interest in the product from London. For this reason we are launching our new Datacenter in downtown London for low latency.

The VPS servers we offer from the United Kingdom are fully equipped with SSD Hard Drives for lightning fast server experience. The total network speed is at least 40Gbit and all servers have Intel E5 processor technology and 1Gbit port speed. Like the platform in Miami we provide more then 12 OS including Windows 2008 and 2012.

Low latency

The location London is perfect for low latency in the United Kingdom and Europe. A direct connection from London to Europe makes this possible. This latency will help forex brokers to trade faster!

Our plans start at $5 a month and our servers are as always up and down gradable without a contact. More datacenter locations coming soon!

Forex OS available for Forex traders

Forex VPS

New Forex Operating System

We recently launched a special OS, also called Operating System for Forex traders. With This OS the traders can setup their server fast. Our customers can use this OS to start trading 24/7. The Forex OS is based on Windows Server. Almost all Trading platforms work on Windows and Mac.

24/7 uptime

The benefits a VPS offer are 24/7 uptime. The software traders and brokers use can be setup for automatic trading. If traders don’t use their laptop 24/7 a VPS is a perfect solution to make the most profit. Foreign Exchange markets are always open because there are different time zones. It is impossible to trade these currency's all day.

Trading platforms

Most common used trading platforms are MetaTrader and cTrader. These programs run on Windows and are ideal to run on a VPS from VPSServer.com. You can run multiple accounts at the same time, this means you can use multiple strategies for Forex trading. Join us an start your Forex VPS today.

Windows VPS available

Windows VPS

We recently added Windows licenses to our service portal. It is now possible to order a Windows VPS with a Windows licence. We are an official Microsoft partner which means we can provide all server licenses. The licences we provide are for our VPS servers are Windows 2008 and 2012. All Windows servers license cost $10 per server a month.

Also many brokers use an VPS for 24/7 uptime. Some applications used for trading need uptime guarantee. There are different Windows OS available for VPS servers.

Our available versions:

- Windows 2012 Standard Edition X64 R2 (recently added on January 2017)

- Windows 2012 Standard Edition X64 R2

- Windows 2008 Web Edition X64 R2

- Windows 2008 Standard Edition X64 R2

Windows can be used for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), but has many other features.

Go to the https://service.vpsserver.com page and order your server right away.

Bitcoin accepted as payment method

BitCoin VPS

We added Bitcoin also called BTC as a new payment method. As from now you can use Bitcoins to pay your Virtual Servers. We added this payment method to VPSServer as a request of many of our clients.

Since all world currencies are fluctuating more and more people start using Bitcoin VPS. With this payment method you can Add Balance to your account or pay your Invoice. It is not possible to set this method as your recurring payment.

VPSServer.com in business!

The official launch of VPSServer.com is here! We are a new player in the VPS market. Located with a datacenter in Miami and operating from Europe. Our staff has 10+ years of experience in virtualizing servers.

High-performance VPS

VPSServer.com is offering very fast and reliable virtual private servers. All servers are equipped with Intel E5 processors and have SSD powered storage. On top of that the datacenter in Miami has a 40Gbit network. There are many OS’s available, all Windows and Linux based.


After years of research and developing our platform is finally ready. Currently there is one datacenter in use, this is located in Miami. Miami is preferred for all new customers. In the future there are plans to use multiple datacenters in Europe. We aim to have multiple datacenters worldwide.

Our goal is to provide anyone with a vps that can be scaled at any given time. We do not work with fixed contracts, which means you can terminate your server whenever you want. Need more bandwidth? Scale up! Loaded with bandwidth? Consider a smaller VPS!


We have several special promotions for all new customers! These will be available on the website and on our social media. Follow VPSServer.com on Twitter and Facebook to make sure you will not miss any deal!

Free VPS for Eligible Startups

Startups for VPSThe world is seeing a wave of new and innovative entrepreneurs and ventures entering the startup market with a passion and drive to do something different from the rest. Startups all around the world are exploring spheres that no one had dared to explore before and are trying to make the 21st century living easier and less complicated by each passing second.

But, being a startup, in their early startup stage these very startups revolutionizing the world we live in, have to go through a lot of financial and ideological challenges. According to statistics available, 25% of the new businesses aren’t able to make it past the first year since their establishment.

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Data Security

Data security is a critical concern and is one that needs no introduction. Today, where the need for enterprises to rely on the cloud is more than just an option. Increasing infrastructure costs and decreasing resource availability has made it almost mandatory for businesses to go the cloud way. This is truer for developers who need server instances for dev-test. In such a scenario, it is only obvious that data security threats are increasing, rightfully increasing the anxiety levels of everyone involved.

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Beta launch of VPSServer.com

VPSServer.com provides virtual private servers to its customers at affordable prices. Aimed at helping the web community to leverage on the capabilities of the cloud, VPSServer.com offers flexible usage plans. “Our plans are so flexible and dynamic that they would suit a newbie to the industry trying to experiment or a big enterprise looking to extend their private cloud environment”.

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