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Best SSD VPS Hosting

Our servers are powered by SSD storage, which is amazingly fast. Above that, we powered up our servers with software-defined storage (3-way) for storage replication. We are not using old RAID-storage. Guaranteed IOPS and high performance with the best servers worldwide available. We are eliminating the effects of the "noisy neighbors" with our 3-way storage. You will also get optional root access.

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Lots of templates distro's available to deploy your server.

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No Noisy Neighbor

With our 3-way storage there is no noisy neighbor anymore. Guaranteed the best performance.

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Secure VPS

All our VPS come with high security and protection for providing the best VPS.

Best features also include

VPS hosting has become a popular way of establishing an online presence for many global businesses. Not only does it save you money on buying and maintaining your own physical servers but it also gives a superb performance. When you factor in the flexibility the web hosting services/VPS hosting services give, it is smart.

Ideal for any business, from new start-ups to larger organizations, they will help you connect with customers across the planet. If you are looking for good VPS hosting services around, then give us a call today. With our superb plans starting from just $4.99 per month, you will not regret it.

VPS under the minute online

VPS Under the minute online

When you use the best server hosting online, then you get so many powerful features. Our VPS services can be deployed in under 1 minute once you have signed up. This gives you super quick access to secure, managed VPS hosting with no delays. Our web hosting service/VPS hosting service provides a secure way to do business online - our virtual servers score highly here. 3-way replication means your data is always stored safely on 3 separate servers while the included Firewall is robust enough to see off any unwanted attention. Our 100% SSD storage space technology delivers ultra-quick performance alongside this for virtual server hosting that produces outstanding results. Get a 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase any of our VPS plans.

Superior VPS

What else does our superior VPS hosting deliver?

Our huge 40Gbit network prevents any data bottlenecks and slowdowns in processing times. Along with the high-end Intel E5 processors our VPS servers use, this gives 99.99% uptime guaranteed. No more costly outages or server problems. The benchmark scores our VPS services hold provide hard evidence of this. Our virtual servers rank highly against others in the VPS community with amazing I/O functionality. All this is simple to access with the feature-rich interface our online servers use. Perform any key actions you need to with no fuss, from rebooting to reinstalling or amending your OS.

Worldwide VPS results

Worldwide locations for best VPS results

With our VPS hosting services in 10 locations, we give your business the global reach it needs to succeed. From Miami to London and Sydney to Bangalore, you can be where you need to across the planet. This means that latency is kept low due to a datacentre always being nearby. Our high-end cyber-security will keep you safe from common DDoS attacks and stop any intruders from accessing your sensitive data. From Linux based VPS hosting to Windows-based VPS services, we offer the best choice around. Work with the best VPS hosting providers in the business and also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Online real-time backup virtual server

Back-up in real-time with our virtual servers

Backing up servers can eat into your valuable working time when done traditionally. That is why we have made sure our VPS servers can be backed-up in real-time while the server is running. The amazing features that our VPS hosting gives do not end there, though. Native IPv6 support comes with no extra charge and makes it simple to deploy your server. Activating your new VPS is straight-forward, thanks to this, and it means you can start using it in no time at all.

Best virtual server options

Best virtual server buy option.

If you need an expert web hosting/VPS hosting provider, then choose us. Our flexible plans allow you to pay for only what you need on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. This makes them a truly scalable solution that can adapt to your company's demands. As well as being technologically brilliant, our VPS hosting also comes with outstanding customer service. 24/7 online chat support means you can always get the help you need at any time of the day or night. To give our loyal customers, even more, we offer the chance to earn rewards by performing actions on our platform!

The desire to get good VPS plans for your site is a noble cause. Hence, the information compiled in this guide will provide answers to many starters question. However, it's not just about getting the proficiency of your server provider matters as well. Meanwhile, many options will be presented to you during your search, which sometimes leads to confusion.

Different VPS hosting plans work for various users due to factors such as type of service, cost, website traffic, and many more. At the end of this article, you should understand the Virtual Private Server hosting features you need, the best VPS for dedicated IP addresses, and the tips in choosing the best VPS hosting plan for you starting from $4. 99 per month. Sign up for one of our unmanaged/managed VPS hosting plans and experience web hosting at its peak.

The Best VPS Hosting Features You Need

You must understand the meaning of VPS and why it is a better option for you. It would help if you also looked for the right web hosting provider/developer. Many business owners opt for the shared hosting plan until they figure out shared hosting couldn't longer contain their business growth. Hence, they switch to the VPS hosting solution. More so, VPS hosting is the most common server type among users today.

A virtual private server, also known as VPS, describes a physical machine's separation into several servers, usually by a virtualization technique known as a hypervisor. VPS's major significance compared with shared hosting is each server's unique operation without interrupting one another. That is, resources, bandwidth, CPU, RAM, and disk space are allocated to servers based on needs.

VPS hosting is one of the popular ways to enhance many global businesses' visibility. VPS hosting doesn't incur an extra fee on physical server purchase and maintenance. Considering its flexibility and ease of scaling up, it's ideal for many business types, including newbies and big organizations. Also, it helps users connect with the target audience from across the globe. We provide high quality and affordable package for as low as $4,99 monthly. You can contact us for the best VPS hosting service. Hence, this brings us to stating the best VPS hosting features you need.

When searching online for the best hosting services, ensure you are provided with important features. One of the features you should consider is the security measure, such as a firewall and a 3-way storage system. However, once you sign up for our VPS services, it will be deployed in less than 1 minute. Hence, you should subscribe to the managed VPS hosting with no delay. Also, we install a secured hard drive known as SSD in carrying out ultra-quick performance to achieve outstanding results. Moreover, consider these features before purchasing a package or opting for a VPS plan.

The Best VPS Hosting Features You Need

  1. Unlocked CPU: You should ascertain if you have optional root access to your CPU regulations, as some users are faced with these challenges along the way. Hence, they begin to contact their server provider until they are stuck between decisions. However, even with a managed VPS plan, our CPU is unlocked and easily accessible by users. That is, you can make certain changes about configuration, adjustments, and uploading.
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth: Bandwidth refers to the amount of data shared between users and servers when a website receives visitors. Hence, the amount of bandwidth you need for your server majorly depends on the number of visitors you receive. Before choosing the best VPS hosting plans, decide with your provider the estimated bandwidth to run your server monthly. It prevents you from paying extra costs in the nearest future.
  3. RAM: Decide on the resources you need to run your website smoothly. If your server undergoes various activities simultaneously, you might need quite a several RAM. However, we recommend plans for 2 GB of RAM for websites with moderate activities.
  4. SSD server: SSD server is a disk feature mostly used by reputable server providing companies. When choosing the best VPS features for your need, confirm if the solid-state drive is the hard disk being run with the system. So why choose SSD? SSD increases server performance two times the normal speed, thus, generating high traffic and creating a better visitor experience. They are also quick to reboot, and it takes a longer time to respond to power failure.

Our servers are powered by enough disk space, which is amazingly fast. Contrary to the old RAID-storage, we install software-defined storage(3-way) to store data. That is, your data are safe since they are stored in 3 storage systems. Also, it eliminates any negative influence from neighboring users. We offer our users the best server with guaranteed IOPS.

  1. Control Panel: Your server control panel is another VPS hosting feature that is of great importance. The best VPS system is installed with control panels that users can quickly navigate by simply clicking the right buttons or keys. Either you are running an online store, consulting agency, or any other program, make sure you can easily access your control panel. Our plans give you root access to the control panel.
  2. Unlimited Email account: Having an unlimited email account allow businesses with many employees and multiple domains to run their websites smoothly. Moreover, it eases communication by not overloading a single mail address. Hence, we allow multiple email users on our server.
  3. DDoS protection: DDoS protection is another feature that provides a safe and secured environment for your website. It prevents hackers from tampering with your website or any other threats that can harm the virtual machine.
  4. SSL: SSL certificate is presented to your website. It encrypts data and enables restoration when data are lost. Also, SSL certificates push many websites to top rankings in google search.
  5. Routine Backup: Even in an unmanaged VPS hosting plan/web hosting plan, your service provider is responsible for your website backup. Backups should be carried out routinely to guarantee the site`s safety.

The quality of the backup system mostly affects valuable working time. Hence, we enable users to back up manually while the server is running. We also provide native IPv6 support with no extra charge, and it is simple to deploy your server. With the native IPv6, you can activate a new VPS in lesser time.

Best VPS for Dedicated IP Addresses

Looking for the best VPS service to create a dedicated IP? here is an answer. We will briefly discuss what a dedicated IP address entails and why it might be a good option for you. However, note that a dedicated server is not compulsory for all businesses. Nevertheless, there are exceptions where a dedicated server is just the right option for a website. IP addresses are uniquely corresponding numbers that are similar to a free domain name. Although unlike free domain names, IP addresses provide further information about the user's location and the type of technology device connected to the internet.

Just as a dedicated server, a dedicated IP means a user fully owns the physical machine without sharing its server with another user. However, a dedicated IP address can host a shared server, dedicated server, or virtual private server. This guide will discuss how to get the best VPS for IP addresses. Why hosting an IP address on VPS might be the best for you: VPS alone provides maximum benefits for its users. When in combination with a dedicated IP address, users get the same value provided by dedicated hosting. It enhances your server security, performance, control, and customization.

How to Choose a VPS Hosting Plan for You

Having talked about hosting features, let's look into how to choose the best VPS hosting plans for you. However, there are two major VPS hosting plans: unmanaged and fully managed VPS web hosting. Here is a brief description of each plan:

Asides from the two major plans, VPS hosting providers offer different categories of the best VPS hosting plans, which vary with price, purpose, and feature. In this case, be intentional and clear about your business needs. Thus, here are further tips on choosing the best VPS hosting plan based on purpose:

All these plans come with adequate RAM size, give you root access to your site`s control panel, speed, and many more.

As mentioned earlier, you can also subdivide the VPS plans based on features. Hence, here are tips you should consider:

From Miami to London and Sydney to Bangalore, location isn't a barrier. This means that latency is kept low due to a datacentre always being nearby. We offer the best choice of server, from Linux based VPS host to Windows-based VPS, and have a tightly secured environment against DDoS attacks and threatening intruders.

If you need the best server online, we are ready at your service. Our flexible plans include various choices that provide you an hourly, daily, or monthly basis price rates. By so doing, you choose what you only need or provides a solution to your company's demand. We have highly skilled and friendly customer service available round the clock for online chats. Interestingly, we reward customers that perform actions on our platform.

Our large 40Gbit network prevents any data slowdowns and bottlenecks while sever processing. This 40Gbit gives 99.99% uptime alongside high-end Intel E5 processors. No more costly outages or server problems. Our great performance isn't just bluffs, as the benchmark scores we have is good evidence.

Our fully managed virtual machines are known for amazing I/O functionality compared to many VPS server providers out there. This great functionality is enabled by our servers' newly updated interface, which allows users to carry out several operations without rebooting or amending operating systems. Get a fully managed VPS plan from a trusted web host for your websites.


Our virtual private servers provide high-performance service, using the best Enterprise-class hardware with Dell and Mellanox. We have an online customer support team to help you with any VPS-related issues. Customer support helps individuals businesses by providing the right solutions.

Also, our cloud computing features are located in many data centers with quick deployment and cost-effectiveness. With this, your hosting can be available within 55 seconds. Our results are the Best VPS plans in the cloud market. Moreover, if you specifically want the best VPS that suits your need, you can contact our support team. We have experienced developers that will design your website to your taste. Change is inevitable in almost every business.

Your business would require scaling up, which means your server will need more resources such as bandwidth, disk space, and CPU cores. Choosing the best VPS hosting provider allows you to scale up resources without complications. Also, we have highly skilled staff that will monitor your server and troubleshoot server problems regularly. It gives notice about the problems ahead and provides ample time to proffer solutions. You will get a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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