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For our users to maintain a successful online presence, we offer a variety of Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solutions to provide optimal security and performance for all of your web hosting needs. Buying your virtual private server is critical to operating a high-quality, powerful online presence without worrying about high latency issues or insecure storage server management. Therefore, we ensure our customers are provided with top-tier quality VPS servers with the most reliable, secure, and cost-effective solutions.

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Our VPS Performance
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Our physical server locations cover over 16 different zones worldwide, so our virtual private servers are optimized to perform beyond average hosting services. Our VPS servers are equipped with the latest Intel processing power and SSD storage giving a fast and reliable performance. Like this, we offer various operating systems through Windows or Linux-based VPS hosting plans to provide you with the best possible service for your money.

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Deployment models

Secure Data & Live Backup

You no longer need to worry about downtime when using your web hosting with our VPS servers. You can always back up your web server in real time whenever you need it.

Flexible billing

Flexible billing

Cheap and affordable servers do not need a contract. Choose the length you want your server. Daily, weekly, or monthly we will make sure you are provided with equally high-quality performance.

Realtime server activation

Easy & Fast Setup

Configure your firewall and all rule additions in your dedicated server. We make it easy to set up your VPS server management through the control panel.

Live backups

Secure & Safe Solution

Our web hosting services are secured with high-end protection technology to provide the best VPS hosting service. Unlike shared hosting, we prioritize the privacy and safety of your virtual server.

Secure setup

Fast Firewall Setup

We understand that web hosting requires data-intensive workloads. We take pride in our high security and reliable infrastructure to provide rapid data storage replication

Firewall setup

Cloud Servers Performance

Choose between our high-performance Windows or Linux Cloud Servers deployment models. High-performance Windows or Linux Cloud Servers deployment models.

Server locations

Experience Remote VPS Server Management: Anywhere

16 Locations Worldwide for Dedicated Hosting Services

Our VPS servers span over 16 different locations worldwide to ensure your web hosting experience is at its optimal performance. Users get 3-way simultaneous storage space on our VPS servers or cloud hosting services for any size of industry website. Rather than a RAID system that only stores on a shared hosting server, we dedicate our server space and management in the cloud to perform high-end virtual private server experiences.

As we offer a NvME SSD storage platform, you are guaranteed storage that operates five times faster than regular storage with private server technology. Better yet, your virtual private servers bandwidth will scale up along with the growth of your site. Never again will your site users face high latency issues or slow page upload.

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The Power of High-Performing VPS Options

Our high-end KVM Virtualization technology guarantees top-notch Linux & Windows templates at unbeatable VPS hosting plans - Try our 7-day risk-free trial to put us to the test.

  • Fast Deployment & Flexible Pricing

    Our VPS hosting services offer some of the highest-performing technologies in the market of cloud server management. Depending on your needs, we have some of the best-optimized templates to ensure your needs are met for the price that fits your budget. Whether looking for Windows or Linux Cloud Server management, we offer the latest platforms to give you the best performance packages.

  • Windows Servers

    As a web hosting company, we proudly provide the latest Windows installments, such as Windows Server 2022. In addition, windows VPS hosting offers users enhanced security, dedicated server resources, and completely remote desktop access. With us, we also ensure flexible billing plans, a fast setup process, and support services.

    Depending on the Windows Version of your choice, our VPS hosting solutions give you the power to configure the server configuration to your needs.

  • Linux Operating Systems

    Linux is one of the most popular OS (operating systems) lately, so we have provided our users with only the best performance through Linux. Experience your mini dedicated server, extreme speed, easy upgrades, scalability, and affordability through our Virtual Private Servers with Linux.

    Rather than shared hosting through physical servers, our cloud server management escalates our VPS hosting provider as one of the best options. In addition, with access to Linux with multiple operating system options, we ensure you will be given only the highest-quality server environment.

    Our Linux OS options run with some of the most popular variances, such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Alpine Linux, Scientific Linux, Oracle Linux and CloudLinux.

    If you are looking for any specific operating system, chat with our 24/7 support to ensure you have the most relevant VPS solution and hosting plan.

16 locations worldwide for your application

24/7 management


Firewall protection

24/7 Online Management

Cost-effective variantsWith our Virtual Private Server hosting services, you are freely provided the benefit of a live 24/7 management control panel for all your website needs. We are also here 24/7 to ensure you can call on us for any needed assistance. Our servers are up 99% of the time, so you will never have to worry about the website being down

Why We Offer Management 24/7

Depending on your needs, we know that our users are located worldwide and need access to their servers anytime, day or night. Therefore, your control panel is essential to be at your full access giving you the power to manage any data to improve your website.

Since our VPS hosting is fully remote, you can access all the data and support you need, which is a huge benefit for those needing cloud hosting or on-the-go data upload. Advance your business anywhere with internet access to give the best performance for your customers.

Reliable Customer Support Team

We ensure you and your dedicated server are always under our radar with our tech support presence. If you are struggling with a code or need assistance with security, setup, or general information as a VPS host, we are here to help. Virtual dedicated server environments are our specialty, so you will never be left behind with a problem.

Whether you are on one of our low-budget plans of 3.99 a month or 99.99, we provide high-quality services for all of our users regardless of chosen plan or scale of their business. We are here only to help you grow and be successful.

Cost-Effective VPS Hosting Services

Cost-effective variantsWe provide some of the best VPS hosting services regarding affordability for your virtual servers. Enjoy the low latency and high quality rather than the slow and lacking web hosts with shared hosting companies. We ensure to provide you with the best performance and prices for your business. If you don't feel convinced, we offer a 1-7 day risk-free trial to put us to the test.

Why Choose a Cost-Effective VPS?

We believe having a web host that provides dedicated server options at an affordable cost is essential. With over ten years of experience, we have provided hundreds of websites with top-tier server environments to launch their companies into success. Cost-effective VPS solutions allow you to start your business without worrying about us being thieves in your pockets.

We do not provide services to take your money; we provide servers for others to experience their success story. Having an affordable VPS plan not only helps you boost your business but also gives you the ability to manage your dedicated server.

Choosing the Right VPS Hosting Plan

We offer many hosting plans depending on your needs. Each of our VPS hosting plan options is focused on three areas of optimization:

  • Storage

  • CPU

  • RAM

Depending on your company's needs, each of our high-performing templates makes it easy to choose what matters to you most without worrying about paying more than what you want for singular optimization.

With the ability to scale your business, you will always have the option to use our live backup options to preserve your company's information. Whether you need to escalate or downgrade plans, we offer various options to give you what you need.

Secure Data & Fast Firewall Protection

Cost-effective variantsWe know how to protect your data against DDoS attacks. These are severe problems for many users that we have taken into our hands as a top priority to protect against. We have put everything into our protected VPS hosting service to ensure you can work efficiently, knowing we got your back. In addition, our high-end technology and intelligent Network are programmed to detect incoming and outgoing DDoS attacks effective immediately. This will help you become aware of potential threats, along with our networks protecting them.

Why is Securing Data Storage Live Important?

When a server is down while you back up storage, this can drastically affect your numbers and the overall effectiveness of your website with your audience. Not only this, but it can give users an image of an unreliable company. This is why we know to provide you with secure data and live backup options to prevent data loss and de-escalation of your business.

Whether you need to scale your business to a bigger plan or updates to bring more security into the account against malicious attacks, storing your data safely while the website is still live is essential to your business' success.

Our high-end storage replication ensures that your data is always safe with our standard replication. With triple data replication, we provide an effective way to ensure the durability and longevity of your data. This lets you avoid possible data loss, which can destroy any business or website.

Reliability Matters to Us

A secure virtual server environment is essential to us, no matter the scale of our user's success. Without correctly setting up security, we understand there are many dangers to data loss and failure. Therefore, our VPS hosts and servers are given the highest quality technology and installations to ensure data and privacy are secured within our VPS hosting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPS? How is it compared to other hosting services?

A VPS, otherwise known as a Virtual Private Server, is a server that offers a hosted platform for your dedicated servers. There are other types of web hosting services other than VPS services, which are considered as follows:

  • Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is typically the most common option if you are new or just starting your business or brand. It is cheap and completely managed by the host. Although, this can bring slow upload and bad security to your website.

  • Cloud Hosting: Like VPS, cloud hosting is an excellent solution for a business with large site traffic and needs extra resources. Since your sites are hosted on multiple remote servers, you should have increased uptime.

  • Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting is known to be the most secure and stable, offering the most resources, and is usually picked by large businesses with a large amount of consistent traffic and big sales spikes.

  • Reseller Hosting: Reseller hosting is typically great for an online agency (like for web design), where you can offer clients packages. You pay wholesale while the client receives a white-labeled plan at your desired rate.

Our VPS hosting provides many options, from cloud server environments to dedicated ones. Choose what works best for you, and we help manage the rest.

What are the Different VPS Hosting Plans You Offer?

We offer many different plans optimized to fit your needs. So whether you need something standard, CPU-optimized, or memory-optimized, we provide high-quality servers at cost-effective prices.

With any VPS service, your dedicated resources within the virtual space are on a single physical server. This is why the options for more CPU cores, RAM, and storage are always provided. However, remember you are still constrained to the limits of the dedicated physical server. Consider our cloud hosting templates if the highest hosting plan is too low.

Our VPS hosting plans ensure you experience full root access to your hosting needs without the frustrations of sharing space with other hosting websites hosted companies.

Can I Upgrade my VPS Later?

Since you have no contract with any specific hosting plan, you have the freedom to choose from any program that fits the needs of your business. In addition, all data is immediately transferred with nothing to lose.

We provide three types of upgrades: Premium VPS, RAM-optimized, and CPU-optimized. Depending on the type of contract you choose can depend on how often we can better structure your platform.

Can I Host Several Websites on VPS?

Yes, you can host multiple websites on VPS. We offer high-end storage technology that enhances your ability to host as many websites as you need with the lowest latency.

What Are My Options on Operating Systems?

We offer pre-configured server templates based on KVM technology, with only the latest distros and releases. The list of operating systems includes only the latest in Windows and Linux systems. A few of our provided operating systems are Windows Server 2022, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Arch Linux, Gentoo OS, OpenSuse OS, CloudLinux, Scientific Linux, Alpine Linux, AlmaLinux, ClearOS, Rocky Linux, and much more.

What Technology Do You Offer on Your VPS Hosting Services?

We use the latest virtualization technology, KVM and Storage Replication to provide only the best performance and scalability for all our users. Because of this, KVM features many benefits to hosted servers, including:

  • Improved Performance: KVM offers high-quality enhanced performance due to the absence of a software layer between the hardware and the virtual machine.

  • Enhanced Security: KVM provides a secure virtual machine environment to locate and prevent malicious attacks on your website.

  • Scalability: As many companies look for development possibilities, we allow rapid deployment of new virtual machines to scale and meet demand quickly.

  • Flexibility: KVM supports various operating systems and can be used for multiple workloads. We offer the perfect Windows and Linux templates.

  • Simplicity: KVM keeps configuration to the minimum and gives direct admin experience. We are allowing you to save money.

Do I Need Coding and Tech Skills to Set Up a VPS?

Although having coding and tech skills is a plus in the hosting industry, we are here to ensure you do not have to worry about the hard things. Our tech support is available 24/7 to offer you any assistance necessary to help you reach your business goals.

What is Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosting?

When searching for a Virtual Server or (VM), you will notice managed and unmanaged VPS options. A managed server means the hosting provider handles the cloud environment management, such as server operating system upgrades. Here are some features of fully managed vps hosting:

  • Saves Time: No more wasting time on unnecessary work input. Focus on what matters for the development of your site.

  • Error or Stress-Free: Avoid the risks of complicating your system via costly mistakes.

  • Stay Updated: Keeps your system constantly updated at intervals. As a result, the provider is aware of new technology developments.

  • Easy Configuration: Well-programmed configuration from a provider with managed VPS to help reduce more possible fees.

  • Reduces Risk: Managed VPS reduces technical risks when needing a fix. Allowing the provider to fully understand any issues and fix them correctly rather than possibly jeopardizing the entire system

  • Generate More Traffic: If you have a complex business plan, having an enhanced background team is essential to generate high traffic in the future.

On the other hand, unmanaged options allow the more technically advanced users to manage their operating system or systems with little to no assistance. However, this can or not be more stressful on the user and cause possible delays in production without a proper understanding of back-end operations.

Our goal is to create a stress-free environment, enabling you to concentrate on developing and promoting your website. Our technical support is ready to help when you select the best VPS hosting plan for your needs. We will get everything set up for you right away.

Do I need a Dedicated Server?

With our dedicated server environments, our hosting offers greater flexibility, control, and security rather than shared hosting. Although small businesses typically do not look for a dedicated immediate, our scalability allows you to grow your business with us.

If your business scales quickly or has upcoming spikes due to a holiday or other special events, we offer you the best upgrades to bring your website up to speed (literally).

If you start with our basic plans, your site will have little room to grow within the space you choose to provide it. Although, as you add more data, upgrading to an advanced plan gives you far more room to grow your site. Our top-tier plans offer to start at 16 CPU cores, upwards of 500 GB of disk space, and 30GB of RAM. Although depending on your optimization needs, we can give up to 2TB of storage capabilities!

What are the Top Features of VPS Hosting?

Our VPS hosting services offer high-quality features that allow you to control the direction of your business without worrying about the technical side. A few of our VPS hosting features include:

  • Instant Setup: Your VPS server will be set up as soon as you achieve your plan with us. You will have access to your server right away.

  • Full Administrator Access: You have complete control over your VPS server with easy-to-access management for all your server needs.

  • Scalable Resources: We offer scalable servers allowing you to alternate between our hosting plans to give you what you need with ease, whether it is upgrading or downgrading resources (CPU, RAM, or Storage).

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Our tech support team is available 24/7 for any issues or questions regarding your server's needs.