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Live backups

Secure Data & Live Backup

You can back up your web server when it's real time. This means there is no downtime when using your web hosting with this service

Flexible Billing

There are no contracts or commitments. Choose how long you want to keep your server. Hourly, daily, or monthly.

Easy Setup

Configure your firewall and rule additions. They are easy and quick to set up and manage on the control panel.

Secure Solution

All our cheap web hosting servers have high security and protection to give you the best available Virtual Private Server on the market.

Server locations

Get The Best Location For Low Latency

Users get 3-way simultaneous storage space on multiple virtual servers on our cloud server or VPS hosting platform for any size or industry website. Much safer than a RAID system, which only stores on one shared hosting server. Better than a dedicated server on physical hardware.

NvME SSD is five times faster than regular storage with virtual private or dedicated servers alone. And your virtual dedicated server scales up your bandwidth as your site grows. Your site will never again annoy users by being too slow.

16 locations worldwide for your application

Windows Server Platform Benefits

Unlock the Power of our Windows virtual private servers (VPS) - Enjoy Fantastic Benefits in the Cloud!

  • Secure and reliable data storage

    Cloud technology ensures the highest levels of security and reliability for data storage replication technology. With advanced security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, live backups, and regular backups, you can rest assured your data is safe and secure.

  • High performance

    We provide high performance and scalability that allows you to quickly and easily scale up or down as you requirements evolve.

  • Flexible resources

    Control the resources you allocate your Windows virtual private server. You can adjust the size, the number of cores, and the RAM to ensure optimal performance.

  • Easy scalability

    You can smoothly scale your virtual private server to meet evolving requirements.

  • Reduced costs

    We look to reduce costs by allowing you to pay only for the needed resources. Choose from Premium, Memory-optimized, or CPU-optimized VPS plans.

Server Variants

Hosting Services


Virtual Private Server: Enjoy Many Server Variants

Cost-effective variantsA Windows Server instance is ideal for businesses and individuals seeking a secure, cost-effective virtual machine. Our virtual servers also provide unparalleled data security and performance, allowing you to run your applications with high availability and scalability.

Experience the power of a Windows Server 2022

With our cloud servers here, you can easily install and manage your applications and customize your system to meet your needs.

With our servers, you can enjoy the same level of performance and security as a dedicated server without the associated costs. Get started today and experience the power of a virtual server back in 2022.

Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS services is a Trustworthy worldwide web hosting service solution that provides instant Remote Desktop Access that is 24/7 online. Try 7-days. It also offers flexible billing, setup process, and support services. Furthermore, Best VPS solutions hosting allows customers to host multiple sites and users and use custom software for their needs.

With VPS hosting solutions, users can also configure the server configuration to their needs and use the Windows Server version of their choice.

Cheap VPS Hosting Services

Cheap VPS Hosting Services are available for budget-friendly hosting solutions. These services typically provide users with a cheap Windows or VPS server, enhanced security, remote desktop access, and dedicated resources. Furthermore, customers can use the Windows operating system or Microsoft Windows for their hosting solution.

Additionally, customers can use full admin access to various control panels and have full root and administrator access.

Windows VPS Hosting Plans

Windows VPS virtual private server hosting plans provide customers with various hosting solutions to meet their needs.

These full Windows hosting plans typically include Windows Server, a dedicated environment, control panel, dedicated resources, disk space, an operating system, system, and support services. Additionally, Windows VPS hosting plans offer various levels of security, including cloud virtual private servers and cloud VPS hosting.

VPS Hosting Provider

When choosing a VPS Hosting Provider, choosing one that provides users with the best hosting solution is essential. This includes offering Windows VPS solutions hosting plans with dedicated resources, enhanced security, remote desktop, full administrator access only, and full root access.

Virtual private server customers should look for hosting providers offering flexible billing, customization options, and setup processes. Furthermore, customers should ensure their provider offers support services such as game servers, managed services, and Windows hosting plans.

VPSServer.com provides reliable Windows VPS servers and solutions to keep your business running smoothly. The servers are connected to a secure data center with a reliable connection and the latest hardware available. This ensures your VPS is always up and running, giving you peace of mind.

Windows Server Scalability

Our Windows VPS solutions are completely scalable, so you can easily adjust your server's resources to accommodate your growing needs. This makes it easy to upgrade your server without investing in a completely new one.

Cost-Effective Windows Server Solutions

Our Windows VPS solutions are designed to be cost-effective and provide you with the best possible value for your money. We strive to offer the most competitive prices and affordable plans available on the market today. Our plans are tailored to fit any budget and meet your individual needs.

Solutions have various features that provide the best user experience, such as reliable uptime, scalability, and security. We determined through our tests that, we also provide various tools, such as support for Windows Server 2019 and 2022, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Office 365, that make managing and maintaining your server easy.

Server solutions allow you to easily set up applications, deploy websites, and host databases in a secure environment. Additionally, our Windows VPS solutions come with 24/7 support and can be scaled up or down to fit your changing needs. With all these features combined, it's easy to see why our managed VPS hosting solutions are the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes.

What are cost-effective Windows Server Solutions?

Windows Server Solutions are cost-effective solutions designed to help businesses save on costs while providing the needed performance and reliability. Windows Server Solutions are designed to be easy to set up and manage, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Windows Server Solutions are also highly secure, so businesses can rest assured that their data is safe and secure. After putting it to the test, Windows Server Solutions provides businesses with several benefits, including reduced costs, improved performance and reliability, and better security.

By using Windows Server Solutions, businesses can save money on hardware and software costs, maintenance, and support.

Additionally, Windows Server Solutions provide businesses with improved performance, reliability, and security. This can help businesses protect their data and ensure their operating systems can run smoothly.

Choosing the right Windows Server Solution

Businesses should consider their needs and the required features when choosing a cost-effective Best Windows Server Solution. Depending on their size and budget, businesses may use a shared hosting service, a dedicated server, a cloud-based, or a hybrid solution.

Each option has advantages, and businesses should consider their options carefully.

Additionally, businesses should consider their security needs and the cost of setting up and managing their Windows Server Solution. The cost of setting up and managing a Best Windows VPS Server Solution can vary greatly depending on the business's specific needs.

Windows Server Solutions are cost-effective solutions designed to help businesses save on costs while providing the needed performance and reliability. When choosing a cost-effective Windows Server Solution.

Businesses should consider their specific needs, the required features, their security needs, and the cost of setting up and managing their Best Windows VPS Server Solution. By choosing the right Windows Server Solution, businesses can save on costs, improve performance and reliability, and protect their data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the Windows licenses on VPSServer.com more expensive than I expected?

We understand that Windows licenses on our platform might cost more than you anticipated. This price increase is due to recent changes made by Microsoft in their licensing fees. As a hosting company, we must pay Microsoft a monthly fee for every Windows license provided to our hardware platform. When Microsoft increases its prices, we must adjust our pricing structure accordingly to continue offering Windows-based virtual private servers (VPS).

Our primary goal is to provide a high-quality hosting service that meets the needs of our customers while remaining as affordable as possible. We continuously monitor the market and strive to offer competitive prices. However, we have no control over Microsoft's pricing decisions, and we must pass on those costs to our customers to maintain our services' quality and sustainability.

Despite the higher Windows license fees, we remain committed to delivering exceptional value by providing a reliable, secure, high-performance VPS hosting environment. Our team is constantly working to optimize our infrastructure and offer additional features to help you make the most of your Windows VPS.

Can VPSServer.com do anything to reduce the costs of Windows licences for customers?

We understand that the increased cost of Windows licenses can concern our customers. Unfortunately, as a hosting company, we have limited control over the pricing set by Microsoft. The increased cost directly results from Microsoft's decision to raise the monthly fees that we, as a hosting provider, must pay for the Windows licenses.

We constantly seek ways to offer our customers the best value possible. We actively explore alternative solutions and evaluate potential discounts or promotions that can help offset the increased licensing fees. Additionally, we encourage our customers to take advantage of our scalable VPS plans, which can be adjusted according to your needs, ensuring you only pay for the resources you require.

We also provide a range of Linux-based VPS options without the added licensing costs associated with using Windows servers. While we understand that some customers may prefer or require a Windows-based environment, switching to a Linux-based VPS can be a cost-effective alternative for those willing to explore this option.

In summary, while we cannot directly control the pricing of Windows licenses, we remain committed to providing you with the best possible value and support in your VPS hosting journey. Our team is always available to discuss your requirements and help you find the most suitable solution.

How is the Windows pricing built above the base VPS plan pricing? And why is it designed this way?

Our team discovered through using this product that the Windows pricing for VPS hosting has been carefully designed to provide customers with a scalable and cost-effective solution that is also fair regarding resource allocation. With Windows Server requiring a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and two cores, the pricing structure is built upon the base VPS plan and includes a base fee and an additional charge per core for the Windows license. This approach allows customers to pay for their resources based on their performance requirements and budget. The pricing structure is comprised of:

  • A base plan starting at 7.99/mo includes a specific amount of CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth while ensuring that the Windows Server has at least 2 GB of RAM and two cores.

  • A base fee of 6.00/mo for the Windows license, which is necessary to operate the Windows operating system on the VPS.

  • An extra charge of 6.00/mo per core for the Windows license, with the cost scaling up as the server configuration requires more CPU cores. This per-core pricing model promotes scalability and fairness for customers who only pay for their needed resources.

By adopting this pricing structure, we can cover the cost of Windows licensing and other associated infrastructure expenses while offering customers a customized high-performance cloud solution.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Windows VPS plan at any time?

Yes, at VPSserver.com, we understand that your hosting needs may change over time. As a result, we offer the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your Windows VPS plan whenever required. You can easily adjust your server resources (CPU, RAM, and storage) through our user-friendly control panel without downtime or data loss. Our support team is also available 24/7 to guide you through the process and help you choose the most suitable plan for your needs.

How do I manage my Windows VPS server?

We provide full administrator access to your Windows or VPS servers, which allows you to manage your server and install custom software as needed. You can use the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect to your server and perform various tasks, such as configuring settings, managing files, and installing applications. Additionally, our intuitive control panel offers a range of management tools, including server reboots, backups, and resource monitoring, to help you maintain your server effectively.

What is the current version of Windows Server?

As of September 2021, the latest version of Windows Server is Windows Server 2022, released in August 2021. This version builds upon the features and improvements introduced in Windows Server 2019 and offers enhanced security, hybrid capabilities with Azure, and support for modern workloads.

What are the key features of Windows VPS hosting plans?

Our analysis of this product revealed that Windows VPS hosting plans have various features to provide a reliable, secure, high-performance hosting environment for your applications and websites. Some of the key features include:

  • Instant Setup: Your Windows VPS is set up instantly upon completion of your order, ensuring you can start using your server right away.

  • Full Administrator Access: You have complete control over your Windows VPS with full administrator access, allowing you to manage your server and install custom software as needed.

  • Scalable Resources: Our VPS plans are easily scalable, enabling you to upgrade or downgrade your server resources (CPU, RAM, and storage) according to your needs.

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Our experienced support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.