Exploring Your Best Windows VPS Option

Choosing a Windows operating system-only VPS hosting provider is a cleve¬r move that gives you the strength, speed, and adaptability of a specific se¬rver, but at a lower cost. Our VPS service provides numerous Windows hosting plans. You can pick from Standard, CPU-enhanced, or Memory-enhanced options. Count on round-the-clock online access with outstanding reliability and performance, backed by our expertise.

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Low worldwide latency | Remote desktop access | Full administrator access

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Robust Cloud Server Plans
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You have the flexibility to select from a range of server configurations hosting providers that provide a dependable and secure hosting environment.

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Live backups

Protected Data and Real-time Backup for Enhanced Security

Enjoy uninterrupted accuweb hosting with our real-time backup service, which allows efficient backing up of your web server without any downtime.

Flexible Billing Options for Your Convenience

Commitments or contracts are not required! Select the duration you prefer to have your server - whether it's base on hours, days, or even month. Enjoy complete flexibility with our billing options.

Quick and Simple Setup for Your Convenience

Setting up and managing your drive force and any other additions of rule is a simple and speedy task using your control panel

A Safer solution

Our inexpensive servers that web-hosting are equipped with efficient security and safe features to provide you with one of the highly provided Virtual Private Server hosting anywhere in the current market. If you’re looking for a Windows server and web hosting and solution that is both affordable and reliable? You’ll be pleased to know that ours is just the one for you.

Server locations

Find the Perfect Location for Latency That is Low on your Virtual Private Server

Our own cloud server based servers or VPS hosting based platform provides users with simultaneous disk space. This disk space is 3-way on a cloud server and multiple virtual network computing. This is making it an ideal solution for any industry or websites of different sizes.

Unlike any RAID system, that only has the ability to store data to only a few disk space or single divided hosting server, our platform is much safer and more reliable. It’s also efficient than one specific server on physical hardware.

With NvME SSD, our windows virtual private servers or personalized servers are five times better than regular storage alone. Additionally, your best virtual private server personal server that elevates your bandwidth as one of your site starts to grow, ensuring that your site never gets slow ad annoys you the most.

16 locations worldwide for your application

The Benefits of a Platform for Windows Server

Experience the full potential of our virtual private servers (VPS) for Windows and enjoy a host of amazing advantages surrounded by the cloud!

  • Reliable and Safe Data Storage

    For data storage replication, our cloud technology offers the best security and dependability available. To make sure that your data is safe and secure, we employ cutting-edge security methods including intrusion detection, firewalls and systems that prevents it, backups for routine and mostly live backups. Knowing that your personal data is in capable hands allows you to relax.

  • Better Performance

    You can easily adjust your resources to match your changing needs with a little help from our hosting service. It's adaptable, efficient, and supre easy to use! This means that you can go up and down on the scale without worrying about downtime or other issues. Pretty impressive right?

    So as your company grows, you have a companion that can evolve with you. You can get all the resources you need to manage traffic better. You may take advantage of blazing-fast speeds and dependable performance, even during periods of high usage, with our cutting-edge NvME SSD technology.

    So why wait? Sign up today and start experiencing the benefits of our high-performance hosting platform!

  • Flexible Resources

    You can manage the resources allocated to your Windows vps by adjusting the size cpu cores, core's number, and RAM. This will help you achieve optimal performance and scalability for your Microsoft SQL server, enabling you to meet the evolving demands of your business or website.

  • Easier Scalability

    You get a virtual private server that you scale effortlessly and efficiently. This means that you can modify your resources without worrying about downtime or other issues. Our platform provides the dedicated server resources that you need to manage greater traffic, whether you’re looking to expand your business or not.

    We use NvME SSD technology to offer you full root access lightning-fast speeds. So you get reliable performance, even during peak hours. You can flexibly scale your platform as your company grows and achieves its goals.

  • More Cost-Effective

    You only need to pay for what you use with our VPS services. No extra charges, and no unnecessary add ons! We have Memory-optimized and VPS plans that are CPU-optimized, along with Premium options. Now, you get to choose which plan you want and why.

    Our scalable resources and flexible pricing let you adjust your plan as your company's needs change. These flexible plans create an environment where you always have the tools you need to succeed.

Hosting Platform

Hosting Service


The full (VPS) Virtual Private Server Hosting Platform Experience

Cost-effective variantsWindows Server instances by VPS and virtual server, are cost effective and secure, making them the perfect solution for small companies. But it's not all about the small companies. You get top-notch performance and secure data with our virtual servers. These serveers will let you compete with the rest of the market.

The Linux VPS server and Microsoft virtual servers aren't anything to scoff at. So you can rest assured that your data is safe in data center locations. With our highly available and scalable resources, you won’t have to worry about downtime or other issues. This allows you to quickly adapt to your changing needs.

Our platform offers full admin access to to the resources you need to manage increased traffic, whether you’re looking to expand your business or not.

Unlock the full potential of our Windows Server and experience its power today

Easily set up and control your windows apps, your game servers while tailoring your operating system, to suit your preferences using our cloud servers.

VPS servers give you the performance of a one specific server, like the added security and improved performance, without any of the added expenses. Discover the versatility of a server that is also virtual and that's just as trustworthy and powerful as a physical one. But unlike a physical one, it's also very flexibile and scalable.

The advantages of Windows VPS hosting services

With Windows Virtual Private Server Services you quickly get a Remote Desktop Access available 24/7. It also provides a trial period for 7 days, with flexiblility in billing, setup, and customer-services. These VPS Solutions also allow web hosting for multiple sites with unlimited domains and users. You can even use software that is customized for better personalization.

Another advantage of using Windows and VPS hosting plans is that you'll analyze the server however you want. For example, choose the version of Windows Servers you want.

Inexpensive Hosting Service of VPS

You can find pocket- friendly hosting solutions with Inexpensive VPS Hosting Services. These shared hosting services offer users an inexpensive Windows or VPS server, better security, desktop access remotely, and dedicated resources. Additionally, users can use the Microsoft Windows or Windows operating system for their hosting solution.

Furthermore, customers can enjoy complete admin access to various control panels and have full root and access to administration. This implies that you are in total control of your hosting solution and can alter it to suit your preferences.

Plans for Windows VPS Hosting

If you’re looking for a hosting solution that meets your needs, Windows VPS Hosting Plans offer a variety of options. These plans provide a dedicated environment, control panel, specific resources, disk space, an operating system, and support services. Moreover, Windows VPS hosting plans offer various levels of security, including cloud private servers virtually and cloud virtual private server hosting.

Providers for VPS Hosting

When selecting a provider that has VPS Hosting , it’s essential to choose one that provides the ideal hosting solution. This includes offering Windows VPS hosting plans with dedicated resources, enhanced security, full remote desktop access, full administrator access, and full root access.

Customers looking for virtual private servers should look for hosting providers that offer flexibility in billing, different options of customization, and setup processes. Moreover, customers should make sure that their provider are providing them support services such as , managed services, game servers, and Windows hosting plans.

Reliable Windows VPS servers and solutions are offered by VPSServer.com to ensure the seamless operation of your company. The servers are linked to a secure data center and dedicated servers are equipped with the most recent hardware available via a dependable connection. This gives you piece of mind by guaranteeing that your VPS is always available and operating.

Scalability of Windows Server

The scalability of our solutions for Windows VPS allow you to effortlessly modify the resources of the server to meet your expanding requirements. Because of this, updating your server without any need to buy a new one is simple.

Budget-Friendly Solutions for your Windows Server

Our VPS packages for Windows are designed in such a way that they we tried to make them as cost-effective as we can. This also provides you with the every possible and economical deal. We put a lot of effort into providing the most affordable plans and competitive pricing currently available. Our programs are made to fulfill all your specific demands and fit any range of the client's budget

Our products are the greatest for users because of their scalability, security, and reliable uptime, to name a few attributes. We've also tested and discovered that we provide a variety of technologies, such as support for Microsoft Office 365,Windows Server 2019 and 2022, and Microsoft SQL Server that make organizing and maintenance of your server easy.

You can quickly install websites,host databases and set up apps in a safe environment with our server solutions. Our Windows VPS plans can also be leveled up or down to meet your ever-evolving needs, and they include 24/7 support. With all of these services included, it's simple to understand why organized VPS hosting from us is the best option for companies of every available sizes.

Which are those Budget- Friendly Solutions for your Windows Server

Solutions of Windows Server are engineered to be economical while offering enterprises the essential dependability and performance. For companies of all sizes, they are perfect because they are simple to arrange and maintain.

Because Windows Server Solutions are so secure, company data is guaranteed to be safe and protected. It has been discovered through testing that Windows Server Solutions provide businesses a number of advantages, such as lower expenses, enhanced performance and dependability, and enhanced security.

Businesses can reduce expenditures on maintenance, support, and software and hardware by utilizing Windows Server Solutions.

Furthermore, Windows Server Solutions boost a company's security, dependability, and performance. This can guarantee that operating systems function properly and help organizations safeguard their data.

Selecting Ideal Solutions for your Windows Server

Businesses seeking for a cost-effective Windows server solution should take into account their specific needs, the features that are essential, their security requirements, and the cost of setting up and maintaining their Best Windows VPS Server Solution. Businesses can utilize cloud-based, dedicated servers, shared hosting, or hybrid solutions, depending on their needs and budgetary restrictions. Businesses should carefully weigh their options since each proposes advantages of its own.

Businesses should also consider the cost of setting up and maintaining their Windows Server Solution, as well as their security requirements. Depending on the particular requirements of the company, the setup and management costs for the Best Windows VPS Server Solution can differ significantly.

Windows Server Solutions are made to be economical while offering companies the performance and dependability they want. By selecting the appropriate Windows Server Solution, companies may reduce expenses, enhance efficiency and dependability, and safeguard their information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Windows licenses cost more on VPSServer.com than I thought they would? Could you elucidate the reasons behind this?

The cost of licenses of Windows on VPSServer might've caused some alarm. Understand that we’re a company that hosts and who have to pay a fee on monthly bases for all Windows license registered on our hardware. And guess what? Microsoft Windows just raised their fees again. To keep offering you virtual private servers (VPS) that are based on our Windows servers, our prices also rise with increasing prices.

Giving you the best hosting experience at a fair price is our main priority. Keeping our prices low, despite it being a major priority, just isn't possible sometimes with how the market's moving. These services remain high-quality and scalable because of those prices.

Don’t worry though, we still have your back. Even with the higher cost of managed Windows vps licenses, we’re still dedicated to giving you great value by providing a trustable and fast VPS hosting environment which is also safe. We’re always working hard to improve our infrastructure and add new services, so you can enjoy your managed Windows VPS hosting here.

I was wondering if VPSServer.com has any control over the cost of Windows licenses and if there is anything they can do to decrease the cost for their customers?

We get it, the higher price of Windows licenses is a bummer. But sadly, as a a hosting provider company, we can’t do much about the prices that Microsoft sets. The higher cost is because Microsoft decided to charge us more every month for the licenses of Windows .

But we’re not giving up on finding ways to save you money. We’re always looking for other solutions and checking out any discounts or deals that can lower the licensing fees. Plus, we have flexible VPS hosting plans too that'll let you pay for what you use.

If you want the same control as a Windows server without the extra licensing costs, why not look into our Linux-based VPS options? Some of you might prefer Windows servers, but transferring to a Linux-based VPS can be a good option for those who can't effort the licensing costs.

Unfortunately, nothing is possible about the costing of Windows licenses. But we’re still here to help you get the best support and value for your VPS web hosting plan here. You can easily talk to our team and find the best service for you.

Can you explain how the pricing for Windows licenses is calculated on the base VPS plan pricing?

It's likely you have questions about the pricing for our Windows VPS hosting and managed services here. Our team has carefully designed the pricing to offer clients a solution that is both economical and scalable while maintaining equitable resource distribution

Windows Server requires a RAM that has at least 2 GB and two cores, and the structure of the pricing is dependent upon the base VPS plan. It consists of a base fee plus an extra charge for each core related to the Windows license. Customers can pay for their resources according to their budget and performance requirements with this approach.

The pricing structure is comprised of:

  • A base plan that starts from 7.99/month. This includes set amounts for RAM, CPU, bandwidths and storage, along with a guarantee for a Windows Server to have at least 2 GB RAM and two cores.

  • A Windows license with a base fee of atleast 6.00/month. This licensing fee is essential to run the Windows operating systems on the VPS.

  • Extra charges for 6.00/month per core for the Windows license. The cost scales up as the server configuration that needs more cores of CPU . A per-core pricing model'll promote better scalability and fairness for customers.

By using this pricing model, we can provide customers with a high-performance cloud solution that is tailored to their needs while also covering the cost of Windows licensing and other related infrastructure costs.

Is it possible to downgrade or upgrade my VPS plan for Windows any time?

We got that your hosting may require change over time, and we’re here to help. VPSserver.com let's you downgrade or upgrade your Windows VPS plans whenever you need to.

Adjust your server resources directly by choosing your CPU, storage and RAM through our customer-friendly control panel in real time. A customer service team is also around 24/7 to help. They'll tell you how to scale your plan and assist you to choose the right plan.

What are some tips for managing a Windows VPS server?

All users get complete administrator access to Windows or VPS servers, where they can manage their server and download custom software.

Connect to the web server, manage files, install applications, and configure web host and settings with the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The control panel that is intuitive also grants access to web host and different management tools, as well as backups, resource monitoring and server reboots. These tools help in maintaining your server.

What version of Windows Server will I use?

The most recent version, Windows Server 2022, was made available to users in August 2021. It is the most recent version at the time of writing.

Windows Server 2022 builds improves on the features of Windows Server 2019. The new iteration came with improvements to security and capabilities of hybrid with Azure. It also act as load balancer by offering maximum support.

What features can I expect from Windows VPS servers?

Windows VPS hosting plans come with different features that are reliable and secure. It contributes to a efficient-performance hosting environment for your websites and applications. Some of the prominent features include:

Complete Access to Administration

Users have fully control on their Windows VPS servers with full administrator access. From installing custom software as required to managing your server, you have complete control over virtual server.

24/7 Customer Support

Professional and skilled support team is on standby 24/7 to offer assistance with any query or issues you might have.

Scalable Resources

VPS plans scale very easily, letting you to upgrade or downgrade your server resources. Make changes to your CPU, RAM, and storage as you see fit.

Instant Setup

Completing your order instantly sets up mail servers for your Windows VPS hosting plan. You can start right using your server right away without worrying about downtime.

These services allow for server easy and seamless management of a web host and Windows VPS solutions. Any questions or concerns, can be directed towards our support team.