In the dynamics of buying and selling, one key goal is that everyone wins. There is always a push and pull process, where each person takes off some value to add another. In the end, everyone reaches that balance that seems to be profitable for everyone. This win-win situation is almost impossible without one major tool it is called negotiating. However, before negotiation, every party must know what each of them is out to gain from the deal. When each party negotiates enough to meet these targets for each party, then it becomes a win-win.

How to Find the Right Web Hosting Plan

Bringing negotiation to the IT space, web hosting companies offer different services with the general aim of making some profit. On the other hand, Website owners patronize them intending to get excellent hosting services for their websites. As generic as that seems, there are several intricacies to getting the best web hosting plans.

To start with, two major things cumulate in an excellent web hosting service. They are speed and availability. As simple as they seem, a lot of things have to be put together to achieve them. More importantly, these things come in different dimensions to meet the needs of different websites.

Think of web hosting as pastries. All pastries are made with flour, but different proportions of flour are required to make different kinds of pastries. Apart from flour, several other ingredients are added to make to achieve a unique result every single time. Thus, the kind of pastry you plan to make will determine how much flour you'll buy, and what other ingredients you'll add to it. Chef A may choose to use eggs, While Chef B opts for milk. In the end, they are both making pastries, only that it differs in uniqueness, thus requiring different ingredients.

This analogy explains the varieties and peculiarities that are available in the Web hosting market. Just like flour is to every pastry, every Web host aims to offer you storage on their server. However, the exclusivity of such storage, the RAM, its bandwidth, and certain other factors determine how effective the storage will be to each customer. Another factor to be taken into consideration is the kind of website you seek to get server storage for. A web hosting company may be the best for one user and disastrous for another, depending on the peculiarities of their sites.

Generally, the traffic that each site attracts is used as a prescription for different web hosting services, but there are different hosting plans within each form of web hosting. Factors like the size of each webpage and codes, number of plugins, amount of traffic it generates, and several other important things should be put into consideration before opting for a web hosting plan.Here's a list of web hosting services.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most pocket-friendly option of all web hosting services. Based on traffic, it is suitable for small blogs and websites with little or no traffic. This is because a shared hosting server is like a dormitory with several beds in it. Everyone shares the same toilet and bathroom as well as the same room setting. Everything is pretty much generic, such that if one person cooks in the dorm, everyone feels the heat, if one person delays in the bathroom, then everyone is late. It's pretty much the same thing for Shared Hosting. Everyone shares the same server, with no private restrictions whatsoever. Once a particular website has some sort of traffic, it weighs on every other website on the server, such that it takes more time for their webpage to load. This is because the server is trying to process several requests at once, which is rather unusual for a shared hosting server.

Furthermore, everyone uses the same operating system and configuration settings. This is because users do not necessarily have root access to the server, so only the web hosting provider can control these things. The downside to this is that in case the settings do not exactly suit your websites, you have to roll with it anyway. If you're working on a very low budget, Shared hosting works best for you. You can find deals as low as $1.5 per month. However, you might want to reconsider if you have some traffic. Using a shared hosting server for a website that attracts traffic not only affects your load speed but also slows down every other website on that server.In web hosting, you must always remember that bad speed is bad news for your business.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is a custom-made option for WordPress sites.Its plugins, settings, and templates are put together to give WordPress websites the most optimized services available. This kind of hosting to WordPress sites is what the wind is to the eagle. WordPress hosting helps WordPress sites to soar with less effort from the web owners. Though a WordPress site can also work on normal websites, it is best to use WordPress hosting for optimized results with less effort.

WordPress hosting comes in two major plans; shared WordPress and managed WordPress. Shared WordPress hosting is such that several WordPress users share a WordPress optimized server. Just like typical web hosting, no configuration or operating system is user-specific. However, WordPress hosting is better for WordPress websites in that it is built primarily for WordPress site owners. Most of these hosting plans come with features like the one-click WordPress installer, which makes the installation of WordPress as uncomplicated as one single click can be. Some take it a step further by saving you the stress of clicking at all.

They simply install WordPress for you while you're registering for their hosting services. Such hosting plans also offer to update your themes, plugins core, and other parts of your software every now and then. These are simply basic features that are expected from WordPress host providers. Other features may differ according to each web hosting provider. Shared WordPress hosting is a cheaper option for WordPress hosting. You can get plans whose prices range from 4-10 dollars per month.

Managed hosting is a more expensive but optimized option. More often than not, managed WordPress users opt for a dedicated server. This gives them more control and discretion over their servers. The highlight of managed WordPress hosting is that they don't get to manage it themselves. An expert team provided by the host providers is in charge of the setting, running, and maintenance of such servers. That way, you can get the best settings and maintenance without having to figure it out yourself.

However, managed VPS does not necessarily have to be on a dedicated server. Such servers are more suitable for WordPress sites with massive trafficWordPress site owners can also use managed WordPress hosting on VPS hosting, cloud hosting, or shared hosting. The upside to this is that you get a better up-time offer, stronger security against hacking; malware;and viruses,faster speed, and a server that is probably updated. It however comes with some cost, which in some cases might be a 150% increase in price compared to shared VPS hosting.

Dedicated Server:

This server is perhaps the most expensive option of all web hosting services. With its price comes some premium quality too. While shared hosting offers a server and its resources to be shared among users, Dedicated hosting offers its server and resources to just one user. More often than not, such users have large websites with high traffic. They usually need all the traffic and bandwidth they can find. What's more, is that Dedicated servers can either run managed or unmanaged hosting. While unmanaged hosting is cheaper, it is not suitable for all kinds of users.

This is so because running the management and maintenance of a whole server, including software and security updates requires some sort of expertise. It also requires extra time and effort to monitor your servers, seeing that users have to monitor their web pages too. This makes managed hosting a better option for such users. Though more expensive, managed to host avails you with a team of gurus who handle the maintenance of your servers in the best way possible. Dedicated hosting particularly allows for flexibility. Since you're in control of your space, you can switch it up anyhow you like, or as is required by the needs of your website.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a different ball game entirely. Normally, web hosting is a game of servers. Cloud hosting however takes it a step further by creating a virtual server that accesses a number of physical servers. think of cloud hosting like a debit card which can work with different automated teller machines. With your debit card, you can withdraw cash from any ATM around. In case one ATM is unable to dispense cash, you can easily insert your debit card in another ATM to get cash out. Your ATM saves you the stress of filling withdrawal slips at banks or being stuck in case your bank has no branch in sight.

Your webpages, codes, and others are like the money in your hosting stores your data on different servers which are like the ATMs. The debit card would be a virtual machine, through which you can access all the physical servers that hold your data.

The major benefit of cloud hosting is that it is more reliable and secure. For example, if one ATMbreaks down, you can simply insert your card in another one to get out cash. In case there are long queues, you can also move to another ATM to save your time. It's the same for Cloud hosting. In case one server is out of service, or it has so many requests to process, your virtual machine can easily request the data from another server within the cloud.

There are two major cloud hosting plans; public cloud and private cloud. Public cloud enables you to share all the physical servers that hold your data. Though you share the hardware with other users, your resources are peculiar to you, while others also have their resources. Needless to say, this option is cheaper since you have to share the cost of each physical server with other users. This makes public hosting some sort of duplication of VPS hosting.

A private cloud is like having several dedicated servers holding your files. It involves duplicating your files in physical servers to be used by you alone. This option is more secure and it guarantees better speed. Of course, it is more expensive, but it is as well more suitable for big websites with high traffic.

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows Virtual Private Hosting is a web hosting that gives a user private, exclusive, and discretionary use and control of the server. Its services seem to be a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. this means that you share the server hardware with other users, but you have total discretion over your resources.

The windows VPS hosting can also run managed or unmanaged plans, depending on your ability to manage your virtual server effectively. Windows VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, yet cheaper than dedicated hosting.

Choosing The Right Windows VPS

While all VPS plans are good, certain factors stand the best of them out. They are:


This describes how long a server spends being active. Your website can only be active for as long as your host server spends in action. You should look out for the best uptime you can find while checking for VPS.


You should also look out for companies that offer excellent bandwidth, RAM, processors as well as Storage I/O speed. These are factors that affect the load time of your site. As you already know, bad speed is bad news for your business.

Proximity: while checking for hosting companies, make sure the server that is to host your site is close to your target audience. This enhances your speed and load time.

While it is good to find a company that works with your budget, you should also be keen on quality too. Some products offer quality at a very reasonable price. Products like VPSserver offer lightning speed for Windows VPS. The product offers several plans; managed or unmanaged. It also offers a variety of operating systems and templates all for prices as low as 5 dollars a month.

Eventually, the best web hosting plan is one that is suitable to meet your needs, no matter how versatile they are.

VPS Windows 7

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