USA Datacenter

SSD VPS United States


Datacenter information

We have several datacenter locations in the USA. Because these locations are spread around the United States you have a low latency connection in all Northern America. East coast or west coast, even central America, there is a location for everybody. All VPS servers on these locations have Linux and Windows OS's.


Network information

All datacenters come with a 1gbit connection which makes it ideal if you need a high capacity server. The virtualization of our servers is based on KVM. This method is very stable and reliable for hosting purposes. You can rent your cheap Virtual Server in the USA for only a fraction of a dedicated server and can save you allot of money.

SSD VPS Hosting

The world's best and fastest KVM VPS. Guaranteed the best I/O performance!

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Extra information

Buy your VPS server instantly and use a virtual server instead of a hosting package. The price of a server in the USA starts at $5 a month. Many hosting packages are more expansive and have les resources.


Hardware and Software

New York and Silicon Valley have the biggest Internet Exchanges of the USA. Lots of traffic from Asia is routed via California and the same counts for New York as traffic for Europe. Try our Virtual Server now.

normal plan large plan
768 MB memory
1 core processor
50 GB disk
1 TB transfer
1 GB memory
2 core processor
75 GB disk
2 TB transfer
2 gb memory
4 core processor
100 gb disk
3 TB transfer
3 gb memory
5 core processor
125 GB disk
4 TB transfer
4 gb memory
6 core processor
150 GB disk
5 TB transfer
8 gb memory
8 core processor
200 GB disk
5 TB transfer
16 GB memory
8 core processor
300 GB disk
6 TB transfer
24 gb memory
10 core processor
400 GB disk
7 TB transfer
32 GB memory
12 core processor
500 GB disk
8 TB transfer
64 gb memory
20 core processor
750 GB disk
10 TB transfer

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