Linux VPS - How To Monitor Your Traffic, Speed, And Benefits

Linux VPS is designed for websites with heavy traffic. Read on to understand how to calculate your website's traffic and basic things you need to know.

Linux VPS Server Hosting covers your basic needs and so much more. For high traffic websites, features like customizability, flexibility, privacy, and scalability are vital. These characteristics, along with, cost-effectiveness and security, make VPS Hosting the perfect choice for anyone seeking seamless hosting services.

Assess the specific requirements of your website and choose the perfect Linux VPS Hosting plan that suits your needs.

How Much Traffic Can A Linux VPS Handle?

Traffic generally refers to the number of users per load. Network traffics are straight forward in the VPS hosting plans, e.g 200mbps with 2 TB total traffic per month. If you have a heavy website it is around 4 to 5 MB which indicates traffic of around 1.5 to 2 Million. If your website is light and accepts multiple requests then the traffic can go high as 4 to 5 Million.

Using a VPS is advisable only when you have millions of users per month otherwise shared hosting is perfect for minimum traffic of around 30,000 - 50,000 visitors per month.

The type of web hosting you decide on for your business can be decisive in determining how prosperous your website will be.

In our ever-moving world of the constant demand for speed, reliability, and privacy. You can’t risk running a site that's below par. According to a survey, over 45% of consumers expect a webpage to load in less than 2 seconds. This is why VPS hosting has continued to increase in popularity. It is a budget-friendly way for startups, bloggers, online gamers to use more power than a shared hosting site without the price of a dedicated server.

If your business has grown to the extent where a shared hosting plan can serve you anymore. The list of upgrade options you face might leave you feeling overwhelmed. For an average small business owner or C-level executive, only your basic website requirements to function might make sense to you. The rest might be overly complicated.

Calculating Manually

You can host 5000 real-time users with more than 5 million monthly pageviews on an 8GB hosting plan. Most especially if the site was built on WP.

For example, a typical $5 hosting plan that has 500MB/5GB memory can handle 1000–1500 real-time views. If you run a tight budget but still want a good VPS plan, then go for the $10 plan. It makes perfect sense if you are a startup or even if you have some good traffic.

If you have a great influx of traffic, for instance, 15 000 unique visitors. You need a VPS with a +2 CPU/core, 4 GB ram, and +200 Mbps. This only works if you run PHP/Apache MySQL and a database of around 500 MB or less.

For users who have a static site serving static HTML files of around 10–30 pages, you can get 50,000 - 100,000 unique visitors a day without too much load on the server. A VPS 1 CPU and 2 GB ram can get the job done.

The following are things that might slow down your server;

  • Tolerating MySQL queries you can optimize. For example, when you select a user with email X from a table of 1 million users, you have to define the email field as a table key or it results in lagging on your website.
  • When apache loops over a directory of files that got much larger than was anticipated when coding, the apache can end up using all server memory till it eventually crashes.
  • If a PHP session folder is not automatically cleaned by the system command and gets ridiculously huge, it can block new users from viewing the site.

Calculating With A Tool

Some software can help you calculate your traffic. It is a lot easier if you use monitoring charts because they tell you the amount of memory and CPU used.

Is Linux VPS Faster Than Shared?

According to research over 53% of mobile site users abandon a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. That means you’ll want to get a plan that can handle larger waves of traffic, without affecting the loading speeds. In short, loading any page has to be as fast as possible.

How do you hold a visitor's attention when all you have to get them hooked is less than 3 seconds? The answer is a fast and reliable host that won't disappoint you.

Possessing all the resources and security in the world won't change a thing. What matters is how smoothly your site runs. The amount of bandwidth you get will be different from plan to plan, while uptime varies depending on the provider you choose.

When it comes to speed, VPS hosting outperforms shared hosting. VPS hosting provides more bandwidth, more flexibility to configure your applications on the server, and it can handle an increase in traffic better. Shared hosting is completely okay for small sites with little traffic. However, you should be careful about how any sudden increase in your site’s popularity will affect performance.

With shared hosting, you’ll need to make sure there's a dedicated system administrator to keep the server running smoothly. If you manage multiple sites or have high traffic demands, VPS will be the better option.

What Can I Do With A Linux VPS?

A lot of people mostly use VPS for hosting their web services. You get the value of your money and it’s way more effective with a strong performance level, dedicated RAM, super-fast disks, and a server CPU unlike cheap alternatives like shared hosting.

Deploy A Personal Cloud

Data syncing is not the only feature of a personal cloud. There’s more to the cloud than contacts, calendars, and collaboration. Although they are equally as important, the ownCloud application can also handle data syncing. When you host an ownCloud on a VPS, apart from being available from wherever you need it to be, be rest assured that it’s completely secure and totally under your control.

Run a Game Server

The online gaming community is more relevant today than ever. You can use your VPS to set up an online game server to play with your friends or run an online gaming service.

Access A GUI Remotely

Users can use VPS to increase their knowledge of shell commands and Linux administration. However, some things can be difficult if you stick to the command line.

Stay In Touch With VoIP

A voice-over-internet protocol is allowed by a virtual private server. Users can own their private VoIP server and make calls over the internet. You can make calls to people on actual phones, talk to your colleagues while working, or gaming.

Automate A Program

If you have a game or media server that you want to automatically manage or administrate, getting a VSP set-up should be a priority. You can run a bot off your VPS that'll be in control of some already set commands. You can even set up a lightweight chat client that your users (or colleagues) can use to stay in touch with one another.

Collaborative File Editing

There are loads of note-taking tools available online today, some even double as collaborative office suites for teams when editing documents and spreadsheets. Instead of working with software that is unstable and can't maintain privacy. You can install a collaborative real-time editor that'll do whatever you want.

Video Teleconferences

There are several video messaging platforms used for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and social relations. Softwares like Zoom are more important in our lives because it makes connecting with people all over the world through a live feed easy. A Linux VPS hosting with a good plan can make your teleconferencing dreams come true.

Media Streaming

If you like to broadcast live events and multimedia from home but don’t need the extra teleconference features of the regular apps, you can run a web application that'll grant you complete freedom over the stream without worrying about problems like terms of services (ToS) and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violation issues from any platform.

Project Management

Your Linux VPS can be made to run project management (PM) programs, to better track progress, deadlines, and statuses for tasks.

Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP)make use of project management programs to increase productivity and organization workflow.

Social Networking

If you have privacy concerns and you're rather unsure of the popular social media platforms. You can design a more privacy-conscious program which can be self-hosted, and Discord.The major benefit of a lesser-known social networking platform is the “long-tail” methodology being used. While Facebook and the likes are all about connecting the whole world, long-tail social networks enable users to connect with smaller communities with shared interests and passions including.

Benefits Of A Linux VPS


Looking for the best server available doesn't mean you won't put your budget into consideration. For the budget-conscious people, Linux open-source solution means that you can access all the software that you need to create your perfect operating system.

The Open Source Network

One of the biggest advantages of Linux is its open-source software. Linux provides open-source solutions to its customers. This is because Linux is a collective system that anyone can contribute. It doesn't belong to anyone.

Linux is open-sourced, this approach is to encourage more innovation in the server space, which means that the server continues to improve over the years as new minds add more ideas to the mix.


There's practically no operating system that can completely defend you against all software attacks. However, Linux has been able to stand its ground in several cyber-attacks. While other proprietary systems rely on in-house teams to release patches, due to Linux open-source nature vulnerabilities are found and dealt with quickly.


Linux collects very little data from its users, and since you have control over the system, it can be customized in whichever way you want and can rid the system of any software you don't trust.


Unlike rigid operating systems like Apple and Windows, Linux is a fantastic and streamlined platform for modern developers. The modular nature of the system means you can design the solution however you want. Programmers can build their solutions from scratch or play around with the source code. The only rule is that whatever you derive needs to be free and open-sourced.


Linux isn't primarily designed for brand-new devices. it can also be used by older gadgets. If there's an old computer gathering dust around you, and can find something to run on even the most outdated systems. This means that and forgotten hardware can be revived. This probably has no importance to any business, but it can be a great opportunity for programmers to expand their wealth of knowledge.

Wide range of Choices

Using Linux guarantees you a system you can customize as you wish. This means that you have total control over how your system turns out. There's also plenty of free software where you can pick and choose the applications that suit you. Linux users are provided with the opportunity to mix and match the operating system of their dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you make use of a content management system (CMS), your configuration,plugins, and theme can decrease the efficiency of your site. You can however settle for optimizations to increase the number of visitors your site can handle.


If your account cant withstand the level of traffic you receive regarding the recommendations above, and you're not able to further optimize your site, you may have to upgrade your VPS plan to one that can accommodate a higher number of visitors per day.


The OS templates include the minimal installation you need to procure SSH access. You will be granted full root access to install any package you need.


Upgrades are calculated proportionally and are applied after your VPS has been rebooted. Immediately you make a payment, and it's your next billing date, you will be charged the new monthly amount. Once you make any changes, the Specification of your VPS is altered subsequently.


VPS hosting offers a lot more than shared hosting when it comes to site usage in modern times. With a lot of added qualities that make it easy to manage and customize.

These added features make VPS hosting easier for businesses that want added peace of mind and don’t mind paying for it. If you’re worried about the performance of your site being affected by others on a shared hosting plan, VPS is the way to go.

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