Many eCommerce and business websites need to use a secure environment that includes some dedicated resources about hosting in their websites. After all, their websites are their bread and butter. They cannot take the risk of lacking the requisite resources to accommodate their online practices and traffic. Their sales and revenue are threatened.

It is for reasons like this that many business owners are opting for VPS hosting. With a VPS hosting environment, business owners have an excellent hosting service that is not anywhere close to the costs that they'll incur if they are using a dedicated server. Plus, they'll have greater scalability and power than what is obtainable with shared hosting. It is resource-rich and very reliable, and all thanks to its cheapness, many people now prefer it to its dedicated counterpart.

Windows VPS or Linux VPS?

As soon as you have decided to settle for a VPS service, what should dominate your thinking next is the operating system to use with it. You can either go for a Windows-based server or a Linux-based server. Even though both operating systems have basic similarities in functions, they are things that differentiate them. For instance, your operating system's choice revolves around your preference and what you want to do with your VPS.


One of the most peculiar differences between a Windows-based VPS and a Linux-based VPS is its costs. While Linux is an open-source operating system that you don't have to pay before you use, Windows VPS is more or less like a commercial OS.

Hence, both their prices and their usage types are in any way similar. If you are running on Windows, you’ll have to consider their licensing policy. Windows VPS servers are built for more specialized activities, which go a long way to reflect their price tag.

If you are running on a low budget and are not after more significant functionality needs and requirements, then Linux-based VPS servers are your best bet. As a rule, Linux-powered VPS servers are generally less expensive than their Windows counterparts, even though both of them may feature similar specifications.

Tech Considerations

Next, you should think about the environment in your business and website will thrive on. Supposing that you are a developer using ASP.NET or ASP, you want to take advantage of the healthy modules for these scripts by adopting a Windows-based VPS server. In the same way, if you operate an MS SQL database, then it makes the most sense to opt for a Windows VPS.

The developers of the Windows VPS servers are conscious that they are mostly doing it for their customers. And for this reason, they provide a broader support base that includes seamless and regular updates.

If you want to go for open source systems like MySQL for augmenting your database or PHP for your development activities, rather than Windows, Linux VPS servers are the right deal for you. With Linux, you’ll also enjoy unique distribution options, like Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS.

Ease of Use

If you are the type that does not have sound knowledge in information and communication technology, or if you are going to use a VPS server for the first time and want an option that you can easily manage, you should go for Windows. This is because it features a remote desktop system with straightforward access to its GUI.

You will have to manage your Linux VPS server through it's SSH. This demands a lot of expertise and technical know-how to make sure all is up and running. But if you are knowledgeable in this, you have to yourself a very efficient operating system in Linux that will attend to your server's needs.

Many people with the knowledge and expertise of the Linux environment will tell you that it is easier to have their climate-controlled and execute their tasks.

Tips To Choose the Cheap Windows Hosting Provider

Do you have plans of making your small business blossom and look like one of those big companies? By now, you need no one to tell you the importance of having a website that will communicate the services and products you offer to your brand. You can access a website from almost anywhere globally, which goes a long way to show that you can reach thousands, if not millions, of people in the world.

First, you need to select a Windows hosting provider that can do the job at a cheaper cost. Listed below are some of the things you need to know before settling down for a Windows hosting provider that will not make you break your bank account.

Technical Support

Some business owners don't find it comfortable using the internet and a computer. Hence, they need people with the exact mix of competence and expertise to set up a relaxed environment where they'll sell their services and products. Do not forget that at any particular period of the day, you can encounter a technical error. This implies that you should go for a hosting provider that will give you round-the-clock support.

The company you are settling for should preferably be reachable at any period of the day: chat, phone, and email. Some of these hosting companies will even provide you with certain dedicated persons that you can reach out to when you want assistance in the event of an emergency. A company with this type of benefit is what you should be seeking to do business with.


Go for Widows hosting providers that will give you the advantage of a control panel. We can't stress the importance of modifying and editing the website from the end of the server. When you have access to c-panel, you can update, customize, delete, and add some functionality to your websites regularly from your end. Certain web service providers may customize and edit the c-panel for you. Some even take the trouble of making their c-panels user-friendly.


Go for an affordable Windows hosting service with what it takes to cater to your website if the traffic to your website surges. With more and more people needing a digital space to showcase their products and services, the demand for software changes, bandwidth, disk space, etc., is increasing by the day. And this is to meet the latest needs of these customers.

Strong Infrastructure

It would help if you always settled for a Windows service provider that features a competent infrastructure. This includes having the ability to recover your data in the event of a natural disaster, or more commonly, a technical error. Let the hosting company be one with the ability to shield you when all these eventualities take place.

Location of the Data Center

Research conducted by some experts reveals that sites prefer search engines pitched on local servers. When you want to go for a hosting provider, make sure you go for one with a data center to trace to your country.


Because Windows VPS is not so cheap to host your service on, make sure you go for the best. The aftereffect will show in your business because you will able to reach large numbers of customers. Price is a very crucial factor when going for a VPS solution. Don't be blinded by mere adverts and enticements. When you settle for a cheap service, ensure that it addresses the actual problem you need.

Well-defined Agreement

Verbal communication is not something that you should hinge all your hopes on. You must sign an agreement document with your provider that details the service that he is expected to render to you and the amount it goes for. Ensure that you go over the paper one more time before agreeing to it. If you don't, your provider may have that leverage of walking away with your money if something goes sour.

With all of these tips listed above, it is close to the impossibility that you will settle for an incompetent provider. Just do your part well and keep to the instructions.

The Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting has the upper hand against shared hosting. It provides you with the much-needed features and flexibility of a dedicated server, with no extra charges.

But is it right for your website? Consider these benefits and drawbacks before shopping for a plan.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

  • Control and Flexibility: With your personal VPS server, you can enjoy admin privileges. This lets you configure and install the software you want to, personalize your server's settings and lots more.
  • Create Numerous cPanel Accounts: VPS hosting will give you the capability to manage your account with both WHM and cPanel. WHM confers to you the ability to create numerous cPanel accounts. This ability is essential for security concerns. It makes your account very easy to manage different sites and large volumes of files. You can also create some cPanel accounts for your family, friends, and of course, your clients.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

  • Cost: Shared hosting is not as expensive as VPS hosting.Lots of VPS plans start from $29/month. With shared hosting, you can get one as low as $3.95/month.
  • Technical Skill:Even though it may be a virtual server, it is more demanding, in terms of technical expertise, to manage one.With the control that having a server will give you, it is left for you to maintain your server and attend to security and software updates.

If you want a VPS system that is more flexible but are not prepared to bear the responsibilities of its maintenance and technical aspects, then it is advisable to opt for managed VPS hosting.

Best VPS Hosting Providers for WordPress

There is a very good VPS hosting service provider that is known to WordPress users. These VPS hosting services will offer you exceptional in-house WordPress security and speed solutions that will help augment your website to make it as secure and as fast as possible. When you purchase them, you are sure to enjoy round-the-clock support service, and that is why WordPress itself, recommended to their users.

They include GIT version control, one-click staging, CDN, in-built WP caching, and automatic upgrades. When you go for such services, you are also sure to have greater connectivity because many of them have data centers that are close. So, whether you are in Australia, Asia, Europe, or America, you’ll get something tailored for yourself.

  • Liquid Web

Liquid Web has been the pioneer in managed VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and managed cloud hosting since it launched in 1997. They are quite popular, described as 'Heroic Support' for their swift and top quality support. All Liquid Web hosting servers are finely attuned, rendering it a pain-free hosting platform for speed, efficiency, and security. Staging sites, automated upgrades, and an elegant dashboard to handle all the sites in one location are included in their WordPress hosting service. There is also an explanation of why Liquid Web is used by top businesses, including ESPN, Red Bull, Motorola, FedEx, and Audi.

  • HostGator
HostGator hosts over eight million domains, and it is also one of the industry's most common hosting services. It is a good option for any site owner with a single click WordPress setup, a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, and 24/7 service. We deem them the most powerful web hosting for corporations. With HostGator hosting service, at the lowest rate, you will enjoy its full functionality. Members of WPBeginner will also enjoy seventy-five percent off all VPS packages.
  • Bluehos
Bluehost has always been the big brand name when talking about WordPress hosting, and it is one of the earliest web hosts that launched in 1996. They're an approved hosting service suggested by 'WordPress.' With Bluehost, even though there is heavy traffic on your site, you don't have to panic about your site is sluggish. Their 24/7 specialist service is still available to assist by live chat, email, or phone anytime you want it. In web services for smaller companies, they are ranked number one. To add to that, they give a delicious sixty-three percent off discount for their WPBeginner customers.

VPS Windows Vs Linux

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