VPS is a popular option for various categories of websites as using one can improve your site performance. It is especially a great option for those growing a new website and are anticipating tons of traffic.

With many Web hosting providers in the market today, it might be a tough decision to find the right VPS for your website, as you might need to search thoroughly without coming close to having a productive result. Fortunately, in this article, you will learn of the best VPS web hosting that can meet your individual or company needs.


Bluehost is renowned for providing excellent hosting services. No surprise that they are one of the great VPS hosting options. If your appeal is a feature-rich and an inexpensive VPS web provider, then Bluehost is a perfect solution.Bluehost VPS plan begins at $18.99 per month for 30 GB of solid-state storage space, 1 TB of bandwidth, and two cores 2 GB of RAM. Other attractive features of each plan include:

  • One month refund guarantee.
  • SSL free certificates.
  • Upgraded file management
  • KVM open-source technology and OpenStack.
  • One year free domain name.
  • Root access through cPanel
  • Quick provision for immediate server activation
  • Assured resource availability

Thus, with the Blue host VPS hosting, you’ll have access to these exclusive benefits. But you will have to pay for protection and domain privacy separately.


Although famous for providing an extremely affordable hosting plan. Hostinger’s VPS hosting is an excellent option for users seeking a semi-managed service on a planned budget. More so, their features span beyond using semi-managed hosting to manage on your website the backend stuff, as it can also oversee server related problems and management.With just $3.95- $8.95 monthly, you can access Hostinger plans.

Overview of Hostinger VPS features

  • One month refund guarantee.
  • An OS installer and Easy Web Script.
  • A dedicated IP address
  • RAID security plus Data backups
  • Easy to navigate control panel

Liquid Web

If you are looking forward to boosting your site speed, then upgrading to Liquid Web’s VPS hosting, the industry fastest, is a good deal. While this may seem untrue, a speed test conducted by a third with cloud virtual machines proved that competitors could outperform liquid Web. Liquid Web plans for windows start at $35 monthly and $80 monthly for Linux. Consequently, users, in addition to speed, will enjoy the following benefits:

  • The bandwidth of 10 TB.
  • cPanel/ Plesk
  • Backups for off-server.
  • Site monitoring
  • Drive storage of 100+ GB
  • Unfailing 24/7 customer support
  • Multi-level DDoS security


With just two years of being around, over 2million websites globally use a HostGator VPS provider. It has a trusted name in the VPS web industry, which means you can be wrong about using their service provider. Asides from coming with dedicated resources and full root access, and a 45-day money guarantee, HostGator VPS plan features benefits like:

  • Backups of your off-site server data weekly for free.
  • Full power and complete customization of your virtual server.
  • Development tools, site templates, and script installers.
  • FTP accounts, unlimited domains, email addresses, and databases.
  • Ability to scale RAM, CPUs, and disk space.
  • All-round customer support


GoDaddy is a popular name associated with domain registration.Its self-managed VPS plan would especially be an excellent option for system admins and developers. Moreover, the plans are quite affordable, with its standard plans starting from 4.99-$9.99 monthly. The features of GoDaddy include:

  • Complete root access plus SSH keys
  • Command-line for flexibility and total power
  • An array of custom server settings and scalable performance options
  • Easy administration with unlimited hosting accounts.
  • Alert notifications and stress-free monitoring.
  • DDoS security for free.
  • The option of choosing a data center.
  • Recovery console and backups

Although GoDaddy’s self-managed option is excellent, they also have fully-managed VPS plans priced at $99.99.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is known for its blazing speed. The company provides the fastest web hosting services that can be found in the market.To complement its admirable speed, A2 hosting has a good service and great plans.

There's an option for every budget to make the VPS flexible. You can select the A2 host plan that best fits your needs depending on the level of management.

Although the unmanaged VPS plans are priced as low as $5 monthly, this plan is best for a skilled developer.Many would-be doing great using the Managed VPS or Core VPS. Both are virtually similar, except the Core VPS includes optional root access.


In a world agog with various web-hosting providers, VPS hosting remains a common choice for various websites. However, don’t forget to confirm the feature matches your server needs before opting for any provider and plan.

Why choose VPS Hosting over other types of hosting

Amongst other types of hosting, VPS is the most balanced because all sites on it share one physical server. It also houses multiple online machines, making it the middle ground between getting a dedicated server and shared hosting.

Moreover, VPS is more reliable in comparison to shared hosting because of its 10-20 websites per server limit.However, the big slice is that all resources are equally shared, and no website is permitted to go beyond. This implies that your site may go down once you hit the peak of your limit.

One edge VPS has over other hostings is its scalability. Although the traditional VPS is scalable, its hardware capacity is limited. Cloud hosting, which is the advancement of the traditional VPS, solves this problem by combining the computers into a reliable virtual server that can provide resources when needed. Many companies and individuals who understand this are fast replacing their regular VPS with the cloud-based VPS.

Besides, unlike the dedicated server, where you pay a fixed price without using the full capacity, you will be billed for resources you consume. This sure is a better solution.

Employing VPS is also suitable for security purposes, especially DDoS attacks. When this occurs, the server is overburdened until it crashes from a myriad of parallel. Using the VPS cloud network, you can reduce the impact effectively than on a single-server system and share the computers’ requests.

Furthermore, VPS servers allow you to customize your environs and affords more flexibility. This cannot be achieved with a shared host because it would alter the configuration of others.However, the changes can be effected without disrupting others if your account works with a virtual machine.

Ultimately VPS is scalable, making it comfortable for business owners who aim at expanding their sites. It helps take some part of the server’s available resources, thus boosting what is available to you.

Importance of Cpanel in terms of VPS Server

cPanel VPS helps manage your resource and optimize your site. The experience is always a fantastic one, as users experience swift page loading surfing without a decline in performance. Moreover, business-wise, it also helps expand your online presence without necessarily understanding coding. Using cPanel puts you in control. It is also secure, reliable, and easy to operate. cPanel embodies some of the benefits explained below.

  • Manage Files and Site Backups: It’s always disheartening when a website crashes without the availability of a backup. Fortunately, through cPanel, you can effortlessly manage site backups and file downloads.
  • Software and Email Accounts, Add New Domains, Subdomains: Using cPanel in terms of VPS gives you root access to your server. Meaning you can achieve all you want to without necessarily waiting on your hosting company’s assistance. The advantage of this feature is that you can work at your terms, providing services and sites your clients and customers need without waiting for your host provider to enable or support it.
  • Boosts Your Security: Security-wise, cPanel keeps your visitor data safe. It can also be improved with Google ranking through HTTPS and Secure Sockets Layer. (SSL). You can even generate an SSL for every website you host on your server.Possessing an SSL Certificate is equally relevant since search engines such as Google and so on have begun sanctioning those who don’t have it.
  • Enhance Performance and Reliability: cPanel VPS optimizes your site performance by allowing you to manage your resources deliberately. It also makes the configuration of your website simpler with its straightforward graphical interface.
  • Ease of use: cPanel is just like a dream for the websites to be managed well and smoothly. This panel is straightforward and easy to use. Therefore, you can select any option or perform any task with just a single click signifying the importance of cPanel features.
  • Cost-Effective: Thanks to technological advancements, VPS hosting solutions are now more affordable than before. Besides, cPanel attends to all your site issues, more reason why it’s a great option.

Moreover, with the increase in data breaches, Google is committed to protecting its users by making a website with the SSL certificate rank above other search engine results. SSL also safeguards you digitally from cybercriminals by encrypting susceptible information like passwords, usernames, and credit card numbers.

Selecting the best VPS (Virtual Service Provider)

Choosing the ideal VPS web hosting service can be challenging with many brands in the market today to select from. For this reason, you must examine the server specifications and the most resourceful one at a fair price.While evaluating and shopping around for the best VPS server, here are some factors to consider.

  • The needed resource quantity: Since your website will undoubtedly consume resources on the server, it is vital that know the number of resources (Hard drive, CPU, RAM) you will be needed depending on your project size.Also, take your plans into sight if your project is likely to get more significant and select accordingly.
  • Choice of OS: There are various options you get when determining the operating system to go with your VPS hosting. However, the most popular is Linux or Windows. If you are building in .NET or have window-based applications, using windows is best. Linux is more affordable than windows and is an open-source operating system.
  • Backend operations management: VPS hosting has two types, managed and unmanaged. The managed is an excellent option if you feel you can manage the server backend operations like patches, software updates, and security. On the other hand, the unmanaged option can cut your cost. However, if you can do without the extra burdens, you can get an employee to help you oversee the backend operations.
  • Root access: Going for a Linux based VPS allows you non-negotiable root access. You can operate full command controls, scripts, SSH, and automation without any limitations. Moreover, the Plesk Onyx would be a great deal if you require maintenance or operational work or a control panel solution for server admin. You will also get total control over its operational functions.
  • Customer support: If reliability is what you seek, you would want to ensure that your website is effectively running.When your website is hacked or is experiencing other issues in times of emergencies, you’ll need support from an expert team to recover or reconstruct your website.Therefore, your customer support should be available 24/7 and very knowledgeable.
  • Budget: VPS web hosting price varies based on the service provider and plan. You might see some starts low from $6 per monthly up to $250+ per month. Usually, do expect to get what you paid for, and if you are going for a cheap VPS hosting plan, don’t anticipate experiencing speedy page loading and high uptime rates. However, if dedicated resources are your pick, be ready to be dished a higher price.

RAM: You’ll be needing more RAM if numerous projects will be running on your site. 4GB is the recommended VPS RAM size for this purpose. However, if you deal with media-intensive, 4GB might come short, meaning you’ll be needing something more.

CPU: For multitasking, the ideal CPU for VPS should have a 14nm architecture.

Hard disk: A solid-state is preferable to the shared disk storage space that is expensive and bigger. Reason being that it has a high transfer speed and reboots quickly. Even if the CPU and RAM work speedily, you equally require service requests with fast storage.

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