Virtual Private Server is fast becoming popular among website owners. It gives all the benefits of a dedicated server yet at a cheaper price. Therefore, many small to medium business owners will choose it over both shared server and dedicated server. However, there are many companies offering VPS server hosting services and after you have concluded to choose VPS you must also decide on the company to go host your server. But that is not the only factor to consider. You must also decide the plan to subscribe to.

VPS hosting comes in different plans. No matter the service provider you settled with, you will still need to choose a plan that is convenient for you. Different plans are of different values and different prices. The more the value, the higher the price. Therefore as it is important to choose a plan that has enough features to accommodate the need of your website, it is also important not to go for a plan that has too many features than what you need. That will mean you will be paying for services you don’t need. What are the important features to consider before choosing a VPS plan and how will you decide which plan is the best for you. This article will answer these questions, but first, let’s look at what you stand to gain for choosing VPS.

5 Benefits of VPS

Here are some important reasons to choose VPS hosting over shared server.

  • Your Site Performance Does Not Depend on Other Website Activities

Unlike a shared server in which the activities of other users may affect the performance of your website, you are not affected by the action of others in VPS. Therefore VPS is highly reliable as you can predict its performance. You have your own share of the resources and it does not interfere with those of other users. In the same way, their resources are secluded from yours. This makes VPS offers a high level of reliability.

Therefore, hosting your website on VPS makes it perform excellently. It will load fast and will not experience downtime.

  • Easy Customization

Also, as you have your own private space in VPS hosting you have full control over what you do with your server. You can also customize it to your taste. Unlike shared server in which most software are preloaded and everybody shares the same software, in VPS you can install your own software, configure your server to your taste and manage it any way you like. Although if you like you may let your service provider manage your server for you, you also have the option of managing it yourself. In a shared server, the management is in the hand of the service provider.

VPS allows you to run sensitive software on your server. You can upload private information on your website without the fear of your data leaking to a third party. Your financial records, your staff strength, your R&D outcome, and your business growth projection are all safe on your website if you host it on VPS. All these are too sensitive to host on a shared server.

  • Easy Scaling
When you use VPS it is easier to upgrade your website complexity. With VPS it is easy to add more resources. If you want to increase your RAM, you can do so without compromising your website’s performance. VPS offers easy scalability, making your website to grow conveniently without any need to change your server.
  • Safe and Secure

There are many things you won’t be able to do on a shared server for security reasons, but on VPS you own your server. If you use a shared server and a website that shares resources with you is attacked, then your website is also at a risk, but with VPS you are perfectly saved and an attack on another website has no effect on your site. Also, since you can run software on your server when you use VPS, then your site security is in your hand. You can always put additional security on your server. You have all the chance to install anti-virus and anti-malware on your server.

  • It is Affordable
Another great advantage of VPS is that it is affordable. Although VPS is more expensive than a shared server, it is way cheaper than a dedicated server, yet it has all the benefits of a dedicated server. Therefore, it enables you to get more when you pay less. If you don’t want to share resources with other websites, you can save the cost of getting a dedicated server by opting for a VPS.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Hosting Plan

Having carefully decided on the best type of server you prefer it will be time to subscribe to a hosting plan. But before you pay for a plan there are some important factors to consider. Below are the major things to check if you want to choose the best hosting plan.

  • Size of the disk space

Disk space referred to the space allocated for storing your file. Your important files will include emails, log records, databases, web files, among many other files. For the optimum performance of your website, there must be enough space to store your files. If not, you may need to be deleting useful files in order to store new files. Diskspace can vary from a few gigabytes to thousands of gigabytes depending on the plan. Therefore, make an estimate of the space you will need and only consider plans that have up to that space.

  • Memory

Your server memory will play a lot of role in your website speed and how it processes information. This is particularly important if you are expecting a high volume of traffic to your website. Different hosting plans come with different memory sizes. It could be just one gigabyte and can be as much as hundreds of gigabytes. You should consider the traffic you are expecting on your website and choose a plan with a memory size that you are sure can conveniently accommodate it.

  • Email Accounts

There are different types of email accounts that come with different plans. It depends on how you want to be dealing with e-mail. The type of e-mail you need and its functionality. Hence check the email plans that come with each hosting plan and be sure it will work for you before you subscribe to the plan.

  • File Transfer Protocol
There are different types of access granted for transferring your file from your computer to the website. Check the one that comes with the plan you are about to subscribe to and ensure it will be okay for you.
  • Transfer Speed
VPS usually have plans that come with a few TB transfers to few tens of TB transfer. The transfer usually corresponds to the memory and the disk space, however, it is also an important factor to consider before choosing a plan.
  • Number of Processors

Some VPS plans have a single processor core while some have two. Even some have 20 and more. The higher the number of the processor core in your server, the faster your website will load.

  • Cost
To many people, this is the most important factor to consider. Judging by the fact that you will be paying monthly, then it is essential that you choose a plan that you can afford. But you must also check if the cost corresponds to the services you are getting from the plan. Generally, the better the feature, the higher the plan. However, you can always get a plan that won’t break your bank account and still have good features. Everybody wants value for his money. You too should.

VPS Hosting for Online Forum

An online forum is a website where members gather to discuss issues. In most cases, the forum usually has a central theme on which it is based. Here can be sections for different categories of discussion under the central theme. The forum will have registered members and guests. The activities of the guests may be limited until they register. Each category may also have moderators who control the activities in that section, and the forum will have an administrator. Then members can create threads under which others can participate in the discussion.

Forum websites require messaging but not in real-time. When you post a message, you will probably come back to read other members' responses. However, it usually involves many users sending messages at the same time, and the more the number of members in the forum, the more the website resources that will be consumed. If the members greatly increased and most of them are participating in discussions around the same time, your server performance may be affected, except you choose a plan which can support many users at a time. It is therefore ideal to estimate the number of users you will have on your forum website before you choose a VPS plan.

Cheap VPS Hosting Plan

With many factors to consider we have many plans all with great features. It is certain that you will always see a plan that will be perfect for your website. Below are some of our common plans, their features, and cost. All our plans come with a 7-day free trial.


Standard Price

CPU Optimized Price

Memory Optimized Price/ Additional Memory

1 GB

1 GB Memory/ 1 Core 25 GB Disk/ 1 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 1 GB Memory)

2 GB

2 GB Memory/ 2 Cores 50 GB Disk/ 2 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 2 GB Memory)

3 GB

3 GB Memory/ 2 Cores 75 GB Disk/ 3 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 3 GB Memory)

4 GB

4 GB Memory/ 3 Cores 100 GB Disk/ 4 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 4 GB Memory)

6 GB

6 GB Memory/ 4 Cores 150 GB Disk/ 5 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 6 GB Memory)

8 GB

8 GB Memory/ 6 Cores 200 GB Disk/ 6 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 8 GB Memory)

16 GB

16 GB Memory/ 8 Cores 400 GB Disk/ 7 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 16 GB Memory)

24 GB

24 GB Memory/ 10 Cores 600 GB Disk/ 8 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 24 GB Memory)

32 GB

32 GB Memory/ 12 Cores 800 GB Disk/ 9 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 32 GB Memory)

64 GB

64 GB Memory/ 20 Cores 1600 GB Disk/ 10 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 64 GB Memory)


96 GB Memory/ 24 Cores 2400 GB 11 TB



$44.99 (Plus extra 96 GB Memory)


192 GB Memory/ 32 Cores 4800 GB 12 TB



$69.99 (Plus extra 192 GB Memory)


Deciding to host your website on a Virtual Private Server is not enough, you must also decide the plan that is okay for you. To do this, you must consider the amount of traffic you are expecting on the site as well as the kind of data you will be dealing with. You must also consider the kind of website you are hosting as sites like online forums may consume more resources than many other sites. With the information, you will be able to decide the plan that has the features that are just okay for you. Features to consider include the number of the processor core, the memory size, the disk size, the email feature, the transfer speed, and the cost.

As it is important that you choose a plan that has enough values for all the important features, it is also important that you don’t choose a plan that has more features than what you actually need. Subscribing for what you don’t need will only lead to an unnecessary payment.

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