One of the greatest upsides if a server is getting to control it yourself. Apart from the fact that it seems cheaper than the typical managed server option, it helps you reflect yourself and your preferences on your server and every other website you get to control. This sounds good to the ears, until you have to add a subdomains, or manage an extra account manually, and you're this close to pulling your ear out. Maybe iys not that bad, but you're always on the waiting list for technical support. If your webhosting company does not reach out with help, you'll most likely not get anything done. You know, all that could end with a simple cPanel license. Just in case you are not so sure what that is, let's walk through the basis.

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows virtual Private server hosting ranks among the best web hosting options available. It seems to be an effective blend of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This server works by offering on physical server to several users, but giving each of them l private control of the server using the virtualization technology. With this virtualization, users have control and discretion over their servers. They get to determine which operating systems they use, Thur plugins, APIs and every other resource they need to get their servers running. In case it's a WordPress site that cannot be hosted in a WordPress server for some reason, a vps server is the next best option. This is because it provides the flexibility needed to convert their server into a WordPress ready space.


cPanel is an aspect of a particular software pack. This pack is known as cPanel & WHM (full meaning is control panel and web host Manager). The basic idea of the cPanel is to make capacity available for server administrators, server resellers and websites owners that are end-users. This capacity enables them to navigate and control virtually all areas of their website or server administration through a typical browser. Normally, the cPabel allows administration for only one hosting account, the cPanel and Web Host Manager creates capacity to control the whole server.

Apart from the graphic interface (GUI), the cPanel comes with a command line and API-based access. This feature enables web hosting companies, third-party software traders and developers to run their basic system administration procedures automatically.

The design of cPanel & WHM allows it to work for either dedicated or virtual private servers. Recent upgrades and version even broadens the Cpanel and WHM horizons to support CloudLinux OS, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and even FreeBSD (thanks to the cPanel version 11.30)

When you talk of apps, expect the Cpanel and WHM to feel at home around BIND (DNS), MySQL, Apache, PostgreSQL, Perl, and PHP. For emails, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP services work well. You can access the cPanel using HTTPS on port 2083, and WHM through HTTPS on port 2087.

cPanels generally work so well that the only possible issues with it is uninstallation. According to the products FAQs, reformatting a server is the most effective way to get cPanel and WHM off it. This seems like quite a price to pay right? Well, there just might be alternatives. Check online for tips on uninstalling cPanel and WHM without refoena6the server.

The other side to this is its installation. It works better when it is installed on a another newly installed operating system that has little or no configuration before the cPanel is installed.

How Does a cPanel VPS Work?

Resource management:

Typically, every program that works on a server runs with its own resources. The essence of keeping these resources on the server is for them to function there. However, the more the apps or programs, the more the resources, and the more space they occupy. It is only a matter of time before the your server gets filled up, and then you start to worry about what to delete. Here is exactly where your cPanel comes in. With your cPanel, you can manage all apps on your server such that you are able to create more space without necessarily deleting any app or resources. Before your server gets cramped and slow, your cPanel already salvaged the situation with nothing missing, and nothing broken.

What Are The advantages Of Having cPanel VPS?

The major benefit of a Cpanel is the almost unlimited capacity to independently manage your ownserver in the most effortless way you can imagine. You are free to create your domains,add sub-domains, extra emails, or files.

cPanel gives a better back up

Have you ever worked so hard on a project, only to lose it to a system crash with no backup memory anywhere? Were you close to tears or close to smashing the system? With your cPanek, that scenario will most likely never occur again. The cPanel helps you manage backups on your site or file downloads.

It allows you to add more Email Accounts, Subdomains, New Domains, and Software

One major problem with many servers is that you're notable to add sub-domains, emails or other properties without technical support. The cPanel allows you to add all of these all by yourself. Yes, with the cPanel, you can boast of being all grown up!

More importantly, it gives you this flexibility since you're in control of your server. You can work as you deem fit since you're not at the mercy of technical support from the web hosting provider. You can work at your own pace and in your own time.

cPanel Optimizes Your Security

As a website owner, one thing you don't want toy with is your visitors' online data. Your online visitors visit your web page knowing fully well that you may gain access to some of their personal information. They trust you enough with such data, which is why they visit your site anyway. Toying with customer data is toying with their trust. You don't want to know the repercussions of such negligence. In order to show your reasonable care and due diligence, you ought to secure that data in every way you can, which is where the cPanel comes in. With the cPanel, you can generate SSL (Secret Sockets layer ) certificates for every website on your server.Beyond earning customer-trust, you also earn Google's trust, since google also prioritizes SSL enough to rank web owners who generate it above those who don't. Some search engines even go as far as penalizing web owners who don't generate it. Use SSLs to guard the information of online visitors. Sensitive information like their credit card pins, passwords and other ID numbers are worth keeping.

Increase Performance and Reliability

while growing up, there was always that one sibling whose corner was always a mess. There was also that adult who never got tired of cleaning the mess. In this scenario, that adult is your Cpanel. It organized all resources in your server and how you use them, such it is easier to navigate through your server settings and management using the interface. You also have more optimized results since all is in order

Here are awesome features that Control panels have.

Email: with your control panel,set up new email accounts or work on existing ones. You can go as far as changing passwords, profiles, or accessing inboxes.

Domains:your cPanel interface allows you to set up fresh domains or add sub-domains. You can also attach redirects on your account.

File Management:

This gives you the back up you need in case of breakdowns.In essence, you have nothing to fear if a system crashes and your files seem unavailable. In cases like this, you can gain access to your files through your cPanel account. You can also modify the use if your hard disk or create and manage FTP accounts through this particular feature

Databases: this particular one gives you access and control over existing databases. It also enables you to create new ones. With your cPanel you can access phpMy Admin access My SQL remotely

cPanel preferences interface

The cPanel interface offers a rich variety of commands to help carry out several tasks. The interface allows for flexibility and adaptability, which makes administration easy for the server user. This interface seems like that assistant that can make anything happen if you think you can't find your way around it, the help menu is always at your service.

cPanel domains interface

Managing several accounts may come with the complexities of living with alter egos. It even gets worse when you have to add emails to it. Well, things do not have to be so complicated if you work with a cPanel. cPanel replaces all that painstaking process of manually setting up and managing all accounts and emails with a few clicks here and there.

Importance of cPanel

Being a VPS user, it's not exactly news to you that your responsibilities involve the creation of subdomains and editing of configuration files. Your control panel, however, steps in to take the burden off you. It replaced these painstaking processes with a simple process that involves a couple of clicks. cPanels help you do a lot while exerting little effi5

Cpanel is pretty much the leverage for website owners who are amateurs in coding. TheCpanel is your go-to option for reliability and security. It also breaks things down to the simplest elements. This way, you can navigate your way through easily. Using VPS means calling the shots, and having a cPanel means having the best executive in Webhosting.

cPanel VPS license.

As awesome as cPanels can be, you can almost never access them without cPanel licenses, and as you can already tell, these licenses are not exactly for free. Every server that is cPanel enabled has to obtain a license from cPanel L.L.C in order to get up and running. For the records, every Virtual Private server you set up will require a license of its own.

There are several ways to get a cPanel license, but it pretty much depends in the state of your virtual server.

  • If you have only just installed your cpanel, then it is pretty much new. With this "new"cPanel, you can earn a license for a free trial during your first configuration. This free trial should normally last for about 15 days.
  • Maybe your cOanel is not so new, but you can access Manage2 as a cPanel partner. You can navigate through the Manage2 interface to buy your license
  • Just like you get apps from google play store or IoS you can also buy the license on the cPanel store. The same way google play stores and basic online stores almost always require you to have an account before making any serious purchase or installation, you'll also need to set up an account on the cPanel store using an email that is verified.
  • Another license that is available is the Complimentary Developer License. This one particularly works for those who develop applications or probably plugins that work with Cpanel or others. Web host managers.

Normally, all things should go well when you purchase a cPanel. But just in case they don't, your fee can be refunded. This would normally take effect in 5 days. Just in case you seek a refund, for a license you purchased not long ago, simply reach out to the cPanel customer service.

Finally, a Cpanel is that upper edge that you as aVPS user should leverage on. The cost and services ofCpanels may vary based on particular products. Do well to verify the features that any Cpanel offers before sealing the deal.

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