Over the years, there has been a search for the best VPS for WordPress, especially for beginners. To start with, there are four major WordPress hosting types, namely, VPS hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and managed to host. However, VPS is the most popular among these four, as its the balance between dedicated and shared hosting. That is, you get the service of dedicated hosting at a cheaper rate when you opt for a VPS plan. Wherein, the appropriate plan for WordPress sites varies, considering some factors, which will be discussed in this article.

VPS Hosting and WordPress

VPS hosting has similar features to dedicated hosting, only that several servers are developed from a single physical machine. Moreover, VPS hosting permits a limited number of servers (usually from 5-18) to operate on the same machine, whereas shared hosting can take more, leading to overcrowding.

Having known VPS hosting basics, let's talk about the relationship between VPS hosting and WordPress. If you are very familiar with using WordPress, you will observe its high performance and fast speed against other websites that run on shared hosting. It is because many sites owned on WordPress are run with VPS. Wherein, WordPress is not restricted to the VPS hosting option. In more precise terms, website hosting is a service operation that can either be shared VPS hosting or a dedicated server.

WordPress hosting means renting an online space for your website via a virtual machine. WordPress hosting gives your business the needed publicity online to reach potential customers.

VPS is equipped with a hypervisor that separates most separate servers on a physical machine. This prevents each user's resources from interrupting one another. More so, it's essential to get the best VPS for WordPress, as there are various plans you will come across during your search. As much as possible, do not rush in your decision making without knowing the possibilities of your intended VPS plan. You can speak to experienced colleagues or take tutorials to gain more practical knowledge of what is best appropriate for your business. For instance, we have a 1/7days free trial that provides new users with a better perspective.

Here are a few reasons you should choose the best VPS for WordPress sites:

  • Choosing the best VPS with enough network bandwidth, CPU, disk space, and resources will prevent your business from losing its customers to other competitors. Consider if your hosting plan can accommodate the monthly visitors you expect. Likewise, the type of content you upload on your website will determine the CPU and RAM usage.
  • Resources are allotted to each user in VPS WordPress hosting. You would not worry about running out of resources or causing a bad experience for guests on your website.
  • As mentioned earlier, VPS uses a hypervisor to separate individual servers. However, this hypervisor serves as the gateway that stops malware, viruses, and other attacks from neighboring users.
  • Choosing the best VPS for your website enables you to configure your website to suit your business needs. Also, your website will be specifically designed or customized to offer its requirements.
  • Subscribing to a managed VPS hosting plan relieves you of stress in monitoring and allows you to focus on other things like generating traffic strategies, reaching out to targeted customers, creating catchy content and awareness. Also, experts take charge of your website by implementing maximum security.
  • In an unmanaged VPS hosting plan, the user is always in full control of the server's operation. Meanwhile, unmanaged VPS still provides restrictions to reduce users' overreaction.

Why Shared WordPress Hosting is the Best Option for New Blogs

You may be overly concerned about getting the best VPS for a website; maybe you should take a deep breath and look into what you truly need. However, we recommend new bloggers to opt for the shared WordPress hosting option. As intimidating and enticing VPS and dedicated servers appear, they may not be the right one for you yet.

However, various types of WordPress hosting are available, including shared hosting. Wherein shared hosting is another common type of web hosting among users. However, shared hosting isn't as standard as virtual and dedicated hosting because hundreds or thousands of websites are hosted on a single server. Meanwhile, each server is allocated to different users on VPS and dedicated hosting. Also, shared hosting is most especially popular among small-sized businesses and new sites. On shared hosting, new blogs spend roughly $5 monthly. Although shared hosting is exposed to threats, blogs with lesser content can run their website effectively. More so, when websites hosted on a server have minimal traffic, users wouldn't bother about running out of resources. Either way, when purchasing the best VPS for WordPress, a proficient provider will give your server access to additional protection.

Having said this, here are detailed reasons why shared WordPress hosting is the best option for new blogs:

  1. Restricted Budget: New blogs require enough time to generate traffic to the site. Foremost, it needs awareness from the user's end. Moreover, new blogs require few resources and applications, which will require a lesser cost. Hence, many server companies offer $3-$5 monthly.
  2. Limited Time to Launch Business: When you have a restricted budget, you shouldn't wait till you can afford VPS hosting before you launch your business to the world. For new blogs, your server provider helps you switch to a more customized WordPress hosting in the future.
  3. Take your time: Deciding the best VPS for websites can be overwhelming and can prompt you to choose any available plan. Meanwhile, think of the negative impact on your website if you choose the wrong plan. In this case, your SEO, uptime, sales, and website performance will greatly be affected.
  4. Ease of Operation: Shared WordPress hosting control panels are much easy to navigate for new bloggers. VPS hosting for WordPress is as well simple to navigate but quite harder than shared hosting. Wherein a dedicated server involves more tasks than both shared and VPS hosting. Nevertheless, you can contact your service provider for help.
  5. Security: It's of truth that shared hosting is more exposed to external attacks. Compare to VPS hosting, which is well equipped with tight security. However, an excellent server provider will keep your data safe, regardless. Hence, when choosing shared hosting operations for new blogs, make sure you contact the best service provider that will help protect your valuable data.

How to Choose Good WordPress Hosting for Your Website

This stage is where many first time users are overwhelmed by the options presented to them. However, you can speak to the technical team of your service provider company on the right choice of hosting your website. Our customers' support team is also available to attend to your needs.

Generally, most WordPress hosting operations are good, but some are more advanced than the others. WordPress hosting can either be shared or not. Your choice is mostly dependent on your website/business capacity. For instance, a server developed for multiple purposes like web hosting, gaming, mail server, forex trading, and many more should choose the best VPS for WordPress. Other WordPress hosting plans to choose from include; Managed hosting, unmanaged hosting, and cloud hosting. Wherein, shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting are based on the server's operational system, with VPS hosting having several operations. You can either run your server with Linux or Windows OS in VPS hosting, depending on the system software. Meanwhile, Linux OS is mostly run by users since it requires no License fee, which makes it cost-effective. Therefore, listed below are tips that will guide you to choose good WordPress hosting for your website:

  1. Server Performance: This factor majorly determines if your website guests will stay or otherwise. Wherein, it all points down to the server's features. Also, your chosen web hosting should have the features you will use. You are avoiding not to subscribe to a plan without using the features or not having enough features to run your website. Moreover, the expected visitors on your site matters as well. You can purchase a basic WordPress hosting for new blogs than subscribing to a customized plan you might not use. Although disk space comes to play in your server speed, your server provider efficiency plays a bigger role. That is, your provider should be quick to pass your information to guests or visitors.
  2. Customer service: When choosing a good website hosting company, check if the company has a good customer support reputation. Being able to relate with your service provider keeps you on track. A right service provider would not provide available options without attending to the customers when need be. However, we recommend to IT ignorant users to purchase the managed VPS hosting plan. Moreover, we do not just note your complaints, and we also attend to them as soon as possible.
  3. Server Support: Servers are built in a physical data center that may not be within your reach. However, we have 15 data centers located in various countries, including North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Pacific, to serve our customers better. Therefore, a good service provider should be available to restore your website if it runs down, and you cannot connect.
  4. Reviews and Feedbacks: Checking customer's reviews is an excellent method to confirm the provider's credibility with third parties. More so, you can participate in the reviews by asking questions about a company on the platform.
  5. Hosting uptime: A WordPress hosting uptime of 99.9% is still considered good, as problems are inevitable. Hence, the essence of website maintenance. However, make sure your service provider reaches up to 99.9% uptime. Moreover, we have a compensation policy that supports our uptime guarantee. The policy is signed with the legal service agreement(LSA).
  6. Cloud computing: Getting the best VPS hosting website is as important as getting a skilled service provider. A good quality WordPress hosting provides a cloud computing feature. Moreover, cloud computing stores data online, regardless of the attack from another source. Hence, you will discover more about cloud computing as you read further.
  7. Staging website: Some server provider will create a WordPress staging website. A staged website mimics your live website. May you surprise about the usefulness of a staging website? A staged website is only accessible by the user, as it permits users to make necessary corrections before posting online.
  8. Caching: Reputable server companies do their best to ensure maximum speed. Hence, caching is one feature installed to ensure there is no internet disruption.

To top it all, note down the following questions and be sincere with your answers. Self-evaluations helps in choosing good WordPress hosting for your website as well:

  • Does the hosting plan allow you to migrate to another option easily?
  • Can you host multiple domains on your server?
  • Are you going to hold multiple WordPress sites in the future?
  • Does your host support HTTPS?


Having emphasized the importance of choosing the right plan for your business, it's likewise essential to choose the best hosting provider. We also have well-experienced staff that will manage your server effectively while you focus on other important issues like creating catchy content for the website. However, the service provider you choose will determine your access to certain WordPress features such as WordPress updates, WordPress support, and preinstalled sites. Moreover, your WordPress hosting option doesn't matter as much as it meets your needs. Either shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting, make sure it provides a long-lasting solution to your website.

On a final note, our server is equipped with a cloud computing program that enables users to access their website from any location. As mentioned earlier, we have 15 data centers in several locations that physically allow nearby users to connect with their service provider. Wherein cloud computing gives customers full permission to access their data from any location.

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