In this technology age, internet evolution, including cloud VPS Windows is becoming rampant than ever. Many website hosting services are identified as super quality when its hosted on cloud computing. Cloud VPS also help store data and vital information. With a cloud VPS Windows, your backup is tightly secured and free from external threats, such as malware and viruses. Moreover, windows competitor, Linux OS, only allows installation of specific applications and software. For example, you cannot run applications such as ASP.NET or NET. Also, VPS windows are specific for windows configured systems. Cloud VPS windows allow users to operate the server after paying the license fee, thus improving safety and privacy. Hence, this article provides vital information about cloud VPS window, including managed cloud server and customizing cloud server solutions.

Windows Cloud Server Hosting

There are several hosting platforms in the VPS world, with cloud hosting gaining popularity in recent years. Windows cloud server hosting is one of the best ways to monitor your business growth, as each departmental team saves up work progresses. Cloud hosting is a matrix of servers hosted on internet against the old personal computer. Thus, cloud computing helps to store and manages your data. Moreover, cloud computing spreads multiple interconnected servers evenly. More so, Windows cloud server hosting is a better option in terms of security, customization, system configuration, and server performance. Also, cloud VPS windows have had an easy setup, such that users do not need a complex control panel to carry out certain activities or assign tasks to the server.

Windows cloud server hosting has a simple setup with an easy to operate graphical interface. Windows uses the graphical interface, contrary to the command line used in Linux VPS. Below are the features with windows cloud server hosting:

  • Scalability

With windows hosting, you can scale up your server. When your current plan cannot sustain your website needs, windows VPS hosting allow you to scale up with less or no worry. More so, there are various windows packages that enable you to tailor your need accordingly. Meanwhile, the resources you upgrade or pay for do not go to waste, as we do not sign up a contract based agreement with our customers. With this, you only purchase the resources you need.

  • Flexibility
Cloud computing guarantees a high flexibility level to every user. Its flexibility adds value to the money technology. You can tweak the quantity of your RAM, CPU, and disk space.
  • Faster backup duration
A frustrating experience every user tries to avoid is the patience that comes with data backup. Microsoft identified this need in many users and developed the standard cloud backup features in the latest Windows versions. With cloud VPS windows, you can set an automatic backup routine. You wouldn’t have to backup manually or waste time trying to back up your files. You can either set a daily, monthly, or weekly automatic back up. However, this doesn't prevent you from backing up your server manually if you want to.
  • Allocating resources
Another added benefit attached to cloud computing is the efficient distribution of resources. It allocates primary and secondary resources respectively when they are needed. Moreover, your resources are better managed when you choose a managed cloud server. As you read further, you will discover what we mean by the managed cloud server.
  • Customized ISO
Customized ISO allows users to store up custom media such on the cloud. It makes sure large files are not lost in the process of storage.
  • Powered API
As mentioned earlier, users can control windows VPS without running the server with a control panel setup. There are powered API, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, that provide a maximum cloud networking feature. These APIs allow you to carry out tasks on your server without restrictions.
  • 24/7 customer service
We have a 24/7 customer service that responds to any downtime issue. Also, we designed cloud computing to operate 24/7. This reduces any technical issue that may likely occur.

Resources you need to run an effective windows cloud server hosting:

  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth refers to the amount of data transferred from your server whenever a guest visits. Many reputable companies offer unlimited bandwidth within a stipulated period. Moreover, the term "unlimited" doesn't equate to free of charge. Usually, service providers attach terms and conditions before you can access the unlimited bandwidth package. Nonetheless, unlimited bandwidth is a good option for users who upload large files or media content. You wouldn't need to worry about running out of bandwidth.
  • Disk space: Disk space is another factor you should consider when choosing a windows cloud server plan. Adequate disk space reduces downtime and server connection error. When your visitors do not have a good experience on your website, they ever hardly visit again.
  • RAM: The amount of RAM you need to run your server, largely depends on the type of server you are hosting. For instance, you will need a minimum of 2GB RAM to run a web-only server, while you need more RAM to run a combination of either web server, mail server, or game server. Also, the amount of RAM available on your server influences the extent to which you can carry out heavy tasks or activities.
  • CPU: CPU is used to assign duties that run on your server. With CPU, you can manage your server features. The ability to manage your features also allow you to filter unused or unnecessary files. It in turn free up your disk space.

Also, the resources listed above contribute to the great benefit available in windows cloud server hosting.

Why Choose a Managed Cloud Server

Before delving into why choose a managed cloud server, what does a managed cloud server mean?

Based on management, there are two types of cloud server. These are; managed and unmanaged VPS. In unmanaged cloud servers, users are in charge of the server’s operation, maintenance, and control. It involves downloading applications, installing software, controlling the cpanel, and managing the whole system. However, cloud VPS windows setup is quite complicated than the normal VPS windows. It requires an IT expert and highly technical input. More so, we recommend unprofessional to subscribe for the managed cloud service instead.

As the name implies, your service provider manages your server, in managed cloud VPS. In this case, users are less concerned about technical related issues or problems. Some users assume the unmanaged cloud server is more expensive than the managed server, which is somewhat true. Nevertheless, unmanaged VPS may incur extra long-term charges if users pay for the service of an external operator, especially one who is nonproficientons you should choose a managed cloud server;

  • Access to Basic Cloud Functions:

Contrary to untrue popular opinion, managed cloud servers doesn't rule out user’s access to the basic functions. Meanwhile, your service provider would give you root access upon request. Sometimes, server providers restrict root access to avoid setup disorder or humanly induced mistake, especially if the user has little or no knowledge about the server’s operation. Nevertheless, we give users access to, monitor memory, disk space, RAM, and CPU usage. These functions contribute to your server’s speed performance and we allocate them to servers hosted on the same physical machine.

  • Ease of operation

When you choose a managed cloud server, you can easily navigate through several server’s features. Your service provider help takes care of a seeming problem that may arise and tackle technical solution. With this, you can divert more attention to building other business aspects, including creating catchy content for your website.

  • Adequate resources
Your service provider being in charge of your server provides resources without delay. Regular checkup ensure that users replace insufficient resources quickly. More so, you can instantly upgrade your CPU, RAM or OS when needed. Also, your service provider monitors your traffic growth and provides resources accordingly.

Inadequate resources reduce the performance of the various servers. Hence, many visitors don’t revisit a website that takes more than 2mins to load. More so, you shouldn’t trivialize your server resources.

  • Improved performance
Since we deliver your server resources in due time, users are guaranteed a better server performance. Windows VPS is usually more expensive but has a simple setup than Linux-based VPS. Hence, managing your cloud VPS windows yourself is easy, but tricky. Microsoft launches new Windows updates regularly, and your server performance will perform at its peak when it runs with updated applications and software. Your service provider is responsible for checking new updates, and confirming updates compatibility with your Windows VPS, to prevent system crashes.
  • Quality hard drive
Asides from your quantity, the quality of your hard drive also affects the server's performance. There are two popular hard drives in the VPS world, namely SSD and HDD. A reputable service providing company uses the SSD storage capacity, which matches a cloud VPS windows capacity. Many users host their server on cloud VPS, to store large data volume. Alongside, SSD helps to upload rich without experiencing downtime. Also, SSD improves websites' SEO ranking on goggles. Goggle SEO rankings are based on the number of guests on the page. Since SSD contributes to high-speed performance, users often stay back due to the best browsing experience.
  • Saves cost
Although you will come across a more expensive qmanaged server on the first contact, the truth is that the managed server would eventually cost more than an unmanaged server. In the long run, users end up spending extra cost on unmanaged VPS. It's mostly applicable to ignorant IT users who request the service of an external operator. In unmanaged cloud VPS, users often face frequent maintenance, which incurs extra charge, since it wasn't included in the VPS package purchased. When your service provider controls your server, it lessens maintenance cost. Moreover, managed cloud VPS windows are not as expensive as getting a dedicated server.

Despite this, more than one server is hosted on a physical machine, managed cloud VPS windows provide tight security for its users. Each user has its unique IP address, which create user access on various servers. This enhanced security mimics the maximum security available at dedicated hosting.

The privilege to customize or tweak your server setting is an added advantage in our cloud server solutions. Moreover, there are several custom cloud server solutions available on the internet today. During your quest, ensure your solution provider meets your specific needs. Hence, customization varies with the website, gaming, or mailing services. Also, you can tailor your website to your RAM, CPU, disk space, and storage requirement.


When looking for a cloud VPS windows, you need a highly experienced and reputable service providing company. A mistake caused by your service provider can cause harm to your server performance. Hence, you can check out reviews from customers, or the company record. Hence, you can subscribe to the Windows VPS packages. Another way to go about getting the best is by trying out the company’s free trial version. We have 1/7 days free trial that will give you a practical idea of what you are getting into. That is, you can use your satisfaction rate from the free trial to decide if you are staying or not. Does a free trial provide the same service as a paid windows server? No, it isn’t. However, you can predict your future server’s speed loading times.

We have many datacenters across the world, which provide easy access to our customers. Also, our years of experience permit us to interact with customers with different needs, expanding the scope of our windows VPS services. Also, it provides us with a better understanding of how to respond to various wants. We tailor or customize customers' servers to the preferred package or plan.

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