For every growing business, you need Digitalocean VPS Windows, to boost your business visibility. Research shows that many online visitors don’t revisit a page that fails to load in less than 2minutes. Hence, we provide adequate services that enhance the server’s performance.

Virtual private server, popularly shortened as VPS, is a server platform that provides similar functions as dedicated server, but at a reduced price. VPS prices vary, according to the chosen service provider, and VPS package. However, VPS is more expensive than its other hosting platform, known as shared hosting. In Digitalocean VPS windows, you will be getting added benefit, and value for your money. Moreso, VPS packages are not contract based, which enables you to upgrade or cancel your plan when needed. Moreover, you can contact your service provider or subscribe to a managed Digitalocean VPS to purchase and tailor your VPS plan to your needs. This article contains every piece of information you need to know about managing a Digitalocean VPS from Windows, and Digitalocean windows VPS pricing.

Managing a Digitalocean VPS from Windows

Managing a Digitalocean VPS from windows is an easy task compare to Linux-based VPS self-management. However, every new user requires a sound knowledge to run windows VPS without making costly mistakes. Often times, we recommend users to subscribe to the managed VPS, which means your service provider is in charge of your server setup. Moreover, high standards and consistency are what users need to manage windows VPS. This article provides a guideline for IT enthusiast that loves to manage a Digitalocean VPS from windows.

  • User Access: The foremost thing to do in managing windows VPS is to control users that have access to your server. You can as well create a separate account for users that have access to your server. By so doing, you can specify the resources to be used by them. Ensure you add permission note or a strong password to your separate account.
  • Choose a strong password: After setting up the user access, move on to creating a strong password that backup your account. We recommend users to choose a password with letters, numbers, and symbol combination. For example, #Johnson954! Ideally, your service provider should give you login details, including your password. Moreover, if the password isn’t strong enough, you can as well change it.

Having stated how to manage your windows VPS, you can contact our highly skilled for further information on grey areas. Also, here is a list of things you can do with the server manager:

  • Manage firewall
  • Have a remote access
  • Identify potential problems and provide further solutions.
  • Run Windows PowerShell tools

Tips to follow to avoid server management complications:

  1. Ensure to install new windows updates as soon as they are released. Ideally, Microsoft regularly provides windows updates. These updates help to fix operating system bugs and improve your server performance. While installing new applications or software, make sure its source is licensed.
  2. Set up automatic updates. You can also set up windows updates that should install automatically, without having to operate them manually. Regularly restart your windows VPS to manage the applications and a large number of resources. It is often applicable to applications that for a long time on the windows server.
  3. Set up services that should run 24/7, and disable unwanted services. When you disable unnecessary services, you increase your server's security and performance. Unnecessary services tend to consume resources than the usual amount needed to run your activities daily. Also, it improves your server’s security, since it reduces the likelihood of code base numbers with security breaches.
  4. Another vital thing you should do is, installing the software you only need. As applicable to unwanted services, installing temporary or unwanted software can also cause slow server speed, and take up more disk space. Meanwhile, you can also remove unwanted applications that are already installed by your service provider. Also, make sure the software is licensed. It prevents your system from bugs and helps it manage newly detected security issues.
  5. You can also manage your server effectively by monitoring your windows server events. Using event viewers allow users to monitor unprocessed information and network outages. By monitoring the events, you can also remove temporary or unused files. Also, the windows cleanup tool is another feature that enables users to wipe out unwanted files.

When you manage the Digitalocean VPS window, you can create a windows firewall. This firewall prevents unauthorized users from accessing your server. More so, it’s a shield against external attacks on your windows server.

Digitalocean Windows VPS Pricing

Digitalocean windows VPS pricing is available on every of our VPS packages. Prices are available based on the number of resources a user chooses. The lowest package is about $4 monthly, including 512MB disk space, and 20GB SSD. You can also get a high priced package of about 40GB monthly, including 8GB disk space and 160GB SSD.

Do Digital Ocean Provides Windows Server VM?

Do Digitalocean provides windows server VM? Yes, we do. You can get your windows server virtual machine at a convenient price rate. Firstly, You should create a virtual machine account via the control panel. The control panel isn't accessible by every user. You can secure a permit from your service provider. Also, windows server VM is known as droplets in the Digitalocean server world. They are often used to run large businesses or big organizations.

You can purchase your favorite virtual machine set up with a digital ocean. Likewise, you can choose a high performing computing operations, including SQL and SAP. Today, many companies employ critical applications like SAP; to carry out e-commerce, and complex activities.

When creating a Digitalocean droplet, you should pay attention to the resources or plan you choose. Your server RAM, SSD, CPU, and disk space should meet your business requirements. Likewise, we allow customers to choose a preferred droplet. The droplets available are; general-purpose droplets, standard droplets, CPU-optimized performance droplets, basic droplets, and memory-optimized performance droplets. Here is a brief explanation of the VMs(droplets) available:

  1. General-purpose droplets: It is designed to carry out a wide range of server operations. It can serve as a web host, moderate data transfer, and medium-sized applications. Meanwhile, all you need is an adequate memory or space.
  2. CPU optimized droplets: It's specifically designed to run computed virtual machines. It's effective for applications that require intensive CPU, such as ad production, machine coding, front-end development, video editing, and CD.
  3. Basic droplets: This type of droplet is the best option for IT enthusiasts looking for a server background. As long as you have the number of resources needed to run your web host, database, or blogs, you are good to go.
  4. Memory-optimized droplets: It's a good option for users who needs a server for storing up data. In addition to cloud computing, a memory droplet will yield a dedicated result, with a minimum of 8GB memory. Moreover, memory-optimized droplets are appropriate for a server running CPU intensive applications, such as the transfer of big data.
  5. Standard droplets: Standard droplets are highly configured server set up. It involves a more advanced setup. It can perform operations that require a wide database. Moreover, it provides more dedicated features than the others.

The benefits you can enjoy with Digitalocean windows server VM includes;

  1. Time-bound billing. It allows you to only pay for the computing time you use. With this, you can manage your server cost, by channeling other monetary resources into another benefits.
  2. Encrypt data: Our virtual machine has the cloud computing feature that protects VMs from losing vital data, protect against threats, and manage internet traffic. Server traffic is unavoidable for a popular website on the internet. Goggle ranks SEO based on the level of traffic a site generates, and the ability to manage goggle popularity. Therefore, site visitors are pleased when they experience no downtime nor web loading delay.
  3. Scaling up: You can use the VM scale set to migrate from a current VM to a higher setup. With this, you are also improving your server's quality. Digitalocean windows VPS has a wide range of VMs, and compute options you can choose from. IaaS is a computing program that runs users' server performance and improves its compatibility. Moreover, the scale set helps you to choose the infrastructure needed to run your server at present. However, this doesn't limit you from purchasing more infrastructure in the future. Subscribing to a managed windows VPS is the best option for new users. Moreover, you can quickly scale up with no excess charges. Also, we will deploy your server within few minutes. It enables you to launch your server as soon as possible.
  4. Multiple data centers: At Digitalocean, we have data centers located in various areas. These data centers allow users to access VMs from different locations. Also, it's helpful for business owners with brands across the world. You can choose datacenters in the specified locations without restriction. Moreso, advanced technology contributes to the monitoring of team growth, especially in the IT department.
  5. Full access: Choosing your own VM gives you full access to execute certain operations, including customization. You can deploy preferred images on your server and control people who have access to the server. Moreover, full access enables you to decide your type of content, or upload rich media.
  6. Full access to VM environment: Another added benefit you can enjoy with Digitalocean is full monitor to your droplets environment. As a business owner, VM helps you to be vast about the market strategies. With this, you can deploy the right applications and ads that your target audiences can easily recognize. Also, recommendations are available for Digitalocean customers. It allows you to identify issues early, and provide solutions to them.
  7. Hybrid cloud technology: Enjoy maximum cloud computing program with hybridized technology. Also, you can run and test applications on hybrid cloud. Also, it improves your server's security, as you can choose the applications, and discard threatening ones.
  8. Reduced cost: Digitalocean VPS windows users' expenses since you get to pay all the incurred charges and avoid bit by bit payment. Also, Microsoft often develops updates with a windows server. Hence, automatic update set up saves you the stress of paying for any added software or license fee. In most cases, service providers include these charges on the monthly payment. Also, you can view the discounts attached to windows VM, compared to bit by bit payment.
  9. Dedicated host: You can choose a dedicated host set up with a windows server VM. It allows you to scale up applications when needed, increase resiliency, and create a private cloud. Interestingly, you will be getting the benefits present at dedicated hosting.


Subscribing to managed Digitalocean VPS windows is often recommended, as you can focus and channel more energy to other business priorities. We have over five years of experience in providing quality VPS services and support to our customers. You can avoid stress and excessive spending by entrusting your windows VPS management to our highly skilled technical team. Managing a Windows VPS can be difficult and requires depth knowledge for optimal performance. Meanwhile, we have a 1/7free trial option for every intending user. This free trial provides practical access to what is laid ahead in the future. You can still reach out to our customer support team via online chats, emails, or phone calls. Also, you can join a conversation forum to get indepth knowlege of how the Windows VPS works.

Before wrapping up, you should note that the quality of the service you obtain from your windows VPS provider is of utmost importance. Hence, you can make enough inquiries about your potential provider, before making a purchase.

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