While there are a lot of amazing hosting services out there like the trusted Vpsserver.com that offers the best features and benefits for your money for as low as $5 and a free 7-day trial included, offering all the benefits of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) like enhanced security, private resources and scalability amidst others, an Anonymous VPS SSD hosting offers the benefits of a Virtual Private Server web hosting and Anonymity (having to keep or demanding total privacy).

The reasons one may opt for an Anonymous VPS hosting, in other words, maintain total privacy are numerous; to stop or prevent harassers and data miners, to prevent identity theft, to remain anonymous or private if you are well-known or popular, for freedom of speech, etc. To avoid the use of anonymous VPS for illegal or harmful things or to incite acts of hate or terrorism, Web hosting services that offer Anonymous VPS SSD hosting prohibit or ban people from certain acts such as Racism, Spreading of hate speech, pornography, etc. Certain acts like this can get your website banned or a ban from their web hosting service. As with Anonymous VPS hosting, at first, blush might seem like an option for hackers and bullies to wreak havoc on the internet whilst remaining totally anonymous. Therefore, Anonymous VPS hosting offers privacy to people who intend to protect their privacy for one of the reasons mentioned earlier like preventing domain spams, freedom of speech and not in a derogatory manner, to prevent stalkers, to keep private if you are well known or popular. You use your privacy offered by the Anonymous VPS hosting service in a legal manner not to target or harass people online.

Anonymous hosting is one that offers complete privacy for your website or project with your website running full scale as long you do not violate their terms of service. It works by providing a place for you on a private server. Anonymous hosting is ideal for people and businesses who intend to keep their identities private as personal information like names, addresses, age is not required during sign-up and the only data stored is your email and password available on your dashboard. People however who opt for Anonymous hosting are faced with the fear of reduced speed as some sites offering the service run on Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and not Solid State Drives (SSD).

SSD is an acronym for Solid-state drives where data is stored into drives using flash memory. SSD is an advancement in web hosting shifting from the Hard disk drive (HDD) that dominated entirely computer storage in the 00's decade and are still currently in use by a lot of web hosting services out there but with an increase in speed, avoidance of lags and overheating, SSD quickly became known for being better and more efficient in Data storage than the HDD, Although some web hosting services still fail to use SSD opting for the backward HDD. HDD was inefficient in the sense that it had moving parts, overheated quickly, and made very loud unpleasant noises.

The disk read speed of HDD is also significantly slower than the SSD. SSD offers speed, durability, power, etc. it is no surprise some smart web hosting companies like vpsserver.com switched to SSD because of the added benefits of SSD to their consumers. SSD (Solid State Drive) is pivotal in fast data transfer with such data transfer limited by only the network speed and not as a result of overcrowding (from website traffic).

Bringing the two terms together, you can see that hosting on an anonymous VPS which runs with SSD can be quite a beneficial combo. You get to enjoy the unique services of anonymous VPS hosting while benefitting from the advantages of SSD as well. This means that while you keep your identity concealed, your website operates very fast, and you do not suffer from setbacks that you might have suffered from if you were to use the HDD.

People who want to access web hosting services while remaining anonymous also have the normal basic web hosting plan to choose from, with the only difference being a guarantee in their privacy. Meaning like other web hosting services they have the option of choosing from different types of hosting plans like reseller hosting shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. with the only difference is an assurance in the privacy of the admin's something other basic plans that are not anonymous fail to offer. Therefore, people that opt for anonymous VPS hosting are choosing the VPS plan (a method of having a virtual layer over the operating system providing website admins with private resources on a server having many users) with anonymity.

In summary, Anonymous VPS hosting is a type of virtual private server web hosting that runs on solid-state drives (SSDs) and is offered to people worldwide that demand total privacy added to their basic VPS package plan whilst still maintaining their privacy.


Anonymous hosting offers privacy to users identities in addition to the basic VPS plan as soon as payment is made. Some customers who not only want their online identity alone hidden but also private identity however still feel that their privacy is revealed when paying for the hosting service despite the hosting service promise to clear databases after payment is made. Therefore, they seek anonymity even when paying, looking for full-on Anonymous VPS hosting. This can be achieved in certain ways.

Anonymous hosting as mentioned earlier is one that offers full-on privacy to website admins who may be individuals, companies, or small scale businesses, preventing the knowledge of the private information of the website admins. Therefore, one won’t be harassed by people or someone who does not agree with you. The keyword in Anonymous VPS hosting is ‘Privacy’-the main reason people go out their way to get anonymous VPS hosting aside the other benefits of a normal VPS plan such as security, guaranteed resources, increased website performance, scalability, reduced cost, etc and they also get to keep their privacy, running their websites without revealing their identities or personal information.

When registering or signing up for an Anonymous VPS hosting, the hosting company asks only for your email address and a password. Therefore, personal information like addresses and legal names are not asked for, as such, one can remain anonymous. Anonymous VPS hosting services uses paying options like Paypal, wire transfer, payment by mailing or cash-by-mail, credit cards, and even bitcoins. Also, the hosting service promises that they do not save such information in their databases. The payment is only needed for Domain name registrations and the payment of the hosting service.

Options like credit cards, wire transfer, and cash-by-mail might still make some potential customers skeptical as their addresses may still be known by the hosting provider as their personal information is linked to their credit cards and bank accounts as such they fear there may be a chance of that leaking even if the web hosting provider claims this data is not stored. The first way of fixing this problem is to get a VPS hosting plan from a web hosting provider you trust and the second option is provided as a payment option; the Bitcoin payment and the PayPal payment.

PayPal as a payment option is ideal for staying anonymous with the payment linked to a PayPal account and not your bank account. Yes, if you hope to withdraw from PayPal you have to link your PayPal account to your bank but for this, you are actually making a payment to the hosting service, therefore one can easily unlink his credit or debit card from his or her PayPal and make the payment to the hosting service needing only your email.

Bitcoins, a form of cryptocurrency payment and also one of the methods of making anonymous payments where your transactions are linked to your bitcoin address with limited personal information.


With the advancement in technology and the globalization of the world, we tend to reveal our identities when making payments with cards, shopping online, etc. With the main reason people get Anonymous VPS being to hide their personal details, payment with a Credit card (One of the most common methods of payment) is inefficient as your card is linked directly with your bank details personal information, this ultimately beats the main purpose of anonymous identity. Although most Anonymous VPS hosting websites adhere to strict guides like the deliberate refusal to save personal information gotten from your card when paying for the hosting service, some people still feel like their privacy are being violated and they may still no longer feel safe even after getting an Anonymous VPS hosting plan.

Other reasons why customers might not want to make payments using their Credit cards could be the stress of going through its length methods of payment, or simply just to save time. Also, some may not want to give off the requested card details which could prove very deadly if it gets into the wrong hands. In fact, many professionals will advise that you minimize the use of credit cards, or otherwise be very careful of the parties or providers you use them for. In essence, why people go for other payment methods aside from payment with credit cards is mainly because of keeping their anonymity, privacy, and to save time and avoid stress.

So either the main reason you don't want to use a credit card is the privacy violation or you loathe imputing card details or you tend to spend massively when using your card as it may be simple for you, whatever the reason, you can, however, purchase an Anonymous VPS even without the credit card with many options, one of which is the use of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a form of payment with digital coins encrypted with strong cryptography and blockchain technology where coin ownership is stored in a computerized ledger making the currency difficult to counterfeit. In simpler terms, virtual money taking the form of coins. Cryptocurrency is accepted as a universal payment worldwide with automatic conversion to local currency. Some popular types of cryptocurrency include Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Libra, Tether, etc. The most common and widely known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Since its creation in 2008, Bitcoin has grown into a monster cryptocurrency introducing a lot of people into the idea or the world of cryptocurrency. With an estimated cryptocurrency wallet of about 3 million – 6 million, Bitcoin is the biggest and popular cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is one of the most popular options for making online payments with most online payments accepting Bitcoins as a method of payment. Anonymous VPS SSD web hosting services also offer Bitcoins as a form of payment for their hosting services and domain names purchase, offering a sense of anonymity as personal information will not be linked to your purchase.

Bitcoin is an ideal option for making payments without revealing your personal information as such, your fund transactions are linked to a Bitcoin address. Also, using options like Local Bitcoins gives added privacy as it is a legal way of making online payments with bitcoins while remaining anonymous.

Local bitcoins like Bitcoins is a peer-to-peer form of cryptocurrency payment option founded in the late second quarter of 2012 growing quickly to about 100,000 active users in a day after a year. There are also other methods with which you can get anonymous VPS, but the use of Bitcoins is definitely one of them, if not the very best option.

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