In forex trading, several obstacles could have devastating effects on your trade. These factors include computer virus attacks, network downtime, power cuts, connection failure, etc. Thankfully, with a good forex virtual private server, you can eliminate most of these detrimental trading factors by making your trading environment almost automated.

Most forex traders find selecting a suitable forex trading VPS challenging; therefore, we have provided some great forex VPS options in this article. If you don’t understand the fuss about forex VPS, don’t worry, we have also detailed the information you will need to know regarding Forex VPS.

What is Forex VPS?

More and more people today choose to install and use virtual private servers for their forex trades. These VPSs give traders more control over their trading activities and help reduce and remove obstacles to trading. Before we jump into the upsides and downsides of Forex VPS, let’s walk you through some basic things you should understand about VPS and Forex trading.

A Forex VPS is a virtual private server designed to make forex trading more efficient. It allows you to continue your trading activity even when there is a power outage. With these Forex VPSs, you can execute your trades with ease and be assured of security. In short, the pros of Forex VPS are numerous. We will expose some of them to you; keep reading.

How Does Forex VPS Function?

The institutional traders pay quite a large fee to position their trading engines close to the main trading engines. This proximity helps them to obtain their news trades. Many small traders cannot afford to cough out these fees paid by institutional traders. For this reason, the forex VPS industry has seen an increase in the demand for forex VPS services.

These forex VPS owners provide users with 24-hours trading facilities and more at lower prices than a Co-located facility. Retail forex traders also enjoy stability, speed, and accuracy when they use Forex VPS.

The basic setup for a forex trader would feature

  • A local device that is connected to the trading stations internet
  • MT4
  • An expert advisor. These come in handy when you need directions on where you are going.
  • Network connection to enable the trade.

The Forex VPS bypasses the relay data and orders for trade to the brokers on MT4 VPS. MetaTrader4, also referred to as MT4, is an electronic VPS trading platform used mainly by retail forex traders. This VPS software is made available to Forex brokers responsible for providing this software to their clients. The software is used to view streaming prices live, chart, manage accounts, and execute trades.

Other alternatives available for MT4 are protrade and cTrader.

The web trading platform of cTrader is similar to its desktop application and comes with numerous properties, with a trading experience considered superior to that of MT4. cTrader is one of the popular Forex VPS used by small or retail Forex brokers.

Protrader is another alternative to MT4, especially for banks and multi-asset brokers.

Why Do I Need a Forex VPS?

Forex virtual private server (Forex VPS) hosting provides you with unlimited access to the virtual environment. These virtual environments are available on the host’s company’s server and can run MetaTrader expert advisor all day, throughout the week, with no downtime at all. The Forex VPS is a great way to stay online and monitor your trading options and platforms without stress.

With the 24-hour online access forex VPS offers you, you never have to reboot your system throughout the trading week. These VPS’s are unaffected by power outages and so, you don’t have to worry about ways to keep your laptop on all trading week long. With all these benefits that Forex VPS offers you, it is easy to realize that this VPS is a need for traders who want to run their trades without any interruptions.

The benefits that using a forex VPS offers you, is not something you want to leave unexplored. In the next subtopic, we will cover all of the pros of trading with a forex VPS.

What are the Pros of Forex VPS?

Great Forex virtual private hosting servers offer forex traders numerous benefits that make the forex trading process attractive and less unpredictable. These exclusive benefits offered to you by these forex traders help make your forex trading life less complex and improve your trading experience.

We have listed some of the pros you get to enjoy with Forex VPS.

  • Access to Trade from Anywhere – forex VPS’s allow you to carry out your trade remotely. Unlike earlier on in trading history when you needed to have a desktop and could only trade from a fixed location, Forex VPS does not restrict you to a particular location. You can trade remotely and with any device like your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.
    If your broker does not offer access to an online trading platform, a VPS would be the perfect solution. They do not require a download, and as long as your internet connection is strong, you can log into your Forex VPS account and trade with ease from any location.
  • Uninterrupted Trading - With Forex VPS, you don’t need to be scared about a power outage. You can keep trading even with your power out. Your automated trading systems will continue to run without you being online to monitor them. This way, you can keep trading and making your cool dough regardless of what happens.
  • Top-Notch Security - Forex VPS systems made available by top companies come with some of the best security features. These managed forex virtual private servers are routinely checked by providing companies to ensure they are functioning efficiently. The results of these routine tests are what gives companies the confidence to guarantee you 99.99% uptime. Some forex VPS’s come with other security features to guarantee the safety of the server.
  • Access to Trade at Any Time - one great advantage of Forex VPS is that you can access your trading platforms at every point in time. You can start, complete, or monitor trades regardless of the time or your physical location. Since your trading activities are not dependent on a physical location, you can trade on the go. The trade automation makes it possible for your trading to continue even while you are not there to monitor them.
  • Minimize your Slippage – The reduction in slippage is one advantage of Forex VPS servers that users enjoy regardless of if they trade automatically or place their entries manually. These VPS can execute your forex trades faster than your computer possibly can because of the fast transmission of orders. This fast transmission of transactions translates into a reduction in delays and, consequently, slippage time. It is a well-known fact that slippage costs varying amounts of money; therefore, its reduction translates into less loss for you and reduces the unpredictability of trading.

What Are the Cons of Forex VPS?

The major disadvantage of Forex VPS is the high cost attached to getting it initially. The cost initially can be more expensive than trading without.

What Are the Best Forex VPS with Great Service?

When it comes to Forex, it is important for traders to avoid latency and use a platform with guaranteed connectivity. Every second is crucial to your trades’ success. Thus, installing a good VPS is equally as important as getting an expert advisor.

Forex traders have the option of recruiting expert advisors on their Forex virtual private server. Doing this allows the expert advisors to work 24-hours during the trading hours. As a forex trader, you can control the number of EAs uploaded and constantly control the advisor’s trade. VPS’s added capacity has led many traders to use a Forex VPS web host, and it has become a popular solution for optimizing trades. We have listed two top forex VPS providers below.

Forex Cheap VPS – this forex VPS has been offering hosting services from its Canadian office since its inception in 2013. This Forex VPS focuses on foreign exchange trading space. This streamlined focus means that it is designed to keep up with the fast-paced nature of forex trade. The VPS is designed with super-fast servers that boast of a 100% uptime guarantee; this way, you never miss a money-making opportunity.

Besides providing a platform for forex traders, the Forex Cheap VPS also offers dedicated servers and VPS to other interested customers. The forex cheap VPS site is in plain English, however, it supports up to 25 other languages.


  • It boasts of premium forex VPS trading servers.
  • Fully managed VPS and dedicated servers to boot
  • Boasts of a 100% uptime guarantee
  • Comes with the current hardware with SSD storage and RAID-10


  • It has just six years of industry experience.
  • It comes with only a three-day partial money-back guarantee.


Hostinger is one of the cheap Forex VPS options. At 0.99 dollars, it looks almost too good to be true. This web hosting platform is a great option for those looking to run successful Forex trades. However, like all things, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of this Forex VPS.


  • It is a fair start for beginners to the world of forex trading.
  • Features fast page load time
  • They provide you with round the clock support.
  • The package comes complete with free SSL
  • Automatic weekly backup
  • Less than 0.01% downtime


  • The basic plan lacks an automatic daily backup.
  • Constant upsell popups

What Factors Should I Look Out For When Selecting a Forex VPS?

There are certain features every great Forex virtual private server must-have. We have taken out time to list them below to guide you when choosing a Forex VPS for your trading.

  • Optimum Performance - A lot of forex VPS operate on virtualization technology. This technology allows the forex virtual private server provider to split and share their resources between numerous users. The virtualization is done at the operating system cadre and could point to many issues. These issues range from reduced uptime, speed, and increased latency.
  • Flexible Hosting Plans - It is important to look out for a Forex VPS provider that offers you a great deal of flexibility. The VPS plans should have a range of useful features and plan you can choose from based on your trading needs.
  • Location of VPS Server - An important fact to put into consideration is the location of the VPS. For this reason, we advise that you choose a Forex VPS related to your broker service in terms of location. Ensuring this reduces the latency period when there is a downtime.

Hyper-Virtualization technology is incorporated in Forex VPSs. It is great for Forex traders who run the VPS on Windows, Microsoft Windows, and OpenVZ.

  • High Uptime Rate – your choice of forex VPS provider should be capable of providing, at the very least, 99.99% uptime. For the Forex VPS to provide you with this guarantee, he must have carried out several routine tests and have the barest minimum redundancy rate in the server. Achieving this will mean that the VPS provider has all the necessary resources at his disposal to move users to a different compartment in case of any downtime in a compartment.
  • Accept Various Applications - The forex VPS provider you select must provide you with a server that supports different Forex applications and software.


Forex trading can be quite unpredictable and fraught with many obstacles. However, with a good Forex VPS, you can overcome these obstacles and make your trading experience smoother and more profitable. Some of the benefits Forex VPSs offer you include: High Uptime, flexible trading arrangement, 24-hour access to trading platforms, improved trading performance, etc. We advise that you go through our article for more information on forex VPS and how to choose the one that best suits your trading needs.

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