Forex Virtual Private Server allows Forex traders to run Meta Trader Expert Advisors 24/7 nonstop and without interruption on the virtual server provided by hosting companies.Another fantastic thing about this technology is that it gets you connected to the internet, which means that you will not be affected even when there is a power outage.Your EAs can be run inMetaTrader with peace of mind without having to worry about any interruptions.

Aside from having its operating system, a Forex VPS also has its personal allocated HDD storage, dedicated RAM as well as Server location.All of these services can be accessed from any platform, be it on your mobile devices or computers. Also, you will have total control of all the services irrespective of the device you are using in as much as you are connected to the internet.

On a good day, for Forex trader to carry out any trading activities, their computers must always online. So, if you are making use of services from an Expert Advisor, for instance, the EAs connected to your devices will only work when there is an internet connection.

However, once your computer is completely off, trading orders will no longer be sent by all the EAs will to your computers, thereby shut down all trading activities from your end.

Here is another scenario. If you opt to set up your Expert Advisors on any Forex VPS platform, all your EAs will have the ability carry out all operations because the VPS will be connected to the internet all the time. Even when your computer is offline, all your trading commands will still be autonomously and continuously delivered to the trading platform.


Four popular technologies that existed in FOREX VPS and each of them are explained below;

  • Virtuozzo:This virtualization product is a trademarked operating-system-level manufactured by Parallels, Inc. for both windows and Linux operating systems. Multiple isolated containers popularly called Virtual Environments (VEs), or Virtual Private Servers (Parallels Virtuozzocontainerson creates VPNs, a single physical server. This is how the boxes of Parallels Virtuozzovirtualizes at the level of the operating system, instead of the hardware level as seen on other Virtual Machine (VM) merchandises.
  • OpenVZ: This technology is container-based virtualization designed for Linux operating systems. The technology makes use of VEs or VPSs which recreates multiple secure, isolated containers (also popularly calledVEs or VPSs on a solitary physical server facilitating better utilization of server and making sure that all applications do not contradict each other.
  • Xen: This is a free software virtual machine designed for IA-64, IA-32, , x86-64, as well as the architectures of PowerPC 970. Xen makes use a virtualization form as refers to as para-virtualization on the majority of CPUs which implies that the operating system of the guest is modified to make use of a special hypercall ABI in place of specific architectural topographies.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V: This is the hypervisor-based technology which offers genuine true Hardware Virtualization as well as High level of Segregation from other virtual machines present on the physical server. With the implementation of this innovative virtualization technology,

This system gives room for hardware sharing, systems management attributes and sometimes sharing of software licenses amidst other workloads.The container operates as a standalone server.Meanwhile is not the ideal vitalization technology for Forex trading because the vendor can capitalize on that to oversell the machine. In the end, you get a less optimal result.

Each container works and implementing the same manner a standalone server does. A box can be independently rebooted and still have root access to all processes, users, IP addresses, memory, applications, files, system archives and setup files. These attributes are what makes this technology appropriate for Forex trade.

One of the tech giants that have contributed to Xenmodifications so that it can support their VT-x (previously called Vanderpool) architecture extensions is Intel.

In the same way, AMD has also added its contribution to support its AMD-V extensions. Meanwhile, we will not recommend the Kernel modifications for Forex Trading because it will be needed for it works.

With the use of this new virtualization technology, do not have to worry about having their services being interrupted by other resource-demanding services operating on the same box. When it comes to Forex trading, this is by far the best option because of the boundless isolation you get from this technology.

When using a VPS service, you will have to share the available resources on the server with every other person using the machine, and that is the reason why your own assigned portion of the computer mustn't be affected by the activities of other users.

We have tested many VPS technologies and interested in knowing our recommendation out of all these Forex trading VPS that can give you very stable and availability of resources at all time? Contact us now!

Haven said all these let's look at some things to consider when choosing the best Forex trading VPS.

Way of Choosing the Finest VPS for Forex Trading

The most serious among Forex traders don't joke with a virtual server for their EAs, but I need to point out that not all VPS servers have the same performance

Tips to choosing best VPS provider for Forex trading including but not limited to the following

1 Virtualization Technology

When it comes to selecting a Forex VPS provider for your trading activities, one of the essential things you should consider is the technological virtualization of the vendor. You can check under different types of Forex VPS as discussed somewhere in this article for more information.

2 Latency

Latency can be defined as the speed at which orders are executed. The rate remains the Forex trading's crux, and the higher the latency of the VPS, the higher the probability of turning an already profitable trade into a considerable loss.Sincere VPS providers habitually permit their clients to decide on a VPS from numerous locations across the world.

3 Limitless Platform Instances

It's no longer news that several VPS providers place restrictions on the number of platform instances that can be run.

Let me point out here that it is very imperative to know that choosing a reliable VPS service provider allows them to run limitlessMT4 instances and other platforms too. This means that Forex traders should not be limited to several accounts they can run because of their choice of VPS provider. This means that the option of Forex VPS chosen by traders shouldn't restrict them to a specific broker or organization. All traders should be permitted to operate as many accounts as they want even AEs irrespective of the Forex VPS platform they opt for.

4 Security

The security offered by the VPS is one of the crucial features that traders should check out when choosing a VPS platform. It should come as a typical feature that comes with the account they are signing up for. It is essential to look for VPS providers that offer DDoS protection.

5 Technical Support

Whichever VPS provider Forex you are choosing as a trader to work with should be able to provide you with all-through trading hours' customer support services because it is not easy to predict when traders will need customer support.

6 Fail-safe Uptime

Any VPS that frequently go offline always land traders in huge loss. Therefore choosing a VPS platform that offers a minimum of 99.9% SLA based uptime is the wisest thing to do. SLA means Service-Level Agreement. Meanwhile, there should be a clause that guarantees payment of compensation to traders by the VPS provider in the case of failure to meet up with uptime agreement.

7 Bandwidth and Speed

Companies that offer superior quality VPS services mostly make sure that a speed of 1 GBPS and adequate bandwidth is given so that the EAs of their customers' trade can run continuously 24/7.


The use of Forex VPS service, gives the following advantages;

1. Special Personal Power Supply

You have no reason to worry about your trading being disrupted by power outage again! One of the beautiful thing about Forex VPS is that it usually comes with its power supply. So if you lost your internet connection during trading, your mechanical trading system has been designed to continue to work within your VPS automatically.

2. Remote Accessibility

There is no difference between having to own a Forex VPS and having a virtual computer dedicated for your Forex trading activities. This computer is sited inside the server of your broker which can be accessed by you using any device be it your mobile phone or any other computers as long as you have an active internet connection.

All you need to do is remotely log in to your VPS and go ahead to control your Forex trading accounts the same way you usually work on your numerous trading platforms.

3. More Protected Forex Trading System

Virtually all Forex VPS trading services offered by the majority of brokers naturally comes with a superb security system, and you also enjoy the same quality for all your Forex trading activities.

What this means is that you will continue to enjoy securely guarded VPS that is regularly scanned using all security measures. You will also be provided with dedicated antivirus as well as other security apparatus that will give 100% guarantee that you are completely secure against any form of malware that may occur on the system network.

4. Automatic Trading Machine

Forex VPS works as an essential component in your overall trading machinery which allows you to save your automatic trading system and will enable the system to run on its own accord without having to scrutinize them all the time. With this feature, you can be sure of maximum profit any time any day without any form of interruptions.

5. Reduced Slippage

We are all aware of how prices usually go up in the Forex market. That's why Forex VPS comes helpful. The speed at which VPS systems execute your trading activities is faster than that of your typical PC. Ordinary computers cannot transmit trading orders as quickly as VPS systems.

For this reason, to be able to drastically reduce every possibility of slippage which you make experienced by using a conventional trading system, VPS system is your sure bet!


If you are one of those who are still struggling to decide whether the writing for them is, then you are one of those newbies in Forex trading. Someone you trusted might have suggested it to you, but you're still not convinced.

Let me break it down for you. The answer to your question depends on the kind of trading you are doing.

In amateur terms, the full meaning of VPS is Virtual Private Server which is just another name for a cloud-based desktop computer.Imagine a personal computer with the same well-known desktop Windows that you're used to that is located somewhere in one of the datacenters across the globe.

To gain accessibility to this personal computer, you will have to log in using the remote desktop option to the local machine. You can access the small desktop option of your local device by searching for 'remote desktop' from your Start button to discover the gateway.


Take a look at the following reason and later on determines if you should continue trading using your regular hardware or go for the virtual private network for all your trading activities.

Forex VPS hosting allows you to access your virtual platform using a network connection. This will enable you to carry your out your trading activities from anywhere at any given time.

Whenever you're on automated trading, all the trading automatically runs even when there is a sudden power outage because automated trading systems don't need constant monitoring.

The virtual private platform includes Forex hosting and a strong level protected environment with managed services that have been checked by technicians to ensure the quality of its capabilities and uptime.

Furthermore, it includes antivirus and backup systems to ensure the safety and security of your Forex server.

Make use of a virtual private network for speedy trade which your computer hardware cannot offer you. This can only happen due because the virtual network is used in executing orders more quickly with a reduction in delays and slippage.

Bottom Line

The main thing is that every Forex trader is looking for an edge in the market. This is precisely what you get for using a Forex VPS! It will provide you with all the necessary tools and the functionalities you need in taking your Forex trading to the next level.

If you can lay your hand of a superior Forex VPS, be rest assured of very high speed, dedicated server, zero interruptions, dedicated IP address, huge RAM, CPU cores among many other fantastic features that can make your Forex trading fun and highly profitable.

Traders can enjoy smooth Forex trading by using our premium VPS service available on Windows 2012 server.

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