Hostplus is an established industry in Australia that provides superannuation funds for tourism, recreation, hospitality, and sports industries. Since its establishment in 1987, Hostplus provide support to industries in these categories to provide better services.

It is one of the most popular and long-standing superannuation funds in Australia. They are known to ensure maximum satisfaction for end consumers. Moreover, host plus has positive reviews from past and current users that you should check out. We provide enough financial knowledge that allows you to reach substantial financial freedom.

Generally, superannuation refers to the compensation fee or retirement bonus many employers or companies provide to their staff at work. Asides from superannuation, there are other retirement bonuses. They are gratuity, provident fund, and National Pension System. So, what makes the difference? Hostplus provides superannuation funds specifically for recreation and other related sectors after their retirement phase. Not only that, but it also allows members to save up until a stipulated period.

If you have doubts and still wonders if host plus is a good super fund? Here you have your answer. Likewise, you will get answers to other questions such as how to access super host plus and hostplus performance before the end of this article. Enjoy a great discovery ahead!

Is Host Plus a Good Super Fund?

Looking for the best funding program may require some tasks since you would come across many of them online. You are probably stuck between options and do not know which one to choose. But here is the good part of your research. You came across hostplus, a top superannuation fund company in Australia, and you wonder; is host plus a good super fund? To answer your question, let's quickly take a look at its advantages.

Advantages of superannuation funds and why you need to start investing now!

Truthfully, it takes a lot of hard work and expert knowledge to sustain a recreation, tourism, or hospitality business. If you are setting into the industry, here is a good platform for you. A time will come when your business would need professionals' input. You can confidently rely on experts taking care of your work for you at hostplus.

To answer your question, hostplus is a good super fund for you because it has the best offers than others. You would have many superannuation funds presented to you as an inexperienced investor.

Our offers are flexible enough, allowing you to subscribe to a regular savings account. By so doing, you do not need to break the bank before investing. You can save tiny amounts as they come into your hand.

Also, hostplus allow members to collaborate with other investors to purchase a single plan.

Since there are several options in hostplus, you can spread your investments across and receive returns at a diverse period.

At hostplus, we request a lesser transaction fee compared to most superannuation companies out there.

Lastly, hostplus is a platform that does not submit to investor's temptation to spend a retirement fee. Unless for special considerations, which you would discover as you go further. You can be sure hostplus to assist in fulfilling your retirement dreams.

Benefits of superannuation

Having known the advantages to be part of hostplus, here are general superannuation benefits that are of interest to the public.

Due to the fallen economy in recent years, many workers do not want to depend on the state for retirement benefits. The state economy for individual bonuses is so unpredictable. Who knows a pandemic break out in 2020 could badly shake many countries' economies? The best solution is to invest in private fund providers as an individual.

Superannuation is one of the most effective ways for long-term savings. In the world today, the responsibility often comes up unannounced. Without proper and disciplined financial planning, many of us are quick to fall into this situation. We assume our wants as needs and are quick to satisfy them. When we have cash around without putting them into savings, we notice every new relaxation center or restaurant. Your "living once" switch is best on the game if you channel it to your retirement plan. When we do not have an established policy surrounding our savings, humans are liable to withdraw at every point in time while the circle continues. When we reach the age that the state never pays us for workload, we realize we want more than home "schooling". Although the government provides some benefits after retirement, it is never enough to satisfy our desires. What happens to the Paris trip? or a vacation in the Maldives.

Do you know with superannuation, you can reduce the tax attached to your income? Many of us are tired of paying huge taxes. You can minimize it by diverting a large percentage of your income into superannuation. Meanwhile, if you invest outside of superannuation you could still pay tax on your investment income. If you anticipate a smooth and enjoyable retirement period, you need every possible means to cut extra expenses.

When you create an account and become a member, you have to liberty to support any fund of your choice. That is, you can either choose not to support a fund. However, fundraising is a goodwill project, and its impact cut across all life spheres.

A big one! It is for small or medium-sized businesses and professionals.

It provides an avenue for businesses to scale up when they experience bankruptcy.

How Do I Access Super Host Plus?

If you want to raise funds for your company and access super host plus, you need to be an Australian citizen or resident. However, a temporary resident can still access funds but may not reach one's pension.

After you become an hostplus member, you can access your benefits when you belong to any of these categories:

  • A retired person or has gotten to your preservation age.
  • 60 years and above
  • A dead person relative or family.

However, there are exceptions to access funds if you have not reached the preservation age. These exceptions are:

  • Very urgent financial intervention
  • Severe illness or disease
  • Change of resident from Australia
  • $200 or below fund balance

If your appeal meets the requirements or criteria, you will receive compassionate grounds. It implies they accept your appeal, and you can go ahead to utilize such a great opportunity.

Moreover, you can create an account with hostplus from anywhere and anytime. It allows investors to access accounts beyond the busy schedule. You can have access to your balance and change your investment plan if need be. We have flexible investment plans that create several options for members.

After creating an account with a standard superannuation fund provider like hostplus, you can choose your preferred super-category. The two popular super categories are; industry super funds and self-managed super funds.

Industry super funds

Industry super funds identify careers into subunits as recreation, tourism, hospitality, and sport. Hence, smaller funds are open to industries with no big project, while intense projects receive funds. When companies raise these funds, their purpose is not towards profits or extra earnings.

Self-managed super funds

When you self managed your funds, it implies you are solely responsible for its operation. You may be saving up under an account, but you choose to draw the balance sheet, finance records, and all yourself. It can cut costs for you, but if you have no experience with finance management, this category may not turn out well for your investment.

Other general categories are; retail super funds, public sector super funds, and corporate funds.

  • In retail super funds, the operating company offers funds and gets to keep from it. Here, there are investment plans you can choose from, depending on your necessities.
  • Public sector super funds cover state workers. It has a couple of investment options other than retail super funds.
  • Many long-existing members acquire defined benefits for themselves. Also, directors circulate profits from here into the funds.
  • Corporate super funds describe employees' funds from their employers. Some employees do not know they have access to funds upon employment. In this case, they lose their rights. Hence, we recommend you understand your company's policy and what is in there for you.

Hostplus Performance

Hostplus performance covers enough funds for recreation companies by providing a 24/7 support system.

The hospitality and tourism industry requires 24/7 attention and timely shifts. Many workers in this industry work round the clock on long working hours. We understand the importance of these career owners staying connected regularly. Hence, we provide an avenue for owners to keep a record of financial growth or loss. Meanwhile, recreation owners can get carried away with the workload and forget the financial aspect. Hostplus company provides the right solution to this unfavorable situation.

Furthermore, superannuation performance includes various types of superannuation benefits.

Defined benefit plan

In this plan, members make a definite and permanent benefit plan. However, various factors contribute to the benefits you derive from here. Your age and occupation are factors. In the real sense, there is no retirement for an idle man since he already never engaged in any work before. The plan is the most complex and risky of all. During retirement, a member will receive payment based on the agreed-upon price. However, we do not often recommend this plan for low or unstable earners. Finances can sometimes be unpredictable. Hence, it may not pay a member when deciding how much he would earn during his work years.

Defined contribution plan

Here is a much flexible plan than a defined benefit plan. Members can contribute based on their current status, and their benefit depends on their contribution and funding policy. With this, you can manage your benefit and estimate how much you get in return. A member is the determinant of bonuses here. Hence, it should create a sense of responsibility for every investor and the need to buckle up.

How it works

There is a need to know how your investment works to your advantage. It is not magic but a result of strategic and intellectual planning. When you set an account with hostplus, you are open to receive funds from insurances and other groups that support the hospitality and tourism sector.

It goes beyond your savings since you may end you receiving funds beyond what you did save up for your retirement. Retirements can be fun with vacations and visiting tourists, not the regular boredom we all know, and we want to make it so with you. What is the point of being a recreational service provider, and you can not rest after your working times in life? You do not just offer value. Ensure you apply it to your lifestyle as well.

Even in a defined benefit plan, a member can choose to contribute more than the agreed-upon amount, but never less. More reason we recommended such plan for high paid investors. Likewise, you may have more than enough money during your retirement period. In this case, you can choose to withdraw 1/3 or more of your savings.

You can present your claim to the superannuation funds providing company if you need to tweak an existing agreement. However, your reason should be reasonable and for a better purpose.


The main aim of the hostplus company is to provide a retirement bonus for every investor. Hence, if you do not have a current career or job, we may not grant you access to funds. We validate every proposal and ensures seeking companies have running recreational activities.

We built a strong relationship with our customers, which has made us one of the tops recommended superannuation fund companies in Australia. We have a team of skilled financial analysts and advisors with us. You are guaranteed sure returns on the savings or investment. Our customer team is available 24/7 to meet your related needs and provide answers to your questions. Kindly contact us to get through to any of our staff.

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