The computer data source is a technology company that offers you support services and enables you to store data. It works hand in hand in ensuring the availability of recycling services, maintenance, IT services, and cloud printing. Founded in the 1990s, the computer data source is a leading technology company that provides computer software, and technology services to users.

The computer data source is an international data maintenance and support company. It has its headquarters in New Jersey USA. Every company thrives to be better, improve its brand awareness, and subsequently increase sales. The computer data source is not left out. It needed an efficient digital marketing channel to increase brand awareness, and sales as well.

How did it overcome this?

The computer data source employed the services of elastic. The primary purpose was to increase her brand awareness, through an online digital marketing system. Also, getting the products to the right audience was a necessity. The right customer and audience of Computer data sources needed to know about and learn about it. This way, they are well aware of its features and their need for it

How did elastic raise Computer data source awareness?

  • Developing the perfect audience

The first step elastic took was getting a computer data source audience, and getting them to know about the computer data source. Afterward, they lined out an online content marketing strategy. With advertisements on the web, social media awareness, and blog posts, elastic publicized company data source, and Drew their desired target audience to them.

  • Getting strategic leads

Turning a prospective or one-time customer into a long-term one can be challenging and tough. Computer data source aim was to change prospective customers into regular or everyday customers. What did they do?

Lead identification and tracking were used to get more information on the target audience of computer data sources as well as their activities.

Features of computer data source

1. Maintenance

Routine maintenance of your computer hardware leads to improved performance of the system. When you outsource your storage maintenance duties to the computer data source, allows your technical team to channel their energy to other IT projects.

When you merge with a computer data source for your storage hardware maintenance services, your computer profits in many ways.

2. Storage maintenance

Regular and consistent maintenance of your computer storage hardware leads to a prolonged life span and efficiency of the software.

3. Server maintenance

There is a great need to protect your hardware from breakdown and failure during usage. Not only does it prolong the lifespan, but it also improves the availability of your hardware.


An improvement in hardware returns

When your system is starting and constantly online, you find out there is an increase in the return of the original investment. How does a computer data source improve your hardware returns? By working efficiently to increase the lifespan of your usable server lifespan, we help you reduce the cost involved. This way, your company can utilize the money for other valuable needs of the organization.

We offer you post-warranty server support for your hardware system. Also, we provide maintenance services with our team of professionals who have many years of experience in handling products from Dell, sun, and IBM.

System efficiency

Computer data source technicians and engineers are committed to identifying problems which your server, and ensures it is resolved before it leads to a system outage or a reduction in the rate of performance. Our team is made up of highly skilled individuals who follow laid-out guidelines and instructions needed to boost server operations.

A reduction in server downtime

A regular and consistent check-up on your system server is an opportunity for our technicians to identify problems on time. This leads to tackling it effectively to prevent it from leading to system outages. If at all, the damage has already been done to hardware, we make available parts that will serve as a replacement. This way, you do not have to wait for long, as your system returns to function use in about four to five hours.

Computer data source reviews

No company goes without criticism and praise as well. Both are what helps a company to grow. There are lots of reviews coming from both current employees and past ones. We will be looking into some of them.


  • In this setting, the company specifically seeks those with OEM skills.
  • Training after being hired is very limited. The computer does not give enough room for employees to get to be trained in the job to handle assignments properly.
  • Not enough time for advancement. Because employees are not given enough time for training, it does not give room for advancements. This way, employees may not get to move from one stage to another.
  • Assignments are given without proper training. Employees are required to do jobs with little or no training in that field.
  • History cost of healthcare: The employees find it difficult to afford the healthcare services provided due to its high cost. Most times, you find out that going for treatments is about half of your monthly payments. This poses a big discouragement to those to visit the healthcare system.
  • No pay for weekends: Most times, employees have to do work during the weekends but do not get an extra payment for the job done.
  • Longer working hours: Longer shifts or hours at work are not always paid for. Employees may get to work an extra hour or two more than they usually do, but there is no additional payment to make up for the extra time and effort.
  • Work from home: Employees can comfortably carry out work activities from the comfort of their homes. This is one of the advantages of working with computer data source Inc.
  • The work environment at computer data source is a very conducive one. Employees are faced with a Serene and friendly environment where they can interact with fellow workers and share positive ideas.
  • The management at computer data source is not a very supportive one.
  • There is a provision for snacks and other refreshments for employees. This way, they get to relax and have fun while on shift.


Computer data source jobs

1. Pricing Associate

The pricing Associate position is one thrilling job opportunity. This goes for the right candidate with the needed skills and qualifications. It is one major position in the sales department of Computer data source. To get hired, the candidate must be created, and highly endowed with creative ideas. They work in the sales department of the company and contribute to the growth and progress of the customer base.


  • Looks into the competitive pricing.
  • Works effectively with pricing infrastructures.
  • Views quotes prepared together with the finance coordinator and sales personnel.
  • Gets together the cost analysis for the company.
  • Highly committed to getting together pricing scenarios.


  • An employee is expected to work from Monday to Friday.


  • Full time


  • Very knowledgeable in Ms. PowerPoint and Msword.
  • Must have a bachelor's degree from a certified University.
  • Must have teamwork skills.
  • Able to communicate effectively with employers and fellow employees.
  • Experienced in cost analysis, pricing, and the likes.
  • Be very good and familiar with multi-tasking.


  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance as well
  • 401(k), and lots more.

2. Sales operations coordinator

A great opportunity awaits you as the sales coordinator in the computer data source. With the right skills and qualifications, you get to work with fellow creative minds and serves as a great guide for businesses and enterprises to achieve their business goals. Some responsibilities come with working as the sales operations coordinator at a Computer data source. They include;


  • Create and own the
  • Create dashboards for analyzing performance.
  • Gives maximum sales support
  • Ensures the team is equipped with first-hand information on recent sales events.
  • Supports in the price quoting.


  • Must possess Ms. Excel skills.
  • Equipped with great communication skills.
  • Good knowledge and proper understanding of sales reports, Managements, and operations.
  • Must have good reporting and data manipulation skills.
  • Equipped with CRM skills.
  • Be able to work under pressure to meet required deadlines.
  • Must possess good writing skills.
  • Should be friendly, interactive, and able to be in good relationship with different segments of the company.
  • Be productive and creative enough to develop ideas and solutions to complex tasks.


  • Works from a particular location


  • Full-time employment. From Monday to Friday.


  • Vision insurance
  • Health insurance, and lots more.

3. Services delivery manager for LATAM

This is another job opportunity for qualified candidates to work with a computer data source. A service delivery manager is expected to be effective in carrying out laid out duties, and functions, be able to coordinate properly and have a team spirit that will foster productivity.


  • Keeps track of deliveries made by the internal and external team.
  • Communicate effectively with team members to ensure easy flow of work.
  • Works together with the team before presales to ensure greater sales.
  • Gives services for the daily execution of tasks to satisfy clients.
  • Be expertise in IT hardware service delivery.


  • Should possess a tertiary certificate
  • Must be highly fluent in bother English and Spanish
  • Must possess great leadership skills
  • Should be able to work under pressure
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Should be productive and creative
  • Able to provide creative ideas to complex problems.
  • Should exhibit teamwork and Cooperation
  • Must possess good communication skills.
  • Be able to come up with ideas that will lead to the achievement of the company's goals.


  • English and Spanish


  • Full time from Monday to Friday


  • Preferably a Bachelor's degree

Health insurance

  • Vision insurance
  • 401(k)

Computer data source IT technician

At computer data source, we have IT, professionals, to bring solutions to your IT problems. IT technicians at computer data sources are committed to bringing technology to the doorstep of users. This is to ensure everyone is equipped with needed information, communication, and technology skills.

Technology, knowledge, and expertise are our motto. We apply technology in our everyday activities to help make our lives better, and easier. With the development in technology, business organizations should be well equipped with IT skills, to ensure the smooth running of the organ. Skills in IT ensure employees are dedicated, efficient, and committed to work activity.


Computer services

Computer data source Inc has a lot of computer systems available for use. One of which is the micro PC. This is one power pack device. It was designed in such a way that it is portable and at the same time powerful.

The micro PC is the right gadget to increase the productivity of your company. Quite smaller thanCD, the micro PC is a creative work of technology that helps to make work easier and more efficient. Its size is an added advantage as it does not occupy huge space on your desk.


  • Custom-built
  • Up to 8GB RAM
  • Windows 8.1

Voice services

Phone calls, voice mails, etc are included in the means of communication. Previously, phone services involved having a phone system that had a lot of limitations. Now, the phone service is as effective as ever and users have a whole lot of things to choose from.

Depending on the cloud-based PBX switch, we are committed to offering you voice packages in connection with your data. One of the aims is flexibility, and this is achievable. This also leads to the reduction in phone or voice services, and you get to cut out the fees you nor the company does not make use of.

Computer Data Source

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