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What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A server is a very powerful computer that acts as storage for all of the files and data that make up your website, application or platform. It is called a server because it ‘serves up’ your website or application when someone types in your web address.

A virtual server is one which utilises technology to separate one very powerful server into multiple virtual servers. Furthermore, private in this context means that your virtual server is just for you. You will not share CPU, RAM or data with any other users.

What is a Virtual Dedicated Server? How is it different from VPS?

A Virtual Dedicated Server is just another name for a Virtual Private Server. Where the confusion may come in is that dedicated servers (without the virtual part) are a completely different offering.

A VPS service is designed to simulate the experience of using a dedicated server. However, with a VPS server, you are sharing the physical server with other users, whereas with a dedicated physical server you are not.

When you utilise our VPS services, we install a virtual layer using virtualisation technology. This separates the server into multiple individual areas, allowing each user to install their own software and operating system.

Using this method, a VPS server becomes completely private, and really is your own server. Your files are separated from other users at OS level, so there is no need to be concerned about security. You also benefit from guaranteed disk space, memory and CPU cores etc. as you are not sharing these elements with anyone else.

What are the differences between VPS and shared hosting?

There are many differences between using a shared hosting service and a VPS service. Shared hosting is the most common type of hosting on the internet. Shared hosting works well for those with a new website, a small blog or other modest web users. When you choose a shared hosting plan, as you may have guessed, you share the server. Resources such as RAM, CPU and disk space are shared with other users.

While shared hosting may be a good option for those in the early stages of running a website, you can run into difficulties. Ultimately, you have less control over your website's speed and uptime. For example, if another user on your server has a massive spike in traffic, this could negatively affect your website.

On the other hand, with a VPS server, your server is separate from other users. This gives you greater control, better performance and improved security.

What is the real advantage of using VPS hosting?

There are many advantages to VPS hosting. Here we set out the main advantages that you can expect when you choose a VPS server.


In comparison to shared hosting plans, VPS packages provide better performance. With shared hosting, there are tens, if not hundreds, of other businesses and websites sharing the same server. Using a VPS ensures that your business is independent of other users and will not be affected by the activities of other users. A shared server can cause dropouts, downtime and functionality problems. Where one website experiences high traffic, this can slow down the websites of all other users. This does not happen with a VPS.

Greater control

Another benefit of using a VPS is that you will have greater control over your server. A VPS gives you root access, meaning that you do not need to rely on expensive software packages that must be supported by your hosting provider. Software packages can also cause security concerns and you may be limited in the software you can use. If your business needs to use industry-specific software, root access is essential. When you choose to use a VPS, your business will be able to implement software changes freely.


One of the key benefits of our VPS offering is that you can scale your package as required - in less than 1 minute. It can be difficult for a start-up business to predict how much traffic they may receive. But, if you are looking to grow and scale your business quickly, the last thing you want to think about is how your hosting package might be holding you back. Shared servers can limit your scalability, but with a VPS server you can quickly and easily scale up without any interference with functionality. All you need to do is upgrade your plan.

Low cost

Many people are surprised at just how low cost a VPS server can be. In fact, many businesses choose shared hosting simply because they are cheaper, but it could end up costing them more in the long run when you factor in downtime, speed and any necessary upgrades. As internet technology has advanced, VPS hosting has significantly decreased in cost. We offer VPS hosting packages from just $4.99 per month. You can also take advantage of our free trial, so you can try out a VPS server service without committing to payment.

Excellent customer service

Because many shared hosting plans are designed to be cheap, they rarely offer excellent customer service. With our VPS service, you will have access to our technical experts via chat support 24 hours per day, seven days per week. This support comes with all of our packages so that you will get great support for a low cost. We have designed our service to be reliable, and our interface is easy to use. However, we understand that issues and concerns may arise, and we are there for you when you need us. All of our experts have at least 5 years of experience, so you will always be able to get the help you need right away.

Is Windows VPS faster than shared hosting?

Many people choose Windows VPS hosting for its speed, features and reliability. Typically with Windows VPS, you can expect better and faster performance. Speed will also depend on the provider you choose, and it is important to work with a provider that has invested in up-to-date technology if speed is a concern for you. With a Windows VPS, you will have access to more resources resulting in better performance. On the other hand, with shared hosting, speed will depend on the technology used by the provider and the resource taken up by other users. With a Windows VPS, you also have greater control over the performance of your website or platform as you are not sharing the space with other businesses. VPS hosting will give better performance based on the bandwidth provided to users. You will also have greater flexibility to configure your applications on the server. If you have multiple sites to manage or experience high traffic, a VPS is the better option.

Is there any free Windows VPS?

You may be reluctant to pay for Windows VPS hosting where you are unsure if it will work for you and your business. We understand, and so we offer a free Windows VPS trial for 1 day or 7 days - the choice is yours. Taking a free Windows VPS trial can help you to understand whether it is suitable, and to try out some of the great features of our Windows VPS hosting packages. Our packages are designed to be cost-effective and flexible, so after your trial, you can discuss with our team which package might be right for you. Start your free trial for 1 day or for 7 days today.

What is the cheapest Windows VPS?

In today's competitive marketplace, there are many cheap Windows VPS hosting packages on offer. However, these are not all created equally. Where you choose a provider that does not invest in their technology and team members, cheap Windows VPS hosting may end up costing you more in the long run. Our service is fast, reliable and supported by highly qualified team members ready to assist you. We guarantee an industry-leading 99.9% uptime, with packages for Windows VPS costing as little as $25.99 per month.

The cost of your Windows VPS hosting package will depend on the speed and data required for your business. However, our flexible pricing and billing options mean that you can easily scale up if needed. On the other hand, if you find you do not need quite as much as you thought, we operate with no minimum contract so you are free to terminate your package at any time. Why not try our free 7-day Windows VPS trial to help you assess what package might be the best fit for your business.

What is Windows VPS for?

Windows VPS hosting is very popular for a broad variety of purposes. It is, however, most commonly used for hosting applications, remote desktop hosting, mission-critical apps, backups, web hosting, FOREX, multiplayer games and mail servers.

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