This article sets to debate, out of the very many VPS Hosting providers out there, the highest quality ones. It is not off to assume you already know what VPS means in the first place. To hold everyone along, however, it won't not harm to offer a touch of VPS background.

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is an outstanding technology that matches alright between dedicated server services and standard shared web hosting. It is best fitted to businesses that need a hosting server that gives more functionality, power, and adaptability compared to shared servers, excluding the cost of dedicated servers.

In summary, VPS hosting offers the advantages of both the dedicated server and shared server getting more of both sides. The Virtual Private Server (VPS) enables individuals to host their website in virtual sections on a physical server. Even though that seems like the shared hosting server, it is entirely different because individuals get to have their own operating system, a dedicated storage, and resources ( RAM and CPU) in a private virtual server.

Having discussed the concept of VPS, it is safer than to run through the highest-ranked VPS Hosting providers. They are:


Without a doubt, Bluehost is one of the most important hosting providers in the world. it is quite 10 million active domains and an outsized number of satisfied users. it is fully compatible with WordPress and its servers handle cPanel.

Bluehost offers a particularly wide selection of hosting plans, so you'll choose a really specialized plan for your project. Also, it gives good prices and discounts for all of its services.

BlueHost has great user support. Reach bent the support team any time of the day and see the magic of BlueHost's 24/7 support BlueHost also offers a free domain with every plan you select.


SiteGround Hosting is an excellent hosting provider that provides great server execution including live chat support that caters to both experienced and new users who want to change into VPS for his or her website.

The cloud plan used by SiteGround is equivalent to that of VPS which is completely operated with dedicated resources for creating and managing distinct cPanels.

The cloud plan further provides a variety of basic elements that are crucial for VPS services, such as 24/7 VIP customer support, a free CDN to enhance speed, and the power to settle on server locations.

If what you're looking fot is stability, sales, and high speed in loading a website, SiteGround is the ideal one for you.

The major features of SiteGround include its 40GB of SSD storage. It also allows you up to five terabytes of knowledge transfer, and it is integrated, GIT.

Speaking of General uptime and Server speed, SiteGround is rated 100% and A+ respectively.

The pricing of the SiteGround plan starts from $80 per month.


Hostinger offers a 6-leveled proposal for their VPS hosting services allowing clients to choose a plan that best suits their website needs.

The first plan (Plan 1) provides the fundamental specs such as 20 GB of disc space, 1,000 GB (1 TB) of bandwidth, and roughly 1GB RAM. However, if what you're looking for is more than the basic specs, you can opt-in for the sixth plan(Plan 6) which offers 8GB of RAM, 6,000GB of bandwidth, and 160GB of disc space.

Another competitive advantage of Hostinger is its speed; Hostinger VPS hosting is about 30 times faster than the regular shared hosting services. This makes them one of the fastest VPS hosting in the industry. So if what you're looking for is speed, then Hostinger is the ideal option for you.

Furthermore, its price is extremely affordable for a VPS hosting provider of this standard. It gives great value for money, and you just cannot fail using a stinger. In case the SiteGround pricing is just too expensive for you, the next alternative option for you is Hostinger.

Hostinger features a general uptime of 100% and a server speed-rated A+

Other features include;

  • 20GB SSD
  • 1 TB of bandwidth
  • 1GB RAM & 2GB RAM Burst
  • 100MB / s network
  • IPv6 support

Hostinger pricing starts at $4.99/month


The Inmotion Hosting provider offers an exceptional server performance, having a low time to first byte less than 450ms and a high uptime which is more than 99.95% coupled with great customer services. If what you need is great server performance, then the Inmotuin Hosting provider is your best bet.

Inmotion Hosting offers several decent features such as a free cPanel license, SSL & SSD certificate for additional security, high-speed hosting, and Enterprise-grade CertOS, which makes it an excellent option for advanced users.

InMotion Hosting features a general uptime of 100% and a server speed-rated A+

Other features include;

  • 75GB SSD storage
  • 4 TB of bandwidth
  • 4 GB RAM
  • CentOS w LAMP
  • CPanel full license

InMotion pricing starts from $27.99/month


Similar to Hostinger, A2 Hosting is focused on offering one of the top speed using their VPS hosting server for their clients' websites. With A2 hosting using technology such as SSD storage, preconfigured server caching, and Railgun Optimizer for its server, A2 Hosting can provide one of the top speeds in the industry.

Asides from the unmatched speed offered by A2 hosting, they also offer all the basic features you'd require to host a VPS. Some of the basic features include Linux OS, cPanel, Root access, and lots more.

A2 Hosting features a general uptime of 99.9%, and server speed-rated A+

Other features of A2 Hosting include;

  • 75GB SSD storage
  • 2 TB transfer
  • 4 GB RAM & 4 vCPU
  • Node.js & TLS 1.2
  • cPanel or Plesk

A2 Hosting price starts from $32.99/month.


HostGator is additionally a top-ranked VPS hosting provider, popular for its uptime of 100% and Server speed-rated A+.

HostGator allows you 120 gigabytes of disc space. you'll structure to 1.5terabytes of knowledge transfer. It also comes with 2cores and 2GB RAM, 2 IP addresses. It also allows you to migrate your account for free of charge.

HostGator pricing starts from $29.95/month.


Web hosts are said to be premium once we can ascertain the extent of advantages they provide individuals and businesses. Usually, the premium costs are slightly higher priced than basic ones. If you are starting big, there is no harm going for higher-priced web hosts as they are often worthwhile. On the opposite hand, though, if you're starting on a not so big scale, there are budget plans on premium web hosts suitable for you too. The highest 10 premium web hosts over the years are compiled as follows

  1. BlueHost
  2. RackSpace
  3. HostGator
  4. WebHostingBuzz
  5. Dreamhost
  6. Nexcess
  9. Media Temple
  10. Site5


Performance-wise, you ought to consider the subsequent VPS Hosting services.

Bluehost — BlueHost has got to be the leading web host as regards performance. it is the foremost feature with reasonable pricing.

Hostinger — the simplest Semi-Managed VPS Hosting

Liquid Web — Liquid Web prides itself in its high speed

HostGator —Talk reliability, talk HostGator.

InMotion — InMotion is taken into account the simplest VPS Plans For Ecommerce Sites

GoDaddy — Best Self-Managed VPS Hosting

Media Temple — Best Managed VPS Hosting Plans

InterServer — the simplest Cheap VPS Hosting Plans


The task of selecting what web hosting provider to use might be somewhat overwhelming thanks to the various providers out there. You, however, must still ensure to settle on right, because your website's overall performance is going to be influenced by the decision you create - right or wrong.

First, you would like to know server types

Here may be a guide to elucidate some things to seem out for while choosing an internet host for your website. We'll mention the items to think about, then you'll decide whether or not they interest your intended sites.

1. Money-back guarantee

The money-back-guarantee is considered the most important factor to evaluate before choosing a hosting provider. This is because valuing hosting on paper is quite difficult and as such, you will only be able to evaluate the value of a hosting provider after you must have registered.

Hence to be on the safer side, choosing a hosting provider with a decent money-back guarantee will save you some money in case you don't end up liking the provider you chose and you want out.

2. Speed of page loading

One of the apparent differences between a bad and good hosting provider is how quickly a page load. No one prefers a slow loading page hence the people then to quit when a page takes longer than necessary to load.

3. Technical support

Technical support is one of the foremost underrated benefits of hosting contracts. I see that folks pay tons of attention to things that do not give them anything like unlimited disc space, for instance, and that they don't value something as important nearly as well as technical support.

There are many small tasks and incidents which will be complicated for you, making you lose hours and hours which honest support will solve you during a second. it is therefore vital that you simply choose a provider which will be readily available to reply 24/7 to your complaints.

4. Disc space.

You would like to settle on a provider that provides enough disc space for all of your operations. Sites hardly spend all the space of truth but having something to fall back on days you would like is not such a nasty idea. Enough space readily allows you to expand at will.

5. Administration tool

An honest management tool for your server is important to be ready to work properly.

I would personally recommend that it always be cPanel. It is a superb tool and it is n for nothing that it is considered the de facto standard within the industry.

Also, being so widespread, it makes it much easier for you to vary from one hosting to a different one when both use it because you're still in an environment that you simply already know. So it also means an extra degree of independence from your web host.

6. Security measures.

No matter how intriguing other features of your web host might be, it is not worthwhile if it doesn't offer premium security for your site. Oftentimes than not, hackers attempt to gain access to websites, and yours will likely be no exception. you however must be "ready". " Ready " would mean you choosing an internet host that protects you from hackers by measures like firewalls.

Apart from hackers, your web hosting provider should provide you with security from DDos attacks.

Also, as a sort of securing your data, your web hosting auto backups your data from time to time.

7. Unlimited Domains

Good providers allow you to make even within the most elementary plans as many websites, with different domains, as you would like, all installed within the same hosting account, with resultant economic savings. The sole thing they are getting to check out is the consumption of all the account's resources (disk space, etc.). As long as you do not exhaust it, there'll be no problem installing new websites.

Now we all know what to look out for while choosing an honest web hosting for your site. One final thing to think about is that the pricing. you would like to avoid ridiculous pricing. You will not be unsuspecting that an internet host promising premium services at ridiculously low prices is only bluffing. Furthermore, you should not need to break your bank to get premium offers. In summary, compare the pricing with the features being offers and then choose the web host with the most reasonable offer at that price.

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