How To Build a Discord Bot with Node.js?

To know about the discord bot, initially, you want to know what is discord. Here we can look firewood to get ideas about discord. A chat app which satisfies the hassle-free team speak over mobile or computer is known as discord. All in one text and voice chat app is called as discord bot. Playing games and playing music in the voice channel, internet searching, processing payments and many more countless roles are fulfilled with the help of discord bot moderation. If you want to program with the discord bots, then find the tutorial which is explained below. It will provide more details for creating it with the easy way of the procedure.

Normally it is a well used convenient messaging app which runs only on the discord server. More than 2.5 million gamers using it for better playing with other teammates. The big revenues are generated by using this service. The intersection between the friends' circle is a big thing. Even more discord bots are normal while running with the functionality. Taking like a normal voice call is possible over the use of discord bot. It also provides more functionalities whatever and whenever you want to use. There are more benefits are updated in it.

Besides of voice channel, you can talk like the conversation between the telephones. The different group of rooms are on the server which is called channels. The chat is the service which can use wherever you want. Here we can drop the messages with text or voice type. The messages are dropped in a channel. The best part in the coding is to make an own bot with almost covered functionality in discord boot. It is a special advantage to it.

Surprisingly affordable package of discord bots:

The multi-level chat communication platform is the most unique features. The discord has its bots for performing any number of tasks but which will be terminated in Twitter-like social media. Discord bots are running on the super-powerful computer servers. Generally, the bots hosting package is the lowest cost range. Whenever using the discord bots, the messages you can control with the safety levels. Also, it may not safe while looking but you as a user it will fall for your convenient. When creating bots in the developer portal, it could not immediately happen. It needs more time for coding and which process troubleshooting too. Here we can manage the bot level permissions with its roles. We can create the role in server for managing with the help of server settings options. We can permit the discord bot. The package of discord bot app is not costlier as much. The experienced developer can be made simply within one hour. Every chatbot and discord bots are flexible to use. The favourite little bots are developed for the customization in every website.

How do we use the discord bots?

Generally, discord bots used for managing servers via appropriate commands. Within the discord, the music can control from the spam.pp Especially here we can view the information about the discord server. Then you can create the new level features by using bots. Based on the developer and his requirements are fulfilled with many features in the discord bots. Basic chatbots are working as human chatting. Then the moderate bots are used for identifying spam. If anything similar which automatically moderate the server as well. Even though the music bots are specially used with playing music from YouTube. It is delightfully capable to work with the node.js. This is free and efficient because many people loved to work on this feature. The more interactive great things are added in this. Then the updates are unique with the usage. Many messages can send here. Here can listen to more music with the commands. Then kick or ban more members in it. Especially developers and gamers are awaiting this feature for its popularity. As of now, many features are introduced on the internet. But discord chat is unique than other facilities. Even you can wonder with this and develop for your website as easy as you know.

What are the special features included in discord?

The social platform of communication with the teammates is possible with the help of discord bots. It is possible for free text, voice, and video communication. The gaming chat of discord is made with the node.js. specifically, it is made by gamers for gaming purposes at the initial stage. There is a need to login to use this service. The reliable chat features are available in discord. It is one of the applications which is pretty much delight for gamers. It primarily focuses the high-quality software. It is possible in lag-free voice chat. It is unlimited until the group members are increased. The discord bot has completely free communication for text and voice chat. We can use it for friends chatting purpose. We can enjoy many features at free. It takes only minimum CPU usage. Then additionally smart push notifications are specially added.

How do you make it with node.js?

The in-game overlay is developed well for multiple outputs messages for every channel. Then the direct messaging is possible and where you can use modern text chat. Then the low level of latency is provided for multiple usages. Permissions are allowed for making a new chat. Furthermore, many best features are included and updated frequently. Especially it is mostly a convenience for mobile phones and personal computers. Because the custom hotkeys are used while developing. This is the discord continuous success in the competitive field of market. Let us discuss how to build the discord bots with node.js.

Non-gaming communities are using this feature as much as possible. Here community means servers which are used to create many channels. Several channels are made by using this facility in this programming world.

How do I get started initially?

We can start with node.js or npm or yarn. But anyone of them wants to install it at first. Before creating you need to set up initially. When starting the project, follow the main things which are given below. Such as create and setup the local project files. Then grab the token and API key for discord. After that ad bot quickly. Finally, test the bot is working. Luckily for us, the glitch is used for node.js coding. All naming conventions and editing are perfectly recorded. Then carefully do the changes for save API key and all. Finally, we can integrate with many more features. The fun with the discord bot creation is started with the best explanations. Let’s discuss the making of discord bot with node.js.

The fantastic documentation for developers:

This below information will help the developers for creating discord bot with node.js. Once again check this topic and proceed further for the quick finishing.

The simpler and effective way of making discord bot:

The following step by step procedure will guide you for better-creating chat.

Step 1. Create a discord account

Initially login to https://discord,com where you can create the discord account. If you have the account already and proceed to create the bot application. Now you are in the developer portal page. Here you can find the Create an Application button. Click it out and move to the next screen. And then give a name for your application. Then you can find the client ID which maybe some numbers. Save these numbers safely and it will use further.

Step 2. Create the bot in discord

Next, you want to click the Bot menu which is on the left side. Then press the Add bot button which will provide life to the bot. Here it is very much important for getting bot token. This will use in node.js code. Then you need to test the server initially processing the coding. To create a test server quickly. We can create it from here. From the side menu click + button where you can create the test server. Then copy and paste the link which you are added in test server while bot creation.

For example, the app name is make_a_service. The test server name is test_my_service. Next enter the client ID in below-mentioned URL.


Now you can see the next popup screen where you want to uncheck the administrator. And then authorize further. Now you can see the bot is added in your test server. Finally, node.js code started here.

Step 3. Download node.js from glitch for coding:

The brand new glitch software is used for your reference. Because there you can run directly with all codes. Next, create an account in glitch by using below link


Now discard.js library used fire creating the application bot. Then you need to import it in glitch for opening the package.json file. And then check add package button. Then Judy clicks the library to install. It is made by npm.

Step 4. Get the bot token ID

Then open .env file which offers the secret token to the glitch application. This makes the next level if a private token in every app. Then add the following line in code with the bot token ID

Bot_token_id=<the bot token>

Next login to the discard by using the bot. Then you can use the following code for bot reply. For example, the user says hai, then bot reply as hi.

const Discord = require('discord.js')

const client = new Discord.Client()client.on('message', msg => {

if (msg.content === 'hai') {



})client.login(process.env. Bot_token_id)

Step 5. The message translation process

Then the bot will listen to every message and ask for the translation. If the user uses the language which was not in English, then the word entered by the user will translate to the original language. This will possible with the use of the Yandex Translations API. You can create a free account here. Click on this link Then create the API key here and site it in .env file. For example, I can name it as APIkeyforYandex. This key request made by using this link. Click it for getting result https://yandex,com/dev/translate/doc/dg/reference/...,net/api/v1.5/tr.json/tran...


&text=<text to translate>

&lang=<translation direction>

In glitch, the package.json file performs the network request for Yandex Translations API. By using Axios in this file will help you for complete network request.

const Axios = require('Axios')//...client.on('message', msg => {

axios.get('', {

params: {

key: process.env. APIkeyforYandex,

text: msg.content,

lang: 'en'


}).then(res => {

if ([0] !== msg.content) {





From above-mentioned code, the parameters have listened to what messages are given in the chat at first. We said initially that the word hai as hello.

Now all code is done here. The glitch automatically deploys it for free. The Yandex translation service to the discord is widely used for translation in discord bot creation. Then for more information with the sample code of bot creation is given with the source code for your reference.


Then make the bot folder in your computer which is another way of executing node.js code with the discord bot. We can use the command prompt window for installing the bot dependencies.

The deploying procedure of discord bot:

Let’s get a finishing touch of the deployment process. Heroku account is used to login and deploy. Then create the new app in it. After that mention the app name and click create app button. In your project folder, create a file in a root folder and paste the following code there. Then follow the instructions which are given in the Heroku deployment tab. At last, switch off and switch on the web process and worker process. Then run the project through online and where you can be built the first discord app with node.js. The above-mentioned information surely helps you for developing discord bot with the node.js.

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